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  1. I actually compared psyopath's intelligence's to meteor's (rock's) intelligence; I was at no point referencing IQ.
  2. I know there's a line to walk there but it is best to walk it. My brother hates the entire LGBT community and we had a falling out. I still try to send him christmas and birthday stuff because literally why not. I'm aware of this and I stand by my statement that they exhibit the intelligence facet better than they do the love/compassion facet of the universe. I think everyone has their own signature of each element of the universe despite it also being universal in a sense.
  3. ;P Can we call you a Cam sành Winter? Pretty please?
  4. The system may be clever but it will probably have gaps in it due to the fact that it is a band-aid on humanity's distorted perception of the universe. Then the system will fade and we will still experience other orange problems. It's sorta like when you hack off the top of a weed and don't pull out the roots. You can make the exterior look pretty but the weed will grow back. I think you need to add one more descriptive adjective to orange. It is certaintly not rational to eat donuts and McDonald's, but plenty of Oranges do it. Let's put it this way, even if science solved climate change, an orange society is not worth living in. (Well it is but you get my point). And it makes sense to be clever and kill two birds with one stone. Or three, or thirty.
  5. Oranges can be vegans no problemo. They can't apply energy in a systemic, holistic, and thorough way to address a problem as massive as climate change in the same way that a yellow or teal can. The yellow or teal will be much more effective.
  6. Regardless, they comprise the vast majority of naranja people. Remember also that Orange is the season of the busy bee. They're gonna be so focused on chasing material things, scientific theories, and work/money that even if they think it's rational to help the planet they will be too exhausted to do anything in that direction. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Environmentalism is a collective endeavor and these other things are individualistic. You can only apply your energy in so many places.
  7. Naranja is primarily about protecting the self, and the rich peoples are the one that are propagating much of the disinformation and ultimately much of the damage. They're also the ones that will be able to best deal with cataclysimic climate change. The vast majority of businesses (and all fossil fuel companies) do not feel that they will be hurt too badly by climate change, otherwise why pollute. Someone else will pick up the tab. Corporatism / orange in the United States is not concerned with leaving some kind of good mark on humanity. It is about advancing the welfare of people within the United States. And it is the United States that's holding up the planet the most. Most people in the U.S. think of the areas outside of the U.S. as barely different from extra-galactic planets, with extra-terrestrials that we simply have to deal with. There is no connection to them and no desire for synergy. All of this is because of nationalism. Accordingly anything that happens thousands of miles away has about as much weight as something happening thousands of light years away. Because we are better, or something =P
  8. Let's say that hardcore psychopaths have a very limited ability to mold their empathy and increase their consciousness, but that we should still try because they are fellow human beings. Let's say that they are better representatives of the "intelligent" aspect of the universe (albeit a subdued aspect of it) - they live and breathe this aspect of the universe in that they act more robotically and "without compassion" / "without regard to ego". In this narrow sense they act kinda like inanimate objects in a way - a meteor crashing into a planet does not care if it kills everyone on that planet. Note though that they still obviously human and don't deserve to be treated worse. They are life, but act a bit like non-life. Buddhists for example and psycopaths have some important similarities that are not to be overlooked. The main difference being that Buddhists arrived to their conclusions via discipline, whereas psycopaths have a subdued version of intelligence due primarily to their genetics.
  9. Think this is true, but there might be another aspect to it. I.E. OCD is both the mind trying to protect its ego, as well as destroy it. Perhaps the mind senses the inner wisdom that pain/dissatisfaction is the best impetus to be still. But, it is still wrapped in the illusion that the ego matters, The relationship between mental illness and spiritual work is multifaceted.
  10. A large portion of quiet do-nothing meditation has been great so far, but the other week I got a hallucination of wind in the trees (no trees here since it's the Sonoran Desert...), combined with children laughing and some other weird sound that idk. I never got hallucinations before but I definitely won't be doing psychedelics based on my family history of schizophrenia. My main problem is consistency but at the same time it's like way too easy for me to get to a nondual state, I feel like I'm playing with fire since I've seen how bad schizophrenia is. But at the same time, I can't go back to solely drooling over video games or books or any other hobby. I am in a pickle too :> This is so true, I was supposed to see my family psychiatrist if I got a hallucination, but for now? Naaah.
  11. Curiously, I routinely do a mix of meditation and intellectual fapping to the idea of meditating while listening to any type of music that I like. Songs like "Tool - Reflection" will do the trick, (which specifically mentions concepts like ego-death). So in this sense it is a double edged sword for me. But any song by Eminem will also do the trick as I like the concept that he is not even saying anything meaningful half of the time (by any definition), but also I find the rhymes spiritual in that they display connection between disparate ideas/concepts, even if they are about grotesque subjects. I've gotten something close to nondual experiences pretty often especially recently since I've continued meditating *without* any stimulation.
  12. @Equanimitize Like I said this topic maybe could be advanced further into Yellow/Turquoise, i just remember being on the forums where they were all trashing religious people. Overall it seemed to be like just a niche version of rationalist/humanist/scientific schools of thoughts. Science was seen as the only legitamate way to end pain, and I specifically recall people saying that they wanted to be immortal so that they could play every game ever or dedicate themselves to ending religion. I don't mean to be dogmatic about death (or morose hehehe) but it seems necessary for humanity as a whole to move up the spiral. A large percentage of the world wouldn't recognize anything *other* than death. It is worthy of more investigation though.
  13. Pretty much anything to do with transhumanism, immortalism, and life extension reeks strongly of Orange with a partial green mask (partially due to its niche status in intellectual discourse). At least so far. Can't but feel there is a little red in there too. Anyway it's basically SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE. Maybe there is a way to blend such topics with Turquoise, but personally I don't see it. I feel the universe would react strongly against the ego being immortal, it is definately an interesting topic though. I remember being 9 year old and calling transhumanists poo poo faces on their forums. I still feel the ideology makes me...sad, maybe a little less now though.
  14. I actually work for the Department of Veterans Affairs out here in a Wild West city, and I don't think it hurts your personal development too bad. There's this giant U.S. flag inside, full of blue/orange ideas propagated everywhere, and a portrait of Donald Trump when you walk in (helped me resent him a lot less somehow) I enjoy helping the vets even if I am pretty pacifist.. I'm not sure what to make of it.
  15. I'm gonna sign up for Phoenix when he puts up the thread.