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  1. i desire to understand world economy and money system fundamentally. i'm ready to invest 100+ hours into it. is there a guy or resource or book that teaches this stuff in leo's style ?
  2. I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere, Imagination, life is your creation. top 10 solipsism hints we were too horny to notice
  3. hold up this isn't a marketing tactic for your upcoming Awakening course right?
  4. tbf not every random loser who uses 5meo experiences what leo can today
  5. have you elaborated upon it in some other post?
  6. and what can a fork in the eye do to the awareness. people are attached to their human self and it's future . they cant even let go of it when death becomes inescapable in a situation, let alone in their everyday lives.
  7. ohhhhhhhh! btw your bryon katie quote is so profound
  8. good counter argument master but give it to other people. stab me while I'm asleep and I'm pretty sure I'll die with a smile ,forgiving you and in aww of this mysterious infinite genius existence.
  9. its a sensitive topic so maybe he's holding back his deepest insights on it
  10. @Leo Gura pardon me master but pain being "negative" "evil" "bad" "unpleasant" IS a concept isn't it. In my direct experience I've conditioned my mind to enjoy the pain authentically when i punch my thighs , what I'm enjoying is Being , Existence . every experience is God right , still we are picky about our experiences. we want heaven not hell, we want pizza not vegetable soup. strict metaphysical context.
  11. "suffering" comes into the picture when we forget that all seperation is illusion.