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  1. ... and then (and only then), the entire universe is the home of your True Self. Very good. Bon voyage.
  2. So what is the elephant?
  3. Bye bye 10th ox picture. I mean, what do the Zen/Chan guys know? They only did "it" for millenia...
  4. The reason is when "one" is too fascinated with wave-surfing on the River/Ocean (Awakening n+1), that "one" (separate-self arisings) prevents the Realization of being the Ocean. Of dropping into it and fully dissolving in it, as it. Or Enlightenment. Fascination with wave-surfing, or surfing/awakening to Infinity of consciousness exactly prevents the transcending of the last (very subtle) separate-self lenses/arisings/filters/centers. Because that arising of this fascination IS the last separate-self lense/arising/filter/element. But to get tired of the fascination of wave-surfing, go wave-surfing. Its absolutely fine, since for most that is exactly what is necessary to get tired of it. Selling wave-surfing-by-the-River-to-get-tired-of-it
  5. Right. So, everybody please buy the course (seriously). And find out if it makes one happier than the seller, like in "end of psychological resistance to what is", or pretty much happy ever after. If yes, all is good. If no, everybody can continue on their chosen path of deliverance. Which, coincidentally, happens anyway. Mostly not on the most direct path, but following all the windings of the River to its very end, when it dissolves in the ocean... So, both ways, all is good, and exactly how its supposed to be... Selling Water by the River PS: Leo has also created so much good content for free that pretty much everybody who can afford can balance some of this debt by buying the course. And it will open some interesting doors/areas for sure.
  6. Does an ant have Buddha Nature? Does a rat have Buddha Nature? Does a human have Buddha Nature? Does an alien have Buddha Nature? Does an alien (n+1) have Buddha Nature? Exactly. All of these little Koans work if concentrated on long enough... And then: Is the Buddha Nature of the ant different than that of the alien n+1? Not its contents, or the objects or n+1 understandings it is holding within its field of awareness. But its Buddha Nature, its essence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha-nature "Buddha-nature has a wide range of (sometimes conflicting) meanings in Indian and later East Asian and Tibetan Buddhist literature. Broadly speaking, it refers to the belief that the luminous mind,[8][9][10] "the natural and true state of the mind,"[11] which is pure (visuddhi) mind undefiled by kleshas,[8] is inherently present in every sentient being, and is eternal and unchanging.[12][13][14] It will shine forth when it is cleansed of the defilements, that is, when the nature of mind is recognised for what it is." And can that nature of the River (what one IS) be realized multiple times? The always changing n+1 eddies in the River for sure... Selling the same old infinite eternal Water (or rather ageless, since its never touched by time at all) by the River. PS: I made it easy, used Buddhist lingo. So please shoot ahead at the River, will produce some interesting impact-eddies for sure... Have a nice Sunday everyone!
  7. Today, there are a lot more. Just some examples: Harri Aalto, Jac O'Keeffee, Andrew Halaw, Ralston, Wilber, Wolinski, Daniel Brown (passed away), Adyashanti, Jürgen Ziewe, and many others. The ones mentioned are just some of those I like (enlightened, not explicitely concering Supermind-stage) and who have interesting books/media published.
  8. Realizing oneself to be that which doesn't die and was never born. And until realizing that, Jürgen Ziewe:
  9. First, concerning the other post: I had to read "The Religion of Tomorrow" multiple times. It is not as self-explanatory as most of his other books, and quite difficult to understand sometimes. He doesn't fully explain concepts he already presented in other books. That is rather unusual for a Wilber book, but due to the sheer size/scope necessary. Its one of the three Opus Magnum books of Wilber (announced as Kosmos Trilogy around 20 years ago). Book one is Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and the second and third book has basically been delivered as "The Religion of Tomorrow" and the Excerpts concerning Wilber 5 (An Integral Age at the Leading Edge, The Many Ways We Touch _ Three Principles Helpful for Any Integrative Approach, The Ways We Are in This Together,...). Supermind basically is True Nondual Realisation of the Absolute (on a pretty permanent and not just state basis), coupled with an integral postformal-/vision-logic- cognition realizing itself to be the Kosmos, and realizing how the past is imagined right here right now, and therefor the now contains the karmic memory print of all past moments that came before (imagined right here, right now). So, everything that has ever been literally resonates in ones being, as ones Infinite Being. "If “Big Mind” is used as a synonym for the nondual state, you can be at, say, teal, and have a Big Mind experience (which you will interpret in teal terms). But notice: you cannot be at teal and have a peak experience of Supermind. Supermind is a structure, not a state per se (although it is conjoined with the nondual state), and therefore, in its structural dimension, Supermind must be grown and developed. Integral Theory says, “States are free, structures are earned,” which means that most states can be peak experienced, or plateau experienced, by virtually any structure, because these states are already present in some degree in everyone, just as an infant wakes, dreams, and sleeps (or goes through gross, subtle, and causal realms), but structures themselves have to grow, evolve, and unfold in a developmental fashion, “transcending and including” their predecessors". The blue statement is sometimes not en vogue on this forum. Wilber is smart enough to not really engage in this game. So how many are there? Realized as a plateau to permanent stage, my guess is way less than 10.000. It needs pretty permanent True Nondual Realization/Enlightenment, plus high level integral vision-logic understanding. There is a statement in his book One Taste on how many deeply enlightened contemporary Zen-Masters there were in the 90s. I have written elsewhere about it. Yet, as an attractor-point, a beacon of what is possible (True Realization and an integral/vision-logic cognitive level of understanding to unpackage this realization), Supermind excerts a huge pull. Selling Water by the River
  10. Chapter Dysfunctions of the 3rd-Tier Structure-Views, Violet Meta-Mind: "One can step deeply enough into thetimeless Now to step into another dimension altogether—just step right here, and push hard. It’s easy to get lost in those worlds, which are, at bottom, simply different dimensions and perspectives of one’s own (violet) consciousness (although, as noted, from another angle, they are all real, ontologically different realms because they are each genuinely co-enacted by a different perspective in consciousness). Given that this stage is the first great transition from “earthly” realms to “heavenly” realms (as a permanent structural enaction), getting lost in these “higher worlds” is indeed one of the most common dysfunctions of this level. The deeply transcendental, otherworldly, electrically visionary nature of consciousness at this altitude makes fixation to this side of the street an incredibly inviting and alluring venture. This is likely to couple with the dysfunction, discussed earlier, of standing in heaven and giving a blistering critique of life here on earth, with all the semiprophetic pomp and pomposity that comes with it. One of the things that often happens with these specific dysfunctions is that, after making some initial discovery of a timeless Now or pure Present (either in 3rd-tier structures or higher states), one can step into that Present and then step right through it into what seem to be endless, “deeper,” “higher” realms altogether, a kaleidoscopic cascade of universes upon universes that at one point seem to be nothing but a slight wiggle in this moment’s timeless Now, and then at the next explode into almost infinitely extending real realms that are all alive and invite exploration—with a sign on the door that says “Welcome to Heaven!” This is extremely common in high subtle and low causal states, but if it happens with structures, it tends to happen right here, with the violet meta-mind (due largely to its visionary nature). ... But this problem is simply the living result of the enactive nature of the real world and the fact that consciousness can co-create an almost endless number of universes, any number of which one can become fixated or semiaddicted to, with straightforwardly dysfunctional results." An alien or two belong to the package.
  11. Intensifying -and easing up - techniques in the Mahamdura system, see for example "Pointing out the Great Way", Brown. You can find a description of my experiences with Mahamudra the Pointing out the Great Way-style in my archive.