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  1. The cat would clearly not get run over by the trolley as it was not bound to the tracks. The lobsters on the other hand I don't know...
  2. "God is one kinky-ass motherfucker" Carolyn Elliott
  3. It's quite fair I think.
  4. It's not your problem how other people respond to you. If feminist girls freak out because of something you said, it's their problem. The only one who is in power, is you.
  5. You could just ask if you can go with them. Or you talk about it. "Ah that bar (x), I like that place! We usually go to bar (y) after work, last time (story xyz)" It's not what you say that makes you look desperate its how you say it and if you really feel desperate. Of course if you want to go the safe route just wait until they invite you but that way they might don't invite you simply because they think you are not interested. Also depends on the culture / country you are in.
  6. Sounds like you could benefit from reconsidering your eating habits I feel you, would be a good time to get a raise. Find out where the money is going. There is an opportunity to make a lot of cash now!
  7. By becoming aware of choices that you make that do not align with the core of who you are. Awareness Alone is Curative When you stop identifying with something or you become aware of negative consequences you will simply drop these behaviours. For example when I was 16 or so I stopped believing in "boredom" or that I could ever be bored again. I have not been bored since that day. Or I made the decision to not drink alcohol. I just did it less and less. You don't have to do something else instead, life just goes on.
  8. I think you have a good list already. But the main question is what do you want? If you don't know what you want you have a chance of wandering around aimlessly, wasting time. Also use the PM function. Make connections with people. You can literally talk to anyone and they will most likely answer. Even Leo answers so many questions here.
  9. Never tried 5 Meo but on LSD I got an intense body high. Like feeling warm and comfortable in your body, this lasted for months. I think it helped me to relax. Also this helped me a ton
  10. You can become deeply conscious about some parts of the nature of reality. Then you will know about the conspiracy and who made it.
  11. I mean like what do you think about their relationship and their relationship to you. How do you view relationships in general?
  12. What's your relationship with your parents and how is their relationship?
  13. Because at that time homosexuality was illegal in India. And most people agreed that it was a bad thing. Don't impose your advanced morals onto people born decades ago where morality was not as advanced. Same goes for women's rights, slavery etc.
  14. When you become awake it's so radical, you will notice. You will also not worry about other Gurus anymore... It doesn't even matter if a Guru is enlightened or not, as long as he makes you enlightened. If someone can teach me how to make money but doesn't make money himself, it doesn't matter as long as I get the results. Just try the techniques and see if it works.