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  1. How do such low-quality homophobic posts get to stay up on this forum? There are people here equating gay people with pedophilic predators.
  2. I actually got 0% & 0%. Happy with the result.
  3. @bloomer ChatGPT is generally not saying anything particularly controversial or problematic, which makes sense. The stuff it says is already in line with mainstream opinion, so I don't think the AI is being used to shape people's views or whatever. And again, it is extremely important for a tool like this to be carefully moderated, otherwise it could easily be abused.
  4. AI should have some restrictions to prevent it from being used for harmful or malicious purposes. I don't like the thought of someone using ChatGPT to create more effective fossil fuel propaganda or anything else of that sort.
  5. Slight correction: She was detained, not arrested. Could you change the title perhaps?
  6. @Florian But this is an extremely rare and practically non-existent issue. Little kids are not getting sex-change surgeries. In very rare cases I believe exceptions are made for 16 year olds for certain types for surgeries, but not bottom surgery to my knowledge. More importantly though, people like Jordan Peterson point to extremely niche issues like this and give people the impression that there is some sort of epidemic of children being forced to undergo these kinds of surgeries when this is something that practically never happens. Even hormones are usually not (or never?) given to kids under 16. To me this just seems like a red herring though. We know that Jordan Peterson is transphobic based on other statements he has made. I don't believe he is approaching this issue in good faith and is only concerned about the well being of children. He is using this as an excuse to promote his transphobic worldview.
  7. @Florian What are you referring to here? Which opinion of his on trans-people deserves political attention?
  8. On this website you can generate basically any binaural beats you want:
  9. @Danioover9000 Interesting! Never realized just how diverse Indonesia was. That's pretty cool. But it's still a shame that their government is so conservative then.
  10. That is highly concerning. Didn't realize Indonesia was so conservative. I'm also amazed that this was voted on unanimously.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing the Republican infighting between Trump and DeSantis. Should be fun to watch.
  12. Phenomenal! Well done, Brazil!
  13. Some of my fondest memories as a child was playing Rayman 2 on the PS2. Loved that game, and it's still a huge source of inspiration for me. But to each their own.
  14. The latest XKCD is a classic example of a strange loop: