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  1. @nistake for example ? i think if i can't identify with myself, i'll "die" innit
  2. what are the dangers associated with increasing consciousness, i want to make sure i'm ready to face the challenges of it, particularly kriya yoga
  3. what would be the way to increase consciousness in all of them individually then ? isn't there only one consciousness to increase ? one overall consciousness no ?
  4. interesting, why this ? i play almost all stringed instruments and the keys too and i never knew rhat shit raised consciousness mad, only learning this now, isn't kundalini yoga like dangerous AF ? yeah breathing and cold showers are mad
  5. @The0Self mad, frank yang said metta only works effectively if one is woke already, the self enquiry i have to look into, i have the books just haven't gotten around to reading them yet @Forestluv generally speaking innit
  6. what are the fastest ways to increase consciousness short term (minutes) and long term (days, weeks, months, years), speak from experience only please
  7. @kray maaad will try it tomorrow first thing
  8. we all know that you can make a shitload from YouTube, but what is the next thing that's going to be popping in a few years ? When the videos die down and the books get too boring to the mainstream what will be the next big thing then ?
  9. just wanted to see which kirya yoga you guys recommend, i don't even know how to look for a credible one..
  10. @UDT yeah brooo @Loving Radiance too thick, i just let it go @snowyowl mad
  11. @UNZARI yeah i agree, just needed to hear it from someone @randomwanderer123 bro i hear nasty things from people about salvia, i think even Leeow said something about it being bad in his blog
  12. @Loving Radiance bro...*exactly* what i was looking for i figured it out for myself eventually but i wish i knew this video existed for me 2 years ago so i could of started doing it asap haha i did realise the advise he gave, but i think it's something you have to really experiene for yourself, not enough to know this, it has to be applied in real life yeah bro i'm still learning a lot of stuff and i can learn a looooot from dumb fucks
  13. @Rilles for reaaaal bro, i wish he was less strict/boring in a way you know, he's a fucking cool dude but he could be more "bradley cooper" kind of cool you know ? openminded/sponteneous
  14. and why you own the things you own i found the plants and the silver steel pans mad useful i wanna see what else you got