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  1. After the Winds of Winter gets released most likely.
  2. Ideonella sakaiensis has the ability to break down some components of plastic from what I understand. Waiting earnestly for a probiotic based on it to possibly enter the market.
  3. Wished more people would work in a FDA-regulated manufacturing job for a year or so, might open their eyes a little about how the distribution of medical devices, drugs, etc. actually works. If the "eViL bOaRd members" "don't care" about the quality, safety and efficacy of the products, then why in a blue-collar job manufacturing the things, are you disciplined for not following quality regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices - GPM? Built these from 2015-2018. Trust me - the FDA actually has an influence on medical manufacturers. The FDA does audits on these manufacturers, and so the manufacturers always try to be on their best footing regardless of what internet memes about them say. They're too busy pumping these things out to care about the "FDA being corrupt". The FDA being around actually causes a positive feedback loop within the company. And the people on the ground care about quality too. Why? Partially because they cared about what they make, partially because the board members indirectly told them to. Also, there's a vast "hierarchy" of people that work on the quality of these products. The board members don't use a magic wand to will the products into existence. It's a long chain of events by many different players.
  4. Yes of course, it's frighteningly easy to just jam to music for hours and do light contemplation or introspection, or just mental masturbation philosophizing, thinking you're being meta. But it's not heavy duty stuff; the real challenge is to get that long-term inner peace from non-music sources. So while I love my music, I do feel a little ambivalent about just how rewarding it is to listen to, and you never really did "much" in a sense. Though it's good to just relax sometimes of course.
  5. Basically you can infer that without vaccinations, the "green" line, would go astronomically high and break the graph had vaccines not been administered (alongside other public health measures like masks & social distancing).
  6. The mental collective infrastructure for taking Vaccine version 5.0 literally does not exist unless the mental collective infrastructure ofr taking Vaccine version 1.0 takes root. Version 5.0 might exist, but it'll exist because other people carried your ass and because you placed value on them as guinea pigs in your subconscious psyche in this context. This is a further distortion of what actually happened because in the real world there were trials, which everyone has collectively chosen to forget. It's similar to how you wanna wait for a yacht when your homies are busting their asses on a canoe. The yacht won't get created unless people people hop on the canoe.
  7. If you take just the audio then sure its argument has some merit as an analysis of what happened historically; however, its illustrations lead its viewers to believe that it's hinting at the Coronavirus "plandemic" vapid nonsense. Also taking in the video description, AfterSkool is being a little intellectually dishonest here. AfterSkool has some good content I think, but its clear that they're very hit and miss. It's deeply irresponsible to depict such dystopian imagery in a video where the aim is supposedly to uplift humanity. I never got how is it that they aim to uplift humanity but then depict other people as slimy overlords. Clearly very little foresight or self-awareness.
  8. Climate change is basically analogous to that time when you got an errand to do. You have to leave the house by 11am but you're reading a really good book and want to finish it before you head out in your car to your destination, where the car is flying out of the neighborhood at 35-40 mph, endangering people in the neighborhood because of your poor time management skills. Which I did a lot when I was 16 ngl. And it caused a lot of stress because I knew, subconsciously, that I could run someone over, but I was too engrossed in my book or game. What if I ruined my whole life just because I wanted to finish two paragraphs in a book I would forget 2 years later? The potential exists, but the brain catastrophizes a lot - usually in most cases you'll complete your errand with no problems as long as you're not too stupid about it. And in most cases the brain knows when to leave the front door at "the last moment." while still retaining a sliver of safety. All of life is just dancing on the edge--massive change has no other mechanism to move than a looming catastrophe. And I believe what Leo is getting at is that while the ego likes to fuck around, at the end of the day if its survival is threatened, or if it's 10:59 and you gotta go do your errand, it's time to fucking move and no more procrastination will be performed. The body will move and you'll be on your way. Probably if you could this experiment with the same person with similar circumstances, the person would sometimes leave at 10:52, 10:54 or 10:39, all with different experiences. You could say, the person should always leave at 10:39, but what if reading the book for some additional information was pertinent to the task that you were setting out to do at 11am, and the additional ten minutes of reading helped the person? Given the vastly differing conceptions of what "climate change", "civilization" and "humanity" all mean or signify, I think you can compare the person preparing to leave at 11am as simultaneously doing a mix of donkey shit and legitimate work to prepare what they have to do at 11am (if such a thing were possible in 10 minutes). We're in a collective phase of a knowledge acquisition, nothing new. I'd also add that I think the collective ego has a very buried, occluded element of hubris where it likes to see how far it can push the envelope before getting screwed over. This is definitely in society's shadow that it will never acknowledge. I see a lot of people saying they like to see "what [stupid things] they can get away with". Because if you can get away with something it leads to a feeling of satisfaction and you "win", and if you messed up and you failed, it's ok -- your ego was only messing around after all. So you can tell yourself you won either way. What do you think climate deniers when climate catastrophists do when it comes crashing at their door? Whatever credibility they still possess will be ripped to shreds as the words that they will spew about "not contributing to the problem" will have absolutely no influence. And that will be one more step to fixing the problem.
  9. Yes, this ^ Also while I love the videos I personally wouldn't mind having a 1 (even 2) year hiatus if it meant being able to give $$$ to read that book faster. Books are nice. :]
  10. In this case you are outsourcing the country's decision making to Donald Trump again. What happens if we don't convict and he doesn't want to create this political party? The chances of Donald Trump being succesful in the creation of his own party doesn't seem that high to me. And even if we were to lay this trap so to speak, I still feel it would be a bad idea. After so much walking in slime from Trump & friends it's time to put meaning back into the rule of law. The bandaid needs to be ripped off and he should be impeached and convicted.
  11. Reminds me of that "Modern Educayshun" youtube video that popped up five years ago and that was extremely popular with the right wing Deeply disappointing that these videos are so effective
  12. ?

  13. I think this video discounts the MAGA movement in other countries. Online, there are many foreigners who help propagate the MAGA movement online as the next best bet for fascism, and in these cases they are often more economically disenfranchised than the MAGA movement be in America. And when you see stuff like the Iranians, Russians and I believe the Chinese, that they are all stirring up the pot , I'm willing to give this argument somewhat less credit in a systemic context. America is watched closely around the world and I've talked to people on Discord who are participating in this general wave of culture. That impacts us here , you might argue spiritually or otherwise, since you can't see all the vast numbers of interactions that are taking place. Though point taken, yeah there are rich nerds supporting this movement.
  14. @Gesundheit I hope you will prioritize trying to get as much sleep as possible so that you can get the rest you need. I see the effects of people not getting enough sleep every day I work, and overjoyed when their sleep is improved. If necessary, you should see a doctor, there could be several reasons this is happening. Anyway I hope you can sleep better soon @r0ckyreed For all of your options you should monitor your energy levels after you wake up and during the day in a sleep diary. And then compare them. Since you're stuck between 9am-5pm and midnight-8 why not try something like 11pm-7? Whatever you land on, keep in mind that your chronotype can change as you get older and you should continuously monitor it. By the way, you can actually go to a sleep doctor and have a more accurate and thorough review of your chronotype through things like the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire. They might be hard to get if you don't really have sleep problems, depending on your area, but if you looked around I'm sure you could get one done. And same thing for you too, never sacrifice sleep. :]