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  1. Watching this now absolutely incredible thank you Leo! ❤️
  2. @herghly wow, thanks for the great advice
  3. What about your unconditional happiness video?
  4. I’m a self confessed fan boy. Leo is the GOAT for me, always will be. I also love Aubrey Marcus. He seems so well rounded to me and I find him an inspiring role model
  5. I agree there’s always a team around musk. He’s never on his own. But I still think the accomplishment of Tesla and SpaceX is amazing. It’s easy to criticise musk, but how many people could have done what he did with those companies and have the vision, willing to trust big decisions, and just overall be capable of everything it takes to run those huge companies… I see my friends criticising musk when they can’t even get to work on time, never mind be CEO of a worldwide companies with 10’s of thousands of employees
  6. @Yarco thanks this article confused me saying stevia if anything was more problematic than other sweeteners
  7. @Osaid thanks for this. Yes I guess the main time I run into this is a post workout protein shake. Even all the vegan ones most have sucralose in them .. but the more ‘natural’ ones have Stevia in them i guess out of those two I will pick stevia though.
  8. As far as artificial sweeteners go is stevia the safest? I’m sick of hearing conflicting reports on artificial sweetener’s so wondered people’s thoughts. do you 100% stay away from Sucralose or aspartame? If you had to use one sweetener, which would it be?
  9. I wish I could find stage yellow people too I’ve hung out with new crowds at meditation retreats but they’re so green it’s unreal. They’re mostly all broke and living in camper vans, saying how elites are keeping them down and they’re going on a march… and they’re so blind of their own perspective. There’s no talking to them. They’re sweet though. anyway, wish I could find some yellow folks too. At the moment I just get my yellow fix from watching tons of Leo’s content, Eben pagans courses, Aubrey marcus’ content… it’s so lovely to see how their minds work
  10. Teal swan is good. I saw her in london live recently. She’s good. But Leo is on a much higher level in my opinion. I also really like Aubrey Marcus, he’s different to Leo but I really like his channel
  11. @Kensho exactly it’s on soon that some of the insights go Ok I’ll make notes straight away after then share them in a sober way in the future 😀
  12. I’m just curious on this (and not tripping now) But I had some recent trips where I wanted to post great trip insights in the group. I know Leo says psychedelics are you at your most ‘sober’ so just wondering why posting whilst tripping and putting down those best insights isn’t allowed
  13. Thank you to @A Fellow Lighter @JonasVE12 @nistake @OceanRiver @itachi uchiha for taking the time for your replies. I appreciate it I've been contemplating this, and took your thoughts on board. I think for now i've come to this conclusion I accept and I'm grateful that through previous difficult times in my life, I'm now able as a skill to turn 'negative' situations or emotions around as fuel for a positive. I don't want to live in an unhappy state though of not enjoying the process and journey through life. So I'm going to accept that the positive motivation is a lot slower for me, but it's consistent and I'm also happier on the journey. Then when something 'negative' emotionally or situationally happens then I will use that for fuel, but I'm not going to be waiting around for negative emotions or try and dramatise negative situations in order to fuel myself. I will just use the consistent and slow positive motivation most of the time, and know that when negativity strikes I can turn it around I guess this was just difficult as the negative motivations was such a strong fire fuel, the equivalent of a fast Ferrari car. Positive motivation feels like a slow car, so I almost thought it was 'wrong' but actually it probably just feels wrong initially because it is slower and not the same. But I would rather be consistent and happy on this infinite journey of self actualising Thanks so much!
  14. From past difficult life experiences, I managed to harness all the negative emotions like sadness, disappointment, frustration, anger, etc to motivate me before in the past. Using these emotions really worked for me in helping me create a new life for myself, I worked harder than ever. but I was neurotic, not that happy and not able to enjoy the journey/process. I think because that motivation system ‘worked’ though I keep falling into that system I’ve seen Leo’s video on positive vs negative motivation, and I’ve tried shifting it to positive, the vision of a positive future, vision boards etc and it just doesn’t motivate me. It just doesn’t. At least no where near the motivation from negative emotions. I noticed it nearly get toxic recently. I fell out with a friend, they were a bit out of order, I felt pissed off, frustrated and angry and guess what… I did my best weeks work ever I honestly want to fix this to be happier on the journey. But if I can be fully happy now how will I have amazing motivation to create a future? any advice appreciated. Thank you