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  1. @Fearless_Bum yeah but when the veil is lifted and you can see what's beyond "ordinary life" and then you come back and try to talk about what was seen. How can you do that without concepts and beliefs? Otherwise why use the words such as love, unity, God, oneness as pointers, or why say anything at all? It's all conjecture and concepts if we want to boil it down to that?
  2. @NahmI appreciate your reply man. But where am I going wrong here. If we are not God, one/infinite mind. Then what are we?
  3. @Consilience well I mean of course it's conceptual. How else can I explain myself without concepts? We are talking in language. Dualistic language. A separation WE create no? Anyways, what's the difference between meditating all day and doing something else you enjoy? Isn't this all just divine perfection and self-love anyway? We are God after all.
  4. @dearleo123 this has nothing to do with Leo my friend and honestly man, part of me wishes what you said was true. I think what your saying is good and we do need people like yourself; people who play an important part in keeping us drawn further into the illusion of life. It's actually quite cute and makes me chuckle how self deceived we can be as a society. However, psychedelics will reveal all of YOUR fictional beliefs and YOUR lies and deep down you know this. And yes, I'm not claiming to know "The Truth". If I did, I wouldn't be here talking about it would I. It's a paradox which either way you will realize on the day your physical body diminishes or the day you awaken and that's your choice. I'm not an unhappy person and my question was directed at people who have actually awoken. I'm not sure why you're on this forum if you think what's being said is nonsense! You seem to waste alot of time here! Time you will never get back, remember? 😉
  5. @Tyler Durden exactly man. That's my point though. The seeking is the biggest illusion of it all. There's nothing to seek. It's just not the same when you know it's a fantasy! 😂
  6. @Tyler Durden find out and let me know? lol. It was clear to me that once you are fully awake you're too conscious of the illusion of others and the game of life itself. You also realize what Alan Watts meant by "once you get the message hang up the phone". It's all just spiritual ego shit man. I am you, you are me. Zero separation apart from the though attachment and belief in it being so.
  7. @Yarco there is no separation to begin with! 😂 That's the illusion of the separate self. There is none. But if you were conscious of this you would be dead.
  8. @Javfly33 You're not in reality, you ARE reality, including everyone and everything. What you're actually doing is playing a game with yourself to create an identity because if you didn't you would be dead. You play these games like "I am less than reality", as a mechanism for your survival.
  9. In your experience have you found that becoming more conscious or more Self-aware has improved your life? In my recent awakening all I wanted was to go back to sleep and back into the illusion of life? The more awake/conscious I've been, the universe seems to lose its wonder and mystery.. and everytime I do "awaken", I tell myself to stop seeking as I know it's just a game I'm playing on myself and I'd rather actually be "asleep" or ignorant. I feel like I've seen enough to intuitively know that I'm everyone, everything and immortal but what now? What's the purpose of pursuing any further? When there's no one else to awaken what's even the point. Seriously?
  10. @Vincent S yeap just had this last night. It's all just a game and illusion you're playing on yourself. There's nothing to seek. Nowhere to go. For me the seeking is over now. I've seen enough for now and I want to enjoy the illusion of other, isn't that what life is about!!!? Doing stuff because it feels "good". The terrifying thing is that it's eternal! Infinite! To the ego that sounds fun and great but the actuality of it is maddening.
  11. @Salvijus @Salvijus and that right there Sir is how you keep yourself asleep.
  12. @Leo Gura do you still have a bias against death? Or would you say it has significantly diminished to where can put your consciousness on to the reality it doesn't actually exist.
  13. @Terell Kirby @Terell Kirby and when one perspective is imagined or "on", what does that make the other perspectives?