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  1. How manipulative. Politicians adjusting their politics to the will of the people... almost sounds like democracy ?
  2. A government can do more than one thing at a time. Shocking, I know. If a child starts walking, do you complain why it isn't sprinting?
  3. @Ima Freeman Undoubtedly, research on a particular topic enables one to discern finer nuances. The distinction between the Left and the Right often remains superficial, but it serves a practical purpose when engaging in broad discussions and conducting preliminary political analyses. Why do mfs who say that always share right-wing propaganda lmao. Idk what it is with Americans but you guys always have unbelievable confidence in the worst takes.
  4. homie is fleeing his country because of painted toenails *insert defamatory statement about fragile privileged western men*
  5. What is considered "fashionable" is largely influenced by social conventions and is always shifting. The entire fashion industry revolves around this concept. Big brands pay significant sums to celebrities in order to have them wear their clothing. As a result, the average person associates these clothes with the positive attributes of famous individuals. Consequently, more and more average people begin to wear those clothes, leading to the creation of a connection between the clothes and averageness. The clothes thus become "unfashionable". When you perceive a man wearing a dress as strange, it is because, within our society, it deviates from societal norms. Several decades ago, it was deemed unusual for women to wear pants. Today, no one cares. Femininity, the term/idea, is a social construct. It's an idea to which we attribute a variety of real values and behavior patterns. These attributes and behavior patterns can change over time, as they had before. Obviously, the term corresponds with reality to some degree, as feminine attributes are often observed in females. This does not however exclude them from existing in males. They are more the same than different. There are some differences where one area tends to be slightly larger in one sex than the other, but those differences are rather small. What can usually be observed are different kinds of behaviors in men and women. Of course, it is not easy to clearly distinguish between nature and nurture, but generally, men care more about things while women usually care more about people. There are many differences one can observe in large sample groups. However, there are also numerous outliers. For example, there are men who tend to have a brain structure more similar to the average female brain, and similarly, there are many men who are more empathic and care about people a lot.
  6. Transsexualism is not considered a mental illness. There has been a study that examined twins. If one of the twins was trans, the likelihood that the other twin was trans is 20%, indicating to researchers that there is a genetic component. Ok? Do it, who gives a fuck. Feminine clothing like "having the cloth separate between your legs" or "it being one piece of cloth going around your legs". You do realize how arbitrary this distinction is? There is nothing masculine or feminine about that. That's a social convention you are accustomed to. There is no inherent truth in your reaction. act feminine sometimes then, who gives a fuck. Societal indoctrination and fear of rejection from your peers. It's a social construct and can mean lots of things. We generally associate qualities like nurturing love, softness, openness, caring about people, and similar qualities to it. The more you examine it, the more those boundaries fall apart. What does it mean to you? How do you want to act? Forget about wanting to be a man or a women. Just act the way you want to act.
  7. I've done 100-hour weeks for like 1/2 a year. It's not fun. You'll get depressed, inefficient and start looking for weird outlets to rebel. If you are working full-time and want to start something on the side.. sure, as a transitionary period that might be fine. I see no point in dedicating 100hour weeks to one thing for a prolonged period of time. Just putting in more hours has diminishing returns. Your body and mind need to relax. Work with your body and mind and you'll be much happier and more efficient.
