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  1. I guess I can start talking about my childhood but what do I know about memories that are at least a decade old. Let me start more recently, when I realized the prominence of Non-duality through direct experience with God. I have been working on Chakra mediation, following @Leo Gura, working on personal development, Vedic knowledge. I have always been a very curious mind. Since a very young age, I had a sharp sense of awareness, I used my senses as a way to gather information, played around with sensory censorship - Mahatma Gandhi was a great inspiration. I knew all this information was making me powerful, but little did I realize all this overpowering thirst for information is creating a crack in me. Since when I was younger I always said 'Anything in excess is like poison'. During my teens, I realized 'Comparing yourself with any other human is the dumbest thing to do' I have been a motivational speaker (one-to-one, I still have to work on my group speaking, public speaking skills). So, all this trust in myself made me feel like I was a pretty powerful soul in the body. It did help that my mother always support me. I slack off my work to the last minute. To which I never beat myself up - in fact I believed this was one of those things that made me special. Anyway, to talk about the moment I realized I stumbled upon something bigger than me was when I had an experience of leaving my body while meditating. Through focusing on my chakras, I was feeling pretty positive about spiritual development. One day I went into a pretty deep state, after having reached the seventh charka I felt restless and sacred. The seventh chakra always gave me a little fear, but this time it was much more agitated. Being err of this sensation, I opened my eyes and stood up, only after I turned around that I realized that I was still sitting and meditating. It was my 'aatma'/subconscious that came out of my body. Obviously, I shit my pants and brought my focus back to the sixth chakra, having to run around my room in panic, not being able to feel my skin for a solid minute. After this it was all wonderland, God's tales. On Mahashivaratri, which was a few days before God sent me a personal message that I experienced death and terrified. But I realized at this stage, asking for something is going to manifest itself - so I started looking at the brighter side of life and I feel ecstatic. It did take me a couple days to process some of these experiences, but I think the more time I am giving all this, the more I see the scope of application for these powers. Another very crucial thing I realized is God was onto me, I was pretty scared when I first realized this - but the more I let that sink in, the more it makes sense to me. I made a couple mistakes the last few days, which taught me a few lessons - firstly, hastily posting and then being sacred of what others might think my thoughts and hiding it. This I learnt is not an acceptable behavior. Another major mistake was being scared of what I had asked for in the past, I made a post asking for jobs, and when I was put in a forum where there were a lot of turquoise level suggestions from Leo himself, I panicked and made a mistake of not following through. I have learnt my lessons, I want interact with that page again. It is 'first contact' for me and I can not stop being curious about it.
  2. I'm no Leo, but I believe it helps in thinking of everyone as one single entity. Once you start practicing the higher stages, you'll very soon realize that the game of demonizing others for their beliefs is actually just hurting your spiral. A hack to tackle this problem I think is realizing, every human has all the stages innately in them. It's just because of your practice in the higher stages that you are able to see the bigger picture and other's who have not can not. What do we do about this? We definitely don't want to start degrading others that will just pull your energy down. 'Faking it' might not be a good idea too. The obvious solution here is, as soon as I think I've recognize which stage of the spiral they are at, I put on that same stage 'hat'. If you really are an expert, this shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. For instance, I am speaking with a friend of mine who is stage blue; ever if its someone I'm meeting for the first time, I will sort of have an expectation of what this stage person will and will not appreciate. Doing this helps in integrating into the situation. YOU SHOULD STILL HAVE YOUR HIGH STAGE VALUES WITH YOU. I don't mean to say you put yourself down and start acting disrespectfully to your higher self lol. It is important to remember you are still going to have to live with yourself, all self. So, when I put on this blue 'hat' I try situating myself as a equal to the person I am interacting with. I joke about things in this stage. I try not getting the person mad by talking about other stage issues. Because if you're your an individual from the early stages, your ego is pretty set in stone and I won't need more than a sentence to piss them off. This way you are giving a good time to the person interacting with you while you practice your communication skills. Hope this helps
