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  1. You will never know if someone if posting text from chatgpt??
  2. Very true man. Although I didn't find it to be a very "spiritual" thing for me. I learned Kriya Yoga from Sadhguru. I don't think it's anything crazy but it did help a lot. After about two years of practice, it significantly reduced all of my anxieties. I think it has had a profound effect on my neurochemistry. Although it is not something as crazy as even one small psychedelic trip. On the other hand, I used to wake up with crippling stomach aches every single morning. Taking or at least trying to take one hour shits every morning was not very fruitful and of course regular painkillers don't work for stomach aches. I think I had very serious IBS. Anyways, 6 months of practicing kriya yoga and my stomach aches had completely eradicated. This still baffles me but I don't complain ;). The benefits are beyond that but that for me is enough. Aside from that, I experienced a lot of benefits, dropping coffee, fixing up diet, just losing interest in food in general. I'm certain my libido came down but not in a bad way. For some reason, I ended up deleting all social media and I was not following any red pill crap. I lost interest in drama. I also developed a lot of focus. It seriously helped with this. I don't think it has any crazy spiritual value. But by God did it give me my life back. Again, I did 150ug of LSD and that was way more powerful for so called spiritual insight. On the other hand, I've spoken to people who have done kriya including my brother who have found absolutely no benefit in doing it which is quite interesting. I don't think the Isha foundations Yoga is the most powerful. Their goal is to disseminate this stuff to millions of people and if it's going to be a one size fits all, it's not exactly going to be the most potent thing in the world. I agree from personal experience that it's isn't for everyone but it's not a bad idea to give it a shot and by that I mean spend one or two years doing it seriously. It may completely transform your life (for me in terms of health benefits) or it may just be a waste of time.
  3. Shit bro, I'm 22 and your story is almost parallel to mine. Congrats!
  4. Recently I have quit my job. I have saved a nice amount of money - over $15,000. I am 22 years old and I am looking around now for new jobs but first I would like to take a few months off to do some soul-searching and spiritual work. I have been going to psychotherapy, healing traumas, doing my kriyas for the last two years, following Leo and so on but I am looking for something a bit more. I was thinking of flying out to the Isha Foundation in India to spend some time in the ashram. Flying out from Ireland, this will cost in the region of $2000 and of course that is a major investment. I'm just not sure if this will be worthwhile. My goals is to go and deepen my spiritual practices but I don't want to go over there and engage in spiritual bullshit. I mean I could go to Dubai or Vegas or Thailand and have the adventure of a lifetime. I'm just not sure if it will be worth it. I could also buy a lot of psychedelics for 2k ;). Has anyone been to the ashram and do you think that it is worth it? Do you guys think it is worth it in general? More specifically would it be worth it to deepen my spiritual understanding and make some progress in terms of my life purpose? Thanks in advance guys
  5. This is amazing. Thanks for sharing this!
  6. Sorry about the title. I just thought it was funny. Just making light of the situation ;). I'm just looking for advice regarding a sexual situation. I've been with my gf for four months now and we still have not had sex. In the first two months, she rejected me outright and explained it off as trauma. This was affecting me a lot but I had fallen for her and related to her on many other levels. So I stayed patient and kept it going with her. During that period she was often horny and asked me to "go down on her" and I did many times. One day I asked for a sexual favor (a bj). She said no and said she's not comfortable. A few days later she brought up the fact that I asked for a bj and told me not to ask again. In the meantime I was going down on her but no intercourse happened. After three months, I stopped showing sexual interest. I mean I genuinely lost interest but I was really into her in other ways. She was bothered by this and started asking "why we are we not having sex?". I was totally baffled by this. Anyways I was honest and told her I lost interest. She seemed OK with it but I noticed she was initiating now. We didn't have intercourse and she did not give me a bj. But she would give me hand jobs. The only thing is that sometimes she would tell me to hurry up and cum faster and sometimes she would stop before I came if her phone buzzed. It was frustrating. Most recently, we tried to take things a bit further. But again it wasn't nice. I produce a lot of precum. It results from an overactive cowpers gland and is normal. She keeps telling me that it's not normal. I got it checked out and everything was clear. But sometimes she makes me feel sexually incapable and inadequate. Last time we did something (it was through my boxers), I produced precum and she just said "I don't want to touch it" and said that it's not normal again despite me explaining that its normal. The interaction ended then and there. Even before that she has told me that I have the smallest dick of all the guys she's been with. It's funny because I know that can't be true. Well maybe ;). Do you guys have any advice as to how I should approach this situation?
