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  1. You might impress some girls ❤️
  2. Yes, you are that twin flame. And everyone is your twin flame. Everything else is an illusion. A super sweet and also seriously fucked up illusion. ❤️
  3. Nice experiment, it shows how important mindset is. I truly believe he could make another million, even if it might take him a bit longer than a year. @Gesundheit2 Im interested what you think about this guys work ethic (other video from same channel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w47sY1sCWco
  4. What happens if you get hit by a car? What happens if you die falling down the stairs? Everything can happen. He touched her without saying anything to her, like twice. If you feel better don't touch her during the day. It is not even needed in the first 15 minutes. On the other hand, if you never learn this and stay shy your entire life, your chance of becoming like this guy are much higher.
  5. Hard to tell if we don't know what you are trying to achieve. What is your life purpose / goal here?
  6. Add it and also adjust it a bit to be more "attractive". It really took me sometime into my 20s to understand that height is even a factor for women. And I also found out that many are totally oblivious to heights in general. "Oh I thought you are at least ...!" My guess is that both women are bad at meassuring and men lie about it all the time. Don't even get me started on dick size Pics and height are two very important factors when it comes to online dating, thats why girls will put on makeup and guys lie about their height. Hopefully it won't matter that much anymore when you are on the date...
  7. Well you asked for exercises that you can do all by yourself. This is just one that came to my mind. Mediocre will be totally fine, normally people are bored and don't expect anything funny from these standard questions. So your bar is the "I work in a hospital, I live in Austin" kinda level. Very low and easy. In the end you should of course go out and talk people. Just by watching Leo's video and having this thread you have already enough theory. You have chosen to be more funny. Now it's just time for you to remind yourself of that while you are in conversation.
  8. Yeah well, don't believe him. The nice thing with compliance is that it gets guys to stop sabotaging themselves. Instead of leaving her because you think she doesn't like you, you push the conversation forward and have a chance to find out she IS into you.
  9. You've got some amazing replies already. Some people feel bad for marking up their stuff due to shortages others feel bad if they didn't squeeze out the last tiny bit possible out of the exchange. Whatever floats your boat Seems to be super chill to feel bad. You could say it's kinda in vogue. Ask yourself why do you need this drama in your life right now? Maybe you really crave this sensation. It feels so important! Doesn't it bring welcome excitment into this illusion? Makes it all too real. Otherwise let those 300$ go. You made someones day, maybe he couldn't afford the full price and you also learned a valuable lesson to do your research before selling stuff. Mark it as a win in your book and keep rockin your life!
  10. Which podcast? It helps to think about problems people have. What are some of the most urgent problems people have in this field, and in that field. Be very curious about the problems people have in general. Talk to people about them, study them. If you meet someone ask "What is the biggest problem in your life right now?" and so on. You will start to see opportunities everywhere.
  11. Facing your emotions may be the most difficult thing in your life. I know man. Trust me I know.
  12. Sounds very sensational. His Disability Didn’t Stop Him From Being Successful With Women, Career and Health
  13. In short: Accept and let go of that feeling. Ask yourself why does this feeling come up? Maybe it wants to tell you something. Don't judge it. Just be with it.