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  1. CNN really showed their true colors by trying to blow this petty story up as much as possible to try and create a divide between the progressive party. They are very anti Warren and Sanders, might as well be Fox News.
  2. Yes, I understand you can trace everything back to the point where its no one's/everyone's fault. But in context, many are debating that this assassination was a big blunder by Trump, even my pro-Trump parents believe this. Now, more non-Americans are dead in a place where we really don't have any business being in the first place anyways. You don't think the Canadians (I think close to half were Canadian passengers) are going to put some of the blame on Trump?
  3. Now Trump has some blood on his hands. It seems that the passenger plane killing 176 was hit by Iranian missiles. This would not have happened if he didn't decide to go after this General.
  4. Irans adviser to Iran's Supreme leader said today that it will be from Irans military against U.S. Military targets, and that they don't want any further war after they get there revenge that they think is just. If that is true, I hope the U.S. does not take any further action after that, but I don't envision that happening.
  5. Just look up the war on terrorism in response to 9/11 and see how many people have died in the middle east as a result of those wars - 500,000 people is on the very low and conservative end of projections. The amount of deaths within the United States due to terror is under 5,000 for the past 50 years or so. You can say we are only trying to kill terrorists, but its like throwing a bomb in a room full of people targeting the bad guy and saying you weren't trying to kill the other people in the room. There are reasons other presidents didn't go after this guy even though he was committing attacks. I heard a reporter say this leader was more dangerous dead than alive because of the retaliation that will happen because of this. The U.S. has upset a large number of people that can be very prideful.
  6. This is where we get conflicting stories. Some of the U.S. media claims the above. Many others don't have this point of view though. What if Iranians killed one of our top Generals in the U.S. military, they could easily say that person has killed many innocent people. Especially if this was during one of the Middle Eastern wars of the past two decades where the U.S. killed thousands of civilians.
  7. Even at that number its something like 55%, so not sure what you mean by "the other guys don't stand a chance".
  8. You don't understand the odds. The line for Democratic vs. Republican candidate to win odds is actually something like -110 and -120 respectively, so vegas thinks its just over 50% for the Republican candidate. Biden is +450 (Sanders and Warren have similiar odds) because he has to beat all the other democrats plus Trump. I think it depends largely on the economy. If there is a recession before election time, I think Democrats have a good chance.
  9. I think the first aliens we find will be very simple micro organisms within our solar system. The possibilities are obviously endless though.
  10. Yes, from Ukraine. That is the entire basis of the impeachment.*(I meant the 2020 election in case Biden was his opponent) I think it was a good idea to pursue impeachment, yet the Democratic team seemed more inept in the courtroom than the Republicans and probably made some mistakes along the way. I'm sure if Hillary was President, her actions would be more closely scrutinized. I don't trust Hillary any more than I do Trump. You could be right in regards to the conspiracy theory, but that doesn't seem like a good strategy since there doesn't seem to be any other good democratic candidate right now.
  11. I think one could say that now - after most of the witnesses and evidence came out a couple weeks ago. There was no bombshell testimony that the Democrats were seeking, although if you watched the inquiry, there was plenty of circumstantial evidence which made it clear that Trump was attempting to use foreign assistance to help him in the elections. The problem is Trump blocked most of the witnesses and evidence that would have made the case more clear to the public. Maybe it will cause politicians to be more careful in the future, so that could be one positive effect. BTW, the phone call actually happened this year, a few months after Biden announced his run for President.
  12. Can you provide specifics? I like Sanders as the Dem nominee, but why do you think Bloomberg has no chance? I think his policies might resonate with the average joe, as compared to some of the more extreme democratic health care plans.
  13. Because of necessity. Lifespan of a vegan is longer than a non-vegan. Why do you prefer more energy for yourself in lieu of many animals life? People have been believing in the bible for 2 thousand years. Slavery was accepted for thousands of years. Is that the foundation of your argument??? That we shouldn't change what we have been doing for a long time?
  14. LO fn L..... You eat animals for energy but call someone else irresponsible and misleading. If anyone is misleading, its you. Quit cherry picking morals...
  15. Michael Vick = Helps Set up dogfighting ring/some dogs die Many other meat eaters="Put Vick in prison", Eat other animals with disregard of where their meat came from