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  1. Why do you read? It should be because you have some kind of problem or question and youre looking for answers. You will not forget something that youre directly seeking out. When reading becomes just another habit and youre working through a big list of books, is when it becomes a liability.
  2. As far as Pop songs go, this one has it all: Super catchy Sexy Progressive as fuck Cutting-edge production Caroline Polachek is such a treat.
  3. Share songs that are close to perfection; ideal; archetypal.
  4. A good start would be to stop fighting against your own biology in the name of "mental clarity."
  5. I don't know what you're running away from. Being a man, maybe?
  6. Oh please. Your shit posts here are the definition of cheap dopamine.
  7. And what do you do when you have a girl? Stop creating? This is a shitty strategy and I doubt that it is much more than placebo anyways. Everyone reading this sorry ass bullshit can clearly see that you're just coping - maybe take the hint?
  8. You think I'm making this up? It should be obvious that repressing your sexuality can not lead to anything positive. Something is off in your epistemology, if you actually believe being so full of cum that you're about to burst is giving you "mental clarity."
  9. You're quite the character yourself. Goggins said that he found peace years ago; but this is his life's work, so what do you expect him to do?
  10. I did it for 3 months a few years ago - got me all jacked up from being too horny, and I made some dumb decisions because of it. Also, you're completely messing up your relationship to sex. A friend of mine once did this for 6 months. His balls were so swollen and knotted, by the time he got to the doctor and had his balls untangled, they told him a few more days and they would have had to amputate them. Just be a man and accept that you have a dick, for fuck's sake.
  11. ??? As far as I can tell, freemasonry is the western equivalent of Tantra Yoga - left-hand spirituality with all sorts of wacky occultist rituals.
  12. Come on man. Goggins is a beautiful human being with a good heart - he's dedicated his life to help others find greatness in themselves. What is there to judge?
  13. There is a lot of high art in Naziism. That does not mean I support their philosophy as a whole. I couldn't care less how this reflects on me. People love to talk a big game about open-mindedness, but as soon as shit gets ugly they act like the sheep they are deep down.
  14. Im not saying Andrew Tate is a good man or a profound thinker, but the image he has created is pure art - its not my problem that you people are too narrow minded and stuck up to see this.