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  1. A conscious parenting sub forum would be great for those who want to be parents. Also a productivity sub forum could be beneficial to this forum.
  2. @Akashic The fact that they constantly have to be on camera talking about themselves should answer your question.
  3. Damn I got a long way to go. I'm still stuck in red
  4. I'm much more attracted to charisma in women than humor. Vanessa Van Edwards is a good example. Sometimes girls over do humor and it becomes annoying.
  5. No its too risky.
  6. Yes, worth it. Makes it easier to transfer your book notes into your digital commonplace book.
  7. I recommend Teal Swan's videos: How to Discover What You Want & How to Live a Life Worth Living on youtube
  8. Happy birthday Leo
  9. "Life's a game but it's not fair. I break the rules so I don't care." -Run This Town by Jay-Z
  10. Its suffering until Leo rereleases the solipsism video.
  11. This is why I always download youtube videos for my commonplace book incase they get deleted. Leo just caught me off guard this time.
  12. Great idea, I wanna see that video. And he can upload his stage turqoise video that was taken down there too.
  13. Stuff like this is exactly why I'm against becoming a public figure. Cancel culture puts you and your past under a freaking microscope. Celebrities are just slaves with money.