  8. Consider that political affiliation is just one factor among many that affect people's standard of living. Economic conditions, historical context, local leadership, and policy decisions all play a role too. To reduce the issue by focusing solely on the political color of a state is overly simplistic and doesn't lead to productive discussions. When it comes to poverty, various factors contribute to it. High costs of living, expensive rents, and lack of social safety nets for example. Wealthier areas often face these issues (and they are more apparent due to higher population density), and they tend to lean Democrat in their voting patterns. One reason for this is that as people's own needs are met, they tend to prioritize the well-being of others, leading to more pluralistic thinking. Correlation, not causation. So this doesn't mean that if Republican policies were in place, these problems would automatically be solved. California, for example, has had Republican leadership for decades, and many of its current issues stem from policies implemented during that time. Some leftists would argue that these problems are a result of neoliberal capitalism, which both Democrats and Republicans have supported. Poverty is often seen as a natural outcome of this doctrine. So the answer to those issues does not lie in what color the Governor represents, it lies in smart policy decisions. He seems to have accomplished quite a bit despite his age. The fundamental problem with American politics is the lack of choice. It's either Democrat or Republican, this issue has been resolved in many other countries. All it takes is structural reform of the political system, but unfortunately, there isn't enough political will to push for it. As a result, Democrats often prioritize putting forward the most recognizable face to ensure victory, with the actual qualities of the president becoming secondary. This is a systemic problem within the political system. Additionally, many Democrats aren't particularly enthusiastic about Biden either. However, when the alternative is Trump, the decision becomes much easier. It's not accurate to say that the U.S. has open borders and doesn't invest significant amounts to combat undocumented immigration. In reality, countries like the United States have immigration laws and enforcement agencies in place to manage immigration. Regarding undocumented immigrants, most studies I'm aware of argue that they are beneficial for the economy, and if they were granted proper documentation, they could contribute more effectively by paying taxes. Additionally, they also commit less crime than the average U.S. citizen due to fear of deportation. Your framing assumes that there is a fixed pool of money that can only go towards either helping homeless individuals or supporting immigrants. The issue is more complex than that. Undocumented immigrants, often contribute more to the system than they take out. Consider the fact that there are other areas of expenditure, such as the military budget or bank bailouts, that could also be scrutinized when addressing homelessness. Contemplate why you bring up homelessness when it comes to immigrants. Aren't you spiritual? Isn't all life worth saving and providing for? Why differentiate? Because of different pigmentation? America certainly has the capacities to care for and support homeless people and immigrants to become productive members of society. The systemic issues that lead to homelessness should be tackled, and accommodations should be provided for those affected. But then Republicans would complain that those lazy bums get everything for free while hard-working Americans have to pay rent. Okay, then you provide money for hard-working Americans and Republicans will cry about inflation or irresponsible spending. Understand that the republican party does not care about the average person, neither do they care about homelessness or veterans. They weaponize them to further their political agenda and gain power. It is feasible to make significant progress in reducing homelessness, but it requires political will, which may not be equally present on both sides of the political spectrum. Democrats, at least on the surface, tend to show more concern for this issue, while Republicans tend to exacerbate the issue through more aggressive policies. Because he lies, lacks political understanding, has been credibly accused of almost every crime possible, and has a history of being consistently wrong on various matters. He destabilized the country, doesn't care about democratic principles, tried to overthrow the government, and claimed election fraud. The list of his negative qualities goes on and on. Many people who care about the flourishing of the U.S. understandably don't want a guy like that gaining political power. America's reputation as the "laughing stock" of the world is not due to Biden but rather stems from the fact that people perceive Americans as foolish for being deceived by a con man who lies to their faces and acts against their interests, yet still garners support. If you see issues in your country, think about what the systemic reasons for these issues are. What has happened in the past to lead to these events? What is keeping this issue in place? What could be done to solve these issues? How can those solutions be translated into smart policies? This is how you come to valuable conclusions. Be open to reevaluating your opinions and political stances constantly and don't just absorb the talking points of some political pundit.
  9. There's a distinction between well-thought-out opinions and snappy reactive ones. If you express the latter, expect some pushback. The reason people don't bother explaining things to you is that your responses lack genuineness and come across as flippant. No one wants to invest time in educating someone who doesn't want to be educated. I get it, you feel like you're swimming against the current when expressing your right-wing opinions, but this forum is filled with edgy 20-year-olds who hold the same political views as their grandparents. This is not new, this is not revolutionary, this is just lackluster political analysis. This is not your fault, it takes time and effort to understand these topics. The appeal of leftist ideas isn't because of some complex concept like spiral dynamics that hardly any leftist even knows about. People are drawn to leftist ideas because they often provide more systemic solutions to issues compared to the right. If you take the time to think about it, leftists care about the same problems you do. They want to address issues like homelessness by redistributing wealth and establishing stronger social safety nets. The right will try very hard to make you focus on some Biden LGBT pedo propaganda bs to shift your focus away from the issues you and leftists would like to fix. This is not meant as an attack, but consider that you might not be as well-educated as you believe and open yourself to learning new ideas. Most people aren't very educated on these topics. You've identified significant problems, and if you genuinely want to find solutions, do some serious research. If politics isn't your thing and you don't want to invest your time in it, that's okay too, just don't be surprised if people confront you when you share half-thought-out opinions.
  10. It's good that you care. It's good that you don't want to look away when you see issues. Reacting in the way you do will not solve those issues. Systemic issues need systemic solutions. Not some orange man who says the things you like.
  11. I have no interest in engaging in a debate about who is or isn't a pedophile. Furthermore, I doubt that deconstructing each of your arguments would have any impact on changing your perspective. While some of the concerns you raised are valid, it appears that you haven't thoroughly considered the driving forces and attractors contributing to these issues. Your proposed solutions, which rely on weak analysis, are likely to have unintended consequences. I encourage you to shift from a reactive mindset to an analytical one.
  12. To justify that their obscene wealth is a result of their hard work and not duping investors or exploitative labor practices.