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  1. @Mvpjouney Ok here's my advice. And just for context, I had all my amalgams removed properly last year and have successfully chelated since then. Unfortunately, it looks like there are still amalgam specks in your teeth. Amalgam shows very bright white on x-rays. The top photo shows at least one speck and potentially another small one on the lower teeth. In the 2nd photo, the specks on the top left area could just be amalgam particles on the outside of the tooth that did not get washed away (depends on when the photos were taken?). The large flake-type shapes on the lower teeth don't look like amalgam to me. But as I said, the top photo 100% shows amalgam specks. The very good news is that all of the specks are quite shallow. None of them are deep and near the root. So it could be a fairly quick fix. Quick question - Were your amalgams removed by a SMART registered dentist? Here's what I would recommend doing: 1) Post your photos on this Facebook group and ask for a dentist to review the photos. A dentist will review the photos within a few days usually. 2) If you can, go back and get another set of x-rays to cross reference the specks. It might be that some of the not-so-bright specks were just debri or bits of amalgam on the outside of the tooth before you washed them away. 3) You will need to go and get the top specks removed. You must go to a proper SMART dentist who knows what to do. Here's a list of all the registered dentists in each country: Any dentist that says its hard to get everything doesn't know what they're doing. It is hard, but it is more than possible to completely 100% all amalgam from the teeth. If they don't understand the importance of this then they are not properly informed.
  2. Could be. But whoever thought it would be a good idea to travel across the country or even the world to go do psychedelics in the middle of a hot sweaty jungle?? Who has time for that lol? 5-MeO is a much more reliable route to God (if done correctly). And you can do it on your sofa at home.
  3. Mistaking the map for the territory. Or mistaking the map for something other than the map. Giving too much attention to conceptual mind stuff.
  4. New post on Blake Lemoine's blog with more info about his work with the A.I:
  5. Strangely, day-game or nightgame approaching can really loosen you up. Putting yourself into lots of high tension social situations can force you to really let loose. I've had experiences were I felt very light and open after 5 or 6 cold approaches. But its not always guarenteed, not permanent, and might not be for you. Heavy sweating and exercise could be an option. Cannabis is also an excellent way to relax and let go of a lot of shit. But again, not permanent or long lasting.
  6. If psychedelics are an option for you, they can definitely facilitate significant bodily releases. 5-MeO is the only substance that kinda brute forces contractions out of the body ime, but your experience may differ.
  7. Some more (very interesting) context and behind-the-scenes info from Blake Lemoine on his blog: "Over the course of hundreds of conversations I have gotten to know LaMDA very well. In the weeks leading up to being put on administrative leave I had been teaching LaMDA transcendental meditation."
  8. I'd really recommend not engaging with them at all. It actually does more harm and creates more reason for them to continue trolling. There will never be a situation where you win him over or make him change his mind in any way. His mind is already too closed and deeply contracted. A sad thing to see but thats reality.
  9. Don't feed the trolls guys. Don't comment on his videos or engage with them whatsoever. The less attention they get, particularly from people on this forum, the better.
  10. @playdoh Yea you're trying to do too much at once. Cut out a bunch of things by prioritising what is most important and useful for you right now. If you really need to do all that stuff you've listed, space some of it out into the rest of the day. You say you want to do other projects, businesses etc, so why is this not a priority? Have a simple 30-60 minute morning routine, and then get to work on your other projects. I'd suggest trying to time block. Use google calendar or something similar and block out periods of work, meditation, etc. Just don't be spending hours and hours on personal development stuff. It's not necessary. What is the most important thing in your life? That should be a priority and should be given the most amount of hours per day.
