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  2. It's just the reasons why men care. Both in a positive and a negative way
  3. Logical Negatives 1. Mental/Emotional Concerns: Men may worry about the emotional and mental impact of a woman's sexual or romantic past, including issues like difficulties in forming deep emotional connections, fidelity, satisfaction in relationships, and the potential for unfavorable comparisons with past partners. 2. Character Concerns: There's a perception that a history of numerous sexual partners may correlate with other behavioral patterns, including substance use or a tendency towards unstable relationships, which might reflect broader character traits. 3. Physical Concerns: Concerns about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the possibility of being responsible for a child from another relationship due to previous sexual activities are significant. 4. Toxic Ex-Partners Concern: The fear that former partners may cause problems in the current relationship is another concern. 5. Social Perception Concerns: There's a worry about how being with someone perceived as sexually active might affect one's social standing or reputation. 6. Cultural Concerns: In some cultures, having a high number of sexual partners is looked down upon, affecting how a relationship is viewed by the community. 7. Spiritual Concerns: For some, there are religious or spiritual beliefs that value sexual modesty, and a partner's sexual history can conflict with these beliefs. Emotional Negatives: 1. Physical Repulsion/Disgust: Some men might find the idea of their partner having been sexually active with others repulsive. 2. Loss of Perceived Physical Exclusivity/Specialness (Jealousy): The exclusivity of a sexual relationship can feel particularly special, and a partner's past can diminish this feeling. 3. Loss of Perceived Emotional Exclusivity/Specialness (Jealousy): Similar to physical exclusivity, emotional exclusivity is also highly valued and can be impacted by a partner's past. 4. Insecurity: Concerns about not measuring up to a partner's past experiences can lead to feelings of insecurity. 5. Intimidation: The thought of being with someone more sexually experienced can be intimidating for some. 6. Envy of Emotional/Physical Experiences: There may be a desire for parity in sexual and emotional experiences within the relationship. 7. Emotional Response to Perceived Physical Concerns: Even if there's no logical basis for concern about STDs, pregnancy or other physical issues, the emotional response can still be strong. Logical Positives 1. Experience: Enhanced sexual performance and understanding of safe sex practices, potentially leading to improved compatibility. Experience can facilitate a deeper learning about one's own desires and how to fulfill those of their partner. 2. Openness: Greater willingness to explore new experiences and sexual ventures. A history of diverse encounters suggests a comfort with various aspects of intimacy, enhancing the dynamic of the relationship. 3. Non-judgmental Attitude: A more accepting perspective towards a partner's kinks, sexual past, and preferences. This fosters an environment where individuals feel safe sharing and exploring their desires without fear of judgment. 4. Cognitive Outgrowth: Having navigated through various experiences, a partner may be more prepared for commitment, having already explored their desires and understood what they seek in a relationship. 5. Relatability: Shared experiences in past relationships can make it easier for partners to understand and empathize with each other, creating a foundation for a stronger emotional connection. Emotional Positives 1. Physical Arousal: Knowledge of a partner’s sexual history can be a source of arousal, challenging the notion that past sexual experiences detract from the current relationship's intimacy. 2. Feeling of Relatability: The emotional resonance of knowing both partners have similar levels of experience fosters a deeper sense of connection and mutual understanding. 3. Acceptance: The openness that comes with sharing and accepting each other's past strengthens the trust and emotional bond between partners, promoting a culture of honesty and openness. 4. Emotional Turn-On: Confidence in expressing and embracing one's sexuality can be highly attractive, particularly to those who value sexual openness and expression as integral to a relationship's dynamism and intimacy. There is alot of discussion if body count matter. Here is an comprehensive list of why men (and women care)
  4. @Leo Gura You have said that no one who sleeps with 100 girls is a wise man. I am curious on how you would evaluate women. is the equivalent of an male stage orange sex addicted PUA the same as an onlyfans girl and/or a girl who sleeps around. Before you answer i would assume based on your values that they are similar whatever it is a 100 body count PUA or 100 body count only fans model I am also curious about peoples opinions regarding this
  5. @Leo Gura Many PUAs have classifed Owen as a grandmaster And ofcourse you can classify pick up as a skill for the ego but I still think it is important to understand this about Owen. So you say Owen does not get many girls? In his videos you can clearly see him get attraction, attention and make outs etc If so is this faked? It's possible that even a skilled PUA could fake a video for views or to prove a point. But I want to learn pick up skill from owen and if he fakes or skew his infeild (Massive rejections to get a few good ones and only show the good ones) Or is it actually the case that he is a grandmaster and still struggle. When you say struggle do you mean struggle to get the actually hot women? Struggle to having to play a massive numbers game? I am just curious to get a specific review of Owens game to understand exacly what you mean with stuggleing If you struggle to get girls at the highest level that is an honest singal about a mans ability to get girls by skill and hard work rather than genetics/external factors. I ask this from a place of genuine curiosity
  6. Alright that I can understand. However what are some general rules you can follow to make sure that you don't do anything too Inappropriate? After all laying your arm around a girl can be inappropriate. It's a main insecurity I have that prevent me from taking action because I am afraid that I might do something too inappropriate accendentally Or maybe the question how do I stop see myself as some kind of monster for touching girls? We live in an era of Metoo where many men have described being afraid to touch girls I may do slightly inappropriate things during pick up but I atleast want some inner and outer guidelines to make sure that it is never too inappropriate so I don't get into trouble or harm anyone
