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  1. That's interesting. Some time ago I watched some YouTube video about his future plans after winning the war and apparently he wanted to build a giant new city with some really exaggerated architecture. Even though corrupted by his ideologies, I feel like he could have been a great architect or at least the passion for it was slumbering inside of him.
  2. Shiiiiit I want to post troll comments in here SO bad
  3. There is no sociology section in your list. Which one are you talking about? If you don't want to say it cause people have to pay for your list, can you tell me what section it is in? Edit: or private message Edit2: is it the one where monkey behavior is used to explain human behavior? Edit3: found it lol
  4. @Leo Gura I feel like you were talking a bit too fast even though it seemed like you noticed that yourself and adjusted your talking speed after some time. And also it was hard to follow what you were trying to bring across, which I think is because it was a conversation and a conversation works differently then you just talking alone. In a conversation the partner also plays a role with the direction of the converation and if there is a big gap between the understanding of the topic that destroys the coherence and clarity of the communication, but since you said something similar in a reply above I guess you are aware of that.
  5. @Max_V Hey bro, it is what it is, I have/had similar problems (I dont think im autistic but also have/had feelings like I'm a complete piece of shit not even worthy of a smile from a woman or something like that, caused by something else), but to maybe encourage you: I already dealt with big parts of it and I can see now that it is actually possible to change that and it is also possible for me to have a dating/sex life and be liked/loved by women. What I found is that the situation you are in is what you want, like you literally chose to be like that. And paradoxically to change that I think you have to accept it and say "fuck it, thats what I want" and I guess really get yourself to love the situation that you are in and if you manage to do that you are free to really change. Also reading the book "The Sedona Method" helped me a lot with letting go of a lot of my inner emotional blockages. And the book "The Big Leap" helped me learn a lot about inner beliefs and where they come from/hold you back. Found them both on Leo's booklist. @Preety_India Simliar to what I wrote above I think you accepting your situation and saying fuck it, it is what it is, can be very good and propably necessary for you and maybe you are actually aware of this. But the thing is you, it is definitly possible for you to change and have what you want as well, so maybe you have to be in that phase now where you think that it is all hopeless, but why not try to keep in mind that your whole situation might completly change instantly, or after a few weeks/months/years. Can also recommend both books from above to you. But if you don't want to change you will propably not buy them (or some other tool to help you) or even if you buy them you will propably just toss them away when you get to the point where you subconsiously realize "wow this could actually help me". I think the key is to be really really honest with yourself and if you realize you really want to be miserable or something like that accepting it and only after that the possiblity for change arises.
  6. @The_Truth_Seeker Wtf 10 secs ago I watched this and thought, damn Khabibs father was a really great man, and I now have a lot of respect for him and Khabib. And now I see this lol
  7. @Preety_India Thank you for letting others read this lol Reading this is actually helpful to me since I have some problems with believing women don't want sex and don't have these feeling and if I want sex with women I'm bad cause they will always hate me for it no matter what.
  8. @StudentOfLeove echt gut, vorallem wenn das dein allererster Song ist, aber man merkt auch, dass noch viel Raum für Verbesserung da ist.
  9. I recently started doing Kriya Yoga and sometimes I get a little bit of a headache while doing it or afterwards. Is this good/bad? I'm a newbie and I only do very little, like 3-10mins a day.
  10. @Leo Gura What do you mean? I don't remember the films explaining the force in much detail. Do you have a source for a better explanation of the Force from Star Wars?
  11. I think value is something personal, so you have to look for your personal biggest value. And I guess you could also say "love", as many here on this forum would propably say, but that's literally everything so yea