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  1. I believe it's a masterpiece, an instant classic, and an unforgettable piece of art. The fact that it's mainstream doesn't bother me much. It all depends what you are looking for in a show. There are deep big picture lessons to learn from it that Martin is concerned with: 1. The horrible nature of war. 2. The corrupting effect of power and authority on a person. (Ex. Putin) 3. That heroes can end up being villans. Enjoy and keep you judgment to yourself please. Cheers.
  2. @legendary Thank you very much for sharing, Keep at it! This is very good. Wish I did more of this. Cheers!
  3. Why is there opposition, triggering, judgment, condoning? Ask the devil. Usually when one's own deep fears are exposed he becomes over protective of his own belief system.
  4. @santerton That is the blue pilled mind set you were programmed with that is fighting the truth. Do you think the devil wants you to understand the truth? Anxiety is the feeling of reaching the limit of your current perspective bubble. Avoid anxiety, and you will never grow. Obviously don't get your material from low consciousness forums. Learn to distinguish bad quality sources from high quality sources. There are great books that tell an awesome turquoise grade red pill material, even on Leo's own list. Cheers, Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy.
  5. @Shadowraix Very interesting insight, and it's quite different than many sources I know. @Shin That would be a good experiment.
  6. @Emerald Thank you for your reply. It's not so much about desire, but rather a practical need to understand how to form healthy relationships. All the advice I see is guiding masculine man to be with a feminine woman. But what if one's balance is differently set? Then what advice should he seek? So the underlying question is: Can a masculine woman be comfortable being the masculine, while the man being comfortable being his authentic feminine self. Can such a relationship work?
  7. I've had this question for quite a while, and I couldn't find a definite answer. What should a man who leans more feminine do? Is it better to seek a woman who is in touch with her masculine, and take the role of the feminine, or should he work hard and try to Increase his masculine. So the real question is: Would it even possible for a man who is naturally feminine to change and become masculine? It seems as if that wouldn't be authentic, but I want to hear your experience. By the way, I'm all for embracing and growing both as they naturally arise upon awakening, as it is essential for a full awakening.
  8. I'd say that it entirely depends on what you call intelligent. Is wrecking earth with pollution intelligent? If not I guess the donkey is a step ahead in having virtue.
  9. @VictorB02 It's ok, no need to get defensive, I only shared my view. Perspective about perspectives is not what I seek. May I only add that you divide Absolute Truth and put it in a limited category of it's own, and so you miss the whole point of it being "absolute". If it's not going to be embodied in every aspect of life it's a waste of time. Another thing is a sort of perfectionism on your part, a sort of all or nothing binary definition. "If I'm not self employed I'm a slave, if I'm an entrepreneur I'm free."
  10. Does the obligation of a hunter to hunt for food enslave him? He needs to eat doesn't he? You are viewing the world through a perspective and you are failing to see that it's only a perspective and not the truth. You could say: "The hunter is a slave to his hunger and so he is forced to go and hunt." Or: "The hunter loves delicious food, and so he goes to get it."
  11. @Moreira I think of it this way: Is there work to do? Yes. Who is supposed to do it? Someone. It can't be neglected. The people who work are the heroes that build our world, without them you would live in a hole in a ground.
  12. That's not true. I don't know how you reached that conclusion. It's all a matter of perspective. Chose the one that makes you feel inspired and go on with the work of liberation. Thank you for you reply dear friend, I've missed this forum.
  13. You can't brute force Life Purpose, without inspiration it just won't work.
  14. That's negative motivation. Look for what you do want, and take the necessary steps. Unfortunately that's a self-centered view on freedom that's based on the value of "comfort", which is not a high value to pursue. Yes, he does get more, because he contributes, and he's also working much harder than you imagine. There's no free anything, there's a price to everything. It might be sad from your interpretation, but are they actually sad? How can you know for sure?