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  1. Just get it! It’s amazing! I do the course each year or when I need a refresh
  2. Been reading more of Wayne dyers books.. he seems pretty evolved to me. He’s not mentioned on Leo’s lists of yellow or turquoise.. just wondering where you would place Wayne dyer on the spiral?
  3. @datamonster pretty amazing! Thanks At the moment my stocks are things like Tesla, Spotify, shopify, Amazon etc but ETF’s are a safer bet aren’t they. But Tesla can go up 100% ... it’s always devil tempting great help though. Thank you
  4. So my family left me some money when they downsized their house just recently I’ve got 100k pounds and not sure what to do with it I’ve experimented with stocks and shares a bit before, but only 10k’ worth. I’m 10% up on them in 6 months Just wondering what some suggestions would be... thanks 🙏🏻
  5. Health comes first @Leo Gura Take your time. Just know that your thousand true fans would be here to buy when you did feel ready
  6. Are there any more courses coming in the future? @Leo Gura
  7. I’ve seen Gary live in london and against loads of very typical stage orange speakers there was definitely a difference. he can’t fully leave orange cos of his identity and his business life... he can’t and won’t fully enter green I don’t think. He’s said he’s contemplated things like meditation but doesn’t want to meditate because he ‘doesn’t want to mess with it’ which I understand in a way but he leads with some empathy, kindness, compassion and a feeling of authenticity is his talks. a typical Orange for me would be russell Brunson and grant cardone. To me, Gary has a different feel to them people i would say 65% orange 25% green 10% yellow
  8. @Thought Art it is hard... no doubt I’ve been building my coaching business for 3 years. Going pretty well. But there’s been doubts, highs and lows etc. I think the biggest issue is being told by all these gurus and ads that it’s easier than what it is. But they put out that message so you do their ‘6 figure online business 12 week course’ I actually honestly wonder how many coaches make money from actual coaching vs just selling the perceived dream of being a 6 figure coach. no limiting beliefs here... it can be done as a coach but it’s easier to get rich selling the dream to upcoming coaches than actually from coaching in and of itself of course I don’t know what area you’re in, but yeah. It’s tough. But you’re asking for gold. You’re asking to be in the top 3% of income earners, not have a boss and no one to answer to. Do Leo’s life purpose course a few times, read a few great marketing books to know the basics, then it’s out into the jungle
  9. @Thought Art he still would have cut through and made it. 100% i think one of the biggest advantages (but I may be wrong) was that he made money in his previous marketing business. So he went into actualized not needing the money as much as most starting their online business. so he’s not pushing sales and marketing if he’s ok financially. imagine what most businesses would look like if they really didn’t need the money?! Imagine the content one could put out if they didn’t need the money at all. But counterintuitively that’s why Leo’s become so great. because he’s putting out content as someone who doesn’t need the money, and that in turn makes the best content and creates the most trust. Its opposite to most marketing because businesses need the money and are in the quick fix money mentality to stay afloat
  10. I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t think there’s a ‘marketing strategy’ to Leo. He’s beyond thumbnails, finding the right titles, clickbait... etc there’s no webinars, no ads, 1 online course, no Instagram, no Facebook page, no google ads or reviews, no book, no joint ventures or partnerships, no affiliate marketing, no email list... He’s doesn’t need all these things because let’s be real here - Leo is absolutely world class at what he does. His content is absolutely unbelievable. I mean, even his spiral dynamics full series is probably 20 hours long, and it’s the best online content and depth of explanations going. I would have paid 2K for his spiral dynamics course alone (if it was a course) And he gave it out for free. that’s why I’m still giving Leo patreon money and why, out of all the coaches in the world doing all the ads and all the courses, you’re here on this forum asking Leo how he did it. Asking Leo how he did it, is sort of like asking a world class singer like Whitney Houston (in her prime) how does she sing like that, and who’s her vocal coach? In an effort to try a find the secret answer so you could be like that But I honestly just think Leo’s mind and level of understanding is world class. There is no marketing strategy to ever follow to be as good as him. 99.99% will never be world class but the good news is you don’t have to be as good as Leo to be successful and make a difference in your own way
  11. @Adam M interesting. yeah didn’t think I was alone in this thoughts. yeah it was super disappointing and a bit cringe. anyway my friend, all cool. You’ll get there on your own hero’s journey!
