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  1. Childish rèsponse
  2. @Hello from Russia what kind of art do you do? I agree about video quality. I especially appreciated his poem. Keep up the great work @Leo Gura
  3. @KpGoing125 Perfect. I knew someone had the answer!
  4. @BipolarGrowth Have you listened to his audiobook with him and Tom Bilyue? If not you MUST check it out. Do you consider yourself a christian in the general sense?
  5. Lol. Being completely serious and blunt here, I have been having problems with crushing my balls during certain yoga poses. I have even tried different type of boxers but it hasn't made a difference. It's almost difficult to adjust them without it being obvious about what I'm doing which is a problem, not because its embarrassing but because it would almost certainly make some of the women uncomfortable for me to fumbling my balls around multiple times every class. Surely someone else out there has had some kind of similar problems. Are there specific pants I could maybe wear??
  6. @integral How long were you taking it? Worked like CRAZY for me after about 3 weeks of 2 teaspoons a day.
  7. @dtlender You take it daily? How many milligrams? Are you possibly dysfunctional without it because you actually have serious ADHD?
  8. @Roy I LOVE your user picture. Gave me inspiration for an art project.
  9. The most irrational people I know have high IQ. And at least one of them has a freakishly high IQ but is an absolute fool. On the other hand, I do think you're on to something. I also have a higher-than-average IQ and I do believe it has been a helpful tool along my path. The way my brain makes connections and solves problems helps me put together all the theory I learn and then helps me to apply it to my own life in a way that I see others struggling to do. In the past I have also used the ability of finding/making connections to delude myself deeply. So, it defintily has the potential to be a useful tool but also maybe a curse in certain situations.
  10. Another good option.
  11. @BipolarGrowth looking great dude. Good job. Are you doing full body workouts or a split?
  12. Urban monastic seems perfect. This may or may not be a deal breaker for you but I would consider the possibility that words like Buddha might be looked at negatively by certain stage blue individuals that might be open to trying meditation out otherwise. For instance, schools in my state can have yoga programs but only if they call them "stretching class" and not yoga class. The term yoga is apparently too triggering to a large amount of people. Sad but true. And kudos to you for doing something like this! Mindfulness can be so healing and the world is in serious need of healers.💚
  13. If you find yourself wanting to switch things around then try journaling. It's easy to print off your own journaling prompts. Print off new promtps every month.
  14. I like lofi piano or jazz beats. But I did hear Andrew Huberman talking about how music can actually interfere with the brain recording whatever is being focused on. Try white sound or a fan or nature sounds(Birds, waves, forest).
  15. @Michael569 Pretty sure they are also high in melatonin @Craigxt22 Also a possible insulin response?