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  1. @puporing Yeah its especially easy to forget about during and the day after an experience. Next time make sure you're hydrated and update me on this post if it worked.
  2. Are you making sure you're staying properly hydrated? I have problems with that while tripping. Apparently 90% of headaches are hydration related and between 70% and 80% of adults are somewhat dehydrated.
  3. @BipolarGrowthAAnother huberman lab episode that you might find useful.
  4. I'm in your boat! Just started getting receding hairline and thinning on top! Gonna shave it off in the next year or so probably. Being bald doesn't always look bad at all! A comb over always looks bad though haha.
  5. For me as a child (as young as 4 or 5), love was always felt in being accepted and praised by my peers. I was always rejected and ignored by my family. So, when school started i was immediately into pleasing everyone and getting their acceptance. Problem was that i always had trouble fitting in so i had to find other ways to get approval. this happened by acting stupid and doing wild things that other kids would never have done. this always got everyone looking at me and smiling and accepting me and laughing with me which was the first acceptance and love I ever knew. Because it continued to be the way I knew how to get love, things got out of hand very quickly (go figure). I was getting suspended, and police had threatened to arrest me all by 3rd grade(8 and 9 years old). When my friends saw that the police took me into the principles office i received a ton of attention and "wow!" looks. i actually almost felt like they were proud of me, which was another first for me so it actually outwieghed my huge fear of being arrested so young. I ate this feeling up and continued getting into trouble and doing tings to shock people even into adulthood. It wasn't until recently that i had realized the unconscious reasons I had doing all of the things that got me in legal trouble and made life actually much worse was because I had been conditioned by the events of life to think that that was how i would receive love. Once i became a teenager and adult and people no longer gave me that attention and feeling of praise just for being silly and wild i had to up the craziness which inevitably led to my downfall. This became very clear to me all at once one day after going through your "uncovering childhood vows" episode, thanks for helping me figure this out @Leo Gura. Its amazing. SO much suffering and jail time and much more as a child, teen and adult and I understand now why I made these choices. Being an idiot was how I taught myself to feel loved since a child. I just wanted to feel loved, crazy really. Being shamed, embarrassed, Scolded, looked down on or treated like a burden are the things that made me feel worthless/UNloved. As for under the age of 5 I don't really know. working on that
  6. @CuriousityIsKey Its beyond simple really. God is ABSOLUTE. Your selfish egoic bias that illness is bad is RELATIVE. Why would god want to cure your illness? Who says illness is bad? That's your ego. The end...
  7. This is good advice. Get a bottle of blueberry juice of you dont want to eat blueberries all day. @BipolarGrowth Try creatine. Creatine has nootropic properties that have helped me. Are you getting good sleep regularly?
  8. From your direct experience, specifically which essential amino acids are only available in meat?
  9. @Someone here You know from direct experience that without eating meat that a man's testosterone and libido will drop leading to erectile dysfunction? You know from direct experience that "You can get high quality natural protein only from the following resources :meat..eggs..milk..cheese. "? Do you not see the issue with saying that you know those things from direct experience? To begin with, those are objectively false statements but also how could you possibly know these things "from direct experience? Do you mean that there was a period of your life when you experienced libido and muscle gain issues while also not consuming as much meat as you do now? IF so, those are vastly different statements.
  10. I always take a ginger shot first. Lemon tek also reduces nausea for me.
  11. Okay there are probably some kinds of effects, sure. But where is the claim coming from that it causes balding? that's a pretty specific claim. I'd also be interested to know how you know this. And "It pumps you with life energy." doesn't really answer that.
  12. @OBEler Have you looked up ketamine therapy? I think it's legality may change depending on where you are.
  13. THIS IS MY OPINION ANDNOT MEDICAL OR PERSONAL ADVICE: You can't 100% know. It IS a risk. I think a lot of time its more about what set and setting is than it is about WHO. But generally speaking people with a predisposition to schizophrenia shouldnt touch them. People without any history of self development or spiritual practice shouldnt mess with them either. But even if none of those things apply its still a risk that the individual must decide if theyre willing to take. This has been repeatedly said by Leo and other members of this forum. So again, the problem isnt reckless promotion (of course i have seen some of that here too). If you want to know the dangers that is very understandable and I'm glad you asked! But dont act its because the only info on the forum is pure reckless encouragement because that's objectively false. Its not just what you ask but also what you're implying by the way you ask.