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  1. “My” “experience” 24/7 is as @RMQualtrough describes. There is no one. “Thoughts” and “writing” still appear. Really they are just appearance though, and taxonomically indistinct from anything else. ”Remember” is a misnomer. There is no remembering. There is only appearance. Really all words are just “blah blah”. Including this.
  2. Nothing changes after death. You are very literally already dead. To the extent the ownership-taking / seeking energy has not dissolved, "you" will keep attaching yourself to other apparent objects. How'd you like to live 100 years as a window? A week as a piece of toast? Or another stint as a human? Go for it. This is "reincarnation". Take salvia for a preview. Enlightenment is the recognition that there is no you and there never was, and gets "you" off the wheel of seeking and attachment forever.
  3. "Why?" is to separation what dopamine is to boredom. Similarly addictive, and a very temporary fix. "Why?" is useful for dream characters to go about their dream business. In truth there is no why. Enlightenment exposes such a notion as merely a dream.
  4. @RMQualtrough Neo Advaita language seems to be about exhausting the sense of self, as it gives it absolutely nothing to hold on to. It is designed to be maximally frustrating and maddening. An impenetrable wall of reality. Neo Advaita recognises that the self will otherwise try to apply or utilise new "valuable information" in its quest for enlightenment, which of course just keeps the illusion going.
  5. Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, Weak men create hard times. A lot of this is going to change over the coming decade. We're in for some seriously hard times. Professional victimhood simply won't be seen the same way. It will be an unaffordable luxury.
  6. There is understanding of Advaita (rare) and misunderstanding of Advaita. That is all. Enlightenment actually has nothing to do with facets or concepts or realisations. Ultimately it is the complete absence of all these ego games / dream logic. All of the work anyone thinks they have done towards enlightenment is useless, and is completely without meaning.
  7. Very close. The mind doesn't exist either though. Really, "mind" is just a story about the appearance (that it must belong to something, else how could it be? But this is only dream logic) The word 'seeing' also subtly implies duality. Really it's just appearance, complete on its own, without need of seeing. There is certainly what seems to be seeing, but this is a misapprehension borne of whatever self remains.
  8. There is no mind. There is no interaction. There is only the appearance. This. Actually, noone is thinking about this or seeing this. It's just appearing as it is, complete and undivided.
  9. You can't be enlightened if you know what enlightenment is. You can't be enlightened if you don't know what enlightenment is. There is what seems to be enlightenment, and it is without a you. Really, there is no enlightenment, and there is no you. There is only this. If the self begins to form concepts around it, it becomes part of the personal storyline, part of the dream.
  10. It's sort of the other way around. If you are not enlightened, you may think you know truth. But enlightenment is not knowing, and not being able to know.
  11. Right. Appearance can appear as "knowing", just as it can appear as "experience". But both are just appearance. As such, "knowing" is a misapprehension. It has no value and no meaning. In a particularly weird dream, a penis glued to the forehead is the deepest attainable truth. The dream characters all think to themselves "Look, we know that a penis glued to the forehead is the deepest truth! Until you realise this you have not truly awoken!"... but their belief is no more profound than "blah blah blah". None of it has any meaning beyond the self-serving logic of the dream. Including this. This post is exactly equivalent to "blah blah blah". All talking, all writing, all thinking... everything... is meaningless.
  12. @Thought Art I don't know anything. That's the meta bit. Chasing states of any kind is to be diving ever deeper into the dream.
  13. Hmm. Enlightenment is a once and done thing. “God realisation” (deeper and deeper trips) is an endless journey wherein the ego remains fully intact and is even amplified. They are quite opposite things. One is a type of scientific exploration. The other is meta. Enlightenment is not really a state. It is in fact the end of all subjective experience.