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  1. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart there is some good ideas here Love🙏🏻
  2. So lately Im in deep suffering, i have some trauma and a lot of pain and hurt that I am allowing myself to feel for the first time in my life. And oh god it hurts! I cant stop crying and when I suppress it like I used to it makes me feel even worse. I am so happy I can feel again and allow myself to start integrating these hardcore emotions. But sometimes I get even suicidal and think to myself is it gonna end? Am I gonna feel good/complete/love again? - How do you guys handle it when it gets too hard? I am so afraid from the idea of physically harming myself, I know its not the way but sometimes it seems like an option. I need help. Please. I am in conflict, on the one hand I want to end the suffering and that means I need to wake up and to end the idea of me existing. On the other hand I am terrified of that. So WTF Should happen? Is it that I am stuck in a lose-lose situation? WTF? Help? Thanks
  3. Its just some guys who bought/got somehow all of those courses and now they are selling it on lower prices to get some money. Personally Ive bought a Pickup/RSD course though that and I really liked it because it was like 20% of the real course price. At the same time, because I paid so little it feels like this course has a very low value and I barely watched it. Also, I feel some guilt watching it after I knew I didn’t got it rightly. So, wise up, buy the whole price from the creator and you will value it way more, and love to watch it.
  4. Ok so you need to build a community that are interested in that - Facebook group/YT Channel/WhatsApp groups/Instagram and maybe even TikTok. Then upload really good content people will send you a message they want your help and pay you for that. You need to create skills like: Marketing, Simple Business skills, Sales, and more.. read some books and find mentors for that. If you want, you can start with a small group of friends and coach them, be very good and they will send their friends too. Than it will grow. It takes time and effort. It won’t happen overnight. Leo has some great books on these topics and also great videos. I also recommend to study some NLP (I am NLP Master) and there are some very good techniques for coaching. Good luck!
  5. I am reading Mastery, and I am contemplating; Why it takes so much effort to be a master? Why am I stopping myself from getting results right this moment? Is this possible to get results quickly right now? If yes how? If not - why? If I am god why cant I change everything quickly and immediately? I know it comes from a very selfish perspective, but yet, How and why it is the case? I still can’t connect the dots. What do you think guys?
  6. I understand the cynicism that I imagine came from disappointment. But yet it makes me angary.. Opinions with this guy?
  7. Sorry to hear that. You are not guilty of what's happening. It's not your fault. Everything will be okay
  8. Some great sad songs in Hebrew is you like to hear some different language
  9. Try to be colder. Show less interest. Actually, its hard for me to see the problem. Are you like getting horny from every guy you talk to? if there are only some i cant see the problem.. just be colder
  10. Well I don’t want it to sound weird but what you’re explaining is kind of every guys’ dream. Guys are sooooo turned on when the girl is that you can’t imagine. At least for me. But, I see the problem. It is really hard to control your sexual urges First, work on yourself, love and honor yourself. Express out loud what you want and don’t want. Learn to say no when needed. Be more compassionate with yourself. Read - the 6 pillars of self esteem. I imagine that there is a low self-esteem issue behind what you say. Then, find a good Boyfriend and fulfill your sexual desires. As you’ll have more experiences and fulfilling the sexual desires, they will have less power over you and you will be able to control yourself more. good luck!
  11. So stuck im thinking and “shoulding” on myself when I am interacting with women. How does a very successful guy with women talk to them? What Should I change in myself in order to be good with girls? How we talk emotionally? Sometimes I lose hope and I suffer.
  12. Looks like some wisdom over there. Thank you
  13. In addition to Leo, When you go back to the memory, there are no thoughts and all the constructed beliefs about reality. When you see a scene from a movie.. there is no background thoughts that construct reality, which give it some oneness feel. and it points to Truth.. and that of course feel good. That's what I came to understand from my direct experience, although I never became conscious of Truth.. Leo if u can make it clearer than me.. thanks
  14. I am dealing with allowing myself to feel a lot of deep pain I blocked myself from feeling since childhood. Anyone suggestions about how to do it successfully and fully? These suppressed emotions really fuck up my life and I am waiting to feel back for a long time. even just allowing is process that takes me few minutes. Any one who done it and can help me through this process? What will I be if not suppressing emotions? I cant see the other side. thanks I appreciate you for helping
  15. Hey Leo! Are you going to do another socializing "tour" like you did? I want to meet you. I am from Israel and we have a small conscious group here.. we would like to meet you BTW I am flying to the US sometime soon so if hopefully you are doing these meetings I will schedule myself with it.