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  1. Contemplation and self inquiry while tripping. If you trip enough, you are pretty much guaranteed to awaken.
  2. If there truly is no free will, LOA doesn't really make sense. The Absolute will just dream whatever it wants and unfold however it wants. The LOA is just waking up to whatever IS.
  3. There's survival and there's truth seeking. Truth seeking can be another mechanism for survival in my opinion. However, as you get closer to the flame of God, you realize quickly the Truth is the end of survival and thus death. Death of identity. Ego is identity, thought attachment. Once you are left with no needs you realize what you essentially are is consciousness itself, unbounded selfless, eternal. Needs to belong and survival are of the finite, fictional character that consciousness cosplays as to have duality and a self (the dream). If these needs were not so strong you would awaken.
  4. The God? Ya know, the one and only. Godhood is all states. You say that as if I'm separate from you and that God's will is not already perfect and complete. Oh and if you actually awaken to that degree you will realize there's no difference between a psychedelic awakening vs meditation. Except maybe the psychedelic will send you there 0-100.
  5. What happens after you realize your God is that everything merges into one blob of luminous colours, shapes and sounds with no perceiver, just the experience without subjectivity. Your whole body shakes and you explode into a metaphysical orgasm and you can't tell the difference between yourself and other humans. This if your resistant to it like me, this freaks the fuck out of the ego then after awhile you go back to believing in selfs and separate selfs.
  6. Infinity goes on for eternity. The awakenings are infinite and it never ends, so it doesn't matter. Awakening is not actually better or less than not Awakening imo. Why would an omniscient being dream in the first place?
  7. And my destination whether I like it or not would be complete God Realization I'm guessing? 😂
  8. Makes sense. So what role does contemplation play then? if infinite cannot know finite. Or... If the map is not the Territory, what point is there in discussing, conceptualizing and building this "map". Seems like a great way to stay asleep create separation/distance from Truth?
  9. Is this actually possible? God is absolutely one. So can I or "we" actually be conscious of God without losing the "I" identity? The self/other duality. Like, I've done a bunch of trips, had a bunch of enlightenment experiences but here we are. Talking concepts of God. To who? Nobody/myself according to my 'thoughts' about prior experiences. So, again if this is true, then this is a complete joke? Concepts are only gonna muddy the waters. Is this just a fucking game? This whole awakening thing... This illusion of self and other. The "I"... Seeking God from a dualistic paradigm. Impossible? Chasing your own tail basically it seems.. "life" as it is, actually is only possible to be experienced through human, finite mind?@VeganAwake
  10. @Matthew85 lol what does it matter? By definition, God is perfect. If I do or I don't, it's the same. But just to clarify no, I'm not falling into that trap, although sadly many here are and have. @Leo Gura why teach then? If you have become so conscious of Gods perfection, there's literally no reason for you to teach lol. I'm guessing it gives you life purpose/you enjoy it.
  11. @Leo Gura if everything is God's Will, does that mean there's literally no point trying to control anything, by definition? Which also means that if God will awaken, God will awaken. Hence there is nothing but God's will.
  12. So if I can't stand to be alone, then why do you say God Realization is the best thing ever?
  13. So then why does everyone else claim to have an experience etc. If I was to claim right now that you are all NPCs, I would get shot down and called delusional. So why is everyone talking here if there's no other finite minds? You're either A. The same God/Self living a life concurrent to my life and somewhere throughout infinity I live your life Or B. Completely imaginary/projection and my own self teaching me to awaken and not living a life concurrently with me. Can you please clear up this confusion for me? Also why do so many of the non-dual community claim that the ego is completely nothing. I.e "nothings happening, the entire ego identity is illusory" "that's thought attachment" etc... There's seems to be some conflict with your teachings and the typical non dual stuff. Thanks Leo