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  1. Let's have faith she is OK Rap.
  2. That's not sex, that is masturbating with a vagina.
  3. I feel you. Hope you get a job soon. Welcome to the forum.
  4. I share 'cause I love people.
  5. I am 100% psycho then I can watch the documentaries and 5 minutes later make a BBQ I swear.
  6. 26 years smoking weed over here
  7. No one forces them to get high... You know?
  8. Yeap Leo said it. That's why he is my favorite personal development teacher .
  9. ''Delivery is just as important as the content delivered. Women are evolved to respond to strength. We only just created a somewhat stable environment. Women now have financial security but the physical and emotionally security needs are still present. The body is aroused by strength/sexiness (emotionally-short term) the head is attracted (logically-long term) to security. Women seek the strength for survival, but also seek that strength long term so it translates into protection and provisioning. A lot of red pillers can become bitter by reality and rage sets in but they must realise this instinct (hypergamy - to reward and procreate with strength) is what drove men to raise themselves, and in doing so raise civilisation along with it, along side women. Without this evolutionary pressure we wouldn't be where we are today. Realise it for what it is, a beautiful mechanism of which a lot of it is subconscious - forgive them for they know not what they do. The 'bad boys' or 'barbaric men' on a deep level are displaying strength, although in its negative form. In today's society where long term security is taken care of by the state or women's ability to earn, women are more inclined to look to other aspect of what men provide which is the more biological short term related strength or sexy genes and is emotionally charged, and thus also fleeting. For this reason we have most women going for the top 10-20% of men leaving other men behind. Before access to these men were limited by geography, smaller populations, religion and monogamous values but now with technology and modern culture we live in a global sexual market place where women have these men at their fingertips. Their biology (and hypergamous instinct is screaming at them - what if i can do better. In the same way the top tier of men are also being teased by the availability of women at their finger tips also. When sexuality isn't buffered/contained by cultural or religious incentives and is left unchecked it destabilises society. Although religions problem was that they didn't contain but cut off people from their sexuality, the other extreme. The only solution I can think of is either sex evolves in their consciousness. Women evolve in the way that they are able to be happy with their partner and evolve past their hypergamous instinct telling them to see what else is out there, or to not run back to their bad boy lover ex. Or if women are going to only go for the 'alphas' the men left behind have to evolve and channel their sexuality to higher pursuits or just become better and provide women the sexual arousal their bodies react to and desire to satisfy that side of them. Maybe all this loneliness and fragmentation which leads to emotional trauma will lead people to spirituality/actualisation which is part of the evolution also. In the past, men who didn't have access to women (ie Middle eastern society where harems were a thing) they would go into war. In present day, these men can be sedated in many ways via porn, entertainment etc Women have the rights of men in the modern world, but the conscious responsibility that comes with those rights ie to select a longer term partner (for emotional security at least) over the short term hot guy (for their sexual security). It is also up to men to become and display masculine strength in its positive light. Don't be the 'nice guy' or the 'bad boy' but the great guy. Evolution will play its course, and natural selection will do its thing in the end.'' -Zazen You are smart keep posting