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  1. It is blatantly clear that reality does make sense though. It has order and structure or a "logic" to it if you like. So where does the logic of reality come from? Do we actually need language for an apple to fall? Or is language only a way to describe the logic of reality?
  2. @mandyjw It's communicable, just not transferrable. You'd have to communicate to "go eat your own ice cream cone" to get close enough. Even then it's not verifiable that you're sharing a similar experience. Most probably not. Of course, that realisation is just guesswork on Leo's part. It's a little bit of "no one will ever understand me" type of melodramatic talk you get sometimes. Naturally he can share them if he wants, there's nothing to stop him. Who cares about being understood? You won't know if someone understands you or not, especially with an audience of millions. You just have to communicate and hope for the best, it's the best that can be done.
  3. Welcome. Age is no excuse for not interacting with us younguns. Just get stuck in.
  4. Sit with the confusion, contemplate that. What is it teaching you? For me confusion says: don't hold onto your beliefs too tightly, there is truth in all points of view, no one is right all the time, be flexible in thought, carry on anyway, confusion comes before clarity and so on.
  5. Inside all of us sits the kernel of our own actualisation. Like the egg and sperm that made you and me, that potential inside us is the entire thing. Feeding and nurturing that potential and giving it the right environment leads every time to an actualised human being. It's never too late, whether you're 20 or 80. It's a long and winding path, but that's the joy if it. At some point it becomes self-sustaining. Instead of passively depending on environment and circumstance to actualise, you gain enough experience and insight to organise your environment and circumstance actively and a virtuous cycle is set up. It's a cumulative process of ever increasing awareness and experience. At the start of the process there are many low hanging fruit. You start by learning that your mind and body are intricately connected. You have to treat the body well and not let it languish or innocently poison it. The body is the vehicle for your self-actualisation. If the body suffers, the mind suffers in synchrony and it works in both directions. It is easy to fix these problems but it requires ongoing commitment. That commitment gets easier over time, until it becomes who you are. Next you realise that you are incarnated as a human being. That human as a whole needs feeding, it needs love and attention from others, novelty and purpose and belonging to a tribe and identity. Without those things it's hard to actualise any further. Some of these things are pitifully lacking in our Western system or at least are not freely obtained. They are hard to put in place if any of the pieces are missing, but they are necessary. We know that by helping others we help ourselves, that reciprocity underpins our humanity. Along the path we learn that we are creative creatures and that improvisation and living by our wits feeds our sense of excitement and feeling alive. We don't do this naturally as adults. We are fearful of making fools of ourselves and of not being good enough or being ostracised. We realise that to actualise we have to combat our deepest fears head on. We have so many of them embedded in our behaviours and the way we think. The irony being that if we unleash our creativity and improvisation abilities our fears disappear. We don't need to be heroes or fearless warriors, just aware enough to know that our fears are mostly are mirage. Talking of heroes and fearless warriors, once we have enough provisions for the journey we can take our stories and uses them as a base for actualisation. The stories we tell ourselves are incredibly powerful. They are the operating system of human beings. When you change the stories you change your very core being. We use that creativity and improvisation to muster up a grand opera for our lives. It drives us, orients us and gives us context and purpose. Without a good story we are left languishing and directionless - that is not actualisation. We go further and become aware that everything that drives us to actualise is constructed in our minds. And that we are free to construct and deconstruct anything we like to serve our purposes. The mere fact of this makes us realise that "we" are really outside of the constructs, we can choose to see reality at any level of detail we care to. And we can play with reality itself. We a free in a deep and fundamental sense. And we begin to redefine what being human is. Maybe, finally, we get that we're totally interconnected with everything. Everything is affected by everything else at every level; and that we are playing a game when we isolate a thing from everything else. We cannot say we are just human any more, in a real sense we are everything all the time. It's all one grand flow. We are not observers of reality, we are reality.
  6. The divinity of her scent sent me to heaven. The divinity of her body sent me to hell.
  7. It gets catchier each time:
  8. Made me think of the reason why I came across Leo at all. I used to be on the Glitch In The Matrix Reddit site all the time. The stories on there can be truly weird, so many good ones. One day some user posted a video about weirdness about not existing at all and Leo's head appeared for the first time. I made a post in my journal of some of my glitches: My feeling on it, is that we all want normality and continuity, so that's all we are "tuned in" to. We see only what we want to see. The minor weird stuff gets ignored, because it doesn't fit our expectations of normality. Occasionally major weird stuff happens, but we still scrabble to "make sense" out of it and normalise it - and very rarely we can't make head nor tails of it.
  9. The injections, not at all, no pain whatsoever, no need for fear. The shivers, overnight high fever, and week long stomach cramps and constipation, that hurt. I was spared arm ache at least. That was the AstraZeneca. Stomach cramps are an unusual side effect though.
  10. I had my two vaccinations. No pain at all from the needle each time, and it took only a few seconds. I did look away, but that was just me being a wuss. I even got a sticker for being such a good boy.
  11. It's not necessary, but it is an insurance policy for yourself. Don't forget Covid can be deadly. A few hours or days of potential discomfort is a small price to pay for not potentially dying. No vaccine is 100% effective, so you can't rely on other people's immune systems to protect you.
  12. Ever find yourself in a conversation where you've already reached the punchline? Yet, the person insists on rambling to the conclusion anyway? You wait impatiently. This is something I've experienced most of my life. I'm used to it. For me I don't think it stems from having a quick mind per se, sometimes my mind is quite slow and deliberate. But it definitely stems from paying attention and from absorbing a huge array of information. In one of my previous jobs, at one point my immediate manager became very annoyed with me because I was pre-empting him so often - by already having finished a task he was going to assign me. I thought it was amusing. I was simply good at paying attention to "what was in the air" at any particular time. Even in my current job, I have meetings lasting hours, where I got the gist in the first few minutes - some people just need to talk it out (sigh). I think I mostly stopped watching Leo's videos for that same fact. I started to know what was coming and I didn't need to suffer two hours of talking head to be told what I already knew. Naturally, I may be missing the odd nugget here and there, but I find I pick up those things somewhere else eventually anyway. But it's nothing to do with Leo, and all to do with me. I'm a fast learner and I have good recall. And so it is with spirituality and understanding myself. I understand myself well. I get the main thrust of spirituality. I get it. All that's happening now is a layering up of information in the hope that some spiritual magic will happen. I think, like money and happiness, words and explanation will only get me so far in this work. I'm not sure what's left, I could navel gaze forever and not get anywhere different. That's not to say I've reached the pinnacle of my spiritual journey, just that all the foundations have been laid and actually erecting the building itself is a completely different animal. I'm not sure how to do that, for once I haven't got to the punchline already.
  13. There's different types of masculine leaders: The guy who makes decisions The guy that gets stuff done Physically strong/threatening guy The ideas guy The guy that knows what to do in all situations The guy with vision and purpose The guy who can talk to anyone The guy with charm and charisma The guy with brains The guy with balls Maybe even a mix of the above.
  14. "Everything is God." - God.
  15. Agreed. Mind is the same stuff as your hand. There's no difference.