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  1. I don't say this negatively, but I knew life on earth was meaningless before this video, and I had come to terms with it; Coming to the conclusion that, its better to come up with your own meaning for life, and create your own purpose anyway. And so I've built a purpose, and a grand reality in my 'ego' to look forward to but if everything is infinite, and ultimately nothing. then quite frankly, what is the fucking point of anything we can do in our ego NOW? Why am I(god) endlessly creating these realities to live in as egos or other different things? Have people who want enlightenment ever thought that maybe if I created these realities for myself to live in, that It could be myself entertaining myself in this form, and distracting myself from the meaninglessness of being a complete and utter void? why am I so eager to become re-awakened of the lonely, and empty truth of what I am? What do I gain from pursuing this 'enlightenment' or 'awakening' of what I actually am IF i'm already the infinite itself? And consequently then, why is it not just as valid to live into THIS reality, and forget about the higher existential truth of my ultimate being? Its not like its going anywhere? Apologies if this doesn't make sense; I'm very puzzled myself.
  2. Agreed with this. Fuck pure acceptance of your changeable flaw, or waiting for some meditative truth to relieve you of it; Answers of that nature don't sit well with me. I've had anxiety for a while, to the point I shook rapidly and awkwardly in extremely uncomfortable situations. It has since gotten better; How? As stated in the quote above. You must force yourself out of your comfort zone, and adapt your body to realise it is in no danger during uncomfortable social situations, and if you keep it up, you will start producing endorphin's instead of large amounts of cortisol during social interactions. Some ways I've purged a lot of anxiety. Approach strangers as much as possible, and talk to them as long as you can at given time (progress in the length and quality of the interactions over time - focus primarily on USING them for your growth, and entertaining and challenging yourself, not so much on how they react) Meditation can definitely help supplementally. Join a local toastmasters (they are literally everywhere, look one up) and conquer your fears of large social interactions, being center of attention. - (I pinpointed over time this was my major fear, and most of my anxiety stemmed from this.) Join a local activity club/get active in some kind of community activity where you are forced to interact with people.
  3. On YouTube Channels, Nutrition facts Super-food Evolution These are the only two channels for nutrition, one will really need. Books Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Very long book, over 600 pages but this is the single most important book on nutrition in my opinion. If nothing else, watch this summary. Lastly a good reference website,
  4. Offaly, ireland. Be sure to message me if you live nearby.
  5. Like-mindedness is key to these communities. Everyone is so eager to be 'inclusive' but if you want it to work you couldn't let in just anyone in. Would definitely have to find worthwhile quality people, if it's to be your own home and to have a high level of social cohesion.
  6. @ZenMonkey He's got the right idea. We over-complicate our lives to a massive degree. We absolutely don't need to shop or work to survive, and we do have the freedom to be self-reliant in the truest sense. Yet we just have fixed ideas of life in the western world. Though I think it is self-centred to abandon society altogether, if you are capable of contributing value. I would argue that value shouldn't be produced from a place of desperation/survival. That is akin to slavery. It should be AFTER you are self-sufficient. Once this is accomplished, you have no other goal than to benefit yourself with knowledge/self-improvement, and ultimately benefit the world. Like his TedX video/teaching for example. @Ida 'I don't wanna live with people who shoot animals' If I were to hunt, I'd want to do it with a bow or a more primitive weapon. Hunting the animal is far more ethical than buying its meat in a supermarket. You are connected to the death, and you understand what was lost. It's far different than throwing bits of pig that were mass-slaughtered into a shopping trolley. (No matter how tasty ) The rest you've said sounds great. Permaculture/sustainable building/self-sufficiency. Absolutely.
  7. You as well. I know the feeling, It's so easy for your mind to wander towards escapism. Meditation definitely helps, and exercise. Meditation calms me down before and after studying. Exercise, keeps your energy level high/more focused.
