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  1. Because 99% of people are not aware of it and its not active. My point is that there is a blueprint in everyone, doesnt mean everyone lives by it. This is not about creating my personal value system but about identifing what is already there. It seems to me that everyone has some kind of blueprint for their value system already inside of them, just like everyone has a blueprint for their physical body in their DNA. I get what you are saying with god doesnt care but god is literally everything and gods infinite intelligence literally designed everything so god also cares.
  2. Yea, but this isnt about ultimate truth, its to get to know your character as a human better. Its just that the human value system seems to be designed in a way that moves him towards the ultimate truth.
  3. I think not really, rape in that case would just be your highest form of freedom or love. Oneness is not really a value but more like the overarching source or goal or whatever thats constant between every individual. I'm adding the concept of masculine and feminine heart from david deida to the idea of a value system I got from your life purpose course and also looking for a design in the concept of the human value system because I think it has a specific form, not just ranked from 1-10 or 100.
  4. Another update: It's more like a mix between a scale and a pyramide now. it always starts with oneness on the top between the two scale pans (im not sure about the word in english) and then both pans (or sides) are always freedom and love, so basically the same as before when it was just a pyramide, however now you need to now what you value more between freedom and love. (i got this idea from david deidas concept of a masculine and a feminine heart) and depending on that you put either side higher or lower then the opposite, like this example of someone with a feminine heart (the specific values below freedom are of course specific for the individual): Oneness Love Family Nature ....... ....... ..... Freedom Justice Honesty ....... ......... ....... Also maybe below the two values below Freedom/love there is not again two below each but one in the middle that connects both sides and one specific for each. Idk why but feels right.
  5. More complete form would propably be: Oneness Freedom Love .......... ........... .......... .............. in that case it's important to know the personal balance of how important love and freedom each are for the individual
  6. So I'm not sure if this is actually true but I had two insights about values. 1: There are two main values and all the other possible values come from them and they are Love and Freedom (like feminine and masculine) 2: your value system is designed like a pyramid and on top of that pyramid is either love or freedom now a way to find your values is to think: combining what two values gives me love/freedom or what two values is my love/freedom made of. And then continue down the pyramid. What values is are the two values below love/freedom made of? ofc to grasp this you need an understanding of what kind of love and freedom i am talking about and also then you also need to know yourself and your own defintion of these values good enough to design your own value pyramid but I think this might make it a lot easier and clearer.
  7. nah man, I would appreciate if you could delete my account.
  8. @Leo Gura If you could look into what is posted above and let us know who you think is in the right in this scenario? Cause if you think @Princess Arabia is, then I am leaving this forum.
  9. btw, would I be a man hater if I critisized someone for trying to silence someone else who spoke about men raping women being a bad thing?
  10. so I am a women hater because I say that women can be abusive? I think you are just an abusive and ignorant women. If you were a man you would propably be a rapist. Your playing the victim and trying to gaslight others is the equivilant of men intimidating with the threat of violence or actually using unjustified violence for their survival. It baffles me that you are able to freely post your bullshit in this forum. @StarStruck idk what you posted before that she reffered to as sexist but in this scenario I wanna make sure you know you are right.
  11. but if that sex trafficker part was your shadow, as he said, you would not have sympathy for him, but be repelled by him. actually fascinating to see how you can be so ignorant. are you doing this on purpose to show people that even their greatest idols can be wrong? cause that is basic shadow work, isnt it?
  12. Holy shit the gaslighting. Trying to silence this guy cause he shines light on womens abusive behavior. You are soooo sus. Like a female version of a rapist that is ignorant of the fact that he is a rapist.
  13. I mean I am yes, did you look at my profile or was that a professional guess? Edit: I dont even have my date of birth on my profile anymore lol, so you guessed it?