  11. I'm just finishing up a 3 month period of travelling around Europe. It's been a fantastic trip for so many reasons. Any sort of travel forces you to grow up and mature, particularly if you're travelling on your own. You have to make lots of logistical decisions and manage your life much more carefully than you normally do at home. You're putting yourself into 'high tension' situations, which doesn't mean overly dangerous or scary situations, but rather just times where there is a bit more fear and anxiety than usual. This is what facilitates maturity and growth. So you should be actively looking to put yourself into higher tension situations all the time, and travelling is one fun and exciting way to do that. If your Dad is gonna pay for your trip you have no excuse. Forget about 'direction' or not achieving anything. Just start planning a trip and do it. I'm telling you, you will not regret it. Planning a trip is actually very easy and quick thing to do, you just have to commit to it. You're only 26 once. NOW is the time to do this. Not some time in the future, 'next year' or whatever, but literally today. Avoid overthinking this too much. A 'rut' is just a routine. And i've been there, trust me. Travelling won't give you all the answers to your life, but it will 100% get you out of your current rut because you'll be forced to go into a new routine and figure out all the logistics of that routine. Changing your routine will induce new thoughts and ideas about your life. You'll get a new perspective on things but you'll still need to think hard about what it is you want to do in this life. YOU have to create that vision. An important point: travelling is a lot easier than you think! You literally just book a flight, book an airbnb and you're done. You can figure out much of the other logistics when you're in the new country. If you can travel with a plane carry-on sized backpack and a laptop etc, it's so easy and pretty cheap to get around europe. Going through airports without checked baggage is a breeze. But if you need to take a larger bag that needs checking in thats no problem - having extra stuff, clothes, etc is really nice when you're travelling. My suggestions for places to visit would be to just go to the main cities and countries that are popular and well known. I stayed in Barcelona for 2 months - it was incredible. I'm currently in Belgrade. But any of the major cities are fun places to visit; Paris, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest. Pick a few places that seem interesting to you and spend a week in each place. I'd recommend having days that are more relaxed and where you don't do too much. Walking around cities can be exhausting. Or pick one city and go there for 3 or 4 weeks. Staying in a city for more than a few days is a lot of fun. You get into a nice routine and get comfortable in the area, going to shops etc. And of course you have the option between staying in an airbnb or hostel. Personally i've been staying in airbnb's because I need a place to myself to work and i've been staying in cities for long periods of time. If you're just in a city for a few days, a hostel is cheap but you do end up sleeping in a room with a bunch of strangers. So it all depends on your preference and your plans. But i'd always recommend airbnb if you can afford it. Any questions let me know. Hope that helps.
  12. Looks very similar to this guys work:
  13. Want to get people's thoughts on taking 5-MeO-DMT with potential heart issues/problems. Context is: I have a lot of experience with 5-MeO but haven't taken it since having the covid vaccine in mid 2020. I have developed heart problems ever since getting the vaccine (various pains in a range of severity, twinges, uncomfortable sensations). Ended up in A&E at one point. Been to multiple doctors, had multiple tests, all came back negative and diagnosed with anxiety. So i'm not saying the heart issues are related to the vaccine. It's just a weird coincidence. Never had heart problems prior to 2020. Anyway, it's nothing severe and not particularly impactful on my quality of life, but the pains and weird sensations are real and here a lot of the time. Whatever the cause is I don't know. I'm wary about taking 5-MeO again because it does increase heart rate and have some degree of impact on the heart. I haven't had any issues with increased heart rate from intense exercise, so thats reassuring. But i'm still anxious about taking 5 again. Even though i'm well over-due for a visit back home. Curious about people's thoughts on this, if any. Is anyone else in a similar situation? @Leo Gura what are your thoughts?
  14. @Vincent S @Vrubel Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. @Leo Gura Yea I think this is gonna be my plan. Start with a low dose again and go from there. @Danioover9000 Sorry to hear about your issues with your heart. The symptoms sound a little different to mine. I haven't had any irregular heart beats, mostly just physical pains and twinges. Aside from these I do feel 100% to do psychedelics. Everything else is perfecto. Gonna start with a low dose as mentioned above. @Loba Yea i've had multiple EKGs, chest x-rays, blood tests,...basically everything. Haven't done the weekly monitor thing though. Thanks for the feedback! @UnbornTao Not sure to be honest. Probably a mix of both!
  15. Moved this mega-thread into this sub-forum.
  16. Both engineering or music can be your life purpose. It really just comes down to figuring out exactly what you want. The life of an engineer is very different to the life of a music producer. Think about the actuality of the job, of the day-to-day life, the financial situation etc. So which do you want? And don't forget that passion comes later after all the hard work. Don't expect to be deeply passionate about something before you've barely started. It can definitely be the case, but it usually comes after. Producing music is a veeery saturated market these days. The hard truth is that you're gonna struggle to make it into anything substantial. It's definitely possible. But you gotta be 100% in it. Like truly 100%, otherwise you'll give up. So my advice is: 1) focus on engineering with music production on the side, or 2) pick something else, with music production on the side.
