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  1. @Wasem I think you made a great leap. You made the realization that you need to get out. You need to concentrate your focus a bit. As Leo said, something like, strategize your life like a motherfer. You have no pic on your profile, on a internet website, asking for marriage, or 2 years of stipend, when no one knows what gender you are. Maybe somebody will help with just that info, but you need to come up with a more focused plan. What countries can you move to? Think of the top 5, study, them, then bring your list down to 3, etc. Don't worry about a 2 year plan. Then ask, "hey-can someone help me get to xx country and maybe give me a few meals." Think of the best country you can get to, then from there, you will figure out a way to survive...most people aren't going to let you starve. Also, you have to let go of the victim mindset - I see that as a common thread in your posts. I get it - your life sucks more than most others on this site, but it will get you no where, and will just hold you back. I only say that from experience from my own personal mindset. Just do it, get the fuck out, your life is on the line.
  2. @Mikael89 You could replace "stupid" with "brilliant" every time in your post and you would have a completely different outlook - its your choice what perspective you want.
  3. Every time you do one of the negative behaviors, say "I choose to miss my mediation" or "i choose to eat McDonalds, instead of saying "I shouldn't have done____" ,after doing the behavior. It just adds to more guilt and confusion in your mind. Realize that its your nature to do certain things like this, but still work on the habit. I think working on one habit for at least a month or two makes more sense than adding many new habits.
  4. I think you are deluding yourself that you have enough power to actually create such a conflict. It sounds like a really tough situation you are in though, and I wish you the best. Just try to use all of your energy to get out, as hard as that may be.
  5. Isn't his minimum wage higher since he is older? Maybe that's the only reason why. Plus, maybe they can only pay one person the higher wage. It sucks, but just a part of the system-try not to take it personal. Many companies see people as objects, just let it be motivation for you to work for yourself as soon as possible. Also appreciate that you are 19 and not 52, working that position. He might not have had some of the same advantages you had early in life - so thats how the age based minimum wage helps balance that out just a bit.
  6. I googled what Is is, and all I got was ISIS
  7. Option 1 - get out of there/maybe help her find some stable living situation Option 2 - I would try to get her to see a therapist - once she goes, she might like it because she can talk about her supposed shitty life and someone will listen to her about it for an hour. It sounds like she is stubborn at this point, so you may have to trick her a bit. You might have to show her a lot of love-which will be hard since her response might not be great... maybe bribe her-this works on kids/older adults tremendously-although you rarely want to use it unless necessary... or tell her that you yourself need it too, and it can get you guys closer. Or even see a family therapist, and put the blame on you just to get her to go that first visit.
  8. Maybe he is trying to attract more new people he can help, so somewhat of the same message, with different keywords, while also building new ideas. Just speculating
  9. Yep, reminds me of the Jessie Smollett case. I was so mad at the people who questioned the validity of his story on the first couple days, when most believed him. Then couldn't believe he seemed to be lying, when it truth, I still have no clue. It was a good lesson.
  10. I recently went vegan (did a 2-3 month gradual shift) after eating like crap for my entire life. I thought I would miss pizza, beef sandwiches, etc., but I don't anymore. Lots of veggies and fruits, smoothies with almond milk, Oats, quinoa, couscous, lots of beans, brown rice, ... quality water, coffee-vegan creamer, tea, beet juice, light homemade lemonade... Snacks - pretzels, frozen fruit juice bars, quality tortilla chips with salsa, Multivitamin Lots of places to eat out at that have vegan options, just have to do research...
  11. Great video, thanks.
  12. There's nothing wrong with accepting help. However, if you are in any way influenced by your family in regards to your path in life, it may be much easier to free yourself of their opinions if you are not accepting money from them.
  13. Maybe arguing with the devils equates to doing tedious work, which he has done for a few years now. How long can one keep doing such work? He might be focusing his time on bigger things. There is plenty of the more foundational info on this site and his videos where he doesn't want to keep answering the same questions over and over.
  14. I like a cold shower in the early evening once in a while to help me finish the day strong.