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  1. @OBEler Thanks for your message. Not many people to get multiple prostatic orgasms? No doubt... But the obstacles are the same as on the path to awakening: expectations, beliefs, willpower, lack of letting go... It's normal to try for months before getting results. Psychedelics can help, but are not necessary. Nor is kundalini a necessity, even if having your energies harmonized with a few 5-MeO experiences can't hurt! But let's stick to 5-MeO and Master Eckhart!
  2. Hello everyone, I don't actively participate in the forums, as I'm not a native English speaker, and I often feel that it's not necessary to add interventions that are, quite often, egotically colored. A long time ago I wrote a message that I hoped would meet with a little more interest on prostatic orgasms, which are infinitely good and amazing, and I was a little surprised, not to say disappointed, by the overall level of closure and beliefs on a forum that aims to be at the forefront of experimentation and reflection on many subjects. Anyway... I'm venturing out again today, on a completely different subject, to humbly share what's been accompanying me for the past few weeks in my experiments with 5-MeO. To share with you what has deepened my experience the most, in this case a phrase from Master Eckhart that seems to me to be the ultimate guide: God must die. Going into the infinitely expansive dissolution of 5-MeO with this last thought transforms every idea and clinging of what God could be. And so He can manifest Himself in His full infinite nature. People like Leo probably don't need this, but anyone wondering how to access God-realization could find it a real help. And I can't help putting up a picture of Master Eckhart, full of gratitude for allowing me to be him and then God in this ultimate understanding, full of admiration for a being who has reached total understanding without 5-Meo... Curious to know the results of your experiments!
  3. I posted a few months ago about my experience with prostate orgasms. It is incomprehensible to me to read such extreme reactions. Men are terrorized by the idea of becoming homosexuals! This is the sad reality and this fear deprives them of the most unimaginable pleasures... https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/74517-sexuality-spirituality-prostate-orgasm-and-5-meo-mipt/
  4. @Armand You can't imagine dissociating orgasm and ejaculation, because that's what we've always experienced and considered immutable... The Taoists have known this for a long time. You can read for example "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia. This is the approach he masters. Personally, I am not able to do it... But during prostate orgasms, the penis is not involved at all, so this difficulty does not arise...
  5. @Leo Gura You are technically right, it is a form of masturbation. But concretely, when you discover multiple orgasms (emotional, energetic, spiritual) which can last several hours and by completely dissociating the orgasm from the ejaculation, it ends up appearing as an experience which has nothing to do with jerking off... It is perhaps the primary identification of men with their penis that is the reason for an unconscious fear of embarking on this exploration.
  6. @Leo Gura Isn't it an assumption until you experience it? For all the men who have had this experience, it is not a slight variation, but a paradigm shift...
  7. @Leo Gura Maybe your need to jerk off would be transformed by experiencing prostate orgasms...
  8. @Breakingthewall I would say that there is not one type of orgasm, but a whole hierarchy. I presented these specificities in my first post. For example, I have experienced orgasms of pure loving contemplation, spiritual orgasms of unity with the other, emotional orgasms, energetic orgasms with my partner, all without even penetration. The very concept of orgasm should be reviewed in relation to the temporality and limitations of the "traditional" orgasm.
  9. @Tyler Durden These are two completely different worlds. In intensity, duration, emotion, approach, character... It is an extremely enriching paradigm shift and a true path of exploration that confronts one's imaginary limits, the unimaginable resources of the body and mind and also a spiritual dimension.
  10. Of course... But like you, I would find it very difficult to resign myself to not living or knowing a union on a sexual, emotional, metaphysical and spiritual level with a woman. I was really close to that this summer with my partner, but I think we each had to deal with residuals on personal levels and also experienced a kind of ego backlash... I am experiencing this prostatic exploration as much as a personal exploration as a total opening to levels that will allow me to hopefully meet my partner in this "tantric" and spiritual space...
  11. First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my native language... I have been watching Leo's videos for several months now and in the last few days I have watched the two long interviews of Leo by Curt Jaimungal. I was very touched by their depth and the truth, frankness and generosity of both. After having received so much, I feel it is time and right to share my own path and experience that can probably bring a lot to this community as these issues have never been addressed in these countless forum posts. First of all, a few words about my path. I am 48 years old and it has been 10 years since I discovered psychedelics. My first experience with mushrooms (3.7g) was a turning point in my life. I had a very strong call for truth and transcendence for a long time, but the death of the ego, the infinite love was beyond anything I could imagine. I didn't know how to integrate it all, but synchronicities caused me to get my hands on a book by Jean Klein (master of Francis Lucille, himself master of Rupert Spira). Everything began to make sense... For several years, psychedelic experiences remained few and far between, even though my interest in these substances became extreme. Life as a couple with a child is not always easy... Since the beginning of this year everything has accelerated. I have been exploring almost weekly with 5-MeO-DMT, gradually increasing the doses, vaporized for a long time, and recently plugged. This exploration was done with my partner, with whom I have lived for 21 years. This has given rise to some wonderful moments of unity, but also a lot of ego backslash. For my partner, it also led to the recognition that she had been abused by her father as a child. Our sexuality has always been both full of exploration and at the same time very complicated (we understand this with what has been revealed). We were lucky enough to be able to make love with all sorts of psychedelics. I have been on the verge (especially in the last few months) of achieving a love and sexual union where everything is united, where there is no more other, no more personal desire, and where love and sexuality are totally united. But my partner could never really give herself up. This led me to two realizations: LEO, in your 2nd video with Curt, there is a form of cynicism and disillusionment when you say that sex is masturbation. Yes, in 95% of cases and maybe even more. But this is not the ultimate point, nor a fatality, even if this path of non-dual abandonment in sexuality is very delicate in couples! All this path, bringing together deep calling, explorations, frustrations but never resignation, led me to find an extremely beautiful territory: prostatic orgasms. I discovered this possibility a few months ago by chance while reading. It is a path that makes total sense with the non-dual path: the personal will and the ego in general is its own limitation. It is a real meditation in which I was able to discover not only multiple orgasms of unimaginable intensity, a variety of different orgasms, whole body, oceanic, or spiritual. When I speak of meditation, it is that there is only observation by welcoming all that presents itself. I have been exploring lately with low doses of 5-MeO-MiPT and it turns out to be totally unimaginable: it is not even sensuality or extreme eroticism anymore, but at its most intense, non-dual orgasms where the universe enjoys through the body. Or rather, the body not separated from an orgasmic universe... However, this prostatic exploration must be seen as a paradigm shift from orthodox male sexuality. It is a change of inner position, of receptivity, of attitude towards the body and it can take months or even years to access these Super-orgasms. It's crazy to think that so few men know about these unsuspected resources. As with psychedelics, we can think and hope that within a few decades this will be recognised, shared and accessible! There is already a very active community with many men very committed to sharing this knowledge and guiding those who are starting out. The main resources are here: http://wiki.malegspot.com/index.php?title=Main_Page https://www.aneros.com/community I can only encourage you to explore... the path is beyond anything we can imagine and, beyond our own expansion as men, it is certainly the most beautiful way to return to women with a whole new attitude, understanding and sharing... I hope many of you will take the step...