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  1. Right now I have a strain called Fruit Cake, good stuff. 8/10
  2. Never give compliments to a woman unless she is asking for it. Giving compliments is like becoming a fan instead of an equal. If you treat her like a queen she will treat you like a peasant, if you treat her like a celebrity she will treat you like a fan. Is like kissing ass, and not in the good way. Arc
  3. One day one will say yes
  4. It's better to learn a new language than playing chess.@integral Are you trolling?
  5. Yes all you have to do is grow a pair of testicles.
  6. ^Rock solid gold This is a good post also Hehe! It's a sexual marketplace. You dig? Whoa! projection alarm! Yes, but that's individually speaking.
  7. Online dating destroying the principles of game> I agree Dating apps are forcing women to be (more) visual
  8. No I am not a troll. I am actually a troll identifier. I stand by what I wrote: Muhamad was a pedophile.
  9. Weed makes me a better person. I have a lot of anger and hate built inside of me, weed helps a lot with that, by a lot I mean that it cures my neurosis. It makes me wayyyy less judgemental, weed makes me yellow. I smoke 3 days a week 3-4 joints per day. Smoking everyday is not that cool you get used to it to the point you don't even feel high anymore + is not good for the respiratory system or your mind. I absolutely LOVE weed and I will smoke FOREVER. Arc
  10. I had a one night stand with a Belgian girl (condomless) and a Honduran girl (with a condom). Not the same night though. And I have had more one night stands. The one night stand with the Honduran girl became a one week stand. I also had a Colombian girlfriend who was CRAZY. I went out a couple of times with a Nicaraguan girl, but we never had sex, I didn't escalate properly. And finally I had an American girlfriend for about a month. (The month she was in my country) We emailed each other afterwards but I don't remember who stopped emailing first. That's my international experience. Conclusion: I rather girls that are part of my culture. Yep. OMG ROFL Hilarious like Roy said. True. W in TF? True 100%
  11. I agree. But I wouldn't go too far and say: -''Leave pick up for men.'' You approach who you like, that doesn't make you easy. But even I will misinterpret it and think you are easy. And that's fine. Just like some girls misinterpret me as a player, or a creep, or a rapist, or a psycho because I do cold approaching. I am just a regular guy looking for love. It's like having a one night stand. I will instantly label the girl as easy, but in reality the girl perceived me as a 10, that's why she had sex with me the day we met. Arc
  12. Struggling with creativity > LSD
  13. It's cool to see that women are day-game-cold-approaching. You are a brave woman! Nowadays women are doing pick up. Good, now you guys can stop judging us.
  14. Instead of tobacco smoke weed.
  15. I have a recurrent dream where I am escaping but I need to first gather my stuff, and I keep loosing the stuff that I gather. It's not pleasant.
  16. I know I do.
  17. Hey guys what is that smell? It smells like victim mentality right? Who is it?
  18. I agree that dating apps are the future. It's a sad future. Check these videos: This one is good So women are having sex with the top 1% - 5%? This is what mother nature wanted: survival of the strongest, fittest and better looking. If you are not having sex is because you don't deserve it. It's evolution baby!