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  1. @Codrina That’s not how it works. University profs and most scientists would disagree, that’s all I'm saying. If this was true than monarchs would make the best rulers. It would be blatantly obvious and taught to us in schools. I mean ya there are things science doesn’t know but this goes too far and is borderline eugenics. He shouldn’t involve science in it when it isn't really there. And I think it is inappropriate to say things like this in a country like India which is struggling with various forms of discrimination.
  2. Lol, you overestimate. The current govt. is quite fascist, communal, and supports religious extremism (im no SJW lol). They made a terror accused woman who shot an effigy of Gandhi to commemorate his assassin’s birthday a minister. Look at what Modi is doing in Kashmir and did in Gujarat in 2002. Look at the state of media. Actually there is an economic crisis happening right now. The unemployment rate is highest in 45 years or something. Here are some videos with subtitles and facts that show the state of the economy.
  3. @Dumuzzi European society had a class system which was a lot less rigid than the caste system. The Mohenjo-Daro was part of the Harappa (Indus) civilization, which was wiped out partly by the Aryan invasion in around 2nd millennium BC. The caste system might be a form of rascism. This is from a textbook if you’re interested:
  4. @Leo Gura I totally agree with social and psychological implications and I know genetics play a major role. But to say you can transfer skills through genetics; a gold smith’s son is better at gold smithing because genetics... idk seems far fetched. It may be true who knows but if it is it will have huge social consequences. Also, idk how smart it is to say it in front of a solid stage blue audience. They will gleefully think they are superior because of caste. Seems dangerous.
  5. The book “The Medium is the Massage” by Marshal McLuhan talks about how the structure of a medium is way more important than the content of the medium. Although not exactly what you asked for, but it shows how for eg. just by reading a book, any book, your world view changes. It is must read if you want to delve deep into content vs structure. A medium is anything man made like glasses, a room, a house, etc.
  6. Take a look at this video and tell what you think. Sadhguru is saying that the offsprings carry the genetic memory of their ancestors which helps them perform the jobs their ancestors did. Casteism is a huge problem in India. This argument is used by casteists and racists to justify social immobility, institutionalize oppression and superiority of one group over the other. Basically saying some people are born to carry shit while others are born scholars and monarchs. He has said unscientific things before, but these claims are not backed by science or anything resembling science. This seems to be an incoherent rambling of a drunk man. The beginning and they ending are sugar coated to appear reasonable, but the rest of the video is quite absurd. He seems more more like an ultra conservative who believes thousands of years ago India was a utopian society, far ahead in technology than today, and that Indian culture is superior. This makes me highly suspicious of him. I know he’s a mystic but there’s a limit to what people will digest. Some of these comments show how poeple are interpreting him: (32 likes) “Knowledge was transferred within the caste system so the next generation got better .The problem with caste is the rigidity with the caste of not allowing the movement of knowledge to people who belonged to different casts .In the Modern world knowledge is more open to anyone who is interested in knowing” (3 likes) “the origin of the cast system.” (No likes) “He is talking about the beauty & power of the so called India's Caste System in a cryptic language. Which a colonially enslaved Nehruvian mindset will never be able to decrypt 😏” P.S: If you’re into psychedelic here’s a link to one of his articles about ayahuasca.
  7. I think I did in my 2nd post here I'll quote it. Yes, I agree with you that 2 swimming instructors can learn from a debate about improving their methods. This requires a lot of similar experiences and is sort of like pointing out a problem with someone’s math proof. However things become difficult once experiences are vastly different. Debating is a problem when say for example, you get into a debate about colour with a group of isolated blind people who have never met anyone who can see except you. In a debate the blind people will not believe you, tell you there are no colours, and they’ll call you a liar. To prove to them colour exist they need to see, otherwise it’s just a belief, they don’t know. If they say “maybe you’re right” it ceases to be a debate, it become a conversation. Root of the word debate is ‘to fight’ and root of the word conversation is to converse. J Krishnamurti does good conversation or if you prefer very high quality debates with people which you should check out. if you’re interested in spiritual debates.
