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  1. I forgot to say if the purpose is selfish.
  2. Absolute evil is simply forceing a being to experince something they do not want to experince
  3. Let’s say every being infinty were given the total power to experince What they wanted to experince Based on that egos desiers. No being would Ever need to expeirnce unwanted suffering again. You could have the power to limit yourself, experience everything in infinty. All the suffering and joy. Now i have to Ask @Leo Gura would this be a selfish thing or the most unselfish thing? To let every being experince What they wanted even a permanent one. Now everyone would be free to experince What they wanted to experince without judgement. Impermance would end for some beings. If you had the power leo would you Give every being that power. Or not and let all beings experince all of reality?
  4. There is a way to get all the joy without the pain, But i won't talk about it here. Pm me if you want to know more
  5. Your state is a gift to guide people :).
  6. Yes 100%. I also find joy in saddnes sometimes
  7. @Leo Gura well it's still hedonism. But I don't think you should reject that just because it's hedonism. If it translates to a real relationship after it. If it does then it's I think the honeymoon is a great bonus. For a true relationship, it has to end. But it's a fun first part
  8. What I meant was many people treat it like the goal. But if I treat it like a bonus and something I know is gonna end. Should I see it as something bad?
  9. if you treat romantic infatuation as a bonus and not the goal. And your goal is a real realtionship. Is it wrong to feel romantic infatuation?
  10. yes, sadness can be beautiful. I loved hacksaw ridge even if it made me cry When i talking about felling happiness I am talking about eudaimonism. Not hedonism
  11. I don’t agree with Leo that you are doing all of these things to have that moment of peace afterward. When I watched hacksaw ridge I loved every second of it. The moment of peace was at best a bonus. Feeling happy comes at bursts. Like when you experice chrismas with family, riding a roller coaster, expeirce a romantic moment etc. all of these moments you are feeling happy. But that does not mean you are happy. Being happy is What Leo talked about, being at peace when nothing is happening. Being present. I think the problem is people think black or white. They either go full being happy and just sit and meditate. Nothing wrong with that But i don’t think that is too far. The other is chasing the feeling of being happy. This Will make your life hell when you are not experice feeling happy. I think the way you should take to get the best of both is when you are not feeling anything and when nothing special is happeing is just being at peace and present. But when Good enjoyment comes along (Good as Things that are meaningful to your life narrative like being with you family friends and a romantic partner on Christmas, and not Things like heroin or winning the jackpot) Embrace all the joy 100% (and not think of them as egoic distractions) you should go for What you want. But at the same time be present and at peace. Wanting and looking forward to things can be a great experience i also get that being happy is something you must be to enjoy the feelings of happiness 100%
  12. Is realism = everything is real and naturalism = other people are real?
  13. If you just wanted nothing and you realized you don’t Want wating nothing?
  14. Do my parents and firends their own subejctive experience at the same time i have one? Or i am alone and are They just my Imagination without a subjektive experience on their own? i am just dreaming up this life? I am the only one right now that has a subjektive experience?