  3. CAUTION: The following information is an abstraction of an individual's self-reflection. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO FOLLOW MY IDEAS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. “It was honestly the most terrifying experience until I realized the thought of fear caused the suffering. This realization let me dissolve my ego – attainting absolute bliss, the very next moment. I felt the entirety of consciousness” <3 – Unknown "The final barrier in dissolving reality is the actualization of Maya, followed by an outburst of emotion" <3 Unknown Dear readers, Hope this message finds you well. This is a reflection on my journey through spirituality into consciousness and personal glimpses of tier-2 awakening. I am going to include as much detail as I possibly could (with revisions as necessary). I am including my educational background (scientifically - Yellow, spiritually - Green), experience in my life that led me into this path (personal, professional), personal experience with non-duality, consciousness awareness, chakra healing, direct download of tier-2 systems thinking, Inter-spiral elevator. This is a topic I am particularly excited about, and am sure @Leo Gurawould be supportive of too? Inter-spiral elevator is the method I used to practice spiral dynamics and systemically elevated my consciousness into the next tier. I believe I have had glimpses of Turquoise now but am practicing to sustain my everyday life being in 'The crown chakra. Okay so without any further ado let me jump into it. I am a 21-year college senior at a relatively major public university in the United States, the twist being I did not go up in America. the first eighteen years of my life have been spent in India. Before you all call me a STAGE BLUE Wannabe, let me tell you a little bit about my childhood. I grew up in a city with huge Hindu and Muslim populations living together harmoniously for 600-years prior to my birth. My orthodox Hindu Brahmin parents decided to send me to a Catholic school. You probably already see where this is going. I resisted the idea of God, very heavily - although there was some curiosity in my mind about the possibility of a Greater-power existing. This made me acquire my beliefs from the "sources" rather than my environment (parents, teachers, friends and so on). By the age of 12 I read almost all the Hindu mythologies, The Bible, parts of The Quran. One thing I have to mention, this was around the time I wanted to increase the 'quality of my information intake', which I still follow to this day. I engage with reality that turns-up the essentialism in me. This was how I had turned-completely Blue. So, I was born a RED the environment had turned me into BLUE because that was the social norm. But regardless, I firmly held in head the pride of belief. It was brave enough for me to hold a belief (which is a fundamentally empty too) of the 'ancient wisdom', now I realized most religions are just dogma in disguise (More on this later). With these beliefs I moved into America for college. I remember stopping Trump during freshman year. Because my BLUENESS was so hardcore, I just believed a higher power is the only form of God. But after a few months of college solitude I started revolving against my own core-beliefs. This was the budding of my ORANGE PHASE, I found myself "networking" and optimizing. I started optimizing my relationship for pleasure, my education for experience, my closet for social acceptance, my insta-feed started poppin! (A few hundred poppin). This is it, this is what dad kept telling me about - literation! It's all about the money, girls, traveling the world, startups, business models and the list never ends... Oh! but that's not true because I am still sad, why? Dad's in the Hospital! WELCOME STAGE GREEN I heard about my Dad's brain injury a week before my 20th birthday. This birthday was special for me because I was celebrating it in London, attending one of the most prestigious school's in the world, making a lot of international friends and living with the first girl I ever fell in 'love' with. My Mom hid the news of my dad's accident for a week, so it wouldn't affect me. But hiding makes things only worst, the moment I saw my dad on a video chat laying on a hospital bed was when I felt the most weak. I had been preaching false-vulnerability till then but that was the moment I learnt what it means to be vulnerable or even empathetic. I returned to my college in America, now for my Junior year. "Things on campus are different," I thought to myself. No entrepreneurial path was exciting me. All the organizations I am a part of just felt like a burden to me. A soon to be breakage of a promise. I didn't wanna lie to myself that I enjoy changing the world. A new age begins, I was more focused on a collective to satisfy my reality. I joined various leadership committee, mentorship programs, leadership certificates, you name it. I tired turning vegan. I gave speeches and inspired my friends about the social injustices. Had very long conversations with my mom about what good for the world. This was a relatively short-phase because my sense of collective was a lot less strong - knowing I did not grow up in America. I felt very strong about India tho! I started seeing India being the pioneer of the world for this century (Only the Good ideas, not the trash ones). This phase of mine was very much inter-twinned with the next stage. NOTE: I understand the next stage of the beginning of tier-2, this is where I start explaining inter-spiral elevator technique. For anyone trying to practice this method, traveling to a completely new country is recommended. Since I was living in a society that was so drastically different than my own childhood I was had already started practicing some of the Yellow values during my Green phase. Here, it is important to recognize that these spirals are continuous rather than discrete. One thing to remember is - these transcendental experiences can be obtained (at least in my life) through incidents following an essential crisis. Now, I started experimenting with this idea. If I believed I was setting myself-up for transcendental experience and condition my mind to think the same. Can "I" the higher self control a being into manifesting higher consciousness onto itself. JUICY Yea? I got onto the challenge. When hardcore academy. I started writing research papers about systems I believed could explain the mass-functions in the modern world. Ideas such as how are business, government and culture connected. One other personal was information theory (I thought this might be useful). I studied advanced