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  1. Whats the reasoning behind it?
  2. Are you sure about that? I don't think creativity is exempt from one's self deception.
  3. Or high consciousness story. I’m guessing that’s attached to a enlightened author.
  4. What I've Learned. Superb and well researched (mainly science) channel. He mostly uploads about health (diet) but lately he's being diversificó into psychology, addictions, learning etc. Really worth watching. channel: and some sample videos:
  5. I haven't actually watched the video yet, I just saw the thumbnail the other day and when I saw your post I remembered. This guy always uploads superb content. All his videos are extremely well researched, and you'll probably be able tu pull some articles or if you're lucky a book from the video. Hopefully you finde some aid. Ill def watch it after this.
  6. @Leo Gura Would you recommend to postpone it and go to the enlightened authors?
  7. Leo puts his book under the Paranormal list instead of the Enlightenment/Consciousness list, so it makes me wonder, does Campbell make a better job at explaining the paranormal than he does reality as in as a whole? Why give priority to the paranormal aspect when the book clearly states a different objective. Note: I'm sorry If the answer is right in the book itself but I've only started it and I can't shake off this question.
  8. I've seen Wim Hoff do something similar. I've got no specific details, but I know he's personally taught some fortunate people.
  9. @Nahm So the routine, if there must be one, should be reduced to meditation, contemplating and breathing exercises (and other stuff of this nature)? and let the trip run its natural course? I imagine light will be shun to whatever needs to be revealed (for example, the fact that limiting beliefs are just that ) all by its self; no agenda or outcome should be pushed.
  10. @Nahm And once in the trip how am I supposed to work limiting beliefs (for example)? Should I make a list of them and start analyzing them?
  11. After some nasty experience with LSD (2 y/ago) I want to try it again. My first concern comes with dosage. I did 100 mics last time and was a little heavy on me, mostly due to improper psychological preparation. Im not sure if I after two years it will still be too much. Note that during this time I studied more about psychedelics, and the mind, and meditated more, etc. (specially during the more recent times) so I would definitely say I am more prepared. However I still have my doubts about being able to handle a 11ug, but I think less than a 100 (75ug to be precise) is borderline useless. Also Im interested in knowing specific tips and ideas and techniques from your experience on how can I focus my trip on spiritual growth. Im particularly drawn to having a breakthrough or experiencing ego death and on how to enable this experiences. I set this as top priority for my trip, the main focus. Thank you all for your help.
  12. Probably should’ve mentioned I’m quite sensitive hehe
  13. Isn't it too small a dose? Any tips for raising the probability?
  14. What would you suggest? Apart from psychedelics..