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  1. It's not that serious and not everyone who uses it has issues, rolls off the tongue way better than master or sir etc Yeah it's kinda weird if you call your actual father "daddy" too...otherwise it's fine imo
  2. Welcome ??
  3. Welcome guys!! @Preety_India If you just report the post/report the PM then all the mods can see what you've reported and someone should be able to help ?
  4. I'd say there's a scenario in between a relationship and "random" sex you could try, a well thought-out FWB type situation. You have to be picky with who this person is, so there's still a connection, respect, physical affection etc, which should make the sex much better than merely a ONS. In this scenario there is still love involved (even though it's not romantic). This works out as long as you can separate romantic feelings from physical affection/sex/platonic love. This can be hard for some people but it's definitely possible! Make sure to keep speaking to other girls and make sure the girl in the FWB arrangement also wants to speak to to others/is not ready for a serious relationship right now. It helps if the person has some differing views that wouldn't work out relationship-wise, but there is still open mindedness, no judgment and respect from the other person. I'm talking from recent experience as I am in a similar position to you ? It's probably easier for women to find situations like this though, as there's a greater selection of men to choose form.
  5. @ADVAIT the issue is, your post could literally lead to dire consequences. It would be less problematic to suggest for people try achieving clear skin with their mindset through subliminals or command cell therapy for example. (Not saying this stuff is true, but it's an interesting perspective). Have all humans survived tremendous situations? Wim Hof to the extreme? What are you actually talking about... This is foolish and dangerous.
  6. I haven't had SSRIs and everyone and their case is different, but for me- pretty much yeah. Consistent meditation and introspection helped me get over depression around 5-10 years ago (as well as other emotional issues over the years). The most simplest solutions when taken seriously work wonders. Especially when you're in a toxic victim mindset (I'm not saying all depression links to this) it's easy to brush off solutions such as thorough journalling and mindfulness practices. I just want to say this to anyone struggling: it is VERY POSSIBLE to get over this stuff completely, even more than merely coping with it. Whether that be on your own, with a therapist and CBT or whatever, you have hope!! Edit: oops just checked the quoted post is from 2 months ago
  7. Although I don't agree with everything being said (the recent heated discussion). Lovely girlies @Khr @Preety_India Use this as a learning experience, if you're going round in circles during arguments, increase your awareness/mindfulness and take care of yourselves please! Your peace of mind is more important than getting at the other person (which turns into an endless argument and waste of time!) ?? Try putting yourself in the other person's shoes (even if you hate where they're coming from), empathize deeply and move on! You can't change anyone with such arguments.
  8. Yes I agree, to the point where I wish my first bf had learnt it... (might sound nonsensical without the details haha)
  9. @Leo Gura It's impossible for you to fully understand women then and the struggles they go through?
  10. What? ?? PICK ME!! Jk ? I have seen a few women on here care without much bias, I think those who are left brained especially. E.g @modmyth I think.
  11. ?? Hey! We said no dick pics This kinda makes sense... my friend matched with this v attractive guy the other day and said he was "too good looking" so wouldn't message him unless he messaged first. I guess a lot of girls know guys swipe right for everyone, so don't want to get "rejected"? But then again, if a girl just wants sex, she'd probably message if you're attractive enough. Dunno, haven't really used these apps.
  12. I think it was a thing on a small portion of the internet, I've seen it a lot on twitter with their print visible in the joggers LOL It became a bit of a joke that it's the equivalent of receiving a woman's nudes, and "don't let your man leave the house wearing grey joggers" etc hahaha
  13. This. Instead of sending dick pics, post a grey joggers pic maybe... (if you're attractive ) (random search result)
  14. Yeah I really agree with this. Sexual confidence is so important for women (I've noticed this in myself) and other women, and how much a difference it makes with and without it. There are some super gorgeous looking women who lack sex appeal. Whilst there are some ok looking women who are super attractive because of their sex appeal. This doesn't necessarily mean showing skin, one can be covered and have ooze sex appeal by body language. Dancing in a club is where you can really see this play out too, if you observe it haha. But then again, I get why being confident in this way can be uncomfortable for women (including myself) at times and sexualizing yourself in this society is off-putting. Marilyn Monroe said she could turn from an unnoticable woman to a model with cameras chasing her without changing her looks but simply by altering her body language and walk. I also feel this similar shift when I'm drunk as I become more comfortable with expressing my sexuality and become my hotter alter-ego