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  1. Then why did you ask : No point in creating this thread. thee wanteth to fuck thy neighbour but wanteth not to cheateth on thy wife
  2. Clickbait. Daily Mail has a bunch of losers in their company.
  3. oh and "If it's good for Jesus, then it's good enough for me." "Well, Jesus didn't need any vaccines" "The blood of Jesus is my vaccine" "Mark of the Beast" "Trust in God, not vaccines. #saynotobillgates"
  4. By that logic USA should just abandon it's army and have open borders just because they killed civilians in a war. Drones are better than any weapon system in 2021. The problem is the intelligence network operating the drone from behind. Civilians do not die because of Drones, but of bad intelligence tip-offs. Drones/Missile/Anti-Missile/Radar systems are future of war. Guns and planes are reserved for museums. Or in America's case, for shooting down cars named 'Socialism'.
  5. Leo already struggles a lot with his health. Do you think having a family is the right thing to do while managing his health and spiritual work.
  6. Yes. People would rather trust their Facebook Group Mods rather than Doctors who are allegedly 'paid by government'. The best thing a government can do is to either shut their mouth about mandating people to take vaccines OR release a joint statement with all political parties/former Presidents that Vaccination IS NECCESSARY. Democrats or Republicans it doesn't matter. Trump and co. have politicized medical science, and are still not taking the responsibility for deaths across USA,
  7. Maybe he is just so busy with IBD than raising his dick is a tough task for him.
  8. Dude openly speaks for neo-fascist legislations. Not saying he is a fascist, but rather misinformed. And more than misinformed, deluded by the fact that he understands how mind works. Below is a video of him inviting two businessmen/yoga gurus to his ashram who totally support Modi's regime since BEFORE he got into power, i.e. protesting against incumbent government in 2013/14. The second part of the video shows his conversation with a Bollywood actress named Kangna Ranaut, who recently was BANNED by Twitter for Hate Speech. Just look how comfortable he is with this prick above, named Baba Ramdev. And here are some tweets from the actress herself: Yup the guy in the above photo is the man who killed Gandhi, Veer Savarkar or something. very smart of her to vouch for him. the 'my idols were subjected to' phrase refers to the Muslims. And don't forget their friendship with an anchor named Arnab Goswami, who is a well known shitmouth journalist playing with fascist ideas.He is the owner of Fox news version of Indian Media. The above video is really funny to watch. I didn't understand a single thing but still lol. Much of the people in the forum are blinded by his spiritual videos. Just because someone remembers some Vedic books or Buddha stories, doesn't make him/her 'enlightened'. Sadhguru is not a FRAUD, agree, but he is nothing more than a tribal Stage Green guru vouching for Hindu Values across the globe. Like stage green Christian missionary would do. His talks have no solid foundations. Are people here actually watching his videos? Do some actual research about Sadhguru before picking sides. We need a video on Leo dismantling Sadhguru like he did Jordan Peterson.
  9. The OG video literally shows Sadhguru judging 'some people' for trying to dismantle Hindutva for '1000 years' . Comparing them with 'dogs'. People in the west have a very holy image of Sadhguru. If you do a simple Youtube search about his political opinions, you'd find he is full of bs. He attends political conferences related to Right wing governments, has connections to other people who openly support the current regime.
  10. Sadhguru is a stage green hippie, nothing more than that. You haven't met real masters if you think Sadhguru knows all. nope. He isn't trying to help. If you look at his speeches related to politics, you'll find the same Stage green narratives used by the likes of SJWs/Celebs. This isn't a sign of Stage yellow. A stage yellow person and above would not even care about the conference regarding one religion. India is still developing through Stage purple, red and blue, I agree.
  11. Propaganda YouTube Channel But it's a 1500 year old desert law created by a man with good intentions but full of illusions.