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  1. @Princess Arabia That's exactly what happened in psychology. At first they had the term identity disorder, then they renamed it to identity problem and then they dropped the idea entirely since it was so common to have some sort of misalignment in identity.
  2. Sounds to me like you are hiding behind some relativistic bs. You weren't applying the same benefit to vegans which you have no issue judging for having an "identity disorder". But once you get called out there are just "different paradigms". There is no consistency in what you are saying man. You are using spiritual mumbo jumbo to dilute basic logic if it is uncomfortable for you. How do you come to truth? Vibes? Yes? That's what I said. As far as I know, quite a bit, vegans tend to be more wealthy, health conscious, educated etc etc. My argument wasn't that being vegan is the healthiest possible diet, my argument was refuting the take that Vegans can't survive long term.
  3. Man, you have no argument. You said, vegans can't survive long term, which isn't true, now you are shifting the goalpost to say, it's because of science that they can. Okay, if that were to be true, so? Without science you'd live in a cave without a device to type this on. Doesn't mean that you should do that. Human behavior co-evolves with their inventions and advancements in science, morals and culture. That's a good thing. Right now you are just falling for the naturalistic fallacy. You are shifting to make your wrong idea work. Instead, maybe it's time to rethink your broader argument. I'm not saying you shouldn't eat meat, I'm prepping 1 KG of chicken as we speak lol. Your argument just makes no sense. You are not a crocodile bro.
  4. Gottcha, you are just wrong then. This is not a matter of perspective, there is enough research out there. Especially with a well-planned diet and proper supplementation Vegans can survive long term. On average vegans live longer and healthier lives than non-vegans. Man, you can't just state wrong things so you can live your life guilt-free and then wiggle yourself out with some bastardization of Ken Wilber quotes when confronted.
  5. @integral From my perspective it seems that you are saying: "Let's pretend something untrue is true, so my dysmorphia argument makes sense." Correct me if I misunderstand you.
  6. But you are not, and you don't need to. You might want to pick a different axiom to base your argument on.
  7. The levels of mental gymnastics, my god. Humans aren't what they were 1000s of years ago. With your logic you can justify rape, theft, murder and whichever other depraved acts. Just eat meat and shut up about it.
  8. wild vid. Experienced this many times. Videos/audiobooks talking to me, spiritually guiding me, instantly responding to thoughts I have, almost like a conversation. Often in a gentle way where it can kinda be attributed to being a random delusion but it also seems so real in the moment. When I rewatched the same content in a sober state, there seemed to be nothing spiritual or guiding about it. Also had moments where technology seemed to be acting up in a way where the time on my laptop stopped working or displaying seemingly random numbers and my internet stopping to work. About why you might not be "allowed" to record in higher states: My theory would be, that it could be a sort of protective mechanism. Your lower state self couldn't comprehend what happened to you in your higher state. Having a recording wouldn't serve you. You'd be trying to bring static hard proof to a nondual flowy infinite state. It allows these two seemingly uncombinable realities to co-exist, saving you from having to question your day-to-day reality or the higher state. What you seem to be doing now is trying to understand your higher states through the lens of your lower state and I applaud your efforts, but I have my doubts that you'll get satisfying answers.
  9. How manipulative. Politicians adjusting their politics to the will of the people... almost sounds like democracy ?
  10. A government can do more than one thing at a time. Shocking, I know. If a child starts walking, do you complain why it isn't sprinting?
  11. @Ima Freeman Undoubtedly, research on a particular topic enables one to discern finer nuances. The distinction between the Left and the Right often remains superficial, but it serves a practical purpose when engaging in broad discussions and conducting preliminary political analyses. Why do mfs who say that always share right-wing propaganda lmao. Idk what it is with Americans but you guys always have unbelievable confidence in the worst takes.
  12. homie is fleeing his country because of painted toenails *insert defamatory statement about fragile privileged western men*