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  1. so just focusing on scanning the body part isn't vipassana ? vipassana is scanning the body + penetrating it with wisdom ? what is this penetrating with wisdom ? apparently i need to investigate (penetrate) no-self, impermanence and suffering can someone explain this ?
  2. @Being Frank Yang you always give the best analogies love bro
  3. all of you gave amazing responses, thank you so much @Godishere i did try them both
  4. What is worse to do, a small dose (not a micro) of MDMA or psychedelics once per week or to drink five or six alcoholic drinks once a week ? I work in a nightclub so sometimes it's hard to stay sober when everyone around you is drunk so i'm guessing i'm chasing some peychedelic peak or state - which may be wrong of me so you can call me out on that too
  5. what is the difference between them ? FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE.
  6. @EddieEddie1995 i'mm dm you my whatsapp now
  7. @Nahm don't get it, what is the "it" I don't even have the capacity to get this intellectually let alone experientially or realisation
  8. i guess my confusion is here: i think that by increasing consciousness i will automatically increase the "feeling" of happiness/love/bliss but this isn't entirely true is it
  9. not too great if i don't exercise, sometimes lazy, sometimes not. when i'm sober i feel less conscious than when i'm on something and higher consciousness is like.. "non-addictively ADDICTIVE" if you get what i mean ?
  10. @The0Self can you explain from personal direct experience what they feel ike and how long it took you to access them and what you did to access them which meditation specifically or which method/practice and any books / posts / videos explaining how they work or what they actually are ? @The0Self @The0Self@The0Self
  11. how many jhanas can you access ? any books / posts / videos explaining how they work or what they actually are ?
  12. @Leo Gura how can i sustain a psychedelic peak ? 7/8th jhana ? kundalini breathing ? or is it that I have to be comfortable with negative experiences/pain because they are inevitable ? i just wanna feel love all the time.