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  1. Before you can go to tier 2 you need to have the most unbiased facts and data resources and people here are still listening to aljazerrah and shady X or telegram accounts.
  2. @Leo Gura Please don’t believe aljazera and horrible Hamas supporters. Hamas people are the scum and garbage of humanity. They have nothing to do with human rights or resistance to occupation. They are terrorists, Jew-haters, anti-Semites, who do not care about the lives of the poor residents of Gaza. Their leaders in Qatar are celebrating on the ass of all the poor residents, whose only hope for a good life is to join Hamas and kill Jews and bring "respect" and some money to their family. They have no other option. We absolutely need to eliminate this organization and build better infrastructure and better governance for the poor people of Gaza City. The government in Israel thought for years that strengthening Hamas and building better civil infrastructure for the people of Gaza would prevent them from committing terrorism and the Israelis were wrong. As long as Hamas is in power in Gaza and teaches the citizens to hate Jews this problem will continue. They need other, reasonable leaders who do not teach hatred and try to build something new and better for the people of Gaza.
  3. Hamas highest interest is keep their control over Gaza. The Hamas leaders in Qatar are billionaires because of the money they make be exploiting all the Gazens with super high taxes, controlling all transactions, and taking the money from Qatar and UN for their own benefit with the cover of “humanitarian support”. The IDF is taking their control in Gaza and threatening their governance, and the hostages are Hamas’s only cards in the hands. Without the hostages they will completely lose Gaza because the Israelis will have nothing to lose and continue the war until they will completely destroy all Hamas military capabilities.
  4. @Leo Gura Who do you make hateful terrorist grow to higher stage and leave their hate and ideology behind? Where did it happened in history that we can learn from?
  5. Testimony of a member of the body identification team from the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas on southern Israel in which over 1000 civilians, women, children, and the elderly were murdered
  7. I don’t agree. They have an army of terrorist there and we need to clean and exterminate all terror infrastructures and jihadists. They can’t take responsibility on themselves, We will do them favor, exterminate Hamas and all terror infrastructure and then will create now leaders and fund them with the us and un creating new leadership for Gaza that will create some good for them cause all they created was shit
  8. I will explain what you saw on these photos as an Israeli, Ex-IDF soldier. Hamas is smart, they put all of their terror infrastructures inside civilized buildings, in kindergarten, schools, and their actual main headquarters are under shifa hospital - the biggest hospital in Gaza. The same electricity generators that powers shifa hospital is the one powering Hamas headquarters!!! They know we are western country, and it’s horrible for us to hit and kill civilians. We always tried and always will try to not harm civilians, we are not the terrorist they are. But with all of the respect we can’t allow ourselves to not massively respond to the examination of Hamas. Hamas can’t continue to exist all they bring is destruction, death, and horror. The Palestinians in Gaza are poor and broken people, and most of them, support Hamas-Isis. I condemn these people and actually disgusted by them, and I still acknowledge their deep suffering and try as much as possible to not harm them. If Israel wanted to do war crime we have fucking nukes we can exterminate Gaza with one fucking bomb this is ridiculous. We try to catch them with tweezers and it’s very hard because the things I mentioned above.
  9. They didn’t know. They actually surprised us. Most of the troops went to the West Bank area because of many terror attacks indications that might happen. So many troops moved from Gaza to West Bank. + Hamas got new tech that helped them to breach the fence and neutralize and first defense line. This is biggest scandal that happened since Yom Kipper 1973 War
  10. Ok guys. Let me give you some solid evidence. Im 23 years old. Live in Kibbutz Shoval, 35 minutes drive from Gaza Strip, I serve in Gaza areas in the army and I just had the call of duty which I am proudly gonna serve. I am sitting here very close to the war zone. My brother in law is there. ALL OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE THERE AND MORE. I consider my self leftist and Yellow stage thinker. Consider that is you’ve never been in a war or actually threatened you will never understand what it’s like. It’s the worst nightmare come true. We fucking hate these terrible terrorists. There is no place for compassion when your life is threatened. They were very lucky, because of a big army mistake on Gaza border, they were able to get into bases and small settlements. And believe it or not, but there was a huge psychedelic trance party in kibbutz beeri territory, which is 1.5 miles away from Gaza border, they breached the fence and actually went straight to the party and murdered at least 500-800 hundred young people in the party!!!!!!!!! and just in the party!!! Then around 500 hundred terrorists entered and went straight to the settlement, into homes and murdered kids, women, old people. And kidnapped children and women and soldiers into Gaza, this is a tactical negotiation card the achieved. Right now 600 murdered confirmed - I believe at least 1000 people are actually dead, and more then 3000 injured. To compare to 9/11 - it’s like 42,000 people will die in 9/11 !!!!!! Look, please don’t compare Israelis to Terrorist. We have dreams, I am a jazz musician and will go to study in Berkeley college of music in the next years, we care about building some beautiful and useful to society and human life, we are the biggest startup nation compared to number of startups per person. We actually have stuff to lose. We want peace, we want good. And they don’t. They have nothing but hate and terror. They just want to kill murder and destroy us and “free Israel land” from our lives here. We are too strong and powerful to let it happen. They need to understand there is no other solution than accepting this truth and give up their wounds. We will never attack civilians, never attack people, just those who try to harm us. I am sorry if I broke this forums roles, I just wanted to share some more factual information. if you don’t believe me it’s very easy- just go to Hamas Telegram channel, translate it to Arabic and they are gladly sharing their success of murdering and kidnapping women children and of course soldiers. I wish we will know peace.
  11. I was contemplating about some trade offs in my life I think it can be a very useful episode and ver fundamental. I want to see it. explain about how everything we decide is a trade off for something. From a little things like what we eat, wear, how we talk, in what we work for more deep profound stuff like keep the duality of self and other vs becoming god I think it can be an amazing episode!
  12. You are completely blind. Super biased. You have no idea what is going on here to a level I am not going to continue this conversation. The unfortunate thing is, because media is so biased towards both directions (depends who you listen to) That until you come here, Israel and Palestinian territories, you will have no clue whats the real situation. And I am not claiming there is one part is right. Its not the case at all. Reality here is so nuanced and complicated, you cannot understand it by sitting in the us and having some biased family here.
  13. Bro, even if its true, you really think these are the motives of US actions? You are in a deep delusion, on a brink of a conspiracy theory. calm down.
  14. Their actions are understandable. Does it makes it fine? NO. Our actions were bad too. But for sure must muslims in this area are stage red super wounded grew up in very horrible unsafe places. And yes my government has big part of that unfortunately. It DOES NOT mean its alright to murder innocent people. And yeah we are still not doing perfect but as one who served in the IDF we really doing our best to not harm innocent people and really take actions only on terrorist.