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  1. Thank you @Leo Gura Imo you've been way too lenient.
  2. Maybe some Indie movie, didn't think of anything in particular though it's just that the colors are so vibrant and it's not a selfie. + the fact that you have Joseph in your name, but you're a girl .. but I guess it's the abbreviation of Josephine then
  3. How dare you insult the king.
  4. @RendHeaven I took the bait you are quite charasmatic! @cjoseph90 I thought your profile pic was a screenshot from some movie at first
  5. A 300k€ Mercedes, driven by my personal chauffeur
  6. Hello pretty people
  7. Had an injury that pretty much crippled my workouts for a month, still haven't fully recovered. Also, I might had covid, which further complicated things. I'll keep going, but I think I might stop posting here
  8. I mean, you could do that, but it honestly sounds gross. Just eat the eggs boiled or fried and drink your milk normally. You'll save yourself a lot of unnecessary suffering
  9. I agree with your thinking, but it's not a 20% increase you're getting, more like 2-3%. Most newbies tend to focus on things like meal timing, equipment, etc. That's why they usually get the response, that it's not that important and that they should focus on other things.
  10. yes, and dont forget to workout in a meat factory /s Look up home workout videos on youtube. Additionally, do squads and push-ups if they aren't already included in the workouts. Do this 3/week. After a couple of weeks increase to 4/week. Don't worry too much about meal timing. Have some carbs, like an apple or two, 30~ min before working out to fuel your workout. It really doesn't matter too much as a newbie. When it comes to the rest of your diet, try to clean it up, less junk etc. Eggs are fine, there's no point in eating them raw tho. I'm not sure what you mean by milkshakes. If you mean the stuff you get at Mcdonald's, that's a big no. Protein shakes are fine, but real food is always preferred. You can look up high protein foods, but don't go crazy with your diet in the beginning. Make sure it's sustainable.
  11. Most of them have no idea what they are doing. It is essential to understand systems and patterns. This is where Spiral Dynamics and other models become useful. What do you think are the most important values a society should strive for and what are the best and most holistic solutions which lead to the greatest amount of freedom and happiness, and involve the least amount of suffering? Contemplate this. Also, expose yourself to a variety of opinions. Question the motives and goals of different politicians and political commentators.
  12. 50-80% of the people in U.S. have it, chill.
  13. Pretty sure there is nothing to worry about.
  14. sorry, I'm not really interested in interacting with you. You give off weird toxic vibes. That being said the example cited is pretty silly, it was an orbital bone fracture, which happens pretty regularly in contact sports. And as far as I know, the person lost a ton of matches ever since.