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  1. Hi, today I approached a beautiful young woman she was with her/a kid idk he could have been her brother. She was blonde, white skin, green eyes, had a tattoo on her arm and had glasses. I told her Leo's best line: Do I know you? But I didn't follow with : -"Wow I just realized you are beautiful." That was intentional, my dating coach says that you almost never should compliment a woman unless they are asking for it The way I see it, I am already complimenting her by going out of my way and speak to her. Women are smart they know exactly what's going on when a man talks to them and asks them out for a ''cup of coffee'' The line is great because it makes the girl really look at you while you are smiling ear to ear, she will even look you in the eye trying to recognize you. I told her: -"My name is Arcangelo, what's your name? The kid answered for her Kid: -"Her name is Nicole" I forgot to repeat her name (that's supposed to help ) I am a salesman and I am used to rejection. I asked: -"Hey would you like to go for a cup of coffee with me?" She kinda hesitated and said -"I don't go out with strangers'' In sales language that's a rebuttal. I should have followed up with: -''Hey but why not? It could be fun we could go to a starbucks and have a cup of coffee'' Or something like: ''But we are not strangers, we just met, you are Nicole and I am Arcangelo'' And ask the little boy: -''Hey what's your name kid?'' -''You see we all know each other now'' And maybe get a smile from her? And after that -''Come on you know you wanna go out with me, just a little cup of coffee in the afternoon I promise it will be worth your while'' With laser eye contact. I mean she already rejected me, so who cares about pushing it. I probably would never see her again anyways. Gotta close the sale on the spot, otherwise the client is gone like a fish that gets off the hook. Peace.
  2. I like this comment.^ I eat popcorn.
  3. I agree 100% Trans women are women! I respectfully disagree.
  4. I have had 3 rides where I kicked the paxs out: 1. I didn't notice there was a stop so the ride stopped making financial sense, so I kicked them out, telling them: -''I just don't want to take you.'' 2. Entitled police officer 3. I asked the passenger cash or card and she gave me an attitude, I knew it was gonna be trouble so I kicked them out. On cases 2 and 3 they didn't want to leave the vehicle.
  5. We all have an agenda...
  6. Yes, a seasoned PUA would have introduced himself to the whole family, to charm the whole family. Making eye contact with everyone, making sure he gets everybody's name. At this point his attention will be totally invested in the family. He will be displaying mad confidence. And that in return will make the girl feel sexually attracted to you. At this point his attention will go back to the girl and he will, in front of everyone, ask for her #. And she will give it to him.
  7. Yes, I can. You laugh it off and move on. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Awesome thread. I had a 0.38mm special but someone stole it from me. I'll get another revolver eventually.
  9. He had a trip sitter fwiw. Maybe that helped.
  10. Looks real, looks unloaded and it totally looks like a Glock.