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  1. Conversely, as a westerner, I cannot fathom not being being able to hold whatever opinion I like. Free speech and individualism are extremely high values for Western people. It's embedded in our culture. People in the west are free to say and think pretty much anything we want (as long as it doesn't break laws etc) and people get real triggered when their 'free speech' is even slightly controlled or restricted. Even if you're a high ranking politician or business man or public figure, you don't need some body guard protecting you, at least that's the case here in the UK. The country is much more developed than that. We have a high level of trust and respect for other members of society. You don't just go round killing people because they have a different opinion. Of course it does happen occasionally, but i'm speaking generally here. Overall, we live in a very individualistic society and in general daily life is very individualistic and self-centered. Not necessarily in a bad way, its just the level of development that Western society is at at the moment. You go about your daily routine largely for yourself, not your country or your government or your religion. You are free to travel, speak, shop, eat, believe and create in pretty much any way you want. I hope your situation improves and you are given some freedom back.
  2. Interesting, thanks for the clarification. I only comment on it because its such a spontaneous and natural phenomena for me during the trip so its strange not seeing it happen for other people. You mention the negatives of the group session with Octavio, any positives?
  3. I think the issue here is smoking the natural substance, rather than plugging synthetic like I have done and Leo as well of course. Plugging synthetic seems so much more manageable, safe, and produces a more stable and clear experience. When people smoke the venom they end up just rolling around, basically going completely unconscious and doing all sorts of dangerous shit. I can plug the synthetic substance and remain totally in control with extreme levels of clarity. Also I have never seen anyone smoke the venom and then start doing bilateral symmetry yoga. Why is this the case? Differences in substance between natural and synthetic?
  4. @RedLine As another user said, follow the smaller books as they condense everything down to its most essential. There's so much unnecessary stuff in the bigger book. Stick to the core techniques - spinal breathing/pranayama, mahamudra, breath of fire etc.
  5. @Jordan94 I find these to be the most useful. Very effective and they don't stick out of your ear and fall out easily.
  6. Insight Timer can do this, you can set interval timers. You shouldn't do this though, because sitting through the boredom, anxiety or any kind of thoughts about time or how long you have left, is part of meditation that needs to be overcome. Just set your timer and don't stop until it goes off.
  7. Try changing your perspective on your thoughts. Instead of resisting and not wanting the thoughts and feelings you have about this guy, try accepting them as fully and non judgmentally as possible. Almost observe them as a scientist would. Interested, objective, but not wanting to change anything. Each time you have a thought or feeling about this guy, try to take a step back and just observe it. Just fully and totally allow what arises to arise. Think 'Hmm there that thought again, how interesting *smiles*'. When a thought arises, smile and say thank you, like you're watching clouds in the sky, or a bird flying past. You notice it, you observe it happening, let it be exactly as it is without wanting to change anything, allow it to stay as long it wants. You must learn to accept these thoughts. This doesn't mean you endulge in the fantasies or actively encourage these thoughts/feelings. It means you accept them because they simply happening. Repeat this, over and over again, and your attachment to these thoughts and feelings will begin to fade.
  8. Damn! I've seen this Conor guy on youtube before. Didn't take much value from his videos but this is a tough watch for sure. Seems like his whole world is crumbling before him. He's going through an intense purging process. He'll come out of it a better man.
  9. This is what it was like with me. 6-10mg = no effects. 15-25mg = ego death 30mg = God/Infinity
  10. So are you gonna share the details? At least put it on your blog or something. On a different note, do you have any plans to provide any exclusive content for your Patreons (I am one of them)?
  11. I wouldn't say 5-MeO builds up energy - although it is very energetically intense (hard to explain). It's much more about releasing stored and repressed energy, untying knots etc. The vibrations that I experience with 5-MeO feel like i'm shedding off layers of energy. There isn't any orgasmic bodily sensations like in the video you linked (at least I haven't experienced them), but there is Bliss. I have had permanent, lasting changes to my entire sense of being from 5-MeO, but there is still much more to work on. On another note, that video is kinda' hot!
  12. @Leo Gura In all of your 5-MeO discussions (in videos and on the forum etc.) I don't hear you talking much about bilateral symmetry or the intense full body vibrations - both of which I have found to be a recurring experience in my 5-MeO sessions. I see the vibrations as an extremely important and valuable component of my trips. It feels as though as I am releasing and restructuring the energy in my body at a profoundly deep level. It feels as though I am genuinely healing and transforming my entire being. The bilateral symmetry yoga is also something that I am beginning to appreciate much more and, again, I see it as an almost key component in the goal of creating lasting permanent changes to my baseline level of consciousness and sense of self. I'm curious what you thoughts are on this, and also if you have experienced the vibrations and/or bilateral symmetry? The vibrations look exactly like this for me, in case anyone was curious (stats at 3:26):
  13. You're assuming it is the body that is being aware. How can this be if you are aware of the physical body? Ask yourself what is aware? Also why do you assume the 'real you' is not where you are right now. Who told you this was true? Where else would you be other than right here right now? I'd advise you to practise the Do Nothing technique in addition to contemplation. Do Nothing means don't intentionally do anything. What happens when you completely and utterly let go of all doing? What is left when there is no doing happening?
