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  1. @Loba care to elaborate? This sounds genuinely interesting. I mean your sense of self is all you have.. how would you know if you were experiencing another bubble.
  2. @Moksha solipsism /ˈsɒlɪpsɪz(ə)m/ noun the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. I think the confusion is when people confuse the small self and the big Self! Also, I think everyone interprets the definition different. In saying that, I think Solipsism is a great word. Find me a better word that describes the comprehensive nature of self, other and mind then we can throw away solipsism.
  3. @Moksha real/unreal just another duality that collapses into singular. What he's saying is, I am the only conscious being in the universe which is infact Absolute Truth. The God 'I' cosplaying as the human 'I'. Non duality 101 really...
  4. @How to be wise how so? 😂 It's a pretty accurate description if you ask me
  5. Pretty much eh. You will probably go full circle eventually if you keep peeling the layers back. I remember hearing frank young or someone saying that it's just a matter of what kind of problems do you want, I resonated with that. The dualistic ones or oneness implications
  6. @Virgo yes and no Sir. All states of consciousness are equal. You are decieving yourself and for a good reason. Some people need awakening, some don't. When you need to awaken you will, thou cannot force awakening. In saying that, try 150ug at your own peril
  7. @Nahm dude you're so conscious it cracks me up. I know when I'm about to read one of your posts I have to decipher it like the da Vinci code 😂
  8. Dude it's just a vaccine, do yourself a favour and get it already. No need to make a spiritual topic about it. Anyways it Christmas soon, hallelujah.
  9. How much do I trust God? I dunno... I kinda like my life. It's mine...... My precious. It belongs to me!
  10. @SQAADThe paradox with understanding infinity, is you don't actually want to understand infinity. The reason why is because infinity means there is no other, it's a switch in consciousness when you grasp I don't exist. So you will continue to imagine this boundary between us. My suggestion is to just enjoy life and if you're seriously interested in truth, take a psychedelic alone and contemplate what I just said.
  11. @Virgo yes. You are conscious of it right now. But to keep the idea that you are a self, and I say this quite literally- you will deny that 'other' is not you. You are awareness. Think back to a time when anything happened, ever. Notice that's something you are aware of now. That's what you are. The screen of consciousness
  12. @Virgo total emptiness=infinite consciousness You are awareness, everything appears(contents) within your consciousness/awareness. The body mind is held within your awareness. DMT is held within your awareness. Total emptiness, is conscious awareness. In other words, you cannot die. You are Atman brother
  13. @Wilhelm44 not sure what Frank means by transcend the creator???. You are the conscious creator of your reality. You are Atman. You are that. Anyways, Oneness is God's ego. It's a joke basically, because God's ego and "your" ego are identical.
  14. Ummm.. go to a Dr maybe?..
  15. @Leo Gura Leo I do have a question in regards to your opinion of the traditional Non dual path and consciousness. Rupert Spira is clearly a highly intelligent, conscious teacher from what I can tell and he also has nil experience in psychedelics. As we are aware, the levels of God consciousness and Non-duality you can reach with the aid of psychedelics seem to be impossible from a sober/human state of consciousness. Do you find the traditional methods of silencing the mind and self-inquiry are useful anymore? Rupert really does seem to come across as highly conscious of God, Love and Non-dualism. Would you consider him an example of someone who maybe has a high baseline of consciousness?