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  1. Look for a DXM extraction guide. 100% nicer than eating all that gross filler.
  2. Only for a week?
  3. I remember him saying he uses an outline only.
  4. is great for book reviews. Many books on Amazon have a 'preview' function I use to determine if the book's writing style and subject resonates.
  5. Honestly I have never checked out their YT channel. They have way more articles than videos, and I'm sure they are more in-depth than the videos, from first glance at their channel.
  7. Leo payed good money to lab scientists to create the ultimate psychedelic: 5-LeO-DPT.
  8. When you have a strong urge to. When it calls your name.
  9. I think it's great for diving deep into the Love aspect. It also works great as a couples therapy tool. I rolled with my wife a couple of months ago and we were really open, honest, got a few things off our chests, and have been much more loving and understanding with each other ever since.
  10. @Gili Trawangan Lmao. Thanks for sharing, that matches my experiences perfectly.
  11. South Park always captures culture pretty accurately. Also, as far as nature shows, the show 'The Hunt' by BBC goes extremely well with Leo's 'Survival' videos.
  12. I feel like fasting definitely has a positive effect on your baseline state of consciousness. Been experimenting with fasting only the past couple months and already notice great energetic benefits. I've realized how eating too much and too often bogs you down, and makes you feel 'heavy'.
  13. While I'm tripping, the amount of synchronicities I experience are off the chart. Of course, the more you look for them, the more you'll find. I also notice more synchronicity when I'm more selfless and loving, and less egoic and caught in my head.
  14. You can't be me cuz I'm me bro. I called it. I claimed me first!
  15. From Frederick Dodson, A specific test to reliably know whether a person is in a high energy or high consciousness state is to see if they have a sense of Humor. That’s an easy short-cut. Before you choose a partner, business associate, teacher, boss or employee, check for that kind of pleasantness. Dictionary Synonyms of Humor: wit, playfulness, joking, kidding, high spirits, happiness, banter, fun, lightness, jest, joyfulness, pleasantry, amusement, levity. Dictionary Antonyms: seriousness, drama, depression, sadness, gravity, sternness. Our language accurately links a sense of humor to “high spirits” and “lightness“. Lack of Humor means there are problems lurking in the background. Of course lack of Humor doesn’t always point to lack of goodwill or lack of integrity (which are low-consciousness traits). The person might be having a bad day or one of those low phases that come and go. So what to look for is whether Humor is generally absent or just temporarily. If you poke some fun in their direction, is there any reaction? Even in a bad mood, they’ll still have a sense of irony. If you find no trace of it, then run for the hills In my Levels of Energy Scale I list Humor as a “high energy” and “high consciousness” state. I dont know why its missing in the scales of other spiritual teachers and researchers. Some spiritual teachers present themselves as “higher consciousness”, but if they are excessively serious and self-important about it, they are faking it. Lightness equals LIGHT, while seriousness points to heaviness, secrets and lies. The energy required to cover up lies and inadequacies, makes a persons stiff, inflexible and unfunny. Your attempts at lightness will be met with their fake chuckle or a strained grin. Those who are too concerned with how they look to the public, their friends, family or society will carry themselves with the same type of stiffness. Because genuine spiritual energy is light, it is also humorous. In a private online-seminar about a week ago, a student asked me this: “I visited an Abraham Hicks Seminar and Esther Hicks was constantly cracking jokes. Why is that, is it normal?” The misconception is that “spiritual masters” are supposed to be “serious”. I responded that I hoped they were cracking jokes. If they weren’t, it would not be a good sign. In the moments you see reality as it really is, you laugh. And while I am skeptical of Channeling in general, Esther Hicks sense of Humor indicates that there is genuine positive energy at her events. It’s a good sign. Unlike some of these modern Churches, Synagogues and Mosques that ostensibly teach “Spirituality”. A long time ago, my ex-partner took me to Catholic Sunday Service every couple of months. I always had to suppress a laugh about how stern and somber everyone was, as if someone had died. Laughing children were reprimanded and the Priest never once smiled during Service. I told my partner that this kind of strictness is delusional and that any semblance of “Spirit” had left this Church long ago. She countered that its a sign of “respect” and “reverence” to be “earnest”. But: Reverence and Respect can be felt without making a grim face and spreading that dark mood. These people claim to be gathering in the Presence of God – then why so serious? I’d say that a Church, Mosque or Synagogue without song, play, laughter, open exchange and excitement is not a House of God at all. And while I have great respect toward the religious traditions, they come with both light and darkness. Evidence of this can be found in the word “Enthusiasm” which derives from the Greek word “En-theos”, meaning “infused by God”. Where there is Humor and Enthusiasm, there are “high spirits“, it’s as simple as that. By their vibe you shall know them. That is not to say that one needs to become a Clown. Humor is not the same thing as insincerity or making a mockery of everything. It really means having enough lightness as not to be fixated, stubborn, stern, defensive or all too self-important. Higher Consciousness is a reduced sense of Ego and therefore less self-importance. The best school-teacher I ever had, when I was a child, was a true inspiration in this regard. I didn’t like math (and still don’t like it), but is exuberance and creative playfulness fired me up to learn the materials and pass his tests. He was not bitter and oppressive like my last math teacher. He did not force us to study. He lured us into his wonderful world through games, imaginative examples and demonstrating direct usefulness of math. Some people are like this…they have so much enthusiastic energy, that the people in their presence learn, heal and enjoy. So you can’t necessarily judge a persons consciousness by their profession. A few months ago I witnessed a well-known Guru of Yoga, who happened to think he was really important. He had framed pictures of himself that he handed out to his students, commanding them to hang the pictures up at home. When a student chuckled and asked “Do I really have to?” he had her removed from class. What does this ridiculous sternness have to do with Yoga or any sort of spirituality? Nothing. By that small scene you can predict that nothing of lasting value will be learned in his classes. Whether you are in Business talks or with a friend, its good to lighten up the mood. This is especially easy when you are not fixated on any agenda. If you have too strong of a focus, things will get a little serious for a while and distractions or light smalltalk are not welcome. And that’s OK. But dont let every single meeting go that way. Even when you are in the middle of a War or Humanitarian Crisis, your lack of Humor will do nothing to alleviate or save the day. Humor on the other hand, can clear your head and help you see the bigger picture. In a crisis situation, it helps you regain your Humanity. Do you know why people laugh? Because something is out-of-context. That’s the whole secret of Humor – two different contexts or realities that normally don’t belong together, are mixed. Through the rapid shift in energy from one reality-context to another, laughter ensues. What that means for you on a practical level, is that Humor makes it easier to shift and change realities. Seriousness, on the other hand, tends to keep you stuck in the reality you are in. If a student of mine has a huge traumatic issue and the atmosphere gets more and more serious, this implies that the problem is getting increasingly worse and there is nothing that can be done about it. So naturally, I inject some lightness. That doesn’t have to be in the form of a joke. It would be insensitive to joke about someones traumatic incident. But it can also be done through love and kindness, which are other types of light-energy. The word “light” very aptly means both less weight and brightness. When your partner, lover, husband or wife are feeling down, you can silently radiate loving Humor in their direction. You do not have to do this verbally. You do not have to attempt to cheer them up if this will only cause resistance. You can do it subtly, without speaking. Did you know that if two people sit in a room without talking, their vibrations eventually synchronize? They begin feeling similar. So the only way to avoid being dragged down by your partners mood is by focusing your awareness on Humor and Appreciation, which is many times stronger than negativity. You elevate them before they bring you down. Try it. It works beautifully. The only times it doesn’t work is when you are too tired to focus your energy. In that case: Get some sleep.