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  1. Very true, Fred Dodson's work has completely 180'd my life. He packs so much wisdom and nuance in his books, every reread always blows my mind again and gives deeper insight as I further down the path. But, if you listen to recent talks of his, he claims most of his books are 'too wordy' and he would condense them more if he rewrote them. But I love the little details haha. Have you ever read any Neville Goddard? His is mostly known as a law of attraction (assumption) teacher, but his later works also delve into awakening, and how it is every man's destiny to awaken into an 'awakened imagination'. Really gives a new perspective and interpretation of the Bible and Jesus. I've been finding his work super profound as of late.
  2. Nothing notable really. I believe I took 150ug LSD and 2.5g shrooms. I don't remember it really well, but I remember there were times when I was acid high, and then the shrooms would take over and I would be more mushroom high. They alternated a few times like this, before the mushrooms finally started to wear off. They didn't combine to make a super trip, it just felt like 150ug when I felt the acid, and 2.5g when I felt the shrooms. Super weird feeling. They did not synergize well together at all, I was pretty uncomfortable the whole time, and really just wanted it to end. This was my only experience, but I have read trip reports where they synergize well and people have had profound experiences.
  3. Yes it is safe. It's usually called a soul bomb. I've tried it once, and it was super odd. It felt like the two were 'competing' with each other.
  4. What good will that do? And what is your definition of 'something serious'? What news have you ever received that required immediate attention and change of your behavior? Sounds just like a typical modern-day fear mindset of 'not being in the know'.
  5. There's an updated version of Mars and Venus Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today's Complex World
  6. This... is exactly what a conspiracy theorist says.
  7. Read Healing and Recovery by David Hawkins.
  8. Wow. Hilarious. How to lose credibility 101. You always preach the exact opposite in your videos and philosophy. Now, you throw all of that out for 1 subject? We should appeal to authority, silence our skepticism, and dont ask questions? Yeah. Really non-ideological. Doesn't matter if vaccines are the way out of this or not, the fact you made this statement speaks volumes.
  9. Yep, and especially nowadays it's an overused blanket term used to forgo nuance and discredit anyone who doesn't parrot the mainstream narrative. Like the anti-shill. Just like on this forum. "I'm skeptical about the vaccines. How effective are they really? Lets talk about it." "No! You're just a Maga conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer! Vaccines safe and effective!"
  10. No amount of vaccines or masks are going to 'end' the pandemic. You guys do realize covid is here to stay, and there is no way to completely eradicate it? How about this: I am responsible for my own health, and you are responsible for yours. Take responsibility for your own health, and stop blaming others for your own well being. Too crazy? If you are scare of getting sick, why don't you stay home and take all the precautions you'd like? Instead of blaming the 'unvaccinated monsters' out there. Why are covid cases higher this year than last year, even with vaccines? Why are they calling for people to get a 4th booster shot already? Why are tons of vaccinated still getting sick? Where is the real world evidence the vaccines do anything to stop the spread? They fuckin lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines with their 95% effective bullshit, and it is super obvious at this point.
  11. 2. Some things seem more "physical" than others and hence more impossible to manifest. Another take at the whole law of attraction thing is that what you think is true will become true - in terms of what you think becomes your reality. If we assume that I struggle to imagine how in certain situations. For instance, becoming more confident - this is abstract and less physical, there you can attract situation/books/etc that will make you more confident. Sure. BUT If I have a tree in my garden, and I want it to disappear. How the hell the thoughts of the tree disappearing will make it disappear ? Is it because it will force me to take action to cut down the tree ? Is it because a synchronicity will happen that the tree will get cut down somehow e.g. struck by lightening, e.g. the universe mirroring back my thoughts? OR even me manifesting another reality (as per transurfing) where the tree simply would not exist, e.g. changing the fabric of reality itself ? I don't believe there is any amount of thoughts that can change a "solid" or material part of reality. Or is it simply because I don't see deeply enough yet that's it's all an universal mind and not material, and if my realization of it was deep enough, I would discard that idea ? 3. Inception - what you believe becomes your reality. If I believe that the law of attraction does NOT work or works in ANY particular specific way, does that mean that by the way it works it WILL in FACT work the way I believe it works since it's simply reflected back at me ? Hence, If I truly believe anything is possible, anything would become possible ? Meaning, that for instance, any limitation I think about e.g. not being able to finish a degree at Harvard in three months (random dumb example), is impossible - not because of the material reality of it but because I believe there is a material reality preventing it ?
  12. Lol, this isn't to protect young youtubers' feelings. Content creators can still see the amount of dislikes on their own videos. Besides, if you're getting a lot of dislikes, that's valuable feedback that people don't like your videos and a new approach is required.
  13. Obviously to protect the image and narrative of the government, media, corporations, big pharma and vaccines etc. Examples:
  14. Maybe true threats to survival like a poisonous snakes, deadly predators and the like. But that is already an automatic response. However, living in fear will only invite negativity, clouds and distorts true perception, and increases the likelihood of things you fear happening in your life.
  15. Law of attraction is always at work, the question is whether you use it consciously and deliberately, or it's running on auto-pilot.