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  1. I've always found shrooms much more unpredictable than lsd. Unpredictability is not really conducive to following trains of thought.
  2. Pure Love oozing out of many different forms of limitation. This thread allowed me to get an awesome mind picture of what @Leo Gura said when 'love is like the play-doh bursting through different forms', or something similar. 😆 Pure expression of love getting to know itself in any way at all.
  3. Great post. Black and white thinking never holds up in reality.
  4. This guy is a loser and abuses women. Baffles me how anyone could look up to him. Warning: NSFW
  5. I think your right. It's all a manifestation of the same thing in different forms. Just generating in different ways. But what if it doesn't have to be that way to exist? Something radically different than our current plane of existence. Yep. There are infinite realities within infinite realities. But who is choosing? God is probably still evolving forevermore. Also is there anything beyond consciousness and awareness? How could that be? Could it actually be? Not in a marterial sense either.
  6. @Matthew85 I love your questions. What exactly does the 'nature' of reality mean to you? The 'structure'? The 'how'? The 'why'? What about other realities? Are they structured the same way? Are there an infinite number of ways reality can be put together and our current way of seeing it is only one of many? Even most of our dreams seems to be 'structured' around being human being person-like. I don't have any answers but I just wanted to get your thoughts.
  7. It's both. Releasing old negative thoughts and replacing them with new positive ones. You can't transform a negative into a positive.
  8. You are God intentionally limiting itself. But these limitations are eventually meant to be broken. To rediscover your Godly powers. The creator and the created are one.
  9. Too late. Why do you say that? I've been applying Neville's teachings for awhile now, and it's brought me fantastic results so far. "Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth"
  10. I'd say 1cP. AL LAD doesn't give me the headspace I want out of an acid trip.
  11. Positive thinking + actually feeling the good feeling.
  12. Why not do mushrooms or 4 aco dmt?
  13. No need to ask at all. She will let you know. You just assume she doesn't and have fun.
  14. It's my favorite psychedelic. Great for contemplation. Fairly comparable to LSD. In my opinion it is a bit gentler and tamer at the same dose to LSD.