  12. @Bando Yeah I get that position of going into something for free, and being a lead magnet type training... but this set up felt different we had already bought the ‘virtual coach’ 2K programme. And this was our 3 day summit conference graduation meeting, where we got together and had more bonus content (worth $997) as part of the programme then at least half of these 3 days were just upsells to his latest virtual coach accelerator that was strategically sprung on day 2, and you had to sign up by day 3 to get access. There was no mention of it, he brought in dean grazisio, jeff walker, we heard for 1 hour of all the virtual coach accelerator alumni ... it just went on and on and on. then everyone who couldn’t afford the 12.5k programme (15k on an 8 month payment plan) went into A different group on day 3, where then sold to again on a different programme. Which was just paying to meet on live group calls for a year, which was 2K I don’t know... the whole 3 day summit was meant to be a valuable event included for us who already paid 2K. It was 10% full of valuable info - but really was just a massive sneaky feeling upsell event. It felt like he was squeezing every last juice drop of cash out of it for little value and he didn’t need to do it. We already trusted him. Why not just do a great valuable 3 day conference and invite us in the last hour if we wanted to go further? but then again some people were disappointed like me, but most were lapping it up. It’s just sad how it’s ridiculously easy it is to manipulate the masses and herd. if I want to make money I could just follow what eben did, but it wouldn’t feel right. So I’m going to go down a longer road but keep my integrity
  13. I've been thinking of this and just how important trust is in marketing, and how easy It is to lose. I feel like I trust @Leo Gura the most when it comes to online coaches and I've been trying to work out why...If Leo brought out a course tomorrow, it's an instant buy. He wouldn't need to push sales I think its because even though Leo has an online course, he was still willing to put out content like 'The problem with marketing' This must have felt counterintuitive to put out a video like that, when he has an online course to sell. But the willingness and authenticity to be talk about the truth on marketing is the exact reason why he's the most trusted for me. Because where everyone else is creating the success illusion and marketing tactics, and trying to keep up that illusion so would never be able to say the truth about what's really going on in marketing. The only one to tell the truth was Leo. This is why I think if Leo brought out a course tomorrow he would sell a thousand at least.... Because us true followers deeply trust him Its that counterintuitive reason of trusting someone as marketer the most who puts out content like 'the problem with marketing' My thoughts on this anyway. Thank you Leo for that great video on 'the problem with marketing' re watched today, and its just so true its unreal
  14. Ps just to add I do think Eben has great products and courses. He’s really smart and I’ve learnt a lot from him ... It’s sort of why I was just disappointed cos I do like him And Leo loves eben I think, so we probably wouldn’t have some of the great value in actualized @How to be wise yeah of course, he’s a businessman and can charge what he wants. But I can’t explain it. It’s the pushiest I’ve seen him for a sale. And lots of people on the zoom where turned off saying it was ‘exhausting’ how long it went on. I don’t know... the way he did it just felt a bit manipulative and I saw through it. But I’m sure he’ll sell a ton and I’m sure it’s a great course
  15. I Just wanted to share my thoughts and disappointments on being on a ‘3 day summit’ with eben pagan today it was billed as a valuable 3 day content summit for people who’ve already paid for one of his premium courses (which I have) it was filled with sales pitches of his friends like marketer jeff walker... which ultimately led to his 25 thousand dollar course. Which is only 12.5 thousand if you book today. and consisted of 1.5 hours of sales pitches on his course as someone like eben is worth multi millions.. it just felt wrong that’s he’s offering a 12.5k to ‘help people’ In the time of a global Pandemic hes still great no doubt. And a stage yellow thinker. But the whole summit felt deep stage orange and I just didn’t believe him. Felt like he was manipulating a real shame from someone who I wanted to trust