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  1. Assuming you want to hit legs 2x each week, alternate between those two workouts:
  2. Doesn't seem necessary atm. Wouldn't really hurt either though.
  3. To be fair, they have to be. Most people are idiots. If the average dude on the street resonates with a university professor, the university professor must be quite the idiot. If people like JBP, Lex Friedman, Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate, etc. would share deep Wisdom, most people wouldn't care and thus those public intellectuals wouldn't be popular.
  4. @Simple Success https://www.actualized.org/forum/settings/signature/
  5. By "work" in this case, I mean doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. If you've tried something and it didn't work, you try something else. You educate yourself, identify the problems you've encountered in the past, tweak your approach, and build habits. Are you having trouble eating? Find solutions to that problem. Do you have a hard time being consistent? Find solutions for that, too. All of this can be emotionally and physically difficult, but when you say, "I've tried everything," it seems like you are shielding yourself from these difficulties. Again, if gaining weight/muscle isn't a priority for you, that's totally fine, but be careful about the story you tell yourself, you might actually believe it.
  6. @Twentyfirst respectfully, that just sounds like a bs excuse you are telling yourself to not do the work. If you are not willing to do the work, that's cool but don't lie to yourself.
  7. You track your calories via myfitnesspal or any similar app and eat ~500 calories above your baseline consistently over weeks, preferably while doing weight training. If that doesn't work, further increase your caloric intake. Should I give you my Paypal now or?
  8. She's not gonna let you smash bro, you can stop. There could be a person in congress advocating for the murder of innocent children and some of you would be like: "Bro, come on, why are you criticizing this person, they are clearly stage red, come on bro u need to understand them." People are criticizing Sinema because her position changed from what she ran on. That's a good thing. We want people to criticize politicians if they do dumb shit. We all understand that she is not a Marxist, people just expect that she does what she promised. This is not a strawman, this is not demonization nor is that projection.
  9. As far as I know, Hitler was an infant when his older brother died, I doubt that had any significant effect on him. The Nazi party didn't exist back then. He joined the DAP.
  10. @AtheisticNonduality No, it's monkey brain to ascribe Leo's weak political analysis to being Tier 2. Instead of engaging with the issue and thinking about it independently, he jumps to the conclusion that this is just another example of progressives being unable to see that not everyone is as progressive as them. This is just silly and if you think that this is a holistic approach to politics, you are being silly.
  11. Couldn't agree more. If you have criticisms voice them. "person I agree with good colour person I disagree with bad colour" is just so monkey brained. Not really. Hitler lied to everyone he could to achieve his goals. To the workers, he presented himself as a man of the people and used socialist talking points yet behind their backs he snuggled up with the bourgeoisie and promised that there would be no radical economic reform. In the end, he lied to both. A Traitor in my book. @Danioover9000 However, there are many degrees to being a traitor. It's silly to use the most extreme examples as if that would free someone from their guilt for doing minor traitorous acts.
  12. @Leo Gura No, that's not the point. While she has shown a left-liberal voting record in the Arizona Legislature, she moved increasingly to the right in the House of Representatives. That sounds either like deliberate deception to gather votes or a 'genuine' value shift. Either way, it fits my definition of a traitor.
  13. Less "bully teaching". There were several times when I just turned off an episode because I didn't feel like listening to a guy raging about random bs and degrading his listeners highlight more high-quality posts and debates, all these no fap, Andrew Tate, incel controversial threads get way too much attention Book club - I can imagine it could be fun if mods would organize a book club where a book gets intensely discussed on here.. just an idea idk If enough people would be willing to participate less arrogance, it makes you less credible Shorter, better-structured content. A good idea gets lost in 3 hours of examples and stories imo