  7. It's been a crazy few months for me in terms of trauma work and growth but there are things happening that are making me second guess the authenticity and quality of the work I'm doing. Long story short, I can came across a book called No More Mr.Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover and it shook me to my core as he described my childhood traumas in depth. He also described the way I am as a result of these traumas. A lack of sex, mediocre career progression, attracting women with low libidos and lots of trauma, attracting narcissists and so on. All of it was frighteningly true. Anyways, I started to take his advice, bought his course and started taking action. I got into assertive training, did masculine energy meditations and most importantly started to prioritize myself in my life. I started responding to the people around me less but I wasn't cold or distant. I started focusing on making money for myself, mediating more, going to the gym more, eating healthy, reading books, and so on. While I started to do this I had less time for those around me and especially less time to "please" them. Regardless, I still stayed in touch, listened to their problems (anything and everything a nice guy would do) but to a much lesser extent. Over a few weeks, this started to cause a lot of conflict in my relationships. Two of my friends reached out to me and said that I am extremely selfish, neglectful, not making myself available and just an overall asshole. My gf started saying the same. I kindly said that I am focusing on my own life and that I owe nobody anything. The thing here is that all I did was spend less time with them overall as my attention was on myself now. Anyways, it has spiralled and gotten much worse. These people appear to be very pissed off that I am not as available as I used to be. But this is where I feel a bit guilty. Maybe I have taken it too far? Should I make myself more available again? The only alternative is to cut this group of people out of my life and move on.
  8. I wanted to come on here and open up about things that have happened in my life. I am going to share things that I have never told anyone about and I would greatly appreciate any advice that can help me improve my life. I don't really know where to begin so I will just type. This might turn out as a stream of consciousness but this also might be the best way to do it because I am finding it difficult to organise all of my thoughts. I am 22-years-old. I graduated from university last year with an honours degree. I would like to think that I am a reasonably smart kid. I was on full scholarship in college and lived pretty damn well for the four years. Really, a lot of my problems started as I began my first year of college as I started to become acutely aware of my traumas and I am going to share (at least some of them) now. Growing up, I suffered from asymmetrical gynecomastia. This is a condition in which men develop female like breasts and the severity of it varies from person to person. It was pretty bad for me and it became a real problem in college when I became interested in girls. Let me preface by saying this and I am by no means being arrogant. I consider my self a very attractive person despite deep traumas and self-worth issues. I came to this conclusion simply because I would get approached by a lot of girls in different situations and I still do to this day. Sometimes people come to me and tell me outright that I am good looking. I am the typical tall, dark and handsome dude. Anyways, it doesn't matter because I never got laid, in fact I COULD NOT get laid and it will become clear why. Because I had the issue (if I can call it that), I became obsessed with weightlifting. I would go to the gym and and lift seven days a week. I did powerlifting, bodybuilding and martial arts so, within a year I was in phenomenal shape. Of course, this was just to cover up the underlying issue which was the shame associated with the gyno. I couldn't even take my shirt off and I wouldn't because I was ashamed. It's funny though because people around me thought I was humble! I wasn't. I wanted to show off and get the praise and recognition but I simply couldn't. Eventually, the shame boiled over and I had enough. I went and got surgery to have this condition fixed. I won't go into details but even the surgery was a pain in the ass. I had to get it done twice because the surgeon didn't do it properly the first time. Regardless, once it was done and I had healed, I got a boost in confidence. Now I could take my shirt off! BUT, I was ignoring another very deep physical trauma that prevented me from having sex with women and this one was a lot worse... I was circumcised at a young age and it is safe to say that it wasn't done properly. Essentially, I grew up with a botched circumcision and it was really bad. I just became acutely aware of it in college. This shit almost drove me crazy. It elicited such strong emotions that I really cannot describe them here. Anger, hatred, resentment, towards my parents, religion, the healthcare system and so on. Anyways, this shit fucked with me so much. I had so many girls approaching me yet I could not sleep with them because of something that simply wasn't my fault. It got to a point where it got so fucking bad that I had to go and get corrective surgery. I contacted the best surgeon in the country. He was very reluctant to take me on because