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  1. @Winter Sure thing. Except it goes even deeper, because you can't even say that appearance exists. In the end there's nothing at all to hold on to. Things only appear to exist, therefore the nature of reality, and the ground of being is often referred to as Void. For more:
  2. And that's why you don't talk about red pill, it's expected to trigger people in that way. Also a low dogmatic form of red pill theory. What a shame.
  3. Hello dear friend, Thank you for the great question! I think the video to answer your desire is this: I would say that the definition of exist is what's in your current direct experience, that is all there is, and all that existed, all that will ever exist. The trouble is that the mind is not satisfied with it, cause it's used to it, thus it's looking outside of direct experience for some magical thing that you don't already see, but there's nothing outside of direct experience, except what you imagine there is.
  4. 1. Keep looking deeper until you reveal the game-like nature of reality. 2. Play the game, knowing it's a game, while not taking yourself too seriously. 3. Become a strong, flexible courageous player. 4. Surrender your will entirely, dissolve into nothing. 5. Realize there's no other place to be, and return to the game, free of attachment.
  5. Strong and independent. Unconditional self-compassion, deeply integrated, self-transcended, high self esteem, authentic, independent from results or thoughts of others. Values his own opinion of himself above all else – That is confidence. It protects without effort, anger, or getting over protective, transparent and bulletproof. A flexible mask that easily changes to fit any situation. True authenticity is pure infinite flexibility of endless potential.
  6. Different people perceive and memorize differently. So for one it can be the best, for another the worst. Also depends on the type of book and in what setting you listen to it. If you are in a meditation like state, fully aware, and alert, I find it extremely efficient.
  7. Patience and presence is gold. The tricky part is that there's no time, and there are no answers. Have faith that you already have all the answers you need, you just don't see them, or rather you don't know where and how to look, and you have no way to recognize what has no opposite. You can see black, because there's white, but what you look for has no properties at all, it is invisible yet it's all there is. Just stop right now, and open your eyes. See where are these "awareness", "concentration" and "relax" you speak of?
  8. Hello again dear friend, you always ask the best questions. In order to fly a bird must first flap its wings and later to glide. So you need both, and then according to where you are, apply the right tool. Godspeed
  9. Yep, and I prefer this perspective, rather than the radical non dual one. It's best to not disqualify that which is out of reach, but to keep it as a basic assumption, just for the sake of integration. When communicating with rational people it's better to start slow. This makes pefect sense and explains why spirituality works, and how useful it is. Godspeed.
  10. @Truth Addict Thank you for your support dear friend.
  11. Hello, and thank you for the great question, To surrender your vision doesn't mean to give it up. You can both strive for things, and surrender your will, there's no contradiction. This is not physical surrender, or the idea of "surrender" we usually think about, it's the let go of the imaginary controller - as simple and basic as that sounds, it may take you years to understand experientially through awakening, and even then you will realise that you can't surrender, there's nothing and no-one to surrender. It's not up to you, and you can't force it. It's done for you in the right place and time according to god's will. Godspeed
  12. @Mafortu Divine love is much diffrent than what we imagine it to be, it's more neutral as you said. Perfect detachment. It includes and transcends notions of love and hate. Bliss is not the ultimate state, deep serenity is what beneath it all - Perfect emptiness, so empty it's full.
  13. Hello and welcome, Just keep at it, and gradually increase the duration of practice. Expect long plateaus and feeling like you are totally wasting your time. It's the thoughts that try to convince you to quit. Don't believe thoughts and emotions, they are not yours, nor do they want what's best for you. Meditation is just a pure and simple self dicipline method. Let go of all expectations, progress, and purposes you hold about meditation. You will feel progress retrospectively after months of practice. It's so gradual you won't feel any change on the day to day. A modern zen master said: "Meditation is good for nothing." And it's true.
  14. Is that always the case? How about JFK, Gandhi, Martin Luther King?