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  1. I have been gaming for a while now. Starting to get some real result. I know sex will never fulfill me. And yes I have seen Leos pua rant many times. A lot of what he said is valid. Treat women with respect etc and I love women. Some PUAs hate women because of pain and past trauma. I have just never know how to talk to them. It just feels extremely empowering. This is just so much more than that. I am fascinated by the game itself. I went through life purpose course. I hate when Leo says it is manipulation. Yes but everything is manipulation. In fact, Leo is trying to manipulate us to become more conscious etc. I think it has more with the place it is coming from. I can't see myself doing anything else tbh. I am not doing this because I want to impress my guy friends I think that is stupid. So can my life purpose be a pua and teach other men how to do it? and setting the right values?