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  1. Maybe doing magick, but I have yet to test it out.
  2. Its called thinking for yourself. Leo has been wrong, like his stance on internet privacy.
  3. imgur is down I cant see it. Mind posting another link? Or sending to me in a dm please?
  4. I searched for videos on how to be a millionaire and eventually saw Leo's video on the subject. At first I was hesitant to watch his videos because his thumbnails looked bland to me and the duration of them was so long. But once I gave him a chance I struck gold.
  5. Yes, happiness is a choice.
  6. meetups, retreats, seminars and conferences come to mind.
  7. I prefer to listen to binaural beats to help me concentrate. The brainwaves app has a lot of great ones. They even have one that is integrated with a pomodoro timer for ultimate productivity.
  8. I just use otter.ai to transcribe self help videos like Leos automatically. It has a premium price but its well worth it in my opinion.
  9. Its not a waste of time if you use the spaced repetition and active recall learning techniques.
  10. A conscious parenting sub forum would be great for those who want to be parents. Also a productivity sub forum could be beneficial to this forum.
  11. @Akashic The fact that they constantly have to be on camera talking about themselves should answer your question.
  12. Damn I got a long way to go. I'm still stuck in red
  13. I'm much more attracted to charisma in women than humor. Vanessa Van Edwards is a good example. Sometimes girls over do humor and it becomes annoying.