it was quite bad but he did. At the end, he did an excellent job and I felt as though my virility was restored. A major boost. Now, both of my deep physical traumas had been corrected but they still existed on an emotional level. I tried put myself out there but COVID hit so I moved back home. Fast forward two, I graduated with a good grade and it seemed like life would be better. While all of this was going on, I fell in love with mediation. It became my refuge. I would sit for hours and hours every single day. I didn't socialize, didn't meet friends, nothing. I just sat with my eyes closed at every opportunity I got. I listened to Leo, Sadhguru, Spira, Ralston, Mooji, Tolle, Wilde, Papaji....the list is very long and I probably read 100+ spirituality books. This shit saved me. It kept me stable. It grounded me. I learned kriya yoga from the Isha foundation and what this is shit has done to me in just over a year is amazing. Things were getting better. Because I lived an intense few years in college (I was in and out of hospital for other reasons too), I decided to take a year off. I worked part-time in a bakery, did life purpose courses, marketing courses, kriya yoga, read books etc... etc... I got into game and started going to the club, doing approaches and so on. I started to pick up some pace. Then I met a girl at a club and we started to hang out often. We didn't have sex but we slept together often. Eventually I got into a relationship with her but to this day I still haven't had sex with her. She has traumas of her own. In tandem with this, I learned about Dr. Robert Glover, a nice-guy coach and it didn't take me long to realise that I was exactly that. A people-pleasing, nice guy. I didn't know how bad it was until he started describing all the facets of my life in detail. I was attracting women with lots of trauma, had internalized toxic shame, would do anything to please others and lost 1000s of dollars in the process, never had sex with girls, attracted girls with low libido and so on. I am now in a relationship I don't want to be in. She smokes weed all day, eats sweets only, won't have sex with me, doesn't meditate, isn't into self-improvement or even remotely interested in spirituality. She's also 11 years older than me! I ended up in this relationship because I am nice. Simple as. I also got fat. I am 106kg now. I use to be lean, strong and athletic. With this nice-guy realization, I also started to recognise how many lies I tell (I made a very sincere and real effort to tell the truth in this post without sugar coating or adding/subtracting information). At one point, I became so fucking conscious with how incongruently I live with my values, how many lies I tell, how inauthentic I am that I ended up in emotional crisis mode. I vomited. I was sick to the bone at my own lack of honesty. My life seemed like it was going in a great direction (for a while) but it cracked and its going downhill now. I would like some advice. 1) I want to end this relationship. She doesn't have sex with me (she explains this by saying she has trauma). How should I go about this? I have a deep fear of hurting people and it seems like she is very into me. 2) How do I overcome the emotional residue of these deep physical traumas? I feel a little better by sharing them on here because I have never mentioned them to anyone in person - ever. I went to the surgeries alone and just walked home after. Even after being under general anaesthetic. 3) In general, I don't know what steps to take to make my life better. I am currently unemployed but I can change that easily. I want to learn game, have sex, heal etc... Of course, I don't know where to start, what to start with and so on. Any advice on this. The life purpose course didn't give me as much clarity as I would I have liked but I think It's because I am very young. 4) Simply speaking, how do I become a more honest and authentic person? As a whole this is just a snippet of my life. I am sharing this with strangers so I don't expect people to really care. I mean everyone has their own traumas. I have faced nastier shit than this too but right now this is what is bubbling up and this is what I want to sort out right now. For those of you that read this, thank you. Any advice is appreciated!
  9. I have been doing Kriya yoga for a year now (twice a day most days without missing a single day). More recently, I am lucky enough to be having some beautiful experiences. This is the the Kriya Yoga taught my the Isha Foundation. Over the past two days, I have done it four times and each time, I feel as though my whole body becomes moist (as gay as it sounds). My whole body feels a little bit wet and as I finish out the practice, I just feel very very expansive. With that, I just feel so fucking good and I mean it. The experience is orgasmic, as if my body is dripping with something. I'm not doing it justice here, it's really difficult to describe but it feels so fucking good. Better than a normal orgasm. The only thing is that it doesn't last too long. I feel buzzed for up to an hour maximum after the practice and then it's back to normal again. It feels like that anyways. I am very excited to see where I can take this over the next few years. I started practicing when I was 21. Now I'm 22 and I just can't wait to see how I feel by the time I am 26/27. Does anyone have experience with doing Kriya yoga for 4/5 years? What does it feel like now?
