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  1. Had forgotten about those. I've really become short-sighted after subscribing to one technique for too long. But it's done some wonders for me since practicing brutal honesty and calling out my bullshit was never my strong suit.
  2. Some thoughts from today's journaling. Thought they were cool. Leo places greater emphasis on becoming aware of enlightenment through paying more attention to "now" and having realizations or epiphanies, while Jed places all of his eggs on eliminating everything else. I have to also give Leo credit that he's said about journaling, contemplation and self-inquiry and how those three combined are somewhat of a light spiritual autolysis. But he's never talked about those in any such light and he's never made the intellectual approach a valid path. If anything, from users of the forum you might see it's just the opposite. I see that having the right techniques for yourself and looking at the right places you might have the realization of enl. Psychedelics, as Leo points out, are a particularly amazing tool. But this path is laid with countless traps. Because it's expanding. It's about learning more, doing more. It reaches Infinite Mind by expansion, that's what psychedelics are for, prolonged meditation retreats or even pursuing intellectually through journaling and contemplation. And then it flips over and becomes no-self. This path works upwards. And the rule FURTHER also applies. Jed's path works by reduction. Anything you find, you destroy. How do you get to no-self? By destroying the self. It's simple and straightforward. But that’s what makes it harder. It's in a way a shortcut, but not really. And then when you become no-self, it loops back around and you become Infinite Mind. Now I see why Leo would make and talk about his path with Love and understanding and compassion, while Jed's is laid with anger and hatred. And when the loop reaches its influx point one integrates the other.
  3. Try to remember your pep talk in the morning. We're usually big on words in the evening (that's if your location is set right).
  4. The same way you delude yourself you're ugly.
  5. I take full responsibility. I never even start debates cos I know they're pointless. That's why I often reply with humor or sarcasm. I've found it sticks to people better and you've proven me right. Done. You won't get another comment from me(unless you address me first). Only try to understand what I'm saying and whether it holds any merit. You seem very good at giving advice but you're terrible at taking it.
  6. If you knew it was, you wouldn't have posted it. When did calling sb out on their shit become trolling? Do you know for how long I've held myself back? But you keep on asking the same questions and denying to acknowledge another perspective. And now you're fending off your closed-mindedness by scape-goating me.
  7. If you spent half the time you write posts on this forum (especially on dating) on contemplation and self-inquiry, you'd be over your fantasized and childish views on relationships and have time to pursue some serious enlightenment. Which I believe we're trying to do here. Or is the brutal truth so much for you that you start namecalling?
  8. For anybody who might be looking at this - learn to finger/eat out your girl. She can have an orgasm without your dick.
  9. It's called freedom. Some people want to have sex as much as you change your profile pic.
  10. The Show about the Show. "Independent filmmaker Caveh Zahedi tries to persuade a Brooklyn Cable Network to give him money to make a meta-series TV show in which each episode will be about the making of the previous episode." Episode 2 is not there. Search for it. It's called "Paraplegic Threesome".
  11. @Javfly33 Amen @JonasVE12 Couldn't have said it better.
  12. @Podie45 Listen to @Javfly33 . Forget about enlightenment. I have social anxiety myself. The problem is that we have weak egos. Our primary survival strategy is people-pleasing. We think that in order to succeed we need to act selflessly and try to make everybody happy. The solution is counter-intuitive. You need to develop a strong ego. How do you do that? By acting selfishly. Yes, to cure yourself of social anxiety you have to become selfish. The only way to become confident around others is to not give a fuck what they think about you. When sb bites you, you need to bite back. I'd reply with "Fuck you, I just try to make new friends, you judgemental prick." or smth along those lines. You need to take back all the power you've given to others, even at the cost of completely alienating 90% of people in your life. But then 10% that remain will love you for what you are. This strategy might seem anti-spiritual, but it is not. There's nothing more spiritual than saying "Fuck you!" and saying and doing what you want to say and do. All within reasonable limits of course. I suggest you look into and try to adopt the following into your life: sarcasm, detachment, being blunt, criticism and arguing(I bet you always let others win), talking back, being stubborn, being a jerk. Yes, these are negative behaviors. But right now you're acting like a saint and the only thing that could bring balance is these negative behaviors. Don't worry, I don't think you could ever go overboard with any one of those. If you don't understand smth or want me to elaborate, feel free to ask. Or DM me.
  13. Too bad cos that's exactly what's going to happen. The best you can do is learn from your mistakes. That's what everybody in this thread is saying. But don't think that you won't do that with 5s and 6s. It's either that or solid game.