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  1. I would do a patreon premium for a chance at live coaching
  2. I’m interesting in learning more, and maybe becoming a life coach. I’m in the UK, where I think it’s an unregulated industry (maybe it is everywhere) but just wondering if there were any courses people recommended. Preferably with certification at the end. But I just want the best ones as I think there’s some dodgy ones out there Thanks!
  3. @Jed Vassallo thanks for the post. And no, I couldn’t cope with them ideas you mentioned. The answer would be ‘no’ for being ok with my partner with someone else etc i guess it was just a wonder of whether it’s a more ‘advanced’ thing to be ok with it. And that open minded. And whether I should try and have it as a future goal. But right now. I couldn’t do it. I definitely couldn’t watch them with someone else. Plus plenty of stage green are monogamous i think. So it seems more a personal choice than a necessity. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!
  4. @Shin this was great! Awesome points. I’m gathering you read ‘way of the superior man?’ I liked that book, but some parts felt a bit extreme but I think you described it perfectly for me, self reliant, was a big one I’m still trying to master. I’ve been building the business but still investing money back into the business and don’t feel fully financially ‘free’ to do what I want yet. anyway, great post!
  5. @Shadowraix has Leo talked about it one of his videos?
  6. @whoareyou well how many people would actually be ok with watching someone they love have sex with a friend. It’s surely a vast minority. With past relationships, I wouldn’t care if the woman went off with anyone else. But when I know I care, I prefer exclusivity
  7. @Elisabeth thank you! Incredibly insightful and valuable! ❤️
  8. @flowboy thanks for the link. Will check it out. Yeah I’m getting more open minded. Working on myself, meditation, etc I wonder what percentage of stage green are polyamorous vs monogamous. I haven’t been to ‘burning man’ but judging by the events it seems around 50/50 as there as events labelled ‘monogamous welcome’ etc i want to keep developing myself, but I’m not sure I could ever feel happy knowing my partner was having sex with others. By the way, she’s no interest in this at all. This is all hypothetical. I would strongly know that she wants a monogamous relationship. It just me wondering if in the future I’m going to have to develop the ability to be this open minded (that my partner can sleep with others) to fully move into green
  9. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I do love her. And it feels enough for me to just have sex with her. I don’t see it as ‘selfish’ just because I don’t want her to have sex with anyone else whilst we’re together. I believe there’s a special connection you could develop that doesn’t have to be shared. There are lots of monogamous couples that go to burning man. It’s seems a choice not a must for stage green I think Thanks for the thoughts though.
  10. So I’ve just been to a camping festival. Felt like there were lots of stage green people there. We got chatting and they were all talking about how ‘open’ they are in relationships with their girlfriends or wives. Discussing how they love having different partners. And how they love ‘sharing’ their wife with friends, other couples. Even ‘getting off’ on watching their wife have sex with someone else. Saying ‘as long as she’s happy, I’m happy’ this really triggered me. I want to keep moving up the spiral dynamics and have incorporated quite a bit of stage green in me. however i just don’t know if this one will ever sit right with me? Is it a stage green thing that I should try and be more open minded too. Or purely individualistic as I’m dating a girl at the moment. Really liking her. And the thought of watching a friend have sex with her honestly makes me feel a bit sick. I can’t think of a worse situation
  11. I’m a coach and lucky to be successful and doing well. But the ‘secret’ is I’ve had a health issue, that I’ve only told to a few people. I had ulcerative colitis, which is now better. Im pretty fine with it now (it’s been 5 years) but wondering if I should release the health story? Some would say yes, as holding onto a secret can be ‘poison’ and letting it out there, telling your story can be a great form of release and closure. And of course helping others who may be going through something similar but others would say keep your story to yourself, no need to broadcast I’m a fairly succesful coach now, and would be a shock for most my clients and followers. Just want to make sure I make the right decision, as there’s no going back would you share your health story journey? Thanks!
  12. @Emerald thanks so much! Yeah I think you’re right... makes so much sense. Appreciate it!
  13. Thanks so much! @Himanshu that’s so helpful. Appreciate your thoughts and you taking the time.
  14. I love them both and find so much value in both. But there’s one thing they disagree on I think and not sure who to trust more Seth Godin says don’t try and sell to strangers with ads, flip the funnel to a megaphone of your true fans and grow them outwards. And just generally never recommends ads or social media sponsors (saying it can lose trust) whereas Eben still does talk about funnels, Landing pages lots of follow up marketing with time sensitive offers etc and I’ve seen him do ads for his courses on Facebook i love them both, but just wondered what people thought on this difference. I wonder who Leo prefers because I know he talks about both fondly. I’m a coach, with regular clients and a online course Any thoughts welcome!
  15. @Leo Gura this is amazing news! I’m in london but honestly would travel abroad if needs be. But if you think london could happen, then I will hold off. I’m a vocal coach in london and have organised my own masterclasses, seminars etc. So if you need any help with london, I would be more than happy to help set it up/get the word out