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  1. I know we should avoid sugary, starchy, and carbohydraty foods in general, plus just eating unprocessed and organic and all that. But, rice is not really processed (at least home made) but it is mostly carbohydrates, wild rice seems Lee’s “refined” (it still has the skin on, plus the one I buy is organic) so I’m not really know if I should eat it. I like it better than regular white rice anyways.
  2. @RendHeaven how to erase posts (hehehe, but seriously, how?)
  3. Soooo, two friends of mine (male both) came to me and told the just found out they where going for the same girl, they are best friends, and they asked for advice on how should they proceed (this is at school btw). I don’t really know what to tell them ( i said I’m needed time to think) . First of all, I don’t want them to ruin their friendship for a girl which non of them will probably get (in my opinion) and it’s just difficult to help each one equally. I was thinking they should agree on who tries first or something like that. Aany advice?
  4. Writing an essay, trying to improv o. The guitar/piano, talking with someone, cooking, etc., any activity which requires a higher than normal creative state. How (and why I can’t) to tap into a shameless, free flowing creativity? i believe this mind block has something with shame and ego trying not to take risks. Could meditation or psychedelics help?
  5. @hariseldon74 I think we should make a difference between the romantic love we usually talk about (what we see in movies, girl/boyfriends etc) and “love” when talking about infinite and unconditional acceptance. To just see and accept = love
  6. @mandyjw you’re right. Just out of curiosity, is there any way you could relate this to romantic/sexual relationships?
  7. @Anton_Pierre true, i think I was starting to lock my self into a point of view of whether something is useful or not and efficiency
  8. I’m starting to find less and less value (apart from pure entertainment) in literature (fiction). Those “great classics” everyone tells you you have to read like Shakespeare, Kundera, Asimov, Tolkien, Alighieri, etc. You know those books. Most of these we were forcedd to read at school. I can see why there are important, but why not read non fiction, self help etc. You can get the same message and even more value from that. So is there really any exclusive value to literature? Why is it so highly praised by “superficial” intellectuals?
  9. @SFRL hmmm. The problem is, how can I up the interest without being with her (the date or something)
  10. So I’ve been hanging out with this girl, I decided I was going to wake her out. There really is something happening between us. That magic. So I asked her out. She said yes. But she didn’t answered my texts. We never concluded on specifics so the date never really solidified. In my dating life this is the first time something like this happens. I girl feels so enthusiastic, things keep escalating, but she suddenly refuses to go past the “first date” barrier. I feel like she doesn’t want to loose me as a friend or something like that.