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  1. He’s blowing on the food not spitting. The fact you shared a video from a channel called “Rashtra Bhakt” shows what your stage is.
  2. I meant real mystics, not stage blue priests. Maybe it's the stage blue culture or ancient observation, or both. Yea, we should not, but if people can lose interest in success, money, food, life purpose, family, etc. then it can happen with sex too. It's not far fetched, that's all I'm saying. @bejapuskas I've experienced something which coincides with my growing spiritual interest. Others have experienced something similar too. There can also be other reasons for it. Yea, I find it fascinating to think about how much of our sexual feelings we project (or simply put, how much of it is in our heads). It not like we see a vagina or a penis and feel sexual immediately. It depends on our identity, how we view the other person, and the situation. What Leo said about identities and constructs is relevant here. There are people on YouTube who are attracted to all kind of inanimate objects. If we can project "sexiness" on to inanimate objects, roles, and scenarios, I think we can do it to body parts too, like feet. This person is attracted to balloons: Rollercoaster: All kind of objects:
  3. Even if there is a physiological component people have exaggerated it in their minds. It’s mostly in the mind. For some footfetishers feet are so important that without them they can’t get off. Why don’t they get off to their mom’s feet or men’s feet? And why only some people have it? That’s clearly in their minds. Just look at Ancient Chinese foot binding, liking that is definitely a construct. Just like in some countries big boobs and ass are seen as more desirable than in other countries. Losing interest in sex after becoming spiritual has been the experience of Sadhguru, Osho, and Krishnamurti. Around the world mystics and religious people are expected to be celibate.
  4. @bejapuskas Another reason that I forgot to mention, is that as you become more spiritual your mind starts to deconstruct reality. Our mind projects sexiness on to situations. Things are not inherently romantic or sexy. You start to deconstruct that once you become more aware. So much of sex is in our minds. Now, I do have urges to masturbate, but I don’t sustain the construction beyond that point. That’s why I say I’m somewhere on the spectrum. This may be one of the biggest reasons. It’s the same way with life purpose. Leo talked about it in the Dangerous of Psychedelics episode. Life purpose is a construction, like sexiness. As you become more conscious by taking psychedelics, you will start to question and deconstruct your life purpose. That’s why it’s not recommended to take psychedelics if you want to focus on your career, as it will make you less productive. That episodes talks about the dangers of being spiritual in general. Preference for boobs, ass, BDSM, footfetish, height preference, MILFs, teens, dom/sub, roleplaying, scenarios, pizza boy, nurse, celebrity, lips, legs, thighs; finding all this sexy is a mental construction. Maybe something like heterosexuality is deeply coded so it’s harder to deconstruct, but a footfetish and a dom/sub fetish are easier to deconstruct. There’s also the intensity of the desire/construct. Maybe it’s enough intensity to make you masturbate but not enough to motivate you to have sex or approach random people. It also varies depending on the mood and day.
  5. Yea. Some people assume that being slightly submissive means you are gay. As for being skinny, I meant I may be unhealthy (underweight) that's why my sex drive might be low.
  6. I liked the videos and took detailed notes on them. I was going to write a post about some initial disagreements and concerns I had with the videos (namely, if it's viable for long-term relationships, and concerns over physical escalation). But then I thought the things Leo is talking about comes from a lot of experience dating and trying to attract women. Something I, and many of the people who are disagreeing with him, do not done. I bet many of the people critiquing the videos haven't even attracted or even dated three people. So I don't feel comfortable criticism him because I don't have the reference experiences. Imo it's something others should keep in mind as well.
  7. I've never defined my value from sex, but that's not it. I am afraid it might be because of something negative. There can be many reasons. Growing up I didn't have a good relationship with women (except my mom and family members), I got into arguments and fights with them. The girls in my school didn't really like me either. I had very little female interaction in my life. So, I have this belief that I will never get along with women. I know it's bullshit because I've had positive interactions too, but it is in my subconscious mind still. Another reason could be that because I don't like dominant sex and behavior that's expected of men, I am not interested in getting into sexual relationships with women all together. I don't like being the one making moves, I think I may have a slightly submissive sexuality (like a women's) I'm afraid. I'm still straight though. Another reason could be, that I'm too introverted, lazy, and shy. Another reason could be, I am jaded by watching too much porn. Another reason may be that my hormones are messed up, I am kind of skinny and need to put on weight and start building muscle. These all seem like equally viable reasons to me.
  8. As a man, I am suppose to approach her, seduce her, lead the conversation, and even in bed I am suppose to make her orgasm and please her. That seems like too much to do. Is that type of sex even fulfilling? When will women try to make me happy? Does not liking doing everything make me a submissive guy? Wouldn't it be sexier if women enthusiastically held your hand and try to please you? It would be way sexier if women lead. Do any other men feel that you are doing everything in dating and sex? I wonder if all this running around is worth it. Ultimately we get into relationships for fun and pleasure. IDK if it's worth it to do so much work and go through so much suffering to get a few drops of pleasure in they end. Like even the sex is catered to what she likes. Just get an average girlfriend that matches your interests and focus on other things like spirituality instead. That would give you more pleasure than this. At least this is how I feel.
  9. I think I'm somewhere on the asexual and aromantic spectrum. I am not as sexual as other people. I was very sexual when I was 11-12 years old, but now in my early twenties I don't feel as horny.
  10. Ummm... you can't tell how someone treats women by their Youtube persona. That's assumption.
  11. I did, it's not very good. You're just assuming those things about him and about attraction. And assuming you're not assuming. No, women don't get attracted to niceness. Every guy knows this, and you thinking it does proves you don't know what you're talking about.
  12. What makes you assume he treats women well and other guys don't? Actually a lot guys treat women well, haven't you met nerds in high school, but they don't get girls, jocks do. And how are you assuming his body count by looking at him? The assumptions episode is made for you. You haven't made much progress in understanding attraction. You are still getting offended and defensive just like the last time I checked.
  13. Yes, that's why I watch Leo's content. It can't help you get major insights but it can help integrate those insights after the fact. Otherwise you could lose years of life.
  14. If she cheats on you then break the relationship and let her go. What's the big deal? It wasn't meant to be. Be happy cause you dodged a bullet. You're not a bad person because someone cheated on you.
  15. I am a skinny person. I have always been slightly underweight. I can eat whatever I want and however much I want and I won’t put on weight. If someone else ate like me they may get fat. My mom is fat and she eats less than what I eat. It has to do with genetics. Research different body types like ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs and their variations. Evolution is more complicated than that. Have you seen marathon runners? It is advantageous to be able to run longer distances in the wild. You can out run your predators. And it’s also advantages to have flexibility. Just some examples. I don’t think you could do that if you were all muscle mass or obese. I think what’s happening here is that you are projecting your own liking for food on to others and labeling those who don’t like it as abnormal. No, not all skinny people are anorexic. I think you should start a thread about anorexia if you want to talk about that. And food is not pleasurable to everyone. I have never had pleasure eating. I don’t find sugary and fried food pleasurable. I find pleasure in spirituality, working out, and other activities. I once went without food for almost 2-3 days, I felt some hunger (minimal) and weakness but no cravings. Similarly I can ask you, do you find shitting and peeing pleasurable? It’s just a thing you do for survival. But why not? You are getting rid of unwanted waste from your body, it’s good for survival, it should be pleasurable!