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  1. Go talk to lots of women. Learn proper game. And be ready to suffer A LOT.
  2. Why didn't you please her anyway? Make her come before you stick your penis in. This will take huge pressure off yourself. Use your fingers, mouth. Ask what she finds pleasing. You might not be satisfied at the end of the night, but she'll be and she'll come back again and you could try again. Bottom line is, you'll always going to have plan B.
  3. I've always found it funny that we talk about ego like it's a part of us we can overcome. Tolle creates this idea. If you're surviving in this world right now, operating from the perspective of a body, you are the ego. No ego = no you. No you = no survival. You're free from your personality in the sense that it's imaginary and you could shape it however you want. But you can't ever be without personality. It's up to you to decide what it's going to be.
  4. The whole enl work is deeply paradoxic. Take every sentence skeptically, knowing that there's some exception or given the right circumstances, the exact opposite is true.
  5. That's what it's supposed to do! If there's no pressure there's no incentive to change. The idea is that some time in the future it's going to become so painful the only solution would be to act. There are powerful forces that keep you in place. That's survival. Maybe you fear that raising your voice might get you fired. If you're in a financially tight spot, you don't have a choice but to endure. Of course, you could always start small and just hint and see how employers react. You'd be surprised how understanding and compassionate some of them can be. All the luck.
  6. Women don't do that. It could be a bet or she wants to get back at her boyfriend for smth or she's trying to sleep around.
  7. Run, Forest, run!
  8. The only person you should not lie to is yourself. Brutal self-honesty is crucial. As to other people, you just have to. I'm lying to my family about the whole enlightenment thing, they just think I'm meditating to be more mindful. They'd go crazy if they found out I want to take psychedelics. So it depends on the situation.
  9. Mate, run for your life. Shit happens so fast no amount of training can prepare you for it:
  10. Congratulations, you've discovered one of the main paradoxes in this work. Unfortunately, this sounds like the "You are already enlightened" argument. Which is wrong. Keep going.
  11. Took me a lot of time to figure out that women were gaming me cos they were doing it sneakily. Like dropiing a "Hey" in DMs. I think gaming for women is dropping hints and waiting for men to take them up on it. Now if they do it like a PUA...
  12. Survival in action. Don't feel bad about it. It's good that you're starting to become conscious of it. You can dig a lot deeper than that.
  13. Don't quit. It's going to be hard as fuck.
  14. @Psychventure You tried out psychedelics?