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  1. Im all for it, as long as it is making your experience richer and not narrower.
  2. The sticking point with evolution is still, that there had to be something in the first place to evolve. This will never be able to be explained with any kind of theory.
  3. Dont pigeonhole yourself so much with all your models. Learn to have fun with all sorts of people, that will grow you alot. Of course you dont have to become best friends with everyone you meet or spend all your time socializing, but this is some serious nonsense here and it will only stunt your growth and make you even more alienated from other people.
  4. Its obviously just a story but I find it to be one of the better ones Its a really sophisticated scientific theory on how reality unfolds, its not making any ontological claims as to how it got here in the first place. If you dont like the arrow of causation just replace it with intelligent design, its the same mechanism only the other way around lol. Of course in the end neither is better or more true.
  5. Yellow can still fuck up badly with its grand narratives even if it integrates pre - post modernity in its worldview. Just look at Peterson or Putin. These people are clearly aware of systemic dynamics and different stages of human development but they still have a massive shadow and are lost in their perverted pursuit of reforming mankind.
  6. I had alot of the same issues come up for me, it can be quite overwhelming when all this stuff happens so fast. Weed makes me go nuts aswell All I can tell you is keep going if you find the strength for it. Handle your addictions, make your body strong and healthy (eat the right shit, exercise, get good sleep...), make sure you have healthy relationships a stable income and a life purpose that brings you joy and meaning. You will have to face madness and death at some point in this work but on the other side of it lies unspeakable beauty and strength. Hang in there brother! In the end it will all have been worth it.
  7. The biggest problem with therapists is that they have no incentive to actually "heal" you as that would lose them work and income, especially with alternative healers who are usually not getting their door run in by clients. Its the same with NGOs. If they actually did the thing they are supposed to do they would obsolete themselves. Im not saying they are consciously sabotaging the process but its just not a good setup at all. There is definitely benefits to working with one person and establishing a trustful and intimate relationship but I would honsetly set a limit of 10 sessions or something like that from the beginning, otherwise this will just create mutual dependence. In my experience there is also great benefit in working on trauma from different angles and paradigms instead of just sticking to one pet therapy, so you could just use the situation to try something new.
  8. Drop your limiting beliefs and don't be such a square.
  9. It's not about what you say or don't say. It's the confidence and gracefulness in the way in which you carry yourself that is attractive to people. Selflessness is the highest beauty.
  10. Bullshit. People will gravitate to you like moths to light if you are highly conscious.
  11. Very cool Keep the great mindset up!
  12. Don't overthink this shit so much. Learn for 90 minutes and rest for 30 and do that until you have learned what you want to learn. Everything more elaborate than this is just a waste of your time.
  13. That's the best thing you could come up with? This is about your life bro. Dream big!