  14. Yes these are the correct ones. They need to be thin enough to actually insert like half way in.
  15. Has anyone seen this new series called 'Devs'? I just finished watching the final episode and its by far one the best series i've seen in a long time. The basic premise: After a series of traumatic events, the main the character Lily becomes suspicious of Devs - a secret division of a tech company (set in current time) which has built a quantum computer that can supposedly simulate reality and go back and forwards in time. I wanted to mention it here because it deals with big themes and ideas like the nature of reality and existence, infinity, determinism and free will. In the last two episodes I was almost having strange flashbacks to my recent LSD trip. Its really trippy stuff and very entertaining! There are a few questionable editing and script choices, but the cinematography is absolutely outstanding and the music is awesome! The series raises really interesting questions like if you could see the future could you change it? and, if we simulated a complete reality would it actually be any different to the 'base' reality? I'm not saying any of the ideas in the series are true or even accurate but it gets you thinking and contemplating about stuff which most series don't even get close to.
  16. @At_Giza See how it plays out over the next days and weeks - it may only be a temporary experience. Do what feels most authentic to you - it is your experience after all. Follow your intuition. If you feel you want to meditate and contemplate more then do that. Be equanimous. Don't resist and don't crave the experience.
  17. @Sleyker It's very old and the questions are far behind what Leo teaches/talks about now. Still entertaining to watch though.
  18. Yes it can be a very frustrating process. I applied to nearly 100 jobs last year and finally managed to find one in October. I worked with a career coach and the main thing she said is to tailor your CV extremely specifically to each job. You can't be sending out the same CV to every company. You need to write a brief personal statement at the top which is very tailored to the job and its requirements. Adjust work experience, skills and other stuff in the CV to match the job requirements as well. Another big tip my coach gave me was to apply to jobs through recruitment agencies rather than apply on website like Indeed or LinkedIn where you can be competing against >1000 other people for one job. Tailor your CV for a particular job and then contact (literally phone up) recruitment agencies that are specific to that industry telling them what you're looking for. Remember its a recruitment agents job to find candidates for every job position.
  19. Be carefull with your projections and assumptions. There are plenty of highly valuable contributors to this forum, and a lot of great posts and discussions. Just because there are a handful of toxic users doesn't mean that everyone is. This forum has helped me enormously and I would not be where I am today without it - i've just learnt to ignore and filter out all of the unnecessary low quality discussions. Also don't forget that everyone has to start off somewhere. People are at different stages of learning and growing here so try to be more tolerant of people's lack of understanding - unless it becomes toxic/against forum guidelines etc. Also, I can guarantee that most people who use the forum do not even comment very regularly, if ever. I'm sure there are lots of people working hard and taking action but just sit silently on the side lines. So to assume that people here are not serious about real growth is just straight up false.
  20. @Matteo I think the biggest issue when asking Gurus or other spiritual teachers about psychedelics is that in 99% of the cases they have either never done them or they have a few mild trips under their belt, usually with mushrooms or LSD. So their knowledge and understanding of psychedelics is massively incomplete. Nowadays, unless someone has had a breakthrough dose of 5-MeO-DMT I have stopped listening to their advice. If no traditional practises are working for you, high dose 5-MeO will. 10mg is not enough, but its good that you started off slow and careful. 10mg doesn't really do much. 20mg and up is were the magic happens.
  21. Work in digital advertising
  22. Whilst this virus is seriously affecting a lot of peoples lives in a bad way, i'm kinda loving life at the moment. Getting to work from home is a joy - no commute, much more relaxed work day, I can focus much more easily when needed, no unnecessary work-socialising stuff, and of course i'm still getting my full salary. I feel so fortunate and grateful for my situation. I hope that going forward companies will be much more lenient and flexible about letting people work from home. It's given me a taste of what it would be like to be a freelancer and now thats definitely something i'm gonna work towards. I have so much more energy and motivation to put into other things, like my artwork, meditation and exercise because it hasn't all been spent with going to work in an office all day which can be extremely mentally and physically tiring. You can't properly relax, where as at home its so much more chilled. I can take a 15 break if I want to. I can draw in my sketchbook for 10 minutes if I have an interesting idea. I can also do micro meditations, for like 10/15 minutes throughout the day - something you obviously can't do in an office. I can do all that and still deliver the work that I need to do. In fact my productivity with work has increased significantly. London is also so quiet and peaceful. Obviously i'm not going out much but its lovely when I do. The parks are beautiful at this time of year as well - made even better with the lack of people about. Imagine if it was like this all the time but just without this terrible virus. God bless those who are being affected by it. Anyone else loving the self-isolation life?
  23. I don't think Elliot understands what it means for men to be in touch with the feminine. It doesn't simply mean becoming more feminine haha! For me it means something along the lines of what Chris Bache talks about in his recent book. Through his sessions he lived and experienced the lives of thousands of women of all ages in many different times. He developed a profound level of compassion, understanding and love for the feminine. You could say he fully integrated the feminine. This doesn't make you less masculine, it makes you an ever greater and more consciousness man.
  24. @LfcCharlie4 I actually started doing this a week or two ago. I haven't been doing it every day, but i'm just doing it every now and then for now, usually first thing in the morning. I love the stillness you get after the final exhale and you sit for 2 minutes without any air in the lungs. Such a nice feeling. Is there any clarification on whether you should breath into the stomach or into the lungs? I've yet to find an answer.