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  1. I've been doing the main practises (mahamudra, pranayama, and breath of fire) for like 7 months now and the results have been hit and miss. I've had periods where it's felt like its really working and i've had a calm mind for days a time. Other times, I don't seem to be noticing much. Maybe because i've just gotten use to it now. But I just can't seem to get the damn spinal breathing thing correct, or atleast consistent. And there's a clear correlation between a 'good' set of pranayamas and the level of calm mind that you have during the concentration at the end. So it's really the most important aspect I find. I like the phrase that Leo used 'like it's an actual fluid in your body'. Maybe i'll keep that mind going forward.
  2. @Oktillo Yea all it takes is seeing failure in a positive light. Failure = growth and improvement.
  3. @Vladimir Nice video! I will definitely give this a go over the next week and report back if I notice any benefits.
  4. @Oktillo Eric Maisel's books are good. But ultimately any good creativity book will just tell you start taking action and to be excited about failure and making mistakes. You're afraid of failure, but failure is amazing! It teaches you so much. You need to fail thousands of times before you become good. So you just need to shift your perspective, and then the fear you're facing will at the very least be reduced, if not disappear. I made this shift recently and its amazing. I've been more creative and produced more artwork than ever before in my life - literally. So step 1) expect and actually look for failure and mistakes, step 2) take any action, whether that be creating art or creating music. 3) repeat. Get your passions out of the realm of possibility and into actuality. Reading the books comes after you've taken loads of action.
  5. @Eric Tarpall He intentionally deleted all his Youtube videos sometime last summer after the people following him told him to do so. He also had plans to buy or lease a property and start giving transmissions to hundreds or thousands of people in other countries. Atleast that was the idea. Crazy guy.
  6. @Aaron p If you're from the UK you can send off any substance to WEDINOS which will tell you exactly what your substance is and what it contains. They're usually pretty quick about it as well, and it's all anonymous. You generate a code from the site and then put that on the form that you post with your substance. Then they publish the results on the website with your code. ehrlich kit for 5-meo:
  7. It doesn't take much to move your arm 30cm. I haven't read anywhere that being absolutely still is necessary.
  8. Set a timer when you finish the inhale. You can mix both because the stack of techniques you do is up to you. Kriya Secrets Revealed has a more effective Pranayama imo. You need to include the spinal breathing not just chanting in the chakra. The other books you mention are good as well. Most of the techniques in all the books are basically the same, except for pranayama as I said. What position? Any upright seated position is fine I would imagine. The locks are quite easy. 1) look downwards and touch your chin onto the base of your neck, 2) suck up your diaphragm, 3) clench your ass hole (muscles between your legs). You hold all the locks for the duration of the supreme fire. Each time you sit down, try to hold your breath a little longer than last time so that you eventually reach 2 mins.
  9. For some reason I ended up listening to the whole thing the other night. I know Leo reccommended to read Shermer's book to see different opinions etc. I didn't read the book so I though i'd listen to this. I can't say I really learnt much. What striked me was just how boring Shermer is. Not in a personal sense, but just that he lacks any sort of open-mindedness, let alone any genuine wonder or curiosity about reality. He's so stuck in his materialism, and he's not open to any alternatives at all. I think it comes down to not-knowing as well. He can't accept not-knowing.
  10. @Andreas Ages ago, maybe sometime in 2016 or early 2017, when TJ was on the forum (atleast someone with the same name) Leo wrote some comment basically destroying or heavily criticising something TJ had written (i forgot what it was). I never saw the TJ guy again on the forum lol.
  11. @Bluebird Well of course you have metta practise, which is specifically designed to make you more loving and open. Each teacher has their own particular metta technique so there can be quite a bit of variation. You could give this one a go: (also a great blog in general).
  12. @andyjohnsonman I'm just reading Sapiens by the same guy and it's really great. It's hard to guess where he is on SD just from reading this book, but I would guess at Yellow. I can see how his meditation and spiritual understanding has influenced his perspective on history.