  10. I started going out with my flatmate recently and we have become best mates. He is gay and has slept with 100s of guys. He has got serious game but in a man-man scenario. I shared my predicament with him - that I suck with women and I really struggle to get laid. He took to this to heart and started taking me out to clubs and bars. One night I went out with him and he got seven girls to kiss me, two of whom were stunning (by my subjective standards). One of those girls I managed to bring home. The great thing about having a gay wingman is that I don't have to approach. For some reason girls sense he his gay and they come over. Naturally I am pulled into the conversation. Girls also come just to dance with him and again I can make my move in that scenario. This shit has made the whole process much easier for me particularly in clubs and bars. He always says to girls that I am a virgin or I've never kissed a girl before and this seems to work quite well. The flip side to this is that I don't develop the confidence of doing direct, stern approaches myself. Does anyone else have experience with a gay wingman? It helps a lot if you have serious approach anxiety like me but I do recognize that I still MUST approach myself. (Not to mention that they always have hot friends who are single lol)
  11. I'm bumping this because a few things happened and I'd like some advice. As advised, I decided to move on and I went on speaking to other girls. I thought this girl was pretty much disinterested at this point. However, she texts me two weeks later and asks for advice about taxes and I respond but I did not flirt or anything. Then it went silent again for 1.5 weeks. She hit me up again but this time asked me how I was doing and this time she was very flirty so now I am meeting her again next week. I want to make sure I close this time because it seems as though she is definitely interested.
  12. After watching Leo's videos on getting laid, I see that I'm starting to make some progress but the two girls I have actually gotten into my bed, I still haven't had sex with. I wrote about the first girl a while ago. I met her at work, got her too my home but she decided to leave before intercourse (she actually started texting me again once I moved on). But no intercourse happened. I will try again with her. I met another girl at a nightclub recently and I tried my best to apply the principles of game. I brought her back that night, but she was on her period! The next night however, she invited me over. I went to hers. She was actually pretty sweet. She cooked for me, had weed ready, and created a really nice ambience for me but it seemed like she had trauma from dating a younger person and she just would not have sex with me. She said I am too young and she got her heart broken last time she dated someone this young. She is 30, I am 22. Anyways, I've been to her place twice now. She clearly wants me around her but she will not have sex. I talked to her about it and she said, she will have sex with me eventually but it's too fast. I actually spoke to her about mediation and she said that "You teach me meditation and I will teach you sex." I don't know what to make of it. I really try to push for sex with her but its just not working. I mean I like to cuddle with her and I sure as hell enjoy all the free food and free weed. I don't spend money on her but I do give her my time. What should I do about this? Should I stick around with this girl until she has sex with me or should I just leave. I did tell her I'm going to go after other girls and she said it's ok. I'm just not sure what to make of the situation. Aside from that, I want to thank Leo for those amazing videos. I suck with women so bad but since starting to practice 6 weeks ago, I have kissed five girls and brought two home. No sex yet though haha. As Leo said, all of this shit is so counter intuitive! I'm having an amazing time learning it all! My goal is to have sex with a girl before March starts so hopefully I can make it happen. Any advice for my situation is appreciated.
  13. So I am a regular at one of the gyms in town and I'm a pretty popular guy there. I'm a good conversationalist but mostly with guys lol. When I go in, quite a few of the guys know and come talk to me. I actually break the ice with a lot of them and get talking with them. The conversation is great and flows smoothly. But there is a flip to this. Sometimes when a girl sees that I'm kind of a well known guy in the gym, she will actually come approach me and talk to me. The first girl I ever slept with was one that approached me in the gym. If she is ok looking, I don't mind but if she is hot, I get all worked up and get awkward. It's almost as if I lose my charm. They obviously pick up on this and often times it kills the attraction. How the hell do I fix this? How can I speak and interact with hot girls the same way I interact with all of the dudes in the gym?
  14. @Leo Gura It's not silly. It's very damn useful. But more so for bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters etc... It can definitely be useful for the general folk too especially if they are an ectomorph as this individual seems to be.
  15. Bro, you are 6 1 and only 75kg? Sounds like you are very skinny to me! Why are you trying to get leaner? You will naturally look leaner by putting on muscle. It will accentuate your body features. Seriously, I am the same height as you and weigh 95kg but I do have very low levels of myostatin and a lot of muscle. What exactly are you trying to get at here? What are your goals? I know that BMI is considered a fad but it may be useful for you to look at this scale. Maybe even look at the fat free mass index scale. That's much better.