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  1. @Blackhawk who isn't
  2. buy gymnastic rings? throw then over the tree and do the hundreds and thousands of variations of whatever you want i started just a few days ago
  3. @Applegarden i feel you here, but where is this knowledge from ? any book ?
  4. bro no offence no one is probably interesting in your cloud, you're one in a billion individuals on this planet and not that special probably (no offence), and the cloud is as safe as the wifi you're on right now i have an iphone + macbook and i sync all of my Pages (app) on it and it looks like this, i just click on whatever I need in whichever folder I need it's one app called Pages all of my exercises are on there as well btw, all the pdf's, everything + Books (app) is next to it for whenever i wanna read
  5. @Leo Gura Lmao hahahahahhahaha i love that
  6. @Moon can you expand on that or recommend a book about it ? or maybe Leo has a video on this ?
  7. so many people say 7/8 hours but bulletproof says 6.5h is optimal if above 16 years or age, they also say sleeping 5 hours is healthier than 8 hours and sleeping longer than 8 is damaging i'm 6'3, around 90-100kg / if that makes a difference
  8. @JosephKnecht and letting go off a thought is by basically meditating right ?
  9. we all have thoughts arising sometimes, sometimes i get a memory from direct experience or from just a movie that i watched or a completely new thought when my mind wanders somewhere and i have to bring it back. my question is what is the healthy thing to do with it, say it's a bad thought, is the right thing to reimagine it into a good thought or to let the thought go overall ? if so how
  10. have you burned it ? what are your thoughts ? i saw one of my friends who's heavy heavy into spirituality burn this thing and i might yry it but wanted to hear your opinions / experiences on it
  11. i think i remember leo saying perfectionism is a neurotic but changable value@somegirl
  12. just finished watching it, downloaded the book, i wanna hear people's thoughts and more experiences with this, seems legit. i have thoracic pain and i remember i used to go to green park after the gym in London and just lay down beneath the trees and something genuinely happens, it's fucking magical, i lied down and it's like all the unnecessary pain is drained out of me, even the thoughts slow down... furthermore, i've been researching how sleeping on the floor is crazy more beneficial for people than on a mattress, it's what the japanese have been doing for a while and some other eastern cultures, traditionally.
  13. arnold schwarzenegger cristobal balenciaga seregey rachmaninoff srinivasa ramanujan matthew mcconaughey let's get real here your name is perfectly unique and if you don't embrace at least that you won't make a brand for yourself my name is levani, even the name of my companies (plural) has my name in both, massive leverage
  14. gonna give Cytoplan a go then, thanks bro!
  15. @RedLine frank yang has done it ...