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  1. I got off topic sorry. Just forget i said that @Leo Gura answer this yes or No. Will i (not i as my thoghts etc) But i as the watcher behind my eyes experience being my fav movie charaters? Will i experience being my bully in 6th grade?
  2. To know that i Will not miss any happy moment. I want to experience all happiness that has ever been
  3. this is confusing. I don’t Think i ever Will be happy.
  4. You said i as god have been sittning in this spot for an eternity. Does it mean i have or Will experience the life of my favorite movie charater?
  5. Are They me like i am gonna experience their life? Will i experience the life of my favorite movie/tv charters. Having their thoughts etc? Or are They just illutions that i Will never experience? @Leo Gura
  6. but does reincarnation work like that?
  7. Does it work like in the story the egg? What is the factor that Will determine the next life? Will i live out all the lives in the Universe? Does it mean i Will be Kim Jon ung? Pewdiepie? Julien blanc? @Leo Gura you should make a video on this (before you say ”find out for yourself with psycadleics” i am of tripping hard because of terror trips and painfull hell realms that i might enter during the trip)
  8. Well from this video it is. Just not the lives are linear.
  9. this video is ofc just a story. But it made me think. How does reincarnation work? does it work in similar way like in the video? @Leo Gura should make a video on this
  10. @Nahm ok in this life. (Anything that is not related to god) Reach advanced game. Game Cuz it’s fun (Aka pick up, No i don’t Do it because i want to manipulate people i do it because it is fun) Ride crazy roller coasters when i am high. Have kids. Doing crazy stuff. Travel around europé. Taking psycadelics and discover the Truth (don’t Think i am ready now But it’s def something i want in the future) wait are you saying i can live that dream?!? Sounds too Good to be true
  11. And look @Nahm i get where you are coming from. I know that i can’t happy forever with my wishes. I get it. Like riding a crazy rollercoaster. Is riding that coaster every day gonna make me happy? No. Do i still want to it once and have the experience? Fuck yes
  12. Well living the fantasi i talked about is not something that is possible in this life.... so tell me How i could live that life i talked about then i Will be ready
  13. If i experience that and realize it can’t make me happy. Then i Will be open minded to that 😁 so tell me How i can live that egoic life and then be free and nothing 👍👍👍👍
  14. Ofc i want it to be some drama. Mby some forbidden love in that dream. But i mean i want to experience it so badly. But Will i ever? Prob not. To Good to be Good. Being nothingness Will be Nice because no suffering. But No great experience.