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  1. PsychonautWiki Leo did you mean to put this one?
  2. @Chi_ I have tried both substances many times. 1P is just as profound and useful.
  3. @Leo Gura You mentioned you are planning a psychedelic retreat soon? Are you going use DPT as your choice of psychedelic and see how much deeper you can go using it?
  4. Hello my lovely people! I have a whole week paid vacation coming soon next month. I live near the Rocky and Sangre de Cristos mountains (translated as Blood of Christ 😌) In Colorado. My main objectives of this retreat, is to take a detox from pretty much all of like my addictions such as internet first and foremost, also weed and alcohol, and procrastination. I would also like to understand things with more depth and clarity! I plan on doing alot of meditaion and contemplation. No TV, no internet, not talking to anyone on the outside. Would you guys recommend leaving my Spiritual books at home? Or is thay just another distraction from going deeper inside. What about the possibility of psychedelics? Also keep In mind this is my first solo retreat ever, ( kinda nervous at what my mind is going to show me, but i feel ready for this) and I'm only going for a 3 days and nights, which may also change however? Any advice from you lovely beings would be truly appreciated. 😍😍😍
  5. What is the external world a product of?
  6. Same here. It's so easy (and fun) to get lost in profound metaphysical concepts and ideas. It has been a big distraction for me. I still have many 'regular human' traits and habits I need to work on. My relationship with my girlfriend and others close to me, diet, mindfulness, procrastination, and sociability. As much fun as his really advanced ideas are, his basic videos are where I truly am at this stage.
  7. Well said. LOA is very real and OBVIOUS once you understand loa on a deeper level. The phrase LOA in most people's minds is defined as just hopefully wishing and wanting something good to desire your life by want alone. The movie 'The Secret' really did a disservice to the actual practicality of loa. You've always been 'law of attracting' things into your life, good, mediocre, and bad. Notice this.
  8. I'm not quite understanding your take, but your title your title reminded me of some thoughts I've always had. Every single human invention ever created and will ever be created was thought of first in imagination. Imagination is the source. Where did natural things such as plants, humans, animals, planets and galaxies "start"? It had to be in imagination, right?
  9. Leo, Frederick Dodson, Rupert Spira, are currently my main 3. Others that got me started on the path: Osho, Alan Watts, and David R. Hawkins. I'm now getting into Peter Ralston.
  10. Hey friends, have been following along for less than a year now. I've had an incredible amount of growth from the short time I've been following. It makes me positive that this is the track I would like my life to take. Was hoping some for some positive vibes and affirmations right now as I've been feeling a little lost in the chaos of my life right now. I fucked up. I royally fucked up. I had a great high paying job. 100k+ a year, plus the top of the line benefits. I was living feeling invincible. I was high on life. I was totally secure in my future. I had been using a lot of law of attraction type thinking and psychology and was feeling like I was becoming stabilized and attracted this lucrative career. My family never had much money, so I worked a lot on overcoming limiting beliefs regarding money and income. One day a made a huge mistake. A mistake that 100% could have and should have been avoided. A mistake I accept full responsibility for. And just like that I had lost my job. All my dreams of providing a great life for me and my family were gone. I feel like I've let my girlfriend and family down so much, because I was bringing money into our world. But of course most of all, I let myself down more than I had ever in my life. I was and still am shook about this whole thing. A huge part of me had died. The worst part is, I feel I was operating at my peak level of performance, as far my metal state and beliefs. I know that I had used a lot of good psychology and techniques to get me this far. I felt in control of my mind. I've reduced a lot of negative programming and belief patterns. I was not resisting my job, actually I had been embracing my job more than ever just recently. Which is why my lapse in awareness comes as a total shock to me. It literally did come out of nowhere. I am shocked, disappointed, and very embarrassed I let this happen to me. I've let the people around me and myself very down for allowing this to happen. As a bright side I feel I can fully go after what I want in life. More freedom. I have more time to read, meditate, and contemplate myself. I will be doing Leo's Life Purpose course soon to really get in touch with my calling. But in the meantime, I really felt a bit disillusioned with my state I thought I had everything under control. Really very upset with myself and have no idea how I let this happen. Love you all and any positive vibes you can send my way will be welcomed.