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  1. More empathy = more ways to psychologically exploit and manipulate others = profit. In all seriousness - I'm actually a very nice and empathetic person behind all the madness.
  2. This guy reduced his age by 5 years in 7 months leveraging cutting edge science and technology. Considering that life was able to bootstrap itself from virtually nothing, it is not so hard to imagine an organism staying alive forever with the right medical interventions.
  3. That's fair. So, I have the bodily sovereignty to leverage synthetic biology to biohack myself into the Übermensch and mogg all you pathetic mortals, yes?
  4. Where do you draw the line? Do you allow parents to abort a pregnancy, if it's clear that the child is going to be severely disabled? What about wearing a condom or being on birth control, when you don't want to have a baby? "Firmly disagreeing with eugenics" is a big nothing burger.
  5. The court decided, youre definitely mentally retarded - so, can we dispose of you now?
  6. I consider you mentally retarded, so are you cool with me killing you?
  7. No one was talking about a Stalinist revolution. Obamacare is precisely such a subversion of American ruling ideology of "every man is steward of their own destiny;" "don't tread on me" and so on. He even calls himself a Hegelian (the "History is awakening of Absolute Spirit through thesis-antithesis-synthesis" guy).
  8. Evolution works by mutations, of which 99% spectacularly fail and 1% spectacularly succeed. Thats all there is to it. The holism comes into play, with the mutations having to confer some kind of advantage in the broader environment, in which survival takes place.
  9. So youre collapsing everything into some lowest common denominators. This is literally why Zizek calls this modernist notion of wisdom "conformist." What about the 1% on either side of this distribution of syntheses? They get marginalised Evolution works by way of mutations and so quite fundamentally, your own project tells you, that its in that 1% that real progress is found If you want to play it safe, stay in your modernist paradigm of proving everything beyond a shadow of a doubt - but dont expect exceptional results from that.