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  1. 3 minutes ago, Michael569 said:

    bro, is Chris Hemsworth your dad or something? xD 

    Super cool to see everyone's faces. Keep it up yall 

    Yeah I like their face as well. The turning point of the structure is really delicate. I especially love the tip of their nose and the mouth shape.

  2. 4 hours ago, BlessedLion said:

    ya that latest freakout by Leo made me lose interest in not only this forum but even his videos and channel.

    I feel the same lion. He was like a father figure to me. The vision of how humanity can possibly love is what Leo provided to me. I feel regret being on the forum to see such things. It really breaks my heart and mades me weep.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Applegarden8 said:

    I am an unhealthy man. I am a hermit. I don't give a shit about pretty much anyone but me. This is a truth most of us live in. Regardless of gender.

    MMmmmmmm..... I love beautiful people and animals. My appreciation depends on their existence. Especially those unique ones. If snakes, eagles, and JG don't exist. I can not acknowledge the feeling as now I'm looking at them. It makes me care about how they are. I will never don't want connections.

  4. 5 hours ago, Igor82 said:

     I do not know of the subjective reality of others unless I subjectively am them. I only know of my own subjective experience of others, which sometimes is presenting that which other people express through or in use of their own subjective experience.

    【Other people‘s subjective reality】that you perceive. To be respectful and willing to communicate to Understand. Are identical with anything that you believe in and keep trying to learn, right now.

    When you use the signifier “You” it only works if you are assuming things. Same as reading symbols and imagining their meanings. Other’s subjective reality relative to yours is the same imaginary concept but different boundaries.


    There is an extremely beautiful, colourful world in other people’s perceptions that‘s relative to yours.

    Thinking and completely ignoring this in communications are Equal to “killing other people”, For you, their perception really doesn’t exist. They have become complete object that is no different than a table or a rock. Imagine if the world you are feeling right now doesn’t exist for other people, they are blind and don’t CARE to understand you - They never can see you. It feels like your entire existence is denied. It is very easy to hurt people and perform arrogantly when you believe in this mindset.

  5. 1 hour ago, Israfil said:

    This song played on the day of my first awakening. I will translate it for you guys:



    Today I feel like
    As I'm sure the dinosaurs felt
    When from afar above they saw
    Illuminated in outer space

    It came from above
    Flying over streets and rooftops
    And seemed to give what they expected
    Right at the beginning of Western history

    Yes, perhaps
    Your imagination
    Is so limited by real problems

    Today I feel
    As I'm sure the astronauts felt
    When they learned that facing the moon
    They would not return to Cape Canaveral

    Flying over
    Observing the rooftops from above
    And promised everyone who waited
    Some pictures of the news in the newspaper

    Yeah, maybe
    Your imagination
    Is so limited by real problems

    Today I'm extinct
    I don't even remember what it was like in the beginning
    When I knew everything that was waiting for me
    And I believed I was someone special

    And it seemed that life was just another journey
    If at one time we were all dinosaurs
    Today we remain nothing but space dust

    Yeah, maybe
    Your imagination
    Is so limited by real problems



    @Israfil  I appreciate your translation, and the sharing of this song. The light melody taps in. Through reading the translated lyric, I can see the illuminating scene, the vision that is moving and floating in front of me............... These greetings from the lyric are so sincere. So much illuminating in my chest. The hope that ignites. It makes me cry. I feel the waiting and enthusiasm at the end of the song. Really authentic song.

  6. One example such as Jorden Peterson
    I’ve only watched some of his psychology classes online, and it helped. But the teacher I really love, the people around me, and my close friends. Are all saying that he's shallow and looking down on him as if he's such a waste, and his whole life is a joke.☹️

    I love how he looks, and his steady temperament. I just love one human existence. But every time I tend to appreciate it, I feel the memories come up of what people say abt him. As if, if I appreciate the symbol of his appearance. I also bear those criticisms about him from the people I know. I don't know how to manage it.

    If only talk about appearance. There are so many things. My biggest satisfaction comes from appreciating people's characteristics and beauty. 


    But It is only recently have I come to find out this more and more. All these times, The people with the characteristic I specifically love, are might actually getting attacked and feel hurt by it. 

    My perfect aesthetic human, the only human appearance I personