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  1. @vizual great points. It would take immense courage to evolve from stage orange if a lot of life (your business, relationships) we’re all set up you would have to be prepared to let a lot go to truly evolve. Is it worth it? Would you lose and risk everything that evolve? jyst saying this as I have recently noticed the costs of doing personal development work. In the end, will evolving make one happier?
  2. @TripleFly Yeah… it’s just he’s been taking more spirituality lately and eckart tolle so I didn’t know if he was more evolved these days …. OR He’s just a marketer who knows what sells (spirituality) but really he’s still orange all the way
  3. Who’s the shady business partner? Julian?
  4. @Leo Gura any thoughts on where’s he’s at right now in his development?
  5. Where do people think Tyler currently is on the spiral?
  6. @Huz yeah I feel you’re UK pain. Actually nearly every other country in Europe it can be delivered too. But after looking for hours no one ships to the UK. They must be doing this for a reason probably as there’s been issues with checks. there’s some 5meo DMT retreats in Mexico and Spain. But as for DALT, literally no idea on how to get it.
  7. I’m in the UK - and all the research Chems websites I've looked at don't ship to the UK. They ship to every bloody country apart from the UK. All of them. Bit disappointed Am I going to have to fly out to Netherlands just to ship it back to myself? Ha
  8. I’m in ‘limbo’ at the moment and find myself doing a lot of thinking about where I’m currently at in life and where I want to be in the next chapter of life. It’s that very reflective time on being on my own, journaling and feeling melancholy however I’m just wondering where the difference and distinction is between contemplation and just ‘overthinking’ … I feel like I’m contemplating, but also I’ve got constant thoughts and a narrative running through my head all day. just wondering any thoughts or guidance on this to know I’m on a good track of contemplation rather than just endless overthinking thanks 🙏🏻
  9. Do you think one could put the model and some teachings within an online course I create as a coach? Or still risky? I would love to include talking about spiral dynamics within my coaching… I wonder how much it would be, to be able to coach the model and include it on in coaching and online courses
  10. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarifying Leo
  11. Sorry to make this post on Leo, but it’s just a tangible example that we all know and have seen his journey. I was just reflecting back on his journey and videos. He seemed quite stage orange at the beginning, (success, sex, how to be a man part 1) then it didn’t seem a long time in green? It seemed only 2 years where he talked about meditation, minimalism, how to be a man part 2. And point being it seemed he pretty quickly went to stage yellow type content. did he really fully go through green in just 2-3 years? Or could it be he’s very individualistic and is more introverted that he never fully went through and embraced stage green? Maybe he did go on lots of group retreats, went to burning man, but I weirdly can’t imagine it. From looking at his YouTube, he still went on retreats alone a lot. but maybe he did really go through green… after all, we only see YouTube videos and don’t fully know what’s going on. Was just my thoughts.
  12. @Leo Gura Thank you!
  13. Just getting confused on this ‘life is meaningless’ if anyone can help. I understand that in the external world objects have no absolute meaning, cars, people, situations, houses, etc. But it’s the meaning that we construct onto them that makes the meaning to us itself but I’m getting confused when it comes to values from a values list. The values seem more internal. So values of independence, creativity, authenticity… etc, am I really constructing them? Or are they inherent to each individual? because if I was completely constructing choosing abstract values from a list, how would I ever choose? Whereas I feel like I have an innate set of values that don’t really change, and it was obvious to me when looking through a values list what was important to me
  14. @Snader Yes I agree with you thanks! I do remember Leo saying he struggled feeling insecure crediting people at the beginning, so I guess I’m just at that part of the journey
  15. Guess this was just an unresolved insecurity in me. Of feeling less credible by mentioning Leo when necessary but actually I should credit when I put out a video where Leo (or someone else) has influenced me. You’re right, then that actually makes one more credible thanks