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  1. I struggle with the way this video is made. Although I absolutely see the value in the message.
  2. The no compliments/approval approach is effective although it’s kinda mean long term.
  3. Although a more metamodern(yellow) perspective is way more useful and introspective.
  4. Responsive approach to employees and your business. In regards to the environment and treating them as actual people.
  5. If it helps those relationships are difficult to make last since people often move away after uni. But yeah it’s definitely useful.
  6. How good on a scale from 1-10 would you describe yourself with girls. When it comes to attracting them?
  7. I should elaborate and say that I mean in ones ability to make friends and find sex/romantic partners.
  8. Haven’t even thought of that perspective.
  9. Is the distinction between extroverted and introverted people as meaningful as people (especially here) make it out to be? I get the feeling it’s often an excuse and a identity people have which often leads to a victim mentality. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  10. Start doing new things. Meet new people(not just for sex and relationships). Moving can help. Getting a new job can help. Change you life as much as possible compared to when you were together does wonders.
  11. @Tudo Do you prefer some stage “orange Brazilian shit”? Strong (and false) identities don’t serve you. Just be you and don’t be hesitant to the things you want to do just because it happens to be considered girly. Getting offend is typical tier one behavior in general. Stage green would ask you to be more girly even if that’s not authentic to your personality.
  12. I’d be careful setting up expectations or intentions beyond things like having fun, meeting new people and perhaps getting experience.
  13. When you no longer have a strong male identity. If being called girly bothers you, you haven’t gotten there yet.
  14. You give her the opportunity once if she has poor taste, what’s the point in offering it again? There billions to choose from.
  15. Well I dislike texting so with me it would be nothing personal.