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  1. i asked u a simple question about why it is so improbable: and you said 69.1% of the global population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Don't you think that if these vaccines are so fucking bad, you would have seen actually tens if not hundreds of millions of the vaccinated dropping dead or at the very least tens of millions of the vaccinated people flooding the hospitals with serious side effects? IF THE VACCINE IS BAD IT MUST BE EXTREMELY BAD AND THAT MUST BE OBVIOUS BY NOW wow idiot... nice one (people are dying at much higher rates btw retard ) "You also have an unsurprisingly big misunderstanding about the long term side effects when it comes to any vaccination. Do you seriously believe (of course you do,because you haven't done any serious research, and because you have no idea how any of these processes work) a vaccination let alone an mrna vaccination can lurk in a body not causing anything for 1-2-3 years and then suddenly it can cause serious side effects? I know this is another suprise for you" HOLY SHIT, ARE YOU SERIOUS.YES, WHAT EXTENSIVE STUDIES HAVE U SEEN ON THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF MRNA VACCINES, AND U KNOW FOR CERTAIN THEY CORRELATE TO COVID? YOU GAVE ME NOTHING RELEVANT TO ANSWER THE ONE THING I ASKED two inapplicable logically flaweed arguments terrible arguments, poor writer, flawed thinker, no reasoning ability... thats why i say you are stupid.... you call me stupid because thats all you can do... you cant supply any good arguments. when u try you look fucking pathetic . YOU LACK THE INTELLIGENCE TO UNDERSTAND EVEN YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS you are an actual stupid person, examine your own arguments, seriously
  2. u took the evidence of absence quote out of context. even after i explained it lol.. not going to re-explain it you can go back and try again. "the only thing that matters is how rigorous the epistemic process im using to arrive at my conclusions?" are you serious? the only thing that matters is if the vaccine is causing these cardiac arrests and sudden deaths. i listen to the opinion of doctors, all i did was point out a reasoning error that you still dont understand. many physicians are risking their careers and publishing studies exploring the link between the vax and health issues... its not my fault if you dont do any research or listen to the evolving opinions of medical professionals. "safe and effective," i get it. thats your little mantra that comforts you and wont abandon it for any reason. every death is coincidental. for you the vaccine can do no harm. i am extremely stupid. you are right, and you take this fact as further support that the vax is 100% safe and effective. which although no doctor claims we can know definitively right now , given unknown long term side effects, you cling to this faith like a zealot. what" epistemic " reasoning are you using that makes you so sure it is extremely improbable that serious side effects are arising from the vax?? thats not a rhetorical question, if yourre so smart and im so dumb explain it... it's the terror that you could be wrong /so you dont entertain the possibility.. if not, prove me wrong. every time you call me stupid you reveal your fear.. i feel bad for you. i can be stupid and you can still be wrong.. but i dont like false humility... obviously i am not stupid, and i do not think you are particularly smart. id say you have a very emotional mind and a pedestrian intellect ..you are tough to distinguish from most people here:) address the one thing i asked you to...tell me why it is so improbable and prove my stupidity for not understanding the difference between possible and probable lol ( i doubt you even have a competing theory to explain the rise in excess mortality rates in age groups that have extremely few covid fatalities) ...this rocket science concept i cant grasp
  3. yeah, you understand that logical reality.but you dont seem to understand why i brought it up. implying that the probability of hitting a jackpot and having that money is somehow tied to the likelihood of serious vaccines side effects is not compelling . or however else you may have thought that was a relevant counter example... i honestly dont know there is already circumstantial evidence of excess mortality rates building that seems to separate issues with the vax from covid itself. you just created a completely arbitrary equivalence linking their probability without any justification for doing so... you have no evidence that i have thumbs, and no evidence that i dont. im doing exactly what you did just using something very likely as opposed to something very unlikely.... see how silly that was for you to say that? i didnt speak to the probability of any covid related issue with that " counter analogy" at all and neither did you saying that if someone questions the safety of the vax without undeniable proof is tantamount to believing there is a causal link between fire hoses and house fires is absurd. thats why i brought that phrase up. they are implying that it is inherently counterintuitive and baseless to assume the vax potentially does any damage without direct evidence. this is demonstrably naive and illogical. i get that its a waste of time trying to educate people here. this will be my last post. good luck to you all.
  4. i know you are scared, but the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. that very data is being compiled as we speak. you better stay off the internet if you dont want to see it.
  6. i addressed about 5 specific things, geez... oh im insufferable now... u sound so cool, smart.
