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  1. I don't know I actually wrote this text for something else but then posted it here so I'm not sure if I even keep this going.
  2. I think this is more of my lifes definition I'm currently doing the life purpose course and one of my Top 10 values is excellence so maybe excellence is even my top value and it's definition is to do the important things in my life with love for the details and understand it very deeply.
  3. For example: 90% Freedom + 10% Love = Growth (This is just relatively random but I think Growth might be a mix of freedom and love didnt think much about it though), so maybe there is one fundational value (maybe Oneness or nondualaty?) which then splits into more (I think maybe freedom and love) which then mixes into all different kinds of values.
  4. Reading this question again, this questions seems like the last question of a game of "Who am I" to me lol.
  5. Is the human experience basically a path in infinity that is walked by loving the details of it and is over when every detail of this path has been loved by the human?
  6. So.. lately my life has been changing drastically. I think the main reason for that is that about one year ago I fell in the hole that was basically set up by the negative spiral that was my upbringing. I was so down that I could only stay in my room, be awake only at night so I would not have to walk across my family members during the day and basically give up on almost everything. The only important thing for me left was Leo's life purpose course, that I bought at that time, because I thought that the only reason for me to keep on living is, so I could finish that course and maybe find my life purpose and then maybe even live it and be free from my past life. So now my mission was to do the course and everything else I didn't care about any more really. I watched one video every day until I came to the values part. There I got stuck because I really had to think about myself now and it was emotionally hard work as Leo mentioned in the course and I basically only had enough energy every day to watch this one video and then there wasn't left anymore energy to do more. I filled a lot of pages of paper with my thoughts about the things I had to ask myself for the value passes but didnt seem to really find the real answers. This all happened from around mid-november last year to somewhere between January and March this year. Then I kind of got suck into "normal life" a bit again by one of my friends who propably noticed that I went down this spiral and asked me to hang out a lot after I stopped going to school (I just didn't go to school anymore around November last year and that's how I started just staying in my room) (before I did hang out with him and other friends occasionally but only because I was lonely and when I hung out with them I basically instantly wanted to get away once I got there) and also by my therapist who I went to around beginning of December last year. I have no concentration to keep on writing now and will maybe continue this soon.
  7. @Leo Gura But do you literally live in a cabin in the woods right now? Just curious
  8. I just had this thought about values and I think this might be valueble but I'm not sure. So I had this thought, that some values on the master values list of the Life purpose course are more fundamental then others like for example the value leadership might actually just be a mix of growth and impact or something like that. So that would mean growth and impact are more basic then leadership. But I know Leo mentioned that values are different for everyone and one value can have a totally different meaning for 2 different people and that might be the answer for this thought, but what do you think is there something about this?
  9. I somehow really want to write something in here. This might be selfish or it might be not idk. I think I want to write here because I feel like I am also so very smart and I want to relate to you but at the same time I really dont want to do that. It's propably a lot of shame that makes me not want to write this and at the same time I'm not even sure if I am even smart. Writing this I notice I propably have some issues with "being smart", like I really feel like I am and really want to be extremely intelligent for some reason and I propably know why but actually I can't keep writing this I actually feel like my brain is shutting down when I talk/write about this haha wtf. But Im gonnna post this anyway maybe it helps me.
  10. That seems like a good way to look at it.
  11. If you don't know Mr. Beast, he is a popular YouTuber (not very high consciousness resource, but anyways) and he is planning to plant 20.000.000 trees via charity. Do these trees actually have an impact? I googled how many trees there are on the whole planet and it said around 3 trillion, so 20.000.000 does not seem very impactfull to me.
  12. I think, -This is real love/fearlessness -That is very inspirational -He is a fucking legend
  13. Thank you all, now I have to go get a date.
  14. Hm okay, thank you. Well I guess it is, but I am so fucking scared I think im gonna die if I go on a date haha
  15. Any tips on where to go on a date?