  8. @Nak Khid Did you read my 2nd post? That refutes this and most of what you wrote. Saying Yes or No to my questions is not debating or productive. You need to have an explanation. No, you can absolutely not learn swimming by debating. You need to practice in the water to do that. Can't believe this isn't common sense lol. Your definition of a debate is quite low if you consider that debating. That wouldn't fly in a scientific university setting. Only way you would win a debate with a person with different experiences is if that person has bad debating skills or you two agree to disagree. Anyway, moving beyond your mental model should be the goal. That's when real spiritual work begins.
  9. Also, it is pretty obvious you can never win a debate with Zakir Naik no matter how hard you try. Contrast him with any Spiritual person (Jk, Sadhguru). Good Debater =/= Actualized Also, (lol) you cannot articulate your experiences to people who haven't had them. So you may be saying something but people won't get it because in their experience it is not true. Debates require logic and logic relies on old experience. Their logic would be different than yours because of experience. Debates = Logic = past experiences/info. (shared; both debaters need to have similar experiences) Therefore, debates don't lead to new experiences. They can utmost inspire you to seek what you don't know, but even that needs pretty high level of development.
  10. @Nak Khid The videos you point to are not debates and Sadhguru has criticized debating himself. They are very very limited and won't take you all the way to Ultimate Truth. You cannot teach people swimming, or connect them to being with debates. You cannot debate people properly with different experiences than you. Reality cannot be put into mental models. Point of a debate is to pit one mental model against another. I recommend you watch the dialogue between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm to see how much better a dialogue is than a debate.
  11. @mandyjw Living/breathing is itself an act of survival and instinctive. You believing you only have on life may not be true either. Yes, ideally men should have no sex drive, be super conscious sages but that’s not where everyone is right now. Why is it so wrong to teach men how to get women to have sex in a consensual, non-damaging way, and legal way with them? Maybe because if you’re a women (women generally prefer monogamies) you don’t want men to learn how to seduce women; maybe that way they would be forced to be monogamous. But know that women’s survival need of one partner and men’s survival need of many partners is at odds, so perhaps you need to see past the female self bias. Also, previously you only a male mind would come up with rules for attraction. But it is beneficial to come up with them. I’m sure you have them too (nice guys are assholes, etc.). Attraction is not at all mysterious, it can largely be explained logically to develop a strategy. Men with better strategy attract more women and vice versa. Best strategies are those that benefit both partners, creating a win-win situation. Sorry if I come across as rude or mean but I don’t mean any offence.
  12. @MsNobody When people talk they talk like that. Saying “10 per day” doesn’t mean he is making women look like animals. He is saying talk to 10 women per day so you can get good at attracting women, because for men attracting women is harder than it is for women to attract men,generally. He has also talked about sexism in the PUC many many times. Maybe you would understand his advice if you were a 25 year old virgin man who got rejected many times. Same wordings are used when helping people make friends. Also, I’m just curious, would you consider bikini models, pornstars, and actresses to be objectifying women? What about men/women who admire their beauty? This ”objectifying”, get used a lot but in my judgement it is not properly defined. Both men and women “objectify” each other based on body parts (height, race, breasts, butt, muscles), mind (personality, IQ, EQ), and social standing (career, money) when finding a partner.
  13. Favourite books, videos, youtube channels, websites, podcasts, etc. relating to health and fitness. Post away😊...
  14. Real Truth cannot be spoken or communicated. Also, what is meant by telling the truth is being honest with yourself, not necessarily being honest with other people. Telling the ‘truth’ to other people can get you or other people into trouble. There are so many situations where telling the truth would make you an asshole, this should be common sense. Life is complex, merely sharing your perspective every time won’t solve all your problems. It could get you killed even.
  15. @Meditationdude Hey if you're really serious about this you should check out the post I made a while back, it can save you a lot of time, and I mean years. Here's the link: (Just FYI, remember don't let anybody tell you that doing just one simple mindless activity will solve all your problems, life is very complex. You need thoughts. Also, your next step should be to do shadow work, because chances are you have subconscious thoughts you are probably not conscious of, which causes you to have emotional problems.)