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  1. That's way too much. I usually take 75mg. If I really want to push it, I will take another dose of 75mg a couple of hours later. You don't want others to notice you're on drugs when you're going out. That kills all the magic.
  2. Yes.
  3. Spamming AI-generated content should get you banned from this forum.
  4. I tend to agree. I lived in Innsbruck for about a year, and it was generally the most beautiful and welcoming place I’ve ever had the privilege of calling home. I would assume Austria to be a rather hostile place for foreigners, though. I used to work there as a waiter, and even I was given a hard time by locals at times for being German. I can’t imagine an Asian person (or whatever OP’s ethnicity is) enjoying themselves all that much down there.
  5. Unless your brain chemistry is already fucked to begin with, Modafinil will make you extremely unpleasant to be around. Modafinil is basically meth - not the type of substance known for its chill and socially adept consumers. I've said it before and I will say it again: Phenibut is the ideal drug for going out. It will remove any anxiety or nervousness around social interactions and free you up to be your authentic self in any situation. Of course, you can overdo it in a way that makes it obvious you're on some kind of drug, but if you get the dosage right, no one will even notice anything (besides your immense attractiveness and charisma). You can mix it with various substances, including some stimulants, if you really want (which would only make sense in some kind of party setting). I'd highly advocate against Modafinil for that purpose though and would much rather do some bumps of coke, as desired.
  6. If you want to enjoy your coffee and make the caffeine rush smoother and more manageable, L-Theanine is what you are looking for. As far as adaptogens, such as Ashwagandha, are concerned, they do calm you down in a very helpful manner, but not in a way that synergizes with caffeine the same way L-Theanine does. They are still worth experimenting with, and I would recommend using a variety of different adaptogens to test which ones you respond to best. You could also check out Neurohacker Collective's nootropic stack named "Qualia Resilience," which is designed specifically for enhancing mental resilience and induces a very calm kind of focus (and includes L-Theanine and Ashwagandha amongst a bunch of other synergistic substances).
  7. To be fair, this is true for the entire liberal West. When the most inspiring world leaders are an Argentine Anarcho-Capitalist and a Saudi Prince building a utopian Mega-City in the middle of the desert, you know we're in deep trouble.
  8. All their wealth and energy are allocated toward abstract values such as education, equity, and liberty, yet there is a complete absence of any higher vision or purpose for these means. There is nothing inspiring happening there at all; no semblance of any cultural or artistic vision or statement. The best thing they could come up with was IKEA. Think about that.
  9. I would imagine the same holds true for most educated (in the sense of the Enlightenment) Muslims around the world, which nowadays should constitute a substantial fraction of their overall population. Iran is the best example. Its leaders are among the most cunning and power-hungry people on earth, yet by performing their little song and dance now and again, they convince millions of naive fundamentalists that they are of their own kind.
  10. The exception, of course, being fundamentalists - but they are very rare in Western democracies. Even the most devout Muslims, when pressed, will concede that holding the teachings of the prophets as absolute truth is ultimately about Utilitarianism and their personal belief in the superiority of Muslim values (not their actual ontological supremacy). No Muslim living in the West could claim the writings in the Quran to be the "Absolute Truth" with a straight face.
  11. As far as Muslims in the Western world, there is not much substance to that. I have numerous Muslim friends and colleagues and have always had them; I even spent about a year working in a Turkish restaurant. I have been immersed in their everyday lives, their family lives, their weddings, their celebrations... Ultimately, most of it boils down to autopoietic meme propagation, where each generation is indoctrinated into a certain set of beliefs and habits. They adopt these practices out of fear of punishment from their elders, and so on. Meanwhile, nobody genuinely believes any of this stuff, nor have they arrived at it through any form of spiritual insight. This is no different from the naive materialism or hegemonic liberalism that is so prevalent in the modern West. Nothing special (let alone spiritual) going on here.
  12. Biden's ideological stubbornness is far more damaging than Trump's narcissism. He's also literally senile. If anything, Trump's childish need to be liked and respected by everyone has led to many positive international relations, while Biden is alienating everyone who is not part of the liberal West. We need another Trump term to accelerate towards global multipolarity, followed by someone who can lead the U.S. towards a new identity that is neither global hegemony nor radical nationalism.
  13. Also, the EU won’t just allow any punk to come and live here. If you're not an EU citizen, you need to have already landed a good job here or have a significant net worth to even be allowed in.
  14. I don't know much about Malta. I'd imagine it would be more hospitable towards foreigners and generally more enjoyable (good weather, lots of international tourism, etc.). You will still need to bring serious skills to the table to make it there; low-hanging fruit would include skills related to the financial sector (good grasp of economics, people skills, being fluent in lots of languages, etc.). This could actually work out in your favor, if you are fluent in English and say Hindi and have the necessary soft and hard skills, you could pursue a career in banking and position yourself to consult with wealthy Indian clients. It’s a big „if,“ though.
  15. Seems like a good core stack for beginners, as far as the ingredients go. It's rather cheap, though, which makes me question the quality of the ingredients. I'd stick to Schmachtenberger's Qualia Life and supplement the other vitamins, if need be. The Qualia supplements are way more holistic and ambitious in their scope than Johnson's anti-aging craze, anyway.