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  1. I sometimes have strong anxiety, it usually lasts for few minutes. I'm very stable and happy in general, but sometimes this anxiety comes, and it feels so bad, too real. I stopped taking any kind of drug because any kind of stimulation gave me dangerous anxiety. Should I stop meditating the days when these episodes come?
  2. That's like saying you don't need practice to awaken, just awaken. True but does not help at all
  3. the question is, move it up while inhaling or exhaling?
  4. Most yoga or meditation techniques that involve moving your energy up the spine tell you to do it while inhaling. I just finished reading the way of the superior man, and there the author says it is usually easier to move the energy up the spine while exhaling. I don't know what to do now. What is the best for the sex practice? Move it up while inhaling or exhaling? Has any of you achieved moving the energy up?
  5. I am trying to find my life purpose, so I thought I would commit to learning skills/hobbies for at least 1 month and see if I find something interesting. My first month has been dedicated to programming, 3h a day, since I am finishing my business degree (studying this was probably the worst decision of my life). The thing is I am really enjoying it and I want to take my skills further. I have been studying with Udacity free programs and would like to educate myself in something like: Data analyst, Data scientist, AI engineer... or something alike. From what I have seen Udacity courses are not as good as they used to be. I'm trying to find an online platform or a boot camp where I can learn about this stuff while building a good portfolio, ideally it has partnership with tech companies and good reputation, so I can get into a job after I finish. The thing is there are many options and I have no idea who is offering the good stuff. I can spend some money, so if I have to pay more to get a better education, I have no problem with that. I am sure some of you know about these topics and can provide some guidance. TY in advance.
  6. Ty for the feedback. The thing is I don't want to spend a lot of time developing a skill and later find that another one was required for my purpose
  7. So if I complete the course honesty my conclusion is that I want to become infinite and enlightened. I don't want to dedicate my life to this or have the value to do it but can't complete the course with a different answer. Everything thats not infinite seems meaninglessness . Edit: These are my values and strengths, maybe you can recommend me hobbies or things to try: values: 1.Union/Love 2.Freedom 3. Focus/Discipline 5.Health 6.Wisdom 7.Honesty 8.Meaning 9.Intense life (having intense experiences or developing myself to have intense experiences from day to day things like eating or having sex) 10.Humor Strengths: Creativity Honesty Zest Perspective Humor. I am very good at thinking outside the box and debating.
  8. I did the course and i don't doubt it's very hood material but didn't help to me. It was very difficult to chose the right vales and the exercices didn't help because I keep questioning what i'm doing and can't focus. I am 22 and I don't know know what to do with my profesional life. I dont have any particular hobby and i don't know where to start. Any advice on how to figure out? Is it a good plan to not tale this too seriously for now and try new hobbies till Ifind something I love?
  9. same thoughts happen to me thats ehy i stopped taking psychedelics. even when i smoke weed sometimes i get huge anxiety and im afraid i have a psychotic episode and i hurt myself. necer got to that point but just couple days ago i was very close to a panic attack with my body shaking like i was freezing because of the anxiety. i recomend you dont do psychedelics if you have similar feelings from now and then even when you are not drugged. if you do always have a tripsitter and tripkiller
  10. I'd like to know leos "level of self development". He says in sone of his videos he thinks he has reqched levels of consciousness with help of psychodelics that no one has reached before. I dont doubt that, but how concious he is on a day to day basis, has he ever talked about this? I dont know if he has ever explained this in terms of spiral dynamics or in relation to other masters. I think is insteresting to know as he is the leader of this comunity
  11. Like many of you i have problems with my sleep, i feel so sleepy all day after meals (eating good food) and when night comes its suddenly imposible for me to sleep even if i didnt take any nap. Its incredible how nighttime changes my mood. I spend between 45m to 2h to fall asleep. and I feel like I lose a lot of time. Now I considered trying polyphasic sleep where i would sleep 4h at night and then take 3 20m naps through the day. If you take the naps just before the meals this is supposed to eliminate post eating fatigue. Im concerned about health issues if I apply this methods. what are your thoughts
  12. then that wont be a spiritual organization but a bussines. thats why i ask for a legit one without corruption. maybe they dont exist in most countries but im sure there are groups like ones) who work face to face
  13. Im looking for a physical organization teaching spiritualy related disciplines. I don't know how to destinguish legit ones. I need some guidence to avoid some dangers of spiritually and stick to my practice. I live in Spain. Any advice?
  14. hi, just went into leo book list and i can see 4 books about yoga, which one contains the techniques to folllow?