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  1. You would like Eben Pagan. Leo likes him and says he’s an example of stage yellow. He’s got loads of products that specialise is online business and marketing, and of course, from various perspectives. seth godin is great too!
  2. I think Leo mentioned a bit ago that he was bringing out a new online course sometime this year? Anyone know if this is still happening? I know he's away at the moment, so maybe not. But I loved his life purpose course so much, and just wondered if anyone knew of any updates.
  3. @Nivsch hope you’re just joking
  4. @LfcCharlie4 it’s interesting how the younger people mostly voted labour and older people mostly voted Tory one would have thought as you got older in life you would develop and go through the spiral. But it’s almost like people don’t develop at all, and younger people are coming in more developed than older people.
  5. I’m just trying to get a grasp on Uk politics and the election results in regards to spiral dynamics Brexit in itself seems stage blue to me - us and them and division - so Nigel Farage, Brexit party etc would be stage blue conservatives with Boris Johnson seem stage orange - all about the economy, business and looking after the well off jeremy Corbyn seems more stage green on his ideas of equality etc but I think the problem has been that Corbyn hasn’t related to his people who are more stage blue and want to leave the EU etc. He gets called a ‘Marxist’ but it that just because stage blue/orange and afraid of stage green leader ... And obviously the Green Party seem very stage green talking about climate change etc, and wanting remain. But again, we’re not evolved enough to be ready for that im totally guessing on these predictions and would love to know peoples opinions on the spiral on Uk politics and this election result
  6. @rNOW thieves, cockroaches ... sounds like fun! Ha. ok will build neighbourhood connections! Thanks! 😀
  7. @Average Investor thank you. So sort of testing the new avenue (but without dropping what I do , cos I risk people going and the money will go) @Leo Gura has sort of done this with actualized. He’s shifted and evolved and isn’t talking about the same stuff. but it feels risky that’s all. Especially if I move too soon and alienate my current singing audience. it came about through a health crisis which has made me re evaluate my values I think. It’s a good thing I suppose. I really want to slightly shift and evolve to talking about new subjects, but my current clients may well leave
  8. Took Leo’s life purpose course 3 years ago! Epic! Decided I wanted to be a singing coach. Have done that pretty successfully, booked out, online course, taught some celebs etc I feel like I want to evolve it now a bit. Even though it’s going well, I can’t see myself now just talking about singing in 5 years time. I love talking about performance habits, motivation, inspiration .. basically a little more ‘life coachey’ to discuss broader topics. bottom line, I’m just worried that I’m going to lose all the clients who currently are with me and I’ve worked so hard to get. Cos they just want to sing better. So I feel in a predicament thanks in advance if anyone has words of wisdom on this
  9. @ajasatya thanks! I know this probably sounds a ‘newbie’ issue... I’m just surprised at first how different living alone feels. I get the feeling it’s for the best though
  10. So I’m 33 now, but never lived on my own. Always with friends, family, girlfriends etc For the first time Im now living on my own - it’s weird and more challenging than I thought should I stick this out, because it will grow me the most? Any advice or tips welcome
  11. So I’m taking after all this that ‘yes’ non binary is generally a stage green value? Ha. This got complex!
  12. The whole non binary argument is really kicking off in the UK recently ,(again) feels likes it’s on the news every day like this clip, so is this piers (stage orange) conflicting with the younger man Benjamin (stage green) if so, I may have some work to do, because piers resonates more with me on this one
  13. I would do a patreon premium for a chance at live coaching
  14. I’m interesting in learning more, and maybe becoming a life coach. I’m in the UK, where I think it’s an unregulated industry (maybe it is everywhere) but just wondering if there were any courses people recommended. Preferably with certification at the end. But I just want the best ones as I think there’s some dodgy ones out there Thanks!
  15. @Jed Vassallo thanks for the post. And no, I couldn’t cope with them ideas you mentioned. The answer would be ‘no’ for being ok with my partner with someone else etc i guess it was just a wonder of whether it’s a more ‘advanced’ thing to be ok with it. And that open minded. And whether I should try and have it as a future goal. But right now. I couldn’t do it. I definitely couldn’t watch them with someone else. Plus plenty of stage green are monogamous i think. So it seems more a personal choice than a necessity. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!