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  1. Isn't it funny that I think I know what you mean - despite the word "body" appearing four times in the above? It's like saying "the body itself" is somehow different from saying "body" the word, despite it all being just words. Anyway my emphasis was wrong. My point was more about the division of stuff in the world and the fact that it's arbitrary. It may feel completely natural to have a "physical body" but it is actually a concept (a set of divisions). Since concepts are inventions then so are bodies. Concepts don't have to come from the mind per se, but from whatever process that also creates a concept of a "you". If a "you" doesn't exist, then by extension neither does a "body".
  2. There's not even a body. "Body" is just a word, category, concept, convenience of communication, way of dividing the world etc.
  3. @soos_mite_ah the panic is real, but things will iron themselves out in the longer run. It's a new phase of life. I knew whatever I did I could not to go back to my parents after college. I cleaned houses part time as a stop gap. I then refurbished office telephones. And finally I got my first proper job after a year - after which I stopped panicking. I had to live very frugally, but at least I was free all that time! If you have a big laundry list of worries, a lot of those worries can be deferred - having a family can wait until much later for example - the economy and your financial situation will have improved by then. Just prioritise things and concentrate on the more urgent things first. Maybe try and sus out if anyone is prepared to be your roommate, or even just advertise for it. If you have a side hustle you can make some money from in the interim, then work it out (I know you're an excellent writer e.g.) - heck or even just approach companies in your area directly and show them what you're good at. As for moving out of town it's a PITA, but it's just a short time of inconvenience and finite cost.
  4. This is in fact happening all the time, whether consciously or not. But if you do it consciously, you speed up the rate of self improvement. That's having an open mind. We're all unaware in one way or another, it's great to recognise it. As an aside, one of the best ways to improve your social skills is to have your attention directed completely outwards and focused on other people, and to be fully immersed in the moment. To put it differently, socialising is all about them not about you. It's like driving, if you don't pay complete attention to the road you will have an awkward accident.
  5. I'm saying it's not singular and it's not multiple, it's neither. I can't make it more clear for you than that unfortunately. But I'll try: Multiplicity requires division (separation), but unity can only be defined in opposition to multiplicity. If multiplicity doesn't exist, then neither does unity. Or: To count stuff requires you to compare different things. But if consciousness is everything, then there is nothing to compare it with: it is uncountable. That's because there is nothing beyond or behind consciousness.
  6. If it makes it easier for you to understand then yes. But it is not actually one, or many, its neither. God is not countable.
  7. It's in the nature of consciousness. It can divide itself into many things: birds, cakes, other people. What can't God do? God's imagination is reality itself. If absolute infinity = God = consciousness, then yes. The separation is real because God's imagination = reality = existence. It really makes no sense to ask if God is one or many - this is just a convenience for language and thought. If it makes it easier both are true, there is both one consciousness and many consciousnesses.
  8. Whether something is separate or not, is within consciousness. It makes no difference if there is one or two or more consciousnesses. It's like water, if you pour water into two glasses, it's still water - it's irrelevant that it's in two glasses. There isn't one water or two waters, it doesn't make sense at all.
  9. Imagine that numbers didn't exist. Asking whether there was one consciousness or two or an infinite number, wouldn't be possible. So all this talk just boils down to this: do numbers exist? The answer is of course no, they are a concept appearing in consciousness. If you want to get a flavour of what it's like not to have numbers, ask yourself: how many parts is my arm made up of?
  10. The speed of light is the rate of change of existence, the tick tock, and this is constant. But rate is second order not first - so "now" is necessarily relative. When stuff moves, velocity is exchanged with time, because the speed of light is the conversion factor between the two. Something only exists when you have information about it (observe it) and this only reaches you at the speed of light. Before you have information about an event, it sits in a hypothetical realm. Before the sun rises, you can only hope it will rise.
  11. I spent Sunday editing midi in Cubase of one of my piano compositions. I'll do this sporadically when inspiration seizes me. Boy is it time consuming. Mostly, I'm trying to iron out the deficiencies in my playing and reach some sort of polish and perfection. Like photography, it's better that you take a good picture in the first place rather than try to "fix it" later. I find it amusing that I can't play my own compositions, what's in my head is always far in advance of my technical ability. With a lot of fingering practice I can get closer, but that's also time consuming - Cubase allows me to be more precise to achieve the effect I want. I still need a much better workflow, one that doesn't get in the way of my creativity. A more permanent setup would help for a start. The thought does keep crossing my mind that I should spend even more time and just write my own midi editing software, so my workflow is exactly how I want it. My idea is a kind of pianola roll (so vertical) and big fat blocks (easy to grab and move around) representing notes with time going downwards - scrolling sideways with a mouse-wheel never feels natural. But I know writing software is always a deep-time-sucking-vortex-of-a-rabbit-hole activity. Cubase really does suck for midi editing with a mouse though. But yo! I'm living in the 21st century not the 20th, there's probably a shit-ton of software that will give me exactly what I want. Only time is my enemy, and I fu...... hate searching for and trying things out, it's so time wasting and boring. The other side of the coin is getting my stuff out there. What's the point in just creating and hoarding stuff just for myself? This is a less onerous activity. I have already dabbled with Soundcloud and directly on Youtube, I have basic video editing skills so there's that. The issue here is capturing high quality output from my Yamaha keyboard, heck I just need to buy the cables and a high enough table for the laptop to sit on (just do it man!). It'll be going to mp3 anyway most likely, so instant quality drop. Maybe even buy a dedicated laptop. And the third side of the coin is actually coming up with long enough compositions. I always get good ideas, but then trip over myself because of the workflow, lack of finger skill, and getting bogged down in details too quickly. I also need to greatly improve my "big picture" view of compositions, where are they going, what's the journey? That will help me produce longer pieces and improve creativity. The main question is how serious am I? Or is it just an occasional fancy? Dunno. But it gives me joy and that's probably enough.
  12. There are degrees of freedom and different types of freedom. Actualising is the process of gaining ever greater freedoms, bit by bit.
  13. I really need a holiday from myself. Most folks use surrogates such as social media or binge Netflix or play videogames to get away from themselves. There are other ways to be absent, such as meditating or getting lost in creativity. I find all this sort of thing work to a degree, and you may have your own escapes. I want whole days where I can be not me. The absence of myself implies the presence of someone else. I can't ever get too far away from being a human, this physical body doesn't let me. I could take drugs I suspect and that would even take me away from this body, and I can probably spend whole days doing it. But without drugs, the only option is to become someone else. The current me is an intricate system of memories, manerisms and context. To become someone else implies changing all of those things. Saying that I do feel like there is this disembodied ineffable pinpoint at the centre of it all that I can identify as me. I've had moments in my experimentation where that pinpoint has shifted and I've felt like someone else entirely. What's a better name for that pinpoint? Let's call it my anchor. My anchor is the thing that responds to the name "Guillermo"; it being that recognition of myself as myself. One way to pull that anchor away is what I call forcing. Techniques include wearing different clothing, talking differently, moving differently, hypnosis. With sustained effort I have longish periods where that anchor is not my anchor, but someone else's. It's a kind of possession, or walk in. In fact I will often invite that new person in and expel the current one (temporarily). This is fundamentally play acting, the things kids do in the playground, where they are temporarily possessed by the characters in their imaginations. I could argue that there is a real "Guillermo" living inside this body, but in actuality I'm play acting even him - it's just that he's taken hold and become anchored firmly in the seabed. This is all very powerful stuff. Having the flexibility to genuinely switch characters and take a holiday from yourself is both relieving and crucial to growing yourself. It allows for the expression of completely different traits. And for me it's all a step further to mastering my own psyche.