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  1. I cant get past feeling that "I" (whatever that is) is located within my body. I realize how I am not actually my body. But I sure as hell feel located within it. Help me understand why that's wrong.
  2. 😂
  3. @Knowledge Hoarder If one can eat either a vegan or carnivorous diet and be healthy either way, should one not choose the diet that causes the least suffering and least destruction to our planet? Regardless of anyone's opinion? I agree with that. Opinions dont matter. Destroying lives and our planet however does. I would say that counts as "harming" others, why is harming others not just as much of a turn off as harming yourself? Your choices in diet can harm more than just yourself and ignoring that part and acting like its not real counts as "delusional". Fruitarianism has nothing to do with veganism. Totaly different animals. This is why i put emphasis on how healthy a PROPER vegan diet is. I'm sure any of us can find a ton of cases of people changing to anydiet and having bad effects. But notice how being unhealthy from eating shitty vegan food does not mean being vegan makes you unhealthy. This goes for almost any diet.
  4. Does it do me any good to keep learning about enlightenment before it happens to me? I have heard enough to feel a calling. Is that enough? I can understand why any way that I interpret enlightenment must be wrong. So if I can not wrap my mind around it, is it time to just drop it, forget the videos for now and do the work? Or is it helpful to have a strong mental idea of it?
  5. @Danioover9000 Right you are!
  6. @SgtPepper You know I cant really prove any of that. Dont get me wrong in not making it up, I could come up with multiple articles that back up what I say all day but I could also find articles that say the opposite. Me stating these things is based on one side of the research and personal experience. I cant get you belief or understanding from personal experience. Give a try and get personal experience is all i can tell you. Go vegan for 1 month and I'm confident you would agree with at least half of those things. If I'm wrong rub it in my face. Of course these things are so case by case that we probably wont agree on them all and im.not claiming going vegan is a Guarantee for every single one of those things for every single person. Excluding good health. If you are eating a proper vegan diet (proper! Not Oreos and processed food) you will have better health. What do you think being vegan is excluding from your diet? Cholesterol, not much else.(unless ypu have certain underlying health problems of course)
  7. Haha fair enough. I guess I didnt explain myself well. I dont really think being vegan "raises" your consciousness . I think that veganism is choosing to acknowledge the suffering, health problems, and damage to the planet that we are causing with our diets. I think ignoring these things because your culture told you too or because you don't care is a low conscious decision. Leo is doing neither of these things he is aware of what is going on but has health problems and he has different health and nutritional needs. I am glad he is finding what works for him and happy for anyone else in a similar health situation as him. But thats not most people. I dont think the world should become vegan thats ridiculous. But most of us in developed countries certainly could become healthy vegans and make a huge difference to most life on the planet in doing so. You see no trolling from me anywhere on this forum.
  8. @Gregory1 @Danioover9000 @Farnaby @DefinitelyNotARobot Also in case im the only who heard, the untied nations just released a code red for the survival of humanity and animal agriculture is the main cause. Willingly contributing to this because you want your diet to be less healthy and more dependent on suffering because your culture programmed you this way doesnt seem very much like "high consciousness behavior". Please call me out if I'm wrong.
  9. @SgtPepper Less chance of depression Less stress and anxiety Better sex life Slowed cognitive decline and lower chance of dementia Better physical health No these are not the same as consciousness but raising your consciousness will surely be a bit easier for if your less, stressed, depressed or physically and mentally not the healthiest you COULD be either.
  10. @Gregory1 So you will completely ignore leo talking about his unusual health problems that stop him from eating a vegan diet that he said would be the ideal diet if he could? Whos really ignoring facts to make a point here?
  11. haha😆 @hamedsf Where did you get this info? Lmao you are joking right? I know this is just an online forum man but quit spreading false information. Theres plenty of that floating around already. You clearly have very little understanding of nutrition.this is a common misconception because soy contains plant estrogen but plant estrogen is different at both the molecular and clinical levels from the human hormone estrogen. Stop lettting your gym bros convince you they are nutrionists. And while I dont know you so i may very well ve speaking out of my ass but id bet if you and I went to the gym youd have a hell of a time trying to keep up with this soyboy 💪
  12. Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions after fossil fuels. Now add on top of that water and air pollution, deforestation and all that it leads to, biodiversity loss.