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  1. Almond milk with calcium. There are some vegan yogurts, but can be a little chalky. Honestly, both probably aren't as tasty as their dairy counterparts.
  2. Not trying to pick on what you said, but many might have the same argument. So just trying to go one-by-one....I don't know how this is relevant....Like what does "raised" with the purpose to be stock mean exactly. Why does it matter if some human determines it is a pet or not? I'm pretty sure the pig would want to be a pet if someone with that mentality owned him. So if you had twin babies, and determined one boy would be the family jewel/lawyer, etc, and the other would the house cleaner, would that be ok to do that?
  3. Yeah so true. Was just thinking, what if there was a species half-way in between chimpanzee and humans. Where would the cutoff be? Like if you list had a chart with all species listed across, with a question of what is ok to eat or not to eat, what would the cutoff be? Ok to murder/eat? Yes or no and why? Cow Pig Chicken Dog Cat Chimpanzee HumanChimp (fictitious) Human
  4. To try to be fair...someone could say "what is the difference of the murder of humans vs the murder of insects", and i probably wouldn't have a good answer. In my mind, that answer could be that it might be something the next several generations need to figure out after animal rights are restored. Survival, I understand to a degree. Someone like Leo who eats animals for extra energy I also understand because he gives more back in worth to humanity than most others
  5. Just depends on the person. I know a few people that are addicted to work and have put in 60-80 hours a week for many years. For others, that amount of work would put someone in the grave after a year or two.
  6. What is the difference between slavery and eating meat? Both are used to benefit the self...there are alternatives to both. I agree that not eating meat could possibly reduce energy and knock a couple years off ones life. This is much like having slaves that add wealth and in turn health/lifespan to ones life. I've probably eaten more meat than most in the thread, so definitely not judging, just asking...
  7. Just playing devils advocate here, but if setting up deadly dog fights in your backyard somehow gives you more energy because thats what makes you tick, and in turn gives you a few more years on your it any different?
  8. I think you are 100% right. No way we could do the many thousands of different things that other animals could do, yet we put our abilities above theirs. Just self-biased. Humans need to gel together more, before the mass of people realize what you are saying.
  9. This is from a popular online sportsbook-I had to laugh at this. Will Trump Tweet Any Of George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words Before Jan. 1, 2020? Winner No-1000 Yes+550
  10. What??? Most children in this country are separated because of drug/alcohol addiction or mental issues that the parents have. People that come here illegally have a lot of drive and determination in order to make things better for their families because it was so bad where they came from. If they were addicted to drugs or have mental problems, migrating is one of their last concerns.
  11. Do you think sexual orientation should be equal to those(sex, religion, race,age) or no? I'm not talking about law.
  12. So if a religion discriminated against black people and their schools didn't hire them, would that be any different?
  13. Actually, most illegal immigrants work their ass off when they cross the border for close to minimum wage, so that they can send it back home. I witnessed this first hand many times as I'm sure many others can say the same. Illegally crossing the border was often viewed as a petty crime, which we turned a blind eye too because it served both parties in some fashion. What did you do to deserve getting free health care and schooling as a child? And as an adult, if you had a disability, what did you do to deserve the free benefits you received?