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David R. Hawkins' 101 Ways To Happiness

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Ways to happiness – David Hawkins

  1. Source is within, not without.
  2. Want what you have, instead of have what you want […] including your own existence.
  3. Happiness is an inner decision.
  4. Give up the ‘poor me’.
  5. Choose instead of crave, want, desire, or get.
  6. Surrender all cravings to God.
  7. Joie de vivre is independent of events.
  8. Is it the child, adult, or parent (in you) that wants?
  9. Differentiate actual from symbolic win or gain.
  10. Differentiate narcissistic ("rich and famous") from mature goals.
  11. Be pleased with the direction and alignment instead of just completion.
  12. Practical reality ⇔ fantasy and glamor of "success".
  13. Choose decision instead of just hope.
  14. Be flexible ⇔ rigid.
  15. Cancel ‘...and then I’ll be happy.’
  16. Let go of clutching and grasping.
  17. Clarify goals and ideals.
  18. Realize that all value is arbitrary.
  19. Happiness is a nap on a train or plane.
  20. Live one day at a time.
  21. Happiness is a cat’s purr or a dog’s wagging tail.
  22. Differentiate faith ⇔ skepticism (narcissism).
  23. Show gratitude for what you have and are.
  24. Differentiate nonattachment ⇔ craving.
  25. Is the glass half full or half empty?
  26. Differentiate spiritual ⇔ material goals.
  27. Surrender to God’s will.
  28. Allow the capacity to let go.
  29. Be pleased with progress.
  30. Avoid self-judgment.
  31. "Good" ⇔ "Bad" are circumstantial.
  32. "Win" is provisional.
  33. Differentiate simplicity ⇔ complexity.
  34. Have realistic expectations of life, others, events.
  35. Value is in the eye of the beholder.
  36. Give up your skepticism.
  37. Nurture a sense of humor.
  38. Accept karmic propensity.
  39. See essence rather than perception.
  40. Be jocular instead of morose.
  41. Show good will regarding all of life.
  42. Differentiate easy-going ⇔ rigid.
  43. Reduce your expectations.
  44. Be generous instead of stingy.
  45. Modify your inner voice.
  46. Be gracious to self and others.
  47. Surrender the need to control.
  48. Let go of desire for applause.
  49. Be glad instead of mad.
  50. Choose acceptance instead of resistance.
  51. Be generous instead of stingy.
  52. Be candid with self and others. Be honest.
  53. Silence the mind.
  54. Give up thinkingness.
  55. Be forgiving instead of vindictive.
  56. Work on inner traits instead of external ones.
  57. It only takes a bone to make a dog happy.
  58. Sing, Don’t worry, be happy! in mind.
  59. Choose spiritual values and goals.
  60. Choose spiritual friends and groups.
  61. Go from complete to complete.
  62. Identify with Self rather than self.
  63. Accept limitations of humanness, which has the karma of protoplasm.
  64. Happiness is a decision and direction.
  65. Be reflective instead of impulsive.
  66. Be thoughtful rather than critical.
  67. Be content instead of complaining.
  68. Realize life is a learning curve.
  69. Pray.
  70. Contemplate.
  71. Affirm 'God is my Source'.
  72. Sing an inner song.
  73. When feeling down, say to yourself, "Yours is the saddest story I’ve ever heard!"
  74. Insist on being miserable and gloomy.
  75. Make faces at yourself in the mirror.
  76. Be grateful for the gift of life.
  77. Live one day at a time.
  78. Be your own best friend.
  79. Differentiate expansion ⇔ diminution of problems.
  80. Clarify __________ with______role.
  81. Do you play role of martyr?
  82. Do you play role of hero?
  83. Do you play role of victim?
  84. Do you play role of morally superior?
  85. Let go of being the injustice collector (martyr).
  86. Let go of being provocative.
  87. Stop pushing your luck.
  88. Avoid catastrophe.
  89. Don’t buy a home in the flood plain or on the edge of a mud cliff.
  90. Do not win the lottery.
  91. Don’t ski in an avalanche area.
  92. Give up self-importance.
  93. Obey the law – be polite to police.
  94. Stop demonstrating.
  95. Give up saving the world.
  96. Mind your own business.
  97. Give up being important.
  98. Improve yourself instead of others.
  99. Pay your income taxes.
  100. Smile and the world smiles with you.
  101. Dedicate all actions to God.




Use the Prayer Swat Team!

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Good stuff :)

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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