  7. yeah that was in poor taste thats why i immediately removed it from my post. glad u caught it in the 5 minutes it was up and addressed it, and not the actual thing we are discussing. thats great that you have proof that the covid vax does not cause clots or heart issues ect. covid itself causes the heart issues and clots then? how convenient. doesnt matter your opinion carries no weight with me.. i do appreciate you responding directly to me for the first time that wasnt a coy little threat advising me to be careful. not only did i enjoy your legitimate spiritual videos of long ago, i admire the social intelligence you demonstrated in creating a cult.., super impressive that you convinced a good number of people that you are an actual guru by reappropriating past spiritual and religious ideas. i just hate that you send people down a shallow and fruitless path and deceive people into thinking they can achieve " god realization" deep spiritual insight and a transformed mode of being without the traditional practices of self restraint snd discipline outlined in every major spiritual/religious work...your " teaching" is at odds with everything from kabbalah to the tao te ching.. literally the first thing they talk about in tao te ching is the need to conquer desire...im sure u dont respect the kabbalah or the bible so i wont waste my energy.., . trying to bypass this crucial step in self evolution is damning and prevents any change of value, but it sure does appeal this this generation of ADD riddled pleasure seeking degenerates u cant take a helicopter to the top of the mountain... you know this to be true. u are a fraud. putting new wine in an old jug... sewing new fabric on wilted garments... its just so arrogant to think you know more than thousand year old traditions... they had drugs back then... means to hallucinate...this is explained at length why it doesnt work in many texts.. youre smart enough to know you are selling a fundamentally different and inferior way of life. cheers
  8. anti vaxxer... because i oppose the forced administration of one vaccine i must be fundamentally opposed to all vaccines... false i didnt bring up a surface level argument, i questioned the idea of NDT's social health contract that requires one to take experimental vaccines in a health crisis what research are you referring to that would unequivocally justify the US covid vaccination policies, or should have lead me to agree with them? if u are going to patronize or insult someone, you should have to address one fucking thing you disagree with.
  9. thank you for not addressing a single thing anyone said and calling me dumb. you really put me in my place. i am not anti vaccine or a conspiracy theorist, i simply do not think people should be forced to take vaccines that have not been adequately tested, such as the covid 19 vaccines.
  10. 5 years of covid? do you even know what year it is? holy sh*t dude the vax doesnt stop transmission and to claim that "10 millions more" people WOULD have died when you accused the guy in the video of making statistical leaps and logical fallacies... just wow. youre also misusing the word murder, like a "demagogue" may to play on the fear and emotion of a people , another word you misused. you are a low iq person. im sorry if that is hard for you to hear, but you may benefit from that knowledge if you read about logic and statistics and the actual scientific process.
  11. you must take an experimental vaccine before the long term efficacy or side effects are known to avoid transmitting the virus to others as part of a social health contract. that is his argument and it is not a good one, with little to no precedent in america. please tell me how the other guy behaved like a demagogue or used logical fallacies? is it because he brought up that people * may have suffered cardiac arrests due to the vax, and neil agreed while adding that if he said the vax definity caused this he would be confusing co-occurrence with causation? further, how was forcing children, who have little to no risk of serious complications from covid, to take a vaccine justified? to protect the sick and elderly, a group who most americans sadly do not give a shit about? potentially endanger the lives of children to maybe protect the elderly if the vax is effective at stopping transition, which it turned out not to be?? does any of this make sense to you? he is doing damage control. before i watched the video or heard NDT say anything about the vax i knew he would be defending it. please open your eyes and try to think critically.
  12. would appreciate feedback on this idea, even if critical. ty
  13. they meant his literal and hyper analytical /intellectual style, not the nonexistent political content. u wont understand hawkings. a lot of his methods would be considered ascetic for people on this site, and will just be dismissed as nonsense because you would never attempt them or be able to put them in a practical context to understand or confirm them. ( similar to those who criticize the idea of gurdieffs work)
  14. telling people you cured your depression by going on and off two anti psychotic medications that you believe to be ssris isnt good. im not attacking you personally, just letting people in this thread know not to use any aspect of this as advice for a similar situation, because what you did is dangerous. those drugs effect your brain chemistry powerfully and long after you stop taking them. there is NO WAY IN HELL, your doctor prescribed those medications to be a temporary fix for anything and advised you to stop taking them when you felt better. if he did you are seeing a state doctor who literally does not care about you or wasnt qualified to be treating you. jesus you said u take insulin and didnt know the most common serious side effect of zyprexa is elevated blood sugar. this thread is a monument to pharmacological ignorance.