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  1. Non-Existence cannot exist per definition, what is left is Existence, Existence is a bi product of Non-Existence, (This is what I have found out, I may be wrong)
  2. That’s not true, Being higher couscous means does not mean more Love and morality
  3. Yes. Both sides are moralizing. I don’t think it is good that neither side does it. Anti-vaxxers protest and pro-vaxxers act morally superior/preaching to others. Then we have people that take the vaccine and don’t act superior because of it, and then we have other people who don’t take the vaccine without protesting in the streets. What I am trying to say is that you can think what you want about people who decides to not take it, but they still have the freedom for themselfs. If they chose to not take and die from covid instead, well that is the risk they take.
  4. If you look at the history of anti biotics you will see that it was given to everyone for the smallest thing, the price of that was that now we are getting anti biotic resistant bacteria. Ok fine I was moralizing but what I am trying to tell you is that I know people who is gonna refuse the vaccine just because some of their family members was moralzing. Go around and moralize if you want but realize the counte-intuitive nature of it
  5. I think people over 50-65+ should take it and people in risk groups. You should only use medicine when it is needed IMO. Otherwise, we run the risk of a backfire where the virus mutates into more dangerous forms. Covid is relatively harmless for young people. I don't see much reason why we should take it. But ofc everone has a right of making a choice of taking/not taking it as long as you don't go around moralizing to others about their decision.
  6. A couple of days ago I was looking for material to understand spiral dynamics better, then I came across 2 videos that come with constructive criticism of the model and ken. What do you guys think? Ps skip to 2:30 on the spiral dynamics video
  7. I want you all to look at these areas and try to find how that stage tend view that area and what the healthy and unhealhty aspects each stage tend to have. Try to compare them -Happiness, fullfillment and meaning -Sex -Love and relationships -Life purpose -Family and children -Spirituality -Morality Example: Yellow tends finds meaning in solving problems in the world but fail to realize that happiness is not find within the mind. The way Blue tends to view sex has both good and bad aspects. It’s good for X reason but can be bad in some situations for Y reason Orange Tend to use rationality and logic as the base for the morality, while blue tends to lean towards authority in order to determine the moral code, orange way is better for X and Y but lacking regards to Z while blue is problematic for X and Y but is great regarding to Z
  8. @Leo Gura def needs to clarify this
  9. Leo has talked about that it is important to be a hard closer in dating. But How do you do that and at the same time while being repsectful And making sure she genuinely wants it? And when you are on the street/in the club it’s normal to have a bit of resistance at first. For many reasons, How do you keep persisting and at the same time being respectful to the woman?
  10. I started this post on the Issue of How We can prevent false rape accusations Then you started blaming me and started to compare false accusation with real rape. And now you have said that you can’t compare them. You Don’t bring anything constructive to this post. I wanted to find a solution of How to solve the issue of false accusation. I never wanted any blame game. How Do you know? What is worse is relative. Stop being so absolutist
  11. First of all that totally depends on the context. If a woman have sex beacuse of a pushy man that can be seen as rape. You are right that she got psycologial damage from that. I don't deny it. But a man who gets falsely accused may commit suicide like my friend. In this context who got the most damage? I don't understand. We talk about that all the time. If you talk about rape being a problem in our society is it fair for me to say "well murder, theft and violence are also a problem. Why do you talk about rape? how is rape any different?" Do you see the problem with that sort of rhetoric? I would instead talk with you about how to solve it rather than blaming you. I am not here to talk about if we should talk about but how to solve it. Talking about an issue doesn't solve it unless you present solutions.
  12. That sounds like a great solution
  13. ofc that almost happend to my friend. But on a big scale, more women are raped than men are falsely accused. But it still a problem that some men are falsely accused. However. What is worse depends on the context as you said. Both can be devastating. Relativity
  14. I have to say with all my respect that I agree with you