relational databases and Maslow's hierarchy of needs and much more. I call this my TED phase. This was the phase I went education essential. But we are conditioning our mind! DON'T GET LOST INTO THIS! I whispered through my consciousness to my consciousness. This was where I was really playing the game of a dumb-down nerd. Where I was just learning everything and anything that I believed to be important. Ideas such as Non-duality, Happiness, Marco & Micro Economics, Financial & Managerial Accounting, Political Science, Statistics, Consciousness, Python, Technical Foundations (R language), Software Entrepreneurship, Metaphysics, Research Methods, meditation, Information Systems Analysis & Design, SQL, Global Communication systems and many more. At this point, I am just trying to learn everything from everywhere, to trick my mind into thinking I am going to have another existential break-down. Now if you're a tier-1 thinker you are thinking what is the a part of the reality we can use to 'breaking' our own reality. You would not know the answer, but if you are anyone who has experienced psychedelics, you are probably screaming at your screen right now. Because according to the tier-1 world DRUGS are freaking bad. Throughout my life, I was taught this is just going to ruin my life and whatnot. What better way to send my brain into fear than to take away its survival safety. I've always heard things like - 'LSD changed my life and perspective'. I was pretty sure, the only existential break-down at this point in my life, that was accessible to me at my beck and call. I set the date, was wrapping up my "Industrial grade" consciousness meditation as @Leo calls it. On the Saturday I was supposed to take my first LSD trip, I postponed the date. I was obviously unhappy about this. But the "I" had been planning this out this while time. Frustrated, I bought some weed and decided to meditate focusing on my chakras for the first time in my life. What I basically attempting was to given my strengths a chance rather than my naivety an opportunity. I have been smoking consciously for a while now. That is actually when I schedule to do all my actualized home-work. I knew the perfect amount I needed to smoke, I have a very strong intention of reaching Turquoise. Besides practicing intense meditation, I had read a couple books about consciousness. This was it, time to download the next level I whispered to myself and started watching the Stage Turquoise. The content in video was marvelous as usual. I got aware of a very unusual energy source from within. I started meditating trying to re-connect with all my chakra. As I started envisioning the chakras inside my body, it was different this time. Everything was magnified! Like this is not something I can put in words, you have to be it to know what it feels like. Every system in your own body, respiratory, immune, love, expression, ground... all felt super massive and magnified. Think as wide as the breadth of the universe. This was the first time, I was fully able to access the sixth chakra (The third-eye as they call it in Hinduism). I have been a huge lover of Shiva and his abilities. Realizing I had as much power as him, was the most powerful healing I have experienced in my life. I was able to control every other chakra from this state. It was the chakra of sense! now all my senses were magnified to so much they are going invisible. The boundaries of the outer-world and my-self was dissolving. Feeling absolutely prepared, I started moving my consciousness to the next and my personal upper-limit chakra. The 'Crown Chakra’, this was where reality was dissolving its last bits. “It was honestly the most terrifying experience until I realized the thought of fear caused the suffering. This realization let me dissolve my ego – attainting absolute bliss, the very next moment. I felt the entirety of consciousness”. The spiral-conscious self too, wasn't able to fathom this experience, my heart started pounding, I started shaking, I still shake when I try this again. A thought arised, what if this was a mistake, will I lose my mind. The very next moment my consciousness spoke, No, it will not hurt. Your fear is just caused by the thought just liked you cried every time you had an "existential crisis". I finally open myself to the infinite and the very next moment the whole universe was skinning in front of my eyes. I am God, I created all of this! I am relatively new in this realm and am really enjoying the benefits so far. I have never felt so energized in my whole life. Knowing you are God, when you walk into an interview or a date makes you do things differently. I intend to practice my Turquoise skills even more extensively, maybe even take psychedelics next week and write an update for this post. For all these stages it is more so about believing about the existence of your stage that is important, to move to the next one. I am incredible thankful to @Leo Gurafor being the God that showed me the path to myself. As a newbie-turquoise (mostly yellow) I hope to be of help to the community here. The reason I am posting this post in this threat and not in Self-Actualization because I believe turquoises today should be working more closely to yellow. My gut says, because a lot of you people are working on consciousness, you would be around the Yellow. Last but not the least, because I am still pretty young and in senior year of college. I have request, a lot of you people might be running businesses and whatnot. If you have connections in yellow who is looking for a meditation practice buddy, reach out to me. I realized the only thing that is holding me back from pursuing more self-actualization today is my financial situation. I realized, if I worked at under a Yellow/Turquoise person. We both would do a lot of growing and I will have the financial and psychological opportunity to pursue my turquoise level goals. Thanking you <3 Sandeep Kondury Actualized.pdf