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  1. You can think of the universe as a very vast space with objects in it, right? Then you would just be a tiny fragment of that whole space. But the truth is everything there is is always where you are and what you perceive at the moment. When you think about the universe as this giant space you just think about it in the moment and even if you go there you are still just in the moment but the moment looks different. Even if you would be in a spaceship up close to a black hole and could see these giant dimensions of space right in front of your eyes, you would think wow there actually exists so much space and so much more then me, but its still that moment you were in before just looking different and there is not "more space" it's just like these 3D paintings on a wall or on the ground that make it seem like there is a giant whole before you or something like that, it's just that the creator of the black hole or the whole universe is a much better artist, cause it's god and god can make nothing seem like infinity. That's a thought process I just had while listening to the Interstellar soundtrack hahahaha, idk if this is just bullshit or true what I wrote above, but it just came into my mind and felt so true and 1 sec later it was already kinda unclear what I just thought, like a dream after you wake up, and I tried pinning down what I thought and wrote it down, specifically here because I think here are some people who might appreciate that.
  2. @JohnnyRocket It seems to me that you just have a wish to be something special and identify as being wise and feel threatend by Leo. You are wiser then Leo about the certain literal things that happened in your life maybe, but who cares about that in the big picture? Do you even realise how insignificant that is when not looking through your subjective eyes? THAT makes you unwise, that you made your whole life about survival and didn't realise how insignificant it is and that there are grander options. What would be a wise answer here in your opinion? "Yea dude you are right. Leo can't be wise cause he doesnt have what you just said is needed for wisom and are right cause you have what you just said defines wisdom so please be our leader." But maybe I'm wrong cause I'm just 19 and didnt go to war or live in the harshest enviroments on earth, cause that's what explains everything in the whole universe and gives you all the wisdom for anything you could possible experience.
  3. I contemplated this a little bit too My insights: -Music is communication via vibrations, for humans obviously sound that humans can hear (emotional communication) -The core of music is the intention behind the song which is enacted through rythm and other parts of music (like genre, instruments etc.) -rythm is the coherent sequence of impulses (sounds) and pauses, the more coherence the rythm has the higher quality it has (pauses are just as important as the impulses) - intention > rythm > genre > instruments etc. (maybe genre doesnt fit into that order) -music is made of a lot of components that form one whole (like one song), the components also have to work in a coherent way for the music to be of high quality, for example some intruments are in the background and some are in the front -music is comparable to sex, for example sometimes you need a good foreplay for a good song -music is comparable to emotions, the mecanics are comparable, for example emotions are always changing, so is music I also thought that music can be compared to colors in the way that both are an expression of emotions: emotion > music=colors, even though I think music is a more effective way to communicate emotions for most people, but thats propably dependent on the person There are 7 colors in a rainbow and 7 (idk the english word, but the main notes on a piano scale, in germany its C, D, E, F, G, A, H) @Rilles
  4. @trenton Yesterday a lot of anger from abuse in my past came to me suddenly, not randomly but the why is not important here, and I sat in a chair in my room alone at night and could barely breath cause my muscles in my belly were so tense and my face started to hurt cause I couldnt stop tensing my muscles in my face either. I thought maybe I can't get rid of my anger ever and I will end up killing myself sooner or later. Luckily I knew about forgivness from Leos video and read some books about emotions and letting go so I was constantly trying to use these techniques but it was so fcking hard and I just couldnt forgive but after some time it got so intense and I connected the dots, like I am the same like the person who abused me, in the way that I am also selfish and ignorant and I just have another background and that this is life and the world is not fair but it is what it is and I was able to have some mercy for myself and the one who abused me and I noticed that I can hold on to this anger but I will always be little powerless me and if I am able to forgive, I grow and become more of my higher self and that also helped me forgive more. In my case it was a very ignorant and narcistic mother who completly fucked me up emotionally and put so much shame in me about myself that I couldnt have any kind of success (in any aspect) in my life or really enjoy anything if I had some kind of little success and I think I will still have to fight with that in the future but yesterday I learned that the only way to truly grow out of such situations is propably consiousness and forgiveness and I was able to at least let go of some of this shit. So what I am trying to tell you is that you will have to face all this and truly grow bigger then it and only then you won this battle. But you will have to REALLY face it and maybe for you it is a lot more then for me and it might be a lot harder and you CAN lose but you also CAN win and if you win you get rewarded by true emotional peace and freedom. Leo's video about forgiveness helped me and can propably help you a lot as well. Breathing also helped me as well as the letting go techniques from the book The Sedona Methode. You can check all this out and hopefully it helps you with your situation.
  5. @Rokazulu You don't seem that consious to me
  6. @levani Maybe it's not a limiting belief but actually you don't really want to do that out of passion but rather out of hunger for recognition/love or some other negative motivation and you just can't admit that to yourself so you tell your self this scratch is a limiting belief. No criticism btw, I just had this myself and it seems similar to me. But I might be misjudging, obviously.
  7. -Make the world more beatiful -Make the world more fair -Make the world more technological advanced -Give the world more order -Make people more mindful -Make people more educated -Make people more disciplined -Make people more emotionally intelligent -Make truth more valued -Inspire others by being an example of excellence ....Some things that I can think of, maybe one of these resonates with you
  8. @Blackbeat Btw did create your account just for that comment? Did I write something elsewhere that you didnt like?XD
  9. @Blackbeat Just imagine I would have made Leo a video game addict and prevented him from doing his work that gives so many other people so much value just cause I wanted to play video games with Leo Gura. Of course that would prob never happen but I thought about it and kinda found it funny to write that even though it sounds pretty cheesy to someone seeing it without my thought process haha.
  10. @Preety_India If that's what you wish
  11. @Preety_India Hey, no. I don't give a fack if you think/say that's hurting and abusing. I don't think it is and I'm telling you I don't intend to hurt you but I won't just be super nice to you either. Maybe I am deluding myself right now, maybe I'm deluding myself just to a certain degree, I am not sure. Whether you mean the best for me or you are selfish and try manipulating me, I don't care, I wish you the best. But I don't want to keep writing with you right now.
  12. @Preety_India No I don't think there was anything wrong with my message. Maybe there will be consequenses for me from the mods or Leo if they think it was, but still. It wasn't really intended to hurt you, more like showing you what I really felt/thought so that would help you the same way this thread helped me understand the selfish woman perspective. Maybe there was still a part of me wanting to hurt you with the message but even if IT IS WHAT IS IIIIS
  13. @Preety_India I read like the first 2 pages of this thread and my first reaction was like, hey, nice that a woman shows her side of the dating struggles so men can see how it is for a woman. Then I saw your responses to the man giving you advice or answers that you didn't want and saw your answers (they seemed kinda upset) and you saying that you just wanted compassion and I thought, fck this bitch she's super selfish and expects everyone to please her. Then I tried to forgive you cause I watched Leo's video about forgiveness lately, and then I realized yea I'm the same and also super selfish and I could forgive you at least a bit, and thought maybe you just actually have it extra hard cause you are extremly feminine or it is actually this hard for a lot of woman and now I have more compassion for you and women I guess. But still you are fcking selfish but I mean me judging you is fcking selfish as well. Anyways I don't wish you anything bad. I guess it is what is is.
  14. @Jaka Pirs Hanzic So did you get your beard?