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  1. Maybe doing magick, but I have yet to test it out.
  2. imgur is down I cant see it. Mind posting another link? Or sending to me in a dm please?
  3. Yes, happiness is a choice.
  4. meetups, retreats, seminars and conferences come to mind.
  5. I prefer to listen to binaural beats to help me concentrate. The brainwaves app has a lot of great ones. They even have one that is integrated with a pomodoro timer for ultimate productivity.
  6. I just use otter.ai to transcribe self help videos like Leos automatically. It has a premium price but its well worth it in my opinion.
  7. Its not a waste of time if you use the spaced repetition and active recall learning techniques.
  8. A conscious parenting sub forum would be great for those who want to be parents. Also a productivity sub forum could be beneficial to this forum.
  9. @Akashic The fact that they constantly have to be on camera talking about themselves should answer your question.
  10. Damn I got a long way to go. I'm still stuck in red
  11. I'm much more attracted to charisma in women than humor. Vanessa Van Edwards is a good example. Sometimes girls over do humor and it becomes annoying.
  12. No its too risky.
  13. Yes, worth it. Makes it easier to transfer your book notes into your digital commonplace book.