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  1. Enligtend people tend to not repress anything. Because of that they might not repress their desires for lust and power.
  2. Egolessness will make you more independent of the state of the world. Even Leo have Said he could blow up the world and still love himself. I would not do that. I think you might start to see Why they could do the things they did
  3. God as in absolute infinity will not limit you.
  4. There have been many enlightened masters that have gone corrupt and exploited their followers for sex and money. Reality is relative. You are thinking of reality from an more absolutist point of view
  5. logic makes reality infinite. If illocial stuff existed that would make reality finite example: A machine when activated defies logic and makes all of Reality finite and bounded. Yet it does not exits. You see how logic protects infinity
  6. Just because you can travel infinity up in direction does not mean you can go one meter left no matter how high you get. I don't see how this all defy logic. just because there are infinite possibilities between 1 and 2 does not mean that 3 is below it. I am just saying that it is impossible to go beyond the number infinity because reality by definition has no end. It's still very interesting what you said. And i am not saying relative illogical things exits. they do. infinity + 1 does not defy logic. However, infinity + x is always infinity. I am just saying it is impossible to beyond that
  7. Reality never created itself because Reality never begun. I am not saying that there were never illogical "things" that created Reality. I am just saying Reality itself cannot defy logic Nothing in reality is 100% material or 100% Immaterial. So nothing is 100% immaterial and beacuse of that nothing 100% immaterial created 100% material. That would defy logic lack of Memory does not defy logic Reality can be mathematically computed. there is infinite possibilities within number one like there are infinite possbilies within abolute infinity or the one You can experince something wihout any rational understading. We can explain with rationality why monkeys do what they do but that does not mean the monkey itself understand it from a rational point of view. But that does not mean that the monkey would defy logic
  8. No saying that you are your body is like saying that you are the car you drive. Driver = pure experince Car = body You see? this all is very logical
  9. I am not saying what I find logical is absolute infinity. That is relative logic. I am just saying that absolute infinity is Logic (not relative logic) many things can go beyond infinity? I did not know you could go beyond something that does not have an end That would defy logic
  10. That is only relative illogical. My body is not me. My pure experience is me. Nothing that you said goes against logic
  11. Don't think of logic as in mainstream science. Think of Illogic as self-contradiction. Like a bomb that could destroy all of Existence.
  12. If consciousness could defy logic it could destroy itself. It could also create Total red and limit the whole nature of absolute infinity. But it cannot not. therefore proves that reality obeys logic
  13. There is nothing outside or beyond the all because it if was the all would not be the all. But it may just be stuff contra-yond the all. Ethan was just using the word "outside" because there is nothing better word for it. Reality is mathematically logical. Nothing in reality can go beyond the number infinity. If reality was mathematically illogical it could
  14. Many have said that it is a false belief that truth must make logical sense. But Truth is logic as it can be like with black holes proven by math. There is only one Totality, right? Even that obeys logic as there could only be one totality, if you could defy logic it could be 1,2,3 infinite, beyond infinite amounts of Totalites I mean logic from absolute infinities point of view There is no exit to absolute infinity. That is an illogical thing
  15. pure consciousness cannot destroy itself, right? This proves that logic has everything to do with the nature of consciousness