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  1. nah man, I would appreciate if you could delete my account.
  2. @Leo Gura If you could look into what is posted above and let us know who you think is in the right in this scenario? Cause if you think @Princess Arabia is, then I am leaving this forum.
  3. btw, would I be a man hater if I critisized someone for trying to silence someone else who spoke about men raping women being a bad thing?
  4. so I am a women hater because I say that women can be abusive? I think you are just an abusive and ignorant women. If you were a man you would propably be a rapist. Your playing the victim and trying to gaslight others is the equivilant of men intimidating with the threat of violence or actually using unjustified violence for their survival. It baffles me that you are able to freely post your bullshit in this forum. @StarStruck idk what you posted before that she reffered to as sexist but in this scenario I wanna make sure you know you are right.
  5. but if that sex trafficker part was your shadow, as he said, you would not have sympathy for him, but be repelled by him. actually fascinating to see how you can be so ignorant. are you doing this on purpose to show people that even their greatest idols can be wrong? cause that is basic shadow work, isnt it?
  6. Holy shit the gaslighting. Trying to silence this guy cause he shines light on womens abusive behavior. You are soooo sus. Like a female version of a rapist that is ignorant of the fact that he is a rapist.
  7. I mean I am yes, did you look at my profile or was that a professional guess? Edit: I dont even have my date of birth on my profile anymore lol, so you guessed it?
  8. So are you saying the concept of self-similarity in relation to the planets is the HOW behind astrology?
  9. Some years ago I asked myself the question "is astrology real?". Then I read some stuff about the star signs and started thinking about it. I compared the stuff I read about the sign related to myself and checked if it matches up. Then I read some more and learned about elements and sexes of the signs. At some point I came to the conclusion that there is truth to it and also that the concept of astrology is actually a very very sophisticated system with infinite complexity which is why many people call is bullshit, as they just dont understand it (which in itself doesnt prove that it is true though). I see it that it could be kinda like the "spiritual DNA" of humans. I believe in biology there is different genes that server different purposes and the star signs are compareble to those. In biology you wont solely identify someone by one certain gene but I perceive it that the general opinion on astrology is that it tries doing exactly that, which makes no sense, hence it is bullshit. I believe to be good at analysing general dynamics in system, which is what I did with astrology as decribed above. I didn't dive into the nitty gritty details of it though, I just came to the conclusion it is a system with a logical structure. There also seems to be a context as to WHY it exists (I believe it is the system behind reincarnations of "souls" and the different purposes of these reincarnations). I don't know exactly HOW it works except maybe "cosmic energies", which kinda sounds wohoo to me but also I think it makes sense that the different states of planets have an effect on each other (including the earth) and thus also what is inclusive to the earth like humans. If there are any people here that have more indepths knowledge on astrology I welcome you to post beneath this or dm me, as I am still a bit interested. And as an end note: the reason I made this thread is because I just read a post by Leo in which he classified astrology as bullshit as an example of new age stuff that Peter Walston wants to differentiate himself from, which made triggered these memories in me. And because of that I am also interested in @Leo Guras more detailed opinion on astrology. Note: I used the term "spiritual" DNA because thats the first thing that came to mind and in this moment I defnined spirituality with what seems to be there but is not understood. However I think maybe "cosmic" or "soul" DNA would be a better word, as people have different definitions on the word spirituality. For example I believe Leo once said Spirituality is just what is or something like that.
  10. @Someone here You are saying in every religion and society in all times hatred of women is like a core value? I think thats absolutely bs. It is just a thing of survival. In these times societys were only able to survive if men were leading cause it was a much harsher world then today and men are more suitable to lead in these circumstances. The more peaceful and safe a society becomes, the more power women get. Cause these are the circumstances where they bloom. If you look at the most developed societes of today you see they are transforming into matriachies. As soon as all old people from previous generations, who currently are still holding power, die, you will see women "offically" being the ones in power. And I think they already have more power then men in general. But maybe it wont get that far cause the world still isnt all peaceful and safe outside of these countries and they might be swallowed up as soon as they get too weak to survive.
  11. tbf I have not seen much of JPs content recently expect for some videos that pop up here and there so I might not really be up to date but can you give me some examples of what makes you say he is a pseudo-intellectualist and full of shit with politics. I definitly see the point that he is somewhat callous though. In the video that started this threat alone, when I saw the introduction that starts at like 0:40 I also thought to myself that his interaction with his daughter seemed quite heartless. I mean it is known she had tons of health problems with autoimmune disorders her whole life until she discovered this carnivore diet. Watching this actually makes me feel like these disorders might have come from an lack of love as a child as I heard a lot and also experienced myself how emotional states effect your body/health. Still though judging him only based off that is foolish. He might not be a well rounded guy but he is a good conservative. So unless you show me some examples of him tweeting some insane shit or him giving some shit politic takes then I still believe you are just too biased to see and appreciate his value. And of course his content is rather depressing as we are coming from a rather depressing world of the past, compared to the world of today, but we survived that world and made it a better place. His job as a conservative is to keep the memory of the past so we don't forget and fall back there. You know the world isnt just happy and sunshine? And only a weak person wants a world of only happy and sunshine as well.