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  1. Would like something like this channel , is really inspiration for me. https://www.youtube.com/@TheBioneer
  2. @joshuahuebner Ok, thank you. I think it depends on personality, I have this "helping mindes"Today in gym I noticed this man and help him with advice on triceps exercise, he was really thank full. I had good feeling after that.
  3. @Realms of Wonder Thank you, I will read it.
  4. @Michal__ Ok, thank you, you are right. I already know, how I try to stand out. I try to beat record in plank in my contry wich is about 2h: 32 minutes To prove that I have great endurance, strong core and patience. I WANNA BE THE PLANK MASTER!!!!
  5. Hi, thank you for your respond. I actually was talking with this "online fintess couch" today, just how it really works and yes it's just hight ticket sale. He wants 3.000 € (abouth 3.179$) in three months, I don't know abouth prices in America, but for Europe is realy expensive and there is no way you can give that much value to people through online couching specialy in fitness for that much money. Yes, I have a lot of knowledge and fitness experience, definitly could help beginner or pre-intermediate. So you have some YT channel, paying adds or how do you actually promote your bussiness? hope you don't now send me link to " The SECRET of how to promote bussiness in JUST 2 HOURS! FAST and EASY!"....just for 3.000K$
  6. Hi, are here any fitness trainers or someone who is on journey to become one? My requalification fitness trainer course start at july, so any advice and tips for new fitness trainers? How to look for new clients? Do you make living just from this or have another job? Do you feel " satisfed inside" after you help someone ...for example to losse weight? How I make a Bussiness with fitness industry? I find this video from " RSD MAX" now is "Max Tornow" I don't now if is bs or it can really help me
  7. Do someone here offer coaching through Skype? Hard case, I share info in PM. Price is negotiable. hope is ok to put this in here. thank you
  8. So after 8 hours of work (if he gets 9-17 job), he will be working another 4 hours, that's 12 hours! that won't be sustainable in a long run.
  9. Ok, then why not make it a life purpose? Start a youtube channel about video games and make a profit from it.
  10. This book is more focused on depression, but there is a chapter just about loneliness. I would highly recommend this book! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34921573-lost-connections “Loneliness isn’t the physical absence of other people, he said—it’s the sense that you’re not sharing anything that matters with anyone else. If you have lots of people around you—perhaps even a husband or wife, or a family, or a busy workplace—but you don’t share anything that matters with them, then you’ll still be lonely.” ― Johann Hari, Lost Connections
  11. Cut the sweet drinks!!! Cola and lemonade and others and drink just a lot of pure water instead.
  12. Try to do PUA cold approach pick up for at least 3-6 months. When the Covid situation will allow it.