  13. @Himanshu Being interested in lots of things is quite common, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Try writing out everything you'd like to do, or all of your interests, and then think about what is most important to you and what you should be prioritising. Writing things down will help you to look at the bigger picture and identify what you should be doing. It sounds like you have a lot of great creative ideas, so really the only steps are to prioritise what is most important and worth spending your time doing, and then actually do it and produce work/create personal projects. Through the process of action you'll eventually find your way. So don't worry too much about planning out every single moment of the next 1.5 years. Just take action. With regards to generating income, I don't think anyone is going to be able to provide you with a specific answer for that. It's quite a difficult question to answer.
  14. @RigelBeing aware of being aware is definitely very similar to self-inquiry and essentially the same thing. Of course there are obvious differences between self inquiry and other meditation techniques like body scanning or noting. But with being aware of being aware, if you're intending to meditate, you probably don't want to be mentally asking yourself any questions like you might during self-inquiry. Also during self-inquiry you can have your eyes open of course. So there are some differences.
  15. @Dorotheus Sounds like its really working for ya! Got any tips for improving the spinal breathing visualisation? For some reason I just can't get this part right no matter how much I practise.
  16. Do whatever feels right for you. But I would say that longer sittings, atleast 45 minutes, are more beneficial. Then again, a sloppy 45 minutes is worse than 30 minutes of good focused meditation. I wasn't saying to do 2 hours in one sitting. If you find 30 minutes easy to do, try doing more. Just remember to be mindful through the suffering (boredom and physical pain) that usually comes with longer sits.
  17. @Lisa2525 I think there's quite a few people from the Uk on here. I'm from the East Midlands which isn't too far from Manchester. I'm sure it'll be a lot different to Sacramento (particularly weather wise) but Manchester is a great city, i've heard a lot of good things about it so i'm sure you'll enjoy it. I have no idea about vaporisers. They're fairly popular in the UK so i'm sure you can get some good quality stuff here. A simple Google search should give provide you with an answer though. Regarding vaping indoors, i'm not entirely sure about the current laws. I think it varies depending on where you are. But i would imagine in most cases you cannot vape indoors in a public area, like a restaurant, shopping stores or inside public transport. Outdoor public areas are fine obviously.
  18. @Ampresus You could definitely increase your meditation time per day. If you've got nothing else to do try and do 2 hours a day? It might seems like a lot at first, but you'll quickly get used to it. Aside from that, just enjoy the free time! Don't always be looking to fill it up. Also, if your only 14 don't get too hung up on finding your life purpose. Do keep it in mind though, and be thinking about it. That alone will be extremely beneficial. I wish someone had told me that when I was 14. Just keep studying the material that Leo teaches, continue reading as you do, and in a few years you'll be light years ahead of your peers.
  19. I feel strongly drawn to contemplate the question Who Am I? and have been doing so for a while now. However there is some confusion as to what the question is really asking. I have doubts that i'm contemplating 'correctly' and worry that i'm just wasting hours of time heading in the wrong direction. So what does the question Who Am I? actually mean, and what is the correct approach when contemplating this question? Part of the confusion surrounding the question comes from the fact that the question is interpreted quite differently (or atleast appears to be) from teacher to teacher. For example, some may say that Who Am I? is basically the same as What Am I?. But other teachers, like Ralston, will make a clear distinction between the two. Ralston says that Who Am I? is the same as asking Who is perceiving? or 'clearly identifying the one that needs to get enlightened'. It seems like this is quite different from how other people interpret the question. He also says that it's not technically an enlightenment, whilst Shinzen Young says that his enlightenment came from contemplating on Who Am I?. So is there a difference in the approach with these two teachers? If you look at Ramaji's approach to Who Am I? it seems completely different again, and focuses on the Heart and all that. Then of course you have Ramana Mahashi who also seems to take a different approach. So what is the question really asking and how should I go forward with this?
  20. @Aaron p Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated
  21. Maybe you need to reconsider your beliefs about enlightenment.
  22. @Tony 845 No, enlightenment does not necessarily mean an end to depression. I would imagine it greatly depends on the depth of the awakening, but I know Jan Essman suffered from quite severe depression for many years even though he was deeply enlightened.
  23. I do agree with you that he does have some value to offer, but he's so bitter and depressing about everything (particularly in that video!).