  8. 1) Remove all stimulus/distractions. 2) Be sure to do it in manageable intervals. A 40 minute study session works for me, with a 10 minute break after each. Without the break you lose focus and performance, it is vital. Once you have your break, your performance is refreshed. 3) Keep a study log/or at the least record how many intervals you did/how much progress you made. It'll keep you going, have no doubt. Another thing I find really useful for when going on long study sessions is listening to classical/ambient music, in headphones. Really clears your mind, and puts you in focus. Plus, no one will want to distract you if you have headphones on. Vivaldi the four seasons works well for me, since its 40 mins exactly. Beyond that, you must force yourself through the pain. Without the mental pain, you cannot be great.
  9. While I can get along with most people, I am increasingly finding it hard to find deep connections. As anyone, who deviates from the mainstream lifestyle knows, its rare to find people alike yourself. I want to live among people with similar goals/values, not just have them as friends that I see once a week after work. I want to live amongst them. Much more potential for fulfillment. Besides, you really do become who you spend time with. What better way to do that then, start your own community with them. Create a group of people that all want to self-actualise/pursue their own goals, and bring each other up in the process. Make a kind of superior culture dynamic, of mutual co-operation and values. This is an example of one intentional community. I do not want to live the bare consumerist life as a wage slave, and I ultimately want to live solely in line with my values and interests. Self-Improvement Self-sufficiency Primal/traditional living. Lifelong learning. Brotherhood/common investment. Contributing value to the world. I WANT to grow my own food, hunt, and grow myself. I WANT to fuck around, and shoot assault rifles, and play sword battles with sticks. I WANT to make shit tons of money together with friends and invest it in a shared independent community. The main challenge in achieving this will be connecting with others who BOTH share my values, and want to participate. However, I know I will do it, as It's something I want badly. I do have a one or two great friends interested. Right now however, my focus is on pursuing personal progression, and then monetary gain. Has anyone else considered settling down/living, in an intentional community? What values/lifestyle would you want it to be based on? Any thoughts on how it could be achieved?
  10. I've been receiving that advice all year, man. Of course, it 'would save you a lot of troubles.' but the situation is already here, and all I can do is maximize possibilities. 'Thought it was the smart choice or thought this is waste of time' Honestly, At a certain point, you have to recognize its not a perfect system for everyone. I've learned so much by myself at this stage, and when I'm at school, at best I get, delayed learning and lack of autonomy. The 2 years really is only necessary when you rely on being carried by teachers. I know I will pass regardless, as I've never gotten bad grades. I simply want as much I can get. I intend to attend/interact more absolutely, but If it is at the expense of progression. I will trust my own judgement. University is entirely different, especially since you are more autonomous and have chosen a subject you're fully passionate about.
  11. This journal idea is intimidating, but here we go. I've spent most of my time as a student in secondary school, slacking off and exploring other interests instead. While I don't regret that, as I've learned a lot for myself. I've come to the conclusion that I'll need a serious change in my life for these few months. I have 4 months to go until, my leaving certificate. (examination that determines what universities I can get into) I know I'm intelligent enough to learn a lot of the missed material on my own. I actually prefer self-studying like a lot of people here. It is a question of time, and managing it to my advantage. I figure a lot of this level of material CAN be learned easily, If you are dedicated. It does not necessarily require 2 years to learn, if you do not have to be dragged along. Part of the reason I always neglected studies, was because I thought it was simplistic and over-valued. I'm not aiming to be a perfectionist. I know I will not get 600/600 points, and I don't even need that. Universities, here at least, are all held to the same standard, and I don't care to go to one of the prestigious ones, If I decide to go. I'll do what I can with the time I can, and maximize the opportunities that I'll have four months along. Beyond that, I can do no more. I prioritize the subjects I should learn in this order - Mathematics Physics English French Business For the past, two days I've done nothing but mathematics, and Its not exactly euphoric. Though, I am trying to learn to enjoy the process, as opposed to being entirely results-oriented. I've gotten through roughly 20 pages a day. This is my benchmark again, for today.