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  1. @Germo You are 100% correct. These diets or drinks are pseudoscience fad diets. Nothing more.
  2. @Eph75 Thank you so much for the ectensive in depth reply! No need for apologies. This is a subject that doesn't always have quick answers and I understand that. That was perhaps the best response I have received on this forum. I will add that book to my book list. It is easier for me to have a physical copy than to stare at a screen.
  3. @Eph75 I am glad you brought this up. Through some freak coincidence I clicked on Leo's video called "concentration vs meditation", in which he mentions reaching this "access concentration". I have been hardcore concentrating on my breath and navel before I reach this state so this term is something that really caught my attention however I'm not sure I really understand what it is. Is it just a temporary mind state? Is it a higher state of consciousness or awareness(this is how it feels)? Is it just clarity through concentrating or just extreme concentration? All of the above maybe?
  4. @steenadrianmr I don't notice any increased heart rate or anything like that but my flesh does feel more "plump". I am probably explaining it horribly. My point about it happening right after an argument is that I thought the emotional almost breakdown happening right before this started may somehow be directly related? Would that make sense?
  5. @cetus56 I look forward to progressing and seeing where this path takes me! I assume you have had similar experiences?
  6. @cetus56 "Subtle" is a very fitting word and yes! One is told to not "become" or get "attached to" their thoughts or feelings when meditating and it is a similar feeling of disconnect, but instead of a disconnect with mental phenomena it is a disconnect from physical phenomena. I am still aware of the body but I no longer am a part of it? Almost an out of body experience with only my quiet "Inner witness" remaining. That's my best explanation anyway. As soon as my thoughts or egotistical awareness realizes this is happening the experience subsides.
  7. I have had my meditation timer set for 23 mins for the last two or three months. 4 days ago was the first day I missed a session. I had just gotten into a unnecessary argument with my significant other. I allowed myself to get so tangled up in emotions i didny meditate. Since than I became aware of the mistakes I made in that situation and bumped my timer up to 30 mins. My meditation sessions since then have gotten so unusually deep to the point where my awareness is on itself solely. I seem to lose the sense of my body. For example; my hands are placed on my lap but I no longer have the sensation of have my hands on my lap. Does that make sense? My hands in my lap, back pain, pressure between my ass and my cushion all become ONE sensation (or lack of sensation, not sure which). I do however have an increased sense of awareness and feeling of contentment. It is almost comparable to the very beginning effects of the first hit of DMT to a less extreme extent. A part of me begins to want to laugh and as soon as it gets intense enough that I begin to smile uncontrollably I lose the momentum. What the hell is this? Is there a way to go deeper? Thoughts or experience PLEASE?😁
  8. I will be the third to say not to make any huge life choices like that on a whim. It is normal to feel strong urges for change in a state like that.
  9. Yes! Take up karate again! But not so you can "become a damn black belt" focus on the process not on the end of the road (or you will never get there). There is a great short book called Mastery by George Leonard that touches more on that. Also you have to find out why you think it is so important to be a "tough" guy. Find the flaws in your thinking because they ARE there, and then focus on how to correct them. There are a TON of great books on this also (check out Leo's book list). Being strong doesn't mean being able to hurt someone if they approach you. If you can end a potentially violent situation without being violent, witout thinking you must "prove you manhood" and without being at a complete loss of control of your emotions you have found REAL strength. Your problems aren't special or unusual, especially for a guy. The information IS out there to help you. But you will have to put forth the effort. Meditate, read, excercise/martial arts, watch Leo's videos and apply them (watching them and not applying them is no more useful than just watching t.v.) This is coming from someone who has been fighting and being violent almost their whole life. Shot, stabbed, jumped, prison, jail, boyschool, rehab, halfway house, house arrest, work release, probation and parole all by the age of 23. I understand your depression also. I am covered in scars from self-mutilation, the first time I really wanted to kill myself I was 8 years old, I have had multiple mental hospital stays. I am so thankful I was able to correct myself and leave that horrible way behind. YOU CAN COMPLETELY CHANGE TOO!!! I have high hopes for you. My last piece of advice is to expect the road to be the hardest thing you have EVER done. But it wil be so worth it. I love ya man, take this advice and you won't regret it. The rest is up to you brother. Good luck.
  10. Your brother is old enough to decide what he wants to do with his own body without asking his parents or sibling. If your parents are going to get bent out of shape because he has 1 tattoo at 20 years old than you should be talking sense into them not him. Seems they are the ones not being mature. Is he getting a huge face tattoo or something? I would encourage him to make his own choices. He does not need to consult with anyone but himself and his tattoo artist. Why is it that you consider this an immature idea? Just because your mom doesn't "accept" tattoos? He isn't making HER get one. Sounds to me like she honestly has some acceptance issues that she should work on.
  11. I love you man. Being suicidal is never easy to get past. I mutilated my body (in one way or another)from 9-24 years old. 3 suicide attempts and 2 of the 3 times I should've died. I was saved both times by being freaky lucky. I'm so glad you and I are still here. And never be afraid to seek processional help. So you practice any meditation?
  12. I dabble in the occasional dmt or changa trip as well. What is a good source for information on kriya yoga? I have a book about it called, Kriya Secrets Revealed, on my book list.
  13. @Ero Thanks for the input. What other methods do you find most helpful throughout the day?
  14. @silene I am constantly reading and researching these things it seems like. What two methods are you using?