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  1. 99% of people on the forum just want to perpetuate the sense of self! It just can't be "this" lol. It has to be something else! It's so funny when you get it. It really is like you have been searching for your glasses everywhere, but they're on your head. There are no awake people!!!! 😂
  2. It's difficult, initially, but you need to discover that thoughts are just... Thoughts. Don't take thoughts personally as if they actually mean anything about You. Discover what's true, here and now, where are these thoughts?
  3. How old are you? Sounds like a pretty normal thing that most people go through in early 20s man. It takes a few years to figure out who you are and what makes you happy. I would recommend exercising daily. Running/lifting, eating well, getting good sleep. Taking care of your basic needs first. Spend some time in solitude going for long walks.
  4. There's a fine line between grasping the concepts and experiencing what they point too. The self that think it's "enlightened" is the ego self. Personally I wish I was told to drop all concepts from the beginning and meditate(let go), my journey would have been alot less painful. Filling the mind with concepts, stories, and relative truths counterintuitively slow your progress and create resistance. It's a tricky one because if no one tells you that you're God, would you ever investigate and deconstruct your identity? I don't know.
  5. Leo, what it is like to be fully 'God Realised' in everyday life? Would you say that life is relatively better knowing God all the time, so to speak? I still cling to illusion/separation due to being afraid of life losing all meaning & purpose. I don't like the idea of being eternal and having zero choice in the matter, lol. So much, that I've stopped the inquiry. But I miss those states of higher consciousness/ Love.
  6. Have you considered teaching? Your posts are on point man! Always love reading your comments and they always resonate with my experience.
  7. Good for you man. I wish you all the best and I hope that your heart stopping helps people to wake up.
  8. Why do call yourself a fool? So "conscious" of you. And there's no conscious people either. You have been either mislead or not actually awoken.
  9. How can you say I have confirmed Solipsism and then go on to say Martin Ball is not awake. Do you understand how contradictory that statement is? Lol
  10. Well that's my point, how is understanding truth? A me that knows the truth, is that not the ego?
  11. But if God is you/I. Then isn't understanding a duality? God and something it can understand?
  12. @Leo Gura he posted this a couple of days ago where he explicitly says you are God. His overall message from what I understand is: 1. You are God 2. You have always been God and since God is infinite and not two, knowing God is just another thought of the separate self. 3. Through allowing thoughts to settle via meditation, the true nature of your being is seen clearly (not knowing, since knowing something is a duality). Could you please clarify where exactly your world views align and where you believe this to be misleading? https://youtu.be/xzlAFNsmm08
  13. When I say survive, I mean the desire for needs to be met and things to go your way in life. What I'm asking is if reality is an illusion and you can't die, why have the desire to survive? If you're conscious it's an illusion why would you care about anything? Do you think this is what keeps us dreaming?
  14. What about desire to survive? If you were truly conscious of yourself as God, why be limited? This isn't a nihilistic question btw. I'm genuinely curious what your thoughts are.