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  1. Strange that he ever endorsed Bernie Sanders and is now endorsing someone like DeSantis. Those are almost polar opposites. It's worrisome that so many people listen to Joe Rogan and get some of their political opinions from him.
  2. Reminds me of the fact that it's fairly easy to predict that it's going to be cold next winter while it's nearly impossible to accurately predict the weather two weeks from now.
  3. That's definitely a relief. I'm not super enthusiastic about Macron personally, but he is easily preferable to Le Pen.
  4. @Yog I don't see how they're making themselves into a target. Wouldn't joining NATO make Sweden and Finland less likely to be attacked?
  5. Damn, looks like this was a really good episode. Shame I missed it.
  6. @Mosess No, there was in fact a video, but it's been made private now.
  7. @How to be wise Yeah, I didn't fact check my source properly. At the time I was not familiar with New York Post and assumed it was a reputable source. So yeah, this was just fake news.
  8. How does this prove anything? It just makes him seem even more blue.
  9. @Carl-Richard Very interesting. That reminds me a lot of what I used to be like in high school and early university, but I kinda grew out of it. People will assume all kinds of horrible things about you if you just speak your mind unfiltered, even if you don't have ill intentions, so nowadays I'm a lot more careful to contextualize everything I say. In some ways, it's a shame. I've noticed that even when I'm just thinking to myself, I try to filter the way I think to avoid thinking anything "wrong". I always try to add the right context to things, even in my own mind. It's made my thinking a lot more biased and restricted. Maybe I should try loosening up a bit. I've actually watched him for quite some time now, although I've slowly started to lose my interest in his videos. That being said, I find that he's generally good at listening to people in good faith. Occasionally I've noticed his bias being a little too strong with some of the guests he's brought on stream, but I don't think it's ever been as obvious as his video with Mrgirl.
  10. @Carl-Richard Wow, that's really interesting because I had a very similar experience. When I first listened to the debate on Vaush's stream (not the entire thing, maybe just the first 15 minutes), I just dismissed him as a typical "enlightened centrist", but once I saw the same conversation mentioned here on this forum wth Mrgirl being described as a yellow person, I decided to watch it again with different expectations. It was eye-opening how differently I perceived him on my second listen. Tier 2 thinking seems so out of place on Vaush's channel. It was also painfully frustrating how poor a job he did of actually communicating his positions effectively to Vaush. Personally, I think I see where he's coming from, but he's making it really difficult for someone who's not familiar with that style of thinking, especially with that thought experiment at the end. What was he thinking? And normally, I look at Vaush as a good faith, honest and reasonable guy, but in this video, he came across as a lot more close-minded and needlessly dismissive. It was almost like he became a different person. Pretty surreal experience.
  11. @thenondualtankie I am a pretty left-leaning person, but I wouldn't call myself an ML. May I ask you a question though? In your opinion, was the Soviet Union a democracy?
  12. @Jacob Morres In that case, I feel like they should have just removed dislikes altogether. Creators can still see how many dislikes their videos have received, so I don't think that takes away the problem of dislikes being used to bully others.
  13. @AlterEgo I get the impression you don't believe vaccines are worth taking, or am I wrong here?