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  1. “If you want to be a grocer, or a general, or a politician, or a judge, you will invariably become it; that is your punishment. If you never know what you want to be, if you live what some might call the dynamic life but what I will call the artistic life, if each day you are unsure of who you are and what you know you will never become anything, and that is your reward.” ― Oscar Wilde osho also says life has no goal, no purpose, life should be a playfullness, not a game. just wanted to get some of your thoughts on this as to me it seems like it's opposing the LP course but i may be wrong L
  2. for microdosing - can I just use normal Fiji / Evian water to dilute the LSD ? and not distilled water/alcohol
  3. @Michal__ the awareness / higher consciousness / one whos aware now of shit happening
  4. so "I" can change my laziness consciously ? i CAN choose to discipline myself or train awareness and go on a diet to lose weight or approach women on the street, i CAN choose to do those things right ? i = awareness = present sensation
  5. daniel ingram in mastering the core teachings of buddha wrote "rather than accepting our current level of intellectual, emotional, and paychological development as being beyond our power to change we consciously and explicitely adopt the empowering view that we can work with these aspects of our lives and change them for the better" and what about laziness as well ? is that not free will to change our laziness or if i consciously lift my hand up is that not a decision i can make ?
  6. Do you really think it's worth installing reverse osmosis system or is Evian water bottles good enough for the body/mental aquity
  7. Can someone please explain to me how the kinesiology Muscle test works that David R Hawkins always uses Levs
  8. because fasting is the body's natural say to remove anything unnecessary from itself
  9. @Chris365 but who said dry fasting doesn't remove heavy metals from your brain/body ?
  10. @Maru google it, you'd ve surprised some of the experiences people had
  11. Can you guys please share your experiences and knowledge with microdosing DMT please & thank you levs
  12. you need to be obsessed / in love with what you're doing bro
  13. @HypnoticMagician me too but that wasn't my question, thanks doe
  14. does dry fasting or even water fastinf INCLUDE metal detox fasting or is metal detox a whole thing by itself that I have to do ?