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  1. I apologize for the corny Zen wisdom. I have been away for too long
  2. Intelligence is not an algorithm. In the relative domain, your priorities should be highly dynamic and context-dependent. In the absolute domain, there is of course a certain "divine order" to things, independent of the context. Knowing when to apply which, is another mark of intelligence
  3. What are you trying to achieve with those pushups? Whats the goal here? - Training willpower? Getting shredded? There are certainly better procedures and protocols you could be following to optimize your impulse-control, testosterone, dopamine, or whatever metric youre trying to target here (e.g. lifting weights, fighting, running, cold exposure, diet, talking to girls). You have the right instincts, but you are not smart about how you assert them. Whats the point of doing 500 pushups a day? Thats like skimming through 5 books a day and calling yourself an intellectual.
  4. Whats with all the pushups anyways? Youre not being smart about this whole self-improvement business. What sets apart the winners from the losers is not the amount of work they do, but the quality of it. I recommend you read "Depp Work" by Cal Newport and structure your day intelligently, instead of trying to brute force your way to success.
  5. Intelligence is having your priorites straight.
  6. Get serious about lifting weights; Learn how to fight; Start a YouTube/TikTok Channel; Get serious about your dating life Pick whatever suits you and stick with it. Dont make this overly complicated. Your mind wants this to be complicated - that way its easier not to change. Dont allow this!
  7. Taxi Driver, American Psycho, Fight Club.
  8. This might be of interest to you.
  9. Hey friends, I just had a sleepless night and this monstrosity emerged out of the recesses of my mind. I thought who better to run this by than the MBTI-Don himself @thisintegrated So, what do you think? MBTI Meta 2022.pdf
  10. Love yall. Im out boys.
  11. I'd listen to Andrew Tate or Uberboyo every day of the week over this wannabe. This is really peak shallowness. Tate was at least teaching you some virtues, but this guy is just a fucking dork. There is a point at which all this confidence and Machiavellianism starts to become unattractive and is really rather pathetic.
  12. Mainstream media is obviously biased and cherry picks the worst kind of incidents to represent psychedelics as a whole, BUT these things happen nonetheless, so beware. As far as safety measures go, I don't want to beat this dead horse any further, but even with all precautions taken, there are still no guarantees you won't lose your mind and jump from your balcony.
  13. I don't really get that. Maybe I haven't been to the same moon that you talk about, but to me it's not the kind of place you would ever want to buy a house on. Sure, it's one hell of a vacation and I can certainly appreciate that, but it's ultimately not a very hospitable place. I'm actually starting to get a little pissed off with with people claiming enlightenment, because I don't know what the fuck they mean by that. Do we call someone enlightened that has had an awakening experience in the past of what, because they sure as hell ain't awake. Would be nice if you did a video or something where you directly address this issue, because I'm starting to see it myself and it's kind of unsettling to see these people make such claims that are, as far as I'm concerned, completely arbitrary.