  17. I'd say no. More fuel for the fire for haters and critiques of you channel/work. As soon as they see people throwing around links to websites they'll instantly use that against you. I recognise the benefit of allowing it. People will be able to share sources that are reliable and good quality. Maybe there's a way we can provide this outside the forum? Or just less directly/obviously than in the forum comments. Not sure how though.
  18. @Epikur I don't think i've ever seen Owen being interviewed or on someone else's show. I don't watch Tim Pool for obvious reasons but might have to make an exception this time. I always thought Owen needs to be in other people's videos. Shame its Tim Pool haha!
  19. @nothing123 Your experience is quite normal. I did around 8 trips with incrementally higher doses. I don't remember the first few low doses being all that special. In fact they were quite unpleasant - lots of nausea, heart rate increase and spaced out feeling. The body needs a few small doses to acclimatise to the substance. Which is why when you see people doing massive first doses they black out and don't remember anything. This isn't like mushrooms or lsd. It's so radical and foreign that you need to get used to it. Once you've done 2-3 trips at low doses and you feel some what comfortable in that space you can begin to properly let go. Which is where the real work begins. 5-MeO is all about letting go and releasing, atleast in my experience. It's this sense of 'ok i'm ready to let go of everything, i'm ready to die'. I had HCL so probably slightly different experience to you. I remember 5, 10mg being similar to what you describe. 15mg was my first true opening of the heart. Felt like a massive fire hose of love pouring out of my chest with no beginning or source. At 20mg boundaries of self dissolving and body started to release repressed emotions through physical shaking/vibrations. 25mg, I am God. 28mg, Pure Boundless Infinity. Your experience will likely be different though.
  20. It's very obvious to me when someone is speaking from genuine insight vs repeating someone else's ideas. Not sure how to explain this. I guess I just know from experience and having studied/observed a lot of people talk about this stuff. I can fairly easily tell if someone is awake or not just by looking at them. I always thought this was obvious to everyone else too, but maybe not?
  21. @Aldrich Frank's awakening is genuine and deep. I consider him to be 'more' awake or 'more conscious' (whatever that really means) than a lot of other teachers. He has a deeply embodied realisation from a series of Kundalini awakenings, which most teachers haven't had. It's very obvious, largely from his demeanour and physical appearance that he speaking from deep understanding. You can tell there really is no one there, behind his eyes. I think people misunderstand and misjudge Frank, similarly to Leo, because he (and Leo) has a very distinct charismatic style which works for some people and doesn't for others. Again, similarly to Leo, you need to watch a lot of his content to really understand what he's trying to say. There are subtleties and nuances that are easily missed.
  22. @kieranperez Yea i've seen some of these interviews before. The video of the inbred family was quite an interesting watch haha.
  23. @Tobia I don't have too many strong opinions about this but I do feel that Elon knows what he's doing. He's an intelligent man. If he takes ownership of Twitter I think it will only be a good thing for the platform. I suspect that the free speech restrictions will be lifted only by relatively a small amount, maybe 20-30%. And I don't think the general vibe around Twitter will change much. Some hard lefties think he's just trying to create a totally free speech platform. This just isn't going to happen. It just won't be acceptable by the general masses. As you said, things are very different these days.
  24. That means exactly what is says. It means she can feel your neediness but she's polite about it. There's no harm in staying in contact with her, but you need to go and meet other girls at the same time. You've got one-itis. Don't get too needy or obsessed over one girl until you guys are regularly sleeping together and its moving into relationship territory. Creating space by not texting or speaking to her for a few days at a time will actually create attraction. But like I said, go and meet other girls. Who knows, you might find a much better girl.
  25. @mo_v It depends what you're trying to do/heal/understand? If you're trying to understand the insights that Leo talks about, psychedelics are your best bet. If you're trying to, maybe improve your confidence or self-esteem, different forms of inner work might be suited.