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  1. Hey Leo - Not sure if this has been covered, but how do you feel about voting for an independent? Example, 2020: Trump vs Sanders vs 2-10% Independent guy (who you really really like)...
  2. Take a break, come back in a week (or less if thats too hard), and share your insights...just a thought
  3. Actually, there are about 8 billion children in the world. I love them as well... Try extending your love Leo, and you will find love within your Ego, as well as your eternal soul.
  4. This is a false statement (for me). There are experiences of a parent that are hard to put into words much like Gods love; It can't be communicated, and unless you have that experience, you will never know that type of love.
  5. Just run man, you know you want to...not sure how many old people will vote for the guy who thinks he is god though, haha
  6. I mean, personally, I would never vote for Trump. But I served my time in the military, volunteer, do good for the community...please don't tell me I should vote. "Oh you can vote for an independent or fill-in" Sounds closed minded to me. I vote to not vote as a statement.
  7. Leo - Is it possible to have a very high level of consciousness, Awoke, intelligent, and still vote for Trump in 2020? (if he is on the ballot)
  8. -In regards to the above video - this lady confuses me and it seems like she only is confirmed of her fears from another anonymous source. Please point me to some point in the video if I am mistaken. -People are fearful of their life in many situations. I have never once read an article that had so many anonymous sources, which is the backbone of her evidence. The one video you posted, uses an anonymous source as her main evidence (5:30). -Most of the anonymous sources have very similar sentence structure and grammar. -She claims she is the founder of the school Mettaversity, in which it appears maybe none of the material she is posting is hers, but rather is at best an affiliate for yoga and spirituality teachers. (I found a couple of the courses originated on the other teachers websites) -This seems like a noble cause and she could be right about it all, but it's hard to take any of it seriously.
  9. Sounds great! I'll have to send my old Republican Dad a link, lol. Personally, I follow politics closely in the news and have mostly Democratic views, but I hate the system and feel like I'm giving in if I vote.
  10. Plus no sources for the quotes, everything is anonymous? I looked at 3 articles, and not one direct source in there. It just seems exaggerated to me. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
  11. I see a big donate button at the bottom of the article, lol. I wouldn't trust Mooji or the person writing this 100%.
  12. I agree with Shaun, show me the money! Or else....just enjoy your drugs...
  13. I appreciate the upfront answer and I think what we have debated will definitely help me on my journey, so thank you.
  14. This is why it is so confusing for me. It feels like you got into this thread begging to theorize, and as soon as you are backed in a corner, you just say that you don't want to theorize. At the same time, I buy into the fact that one can't communicate Infinity, or else I wouldn't be here.. Half-truths also don't make sense to me, so that builds credibility on your side. I think I just need 5-MEO, but I have no idea where to buy, someone please shoot me a message.