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  1. Hey! So I am thinking of becoming a life coach. I am about to finish my NLP MASTER THERAPIST course. There are so many different kinds of coaching, and I wanted to ask you guys as coaches (if we have here) and as Coached/Trained guys. What do you think makes coaching works? I mean, what makes people change?
  2. Is it better to approach a single woman or a group of 2-3?
  3. Thanks, everybody for opening my mind. Leo, you've made the point clear. Just got the covid vaccine and going to the field
  4. So I read Radical Honesty, and I am really confused. On one hand, we are saying that pickup and getting girls is a game of manipulation and this will be the most effective way to get what I want. But on the other hand, on Radical Honesty, and also on Brads' youtube interviews he says - tell all the brutal truth, and if you get it great, and if not then not. When I'm taking it to pick up it will be more like: "Hey pretty girl I'm horny and I want to f*ck you." of course it is not an effective way to get girls. So my question is: What would I do? Should I manipulate or should I just be 100% honest? Also, I don't have enough experience in the field so guess that's might be a reason why it's not clear to me.. anyway I would like to hear from you guys.
  5. Many times when I’m near my mom I feel judged. I understand and see that I created this feeling in order to push me to behave “good” and “Ok”, by her standards, and then - get love from her. But now, I can see how it’s just an idea in my mind and most of the time I am not judged at all. Yet, I still feel it deeply in my identity, I feel like I am truly bad/not Ok. How do I overcome it? How do I let go of it? Good question and insights that will transform me? Thanks guys.
  6. I mean he just wrote it wrong.. It's "Bitcoin"
  7. It's "Bit"c"oin" ahahahaahh stop write with "C" AHAHAHAHAHAHA My ego couldn't hold it anymore. And yeah Leo I like your visionary worldview about things. For sure in a decade we will have 100 times better coin.
  8. Hey there! I feel that my emotions are controlling me, I feel deeply not good enough, unloved and I feel that I am "Not OK". How do I stop believing in these limiting beliefs? Why do I feel this way - why am I attached to my victimhood? I feel like I can't lose weight, can't earn more money, can't practice more playing the guitar (my job), I can't attract women - What am I missing? How do I become detached from the identity I am now? Thanks
  9. Thanks, I'm on this exact way. If I hate who I am right now - then be okay that I hate myself, accepting the truth and not trying to accept who I am. And about the emotions - you opened my mind, thanks.
  10. I'm falling back from my meditation habit, which reminds me to come back today! Yes, I do read these books, I am struggling the most with this inner feeling of being not ok and unloved. How do I change it? what am I lacking?
  11. So after a lot of introspection, I feel like I am "not ok" like there is a deep problem within my being. If I am taking it to my past and my work with my therapist, I was very unaccepted by my mom, unloved and she judges me a lot until today. That's it, I want to change, I want to stop blaming her for MY bad results. This deep feeling is mostly stress, anxiety, depression, passiveness, and suffering. I wasn't abused physically and most of my needs are fulfilled. Now I want to change what I feel in my being and how I feel about how I am. I stopped judging myself and that was a huge relief although it's hard and I come back to that sometimes. I'm also working on stop blaming my mother for how "bad" she is. It's hard and takes work but I am there. Sometimes I'm stuck on being a victim, and comeback to blame. I see that when it happens I stop being serious about this process. How do I change my identity to a fully self-accepting person, knowing that I am secure, safe, and loved? What made you guys become REALLY serious about this work of self-actualization, changing yourself and your results? Thanks for your help.
  12. Leo just said “Elon Musk” and look what happened: Lol
  13. haahahhhaaaaaa I can't stop laughing What's funnier? you wanted to go to Ikea or Leo's comment LOLLLLLL
  14. Yes that’s right. And these kind of examples are exactly what I am looking for, seeing our own devilry. Now since I was in the Golan many time, let me explain what made Israel conquer it. Not justifying, just explaining. In 1967 the Syrian government wanted to block all the rivers that nurtured and filled the Sea of Galilee. If you familiar with the land itself- The Golan is adjacent to the Sea of Galilee and all of the rivers in it goes straight down to the sea of Galilee - Which is the only clean source of water to all of Israel. (Today its a bit different) Which mean- if they block it, no water in few years to Israel - Death. And also the risk they could poison it. So after the war started Israeli leaders decided to conquer it and end the threat on the water. BTW - there were almost no Syrian civilians on the Golan at those time, there were mostly Druze- that moved to other parts on the north of Israel, and other were back into Syria. Yes, Israel act selfishly and devilry. But at the same time I gave you some information why it happened, and if you’re Syrian/Palestinian I would like to hear your side. And if you have more examples I would like to hear that.
  15. As an Israeli, this is far more complicated. Both sides have their own selfish POV. The moment the leader decided on the establishment of the state in 1948, we were attacked by ALL of our neighbors. At the same time, it threatened all those Arab states in the area. So they attacked. Since then yeah, part of Israel is doing selfish stuff like the one above, but at the same time, our leaders feel very threatened by Iran, Hizballah, and Hamas, because of what happened in the past. In some parts, we learned - and after wars, we did some peace with Egypt and Jordan, even with the Lebanon government (which has no control). And when it comes to real threats like Iran say it will bomb Israel it scars too much the government and they will try to stop them from having nukes. Exactly like happened in Syria. Because in the past we were attacked by them and their fellows, a nuke is way too threatening to the country which lacks a lot of self-love and development. Israel people are full of fear from Iran because of the leadership demonization so talking about peace is just not an option for them. From my selfish POV Israel never threatened to kill and destroy any other people or nations just because we fear them - as our neighbors did. We actually did some peace that came after many wars. It feels like we got attacked and now we defend ourselves. I truly want to understand this. Does anyone have truthful facts about Israel want to destroy other nations? Please share links and everything.