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  1. @Leo GuraMaybe he was resentful that Trump grabbed his mother by the pussy 🤡🤡🤡
  2. A so-called enlightened forum calling for death upon political opponents. Real high-consciousness stuff guys.
  3. Not too long ago you called bullshit on David Hawkins claiming he healed his diseases by reprogramming his subconscious. Now you're gonna charge for your own program? Ok
  4. Something I read today: 'Frustrated Love gives birth to fear and hate; it gives birth to evil. The absence of Love is fear. The rejection of love is hate' What do you guys think?
  5. Well he did manage to cure many diseases, so how would you know? There are tons of people who have also healed themselves using belief work. Have you ever tried it?
  6. Porn is destructive. As the wise Steve-O from jackass fame put it: "porn ruins relationships" As someone who has been through this, it's very true. Porn is a drug that has no actual useful benefits to everyday life.
  7. Yep, would you want people to pirate your creativity and hard work that you put a price tag on? On the flip side, many people will move to higher understanding through pirating the right materials. So it depends on the level you're at, but not stealing is definitely the more integrous and higher way. I've stopped pirating anything about 4 or 5 years ago and my conscience feels much cleaner because of it.
  8. I wasn't expecting too much, but this was a really nice message from Sly.
  9. Holy shit, 30 days is insane. How sure are you that you can last that long? Not trying to be a downer, I hope you actually do it, just seems like an extremely difficult thing to do.
  10. 12 And... I find it easy to manipulate people. I don't like it when I find myself manipulating people The toughest one for me. It's both for sure.
  11. Absolute bullshit. You actually believe that? Where's the proof?
  12. @Razard86 Also... a hardcore atheist thinks about God all the time. They post on message boards, think of counters to other's beliefs, always debating and condemning. If you really didn't believe in God, why would you make the effort to make others wrong? What you TRULY believe, you don't need to convince others of. Like when a closet homosexual constantly bashes on homosexuality.
  13. Agree. This user actually contributes nothing but blame mentality and is allowed here to promote victim consciousness. What about stealing pics from others and pretending it's you? Leo has some real double standards.
  14. Pure Love oozing out of many different forms of limitation. This thread allowed me to get an awesome mind picture of what @Leo Gura said when 'love is like the play-doh bursting through different forms', or something similar. ? Pure expression of love getting to know itself in any way at all.