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  1. For How Long Can You Hold The Void Or No-mind?
    For How Long Can You Hold The Void Or No-mind?
    I am in non thinking all the time. I had epiphanies for years, then revelations for years, then an explosion around 5 years ago. That pop never went away. The newness did, but not the difference. All other facets of me and my life adjusted to it. That took a while. I would describe my current thinking as engaging a thinking mechanism both effortlessly & purposefully. Engaging it is noticeable, whereas before, even after letting monkey mind go, it was closer or instantly assessable. Now it takes a second or two and I notice the inclusion of thinking in my awareness. The non thinking is still present and the thinking mechanism is within it. Like a lone type writer in a large room. For a long time I was reactional, then had the impulses but did not express reactions, now I don't have the impulses.  I also notice there is hardly any physical head / brain sensation. No stress reactions at all. When something "goes wrong", I know it's just part of something bigger going "right", and I'm happy to see that. There doesn't seem to be any "demands of attention and pressure". I love what I love to do, what I like to do, what I want to do, what I should do, what I need to do.  They're all worthwhile, just short to longer term growth in them. I have practiced daily meditation for 23 years. Self inquiry for about 27 yrs. Deep contemplation only in recent years. This has enhanced every facet of my life and everything I do I can do better than before and with much ease. Work wise, I have experienced myself 'rubbing off' or influencing others to the degree I have delegated all of what I used to think only I could do.  I would not describe this as in a void. It's quite opposite to me. Everything seems slower, richer, more agreeable, and as if time were not a factor, I appreciate more and have more fun. Asking if you can go in & out of "it" is like asking a 20 year old if he can be 8 again. It just doesn't work that way, but there is the memory as a relative point of reference, but all of my memories are visually distant & fuzzy, but at the same time they are more emotionally present. It's hard to give first hand experience because all facets of my life and inner work are in harmony and at peace with my current trajectory and growth. There's always an infinite amount more to learn and experience. That is thrilling to me. Btw, I know the average age here is much younger than me. So if anyone is reading this and on the fence about diving in to PD, Leo's LP course, and all things PD...do it. Start now. I see a lot of pain in people my age who didn't. That's pretty much everyone I know.  If you don't get started now, a day is going to come that you're going to be older and see it in someone who did. And it's going to be very, very hard to bear. I see that very often,  whatever people use as their excuse not to do PD; work, family, etc - they will deeply resent that person or people later in life, because they just don't know better.                       Like all things worthwhile - START YOUNG!

  2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
    Love the line of 
    Should be psychology 101 but that's the most important line in this book