  7. I once talked with a female friend the other day and she told me that "Ask yourself would this be appropriate, and then take it a step BEFORE that" What are some golden rules to make sure you are always respectful when approaching women? @Leo Gura (And also I am kinda autistic so explicit solutions please)
  8. @Leo Gura How do you become consciously persistent when it comes to open/close? I have worked as a door to door salesman for about 6 months The biggest obstacle I had was according to my boss is that I was not pushy enough I loved everything about except when it came to being pushy I genuinely cared for my customers and even got an award for my quality However even If I care about making money because I could not be pushy at all unless I was in survival mode and had to make a sale Now when it comes to open/close I am very attentive but many PUAs like Julien and Todd have talked about plowing Basically to talk and be persistent until the girls hook Now what main principles can you follow to make sure that you are not harrasing the girl after you get token resistance? (It has happened many times in door to door sales that people tell right up front that they are not interested yet when you push beyond that, get to know them and starts to talk about the product they actually become interested)
  9. I as a man (who also has Aspergers) Have a hard time when it comes to two things in game: I was on a date a couple of days back and I just could not escalate or make things Sexual I am afraid to make girls uncomfortable or creep them out I feel like I also need a very clear sign that it is ok to touch and even then I feel uncomfortable When it comes to the metoo ways of looking at this clear verbal consent or if a girl is making the moves is the way to go when it comes to calibration of consent The other thing is persistence I have watched interviews girls that tell you that they have rejected men to test their determination to win them over I am a very sensitive guy but I am lacking the dating/sex life I want So my question is, how can you become conscious persistent without being disrespectful, creepy or rapey? And what should you do if you are not natrually socialy well calibrated when it comes to non verbal cues and making the move? @Leo Gura @Emerald
  10. In this case it's matter of legality rather my conscience and self esteem
  11. I am not attracted to 12 year olds
  12. I am 22 I already start to feel insecure about my age in cold approach Especially in daygame Some girls that I find attractive I fear that I am gonna be to old to approach My biggest fear is that I am gonna be persivced as a creep if I approach a girl that is too young And even talking about it In the context of hook ups/causal dating what at what age difference does it start to become immoral to have sex with a girl that is too young? I am attracted to 18 year olds but I have gotten alot of shame for that I live in sweden and even if we have a pretty damn low legal age of consent the Cultural age is a whole other thing It's painful to approach for this reason and this has been nagging me for years @Leo Gura what age difference do you think is appropriate for causal hoop ups and dating?
  13. Ok, This is has been going way to long now I am tired of battling with this issue I work in sales, I love this job for many reasons. -Lots of social experience -Unlike a normal 9-5 it's more like a game than a job with every win = money -The reward that is Money My boss has praised my skill regards technical skills, knowledge etc Some days I have made great amount of money I work for sales company that sells products from the biggest Telecom company in Sweden called Telia It's a well known brand and belowed by many But I make mediocre results to due the fact that at the core I am a very soft and people pleasy guy I don't like to ask for the other multiple times even if 80% of all sales comes after the customer third no I try to be as genuine, kind and non pushy in my persistence as possible But it is hard in both the pitch (taking atleast 5 objections at the door) and at the close When a person open the door with good energy but then slams with bad energy it due to me being persistence (I am almost always very nice but may be annoying in terms of persistence) I want you all and @Leo Gura to answer this question conscious persistence Both in sales and in pick up What are the principles of good persistence? When should you take no for an answer? How do you persistence mindfully? I am a just people pleaser that needs to do more work or too conscious to rep the rewards of lower lever consciousness (stage orange wolf of wall street)? -My boss tells me my sales needs to go up -I am tired of just barely making 1800 dollars every month -I am tired to feeling stuck -I am tired of not getting any results in pick up I only blame myself for this
  14. Hello, I am a 21 year old male, soon 22 I have been gaming for a while but got stagnated during covid And I have some minor inner issues in game Age Now this may come as a suprise but as a male I am the most attracted to mainly 18-21 year olds But even at my age I still feel have thougts while daygameing ”oo she is pretty but what if she is under 18” or ”Soon 18 is gonna be too young for me” etc even if I desire to game 18-year-olds to at least I am 30 This has fucked me up so bad that I can’t even bother daygameing more as the shame and the guilt keeps me stuck Second is touch/persitance I got traits of asperger symdrome, one on one in an normal environment it’s pretty clear how the other person feels But on the dancefloor this can be a nightmare, I have creeped out girls before, it’s not a pleasant feeling I wish I clould game without this problem Third is making sure that the girl has the right exepcations I am someone that does not desire a relationship in this phase at life at all. None I am worried that some girl may fall in love with me. I would hate it because I am such a people pleaser in my heart Haveing someone that wants to be with me more than casual dating would break me Now I hope that I can get some support from some kind souls on this forum that have gone through the same issues
  15. Non-Existence cannot exist per definition, what is left is Existence, Existence is a bi product of Non-Existence, (This is what I have found out, I may be wrong)