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  1. I second this one! Also, this film: Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders. Not directly about enlightenment like The Fountain, but at least as profound:)
  2. @Leo Gura Thank you for that! The idea of moving to China has been growing on me very strongly for over half a year now since I started to learn the language. I'm dyslectic so I didn't expect to make much progress, but it's amazing how fast I got the hang of it! It's the most logical language I know of, ideal for people with dyslexia (spelling and grammar are practically absent in Mandarin/Chinese). Watching these videos made me all exited!
  3. Let's not downplay China. They have the most successful capitalist system the world has ever known, it is planned out brilliantly. 50 years ago this was one of the poorest countries on earth.
  4. Feeling better in the meantime? When my third eye opened for the first time it was also weird and worrying afterwards. It felt cold, stingy, and I had a sensation as if something small pushed against my forehead from the inside. This will go over in a day or few. You're doing great, congrats!
  5. Read it, do the steps, and see if it works:)
  6. Earth has gone through much worse by human standards. Earth doesn't need humans, we are like tiny insignificant bacteria on her skin. We have to worry about not killing ourselves, humans have to start thinking about what's best for humans;) If we kill ourselves the Earth will welcome a new era of dinosaurs just as openly as she has invited us.
  7. Thanks for the nice and friendly response! I’m going to be all over the place with my reply here, I apologise in advance, you've been warned. I’m getting tired. Split the conspiracy from the theory, they are two different things. The theory is the conceptual understanding and insight into the nuts and bolts of the system. The conspiracy part is a moral assessment projected on the figures whom happen to sit on top of the hierarchy of the very system we try to understand. It's important for a more truthful understanding to recognise that, in this case the “evil bankers," are a symptom of the system. All people, no matter what their specific role is in this hierarchy, are subservient to the hierarchy itself. I'll try to give my two cents below. Your videos seem to suggest that the economy resides somehow in a higher tier of power than politics. I wouldn’t say this is the case. It might look like that now, definitely in the USA, because a lot of politicians are bought out. This is a symptom of stage Orange, and should dissolve as stage Green politicians slowly take over, because the number of people are growing who’d vote for stage Green politicians.The Iceland financial crisis is a good example of politicians showing who’s boss, they’re doing pretty fine now btw. Your videos also seem to hammer down a lot on the fact that money is now “empty” and used to be “something”. Deriving the “value” of money from a physical substance like gold over digits on a computer is equally meaningless when you think about it. The difference is that the system becomes more vulnerable, harmful and destabilising when manipulated, but this attribute could also be harnessed as an advantage eventually, not? Fundamentally it's just relocating who holds the reigns of power, it's more globally interconnected now, that's an improvement on how power was affected before that. The problem isn’t that money is meaningless at its core, everything is. Doesn’t everybody know that money can’t buy you love? You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to see that ;D Remember that the system thrives, in its self defined value, when governments make debt. Governments make debt when they invest in the welfare of their people, this is good. Governments should generally be incentivised NOT to wage war thanks to this economic system, because damaging the economy of another country damages your own economy. There is a loophole in USA politics however that lets waging war lead to economic growth: the Military–industrial complex and the Petrodollar, both remnants of stage Blue and dark Orange. These are two massive barrels of worms on their own we don’t need to open now. (I smear on the USA but let me be clear that European hands are just as dirty when it comes to these wars, a large part of weapon parts are designed and manufactured in European countries for example.) All true economic growth is taken away by the top 0.1%, that’s why wealth inequality is growing so rapidly. But before we fall into doom thinking we must recognise that the average of human quality of life has improved drastically, compared to over a 100 years ago when there were no central banks. Before the current doctrine of wage slavery, where everyone is now pushed into sacrificing their lives for the promise of getting “rich” or whatever, there was the doctrine by the then 0.1% that made everyone believe in the need for “national glory” and power meant something like “having the most physical land” (or something like that). The kings and emperors exercised that power by sacrificing literal human lives in endless wars. Look at every war starting with the first world war (whose aftermath created WW2), the pointlessness and the degree of disposability of human lives is unimaginable today. We live in an era today that relatively speaking has never been so peaceful. But again, like I said in the beginning, it’s the collective that gives these systems power, or even brings these systems in existence. When Trump calls for every male American over 14 years old to sign up to join the battlefield and invade Greenland for national glory or whatever then he’ll be laughed at today. That power hierarchy doesn’t exist anymore. But we’d have to sink deep in political philosophy to make real sense off of that, Hobbes, Kant, Hume, Hegel, Marx, and the rest of the gang are guaranteed to deliver migraines. My point is that it’s fundamentally the system that runs the place, not specific people in it. It doesn't matter that Trump’s SD stage is lower than the system’s stage, this guy just wants to be loved man, he has no strategy that's what makes everyone so confused and gives rise to conspiracies. His incompetence is a gift that shines light on how ridiculous and crippled our current system is, Trump is a hero ;D Awareness in (globally oriented) politicians is essential to guide the evolution of the economic system to its full potential. Nobody can know for certain what new economic mechanics are going to drive the future. I recall that Mark Blyth often brings up the absurdity of how the system works in his talks, and how politicians have no clue what they’re doing. Effort has to be made to link the value of money more and more affirming the authentic values of being human, aka Green, but the problem of Green is that it can dismiss all hierarchy all together. Mark Blyth advocates that an economy run on austerity has to make room for an economy of abundance, the need for prudence and parsimony has to be erased out of our minds and so the system can evolve. I like to think that stage Green does not have its own power hierarchy, or where human life becomes the value currency, Green I understand now simply as the intermediate stage or the grassroots stage needed to enter Second Tier Yellow. But I'm no SD wizard by any means, maybe stage Green will develop an all empowering new hierarchy structure with new fake values in its own totalitarian way, but it's definitely going to be a more humane and less damaging one than Blue and Orange. Money to all countries on the planet is like blood cells to the organs in your body. Every human needs money, every cell needs oxygen. It’s the fundamental building block that fuels society and its growth. I also like to see the internet grid become earths nervous system, with some decentralised AI who’s thoughts form an Earthmind comprised of our collective Facebook posts hahahah. Reality unfolds in an endless path of expanding unified complexity. For humanity to eventually step into Second Tier society and politics is like the evolution of single celled to multicellular life. It's an infinite road. Anyway, I have yet to watch @Leo Gura ’s series on politics, I don’t know if he brings up the economy, don’t know if you’ve watched it yet? This is some stage Yellow headache stuff I don’t know I’m ready for to talk about honestly. Very interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter, not everything I summed up here is as deeply researched as I wish it to be and I’m sure there are many more crucial links to be made. Maybe this was all talk about “symptoms” as you say, though that’s the actual core of the matter if you ask me. You’ve certainly helped me already by making me rethink the big picture by posing some valid criticisms, in the videos and your replies, thank you! Bottomline is: Bernie for president! LOL
  8. Amen to that! I didn't know her before her presidential candidacy. She speaks the words of true love here <3
  9. @Pacific Sage Totally works! Breath is such a powerful anchor for dignity and love. Thanks for sharing <3
  10. Only you can know, hold yourself fully accountable for what might come and ask yourself the question again. You have enough experience in psychedelics, don't need to worry about that. Not that 5-MeO is remotely comparable to anything you've tried before, but you should have some experience with surrendering into altering states of consciousness. I suggest you do your first 5-MeO at a retreat, there you'll be guided and there won't be a need to worry about the right preparation. It can also be very relieving to talk to people whom have gone through a comparable experience. Definitely don't do it in some sort of party setting with your friends.
  11. For someone to see their self as a victim is to destroy all action towards growth. You know this. (one of Leo's best videos btw.) That's how growth works, this way of thought must be avoided by principle. To see yourself as a victim of society, or even worse, that the entirety of society is a victim and just doomed is a sneaky (but innocent) way of perpetuating the problem and postponing action. Humanity is capable of incredible acts of love. This isn't rational. Like how some alcoholic in the gutter, or maybe our younger selves, can never believe there is a meaningful and better future possible. Our collective full potential has never been put to the test. It all starts with dropping victimhood.
  12. Here are 3 books I loved reading and I feel are perfect for After finishing one of these I guarantee you'll have something to talk about:) 1) The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, very popular book, maybe you know it already. About how devilry evolves when it tries to grasp and materialize perfection (I think that's how Leo would describe it). 2) The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati, short and clearly written but it'll change you forever. It's about how you experience time and how NOT to actualize. This book can ignite your life purpose! 3) Death with Interruptions by José Saramago, about a country where everyone suddenly stops dying. Very thought provoking but also hilarious. It starts off in a zoomed out perspective on society and politics, but very slowly narrows down becoming metaphysical. All in a very captivating emotional story. Writing style is something you have to get into, but personally one of my all time favorites ;D
  13. @Robi Steel Dude you really need to widen your scope of news sources, you only post these Timcast videos!;) Btw: Msnbc isn't left, it's pro-democrat. Most of democrats aren't left, they just think they have a higher moral superiority over the conservatives. This gets right-wingers super triggered, because most democrats are of course (almost) as corrupt and criminal as most conservatives. These elections are already one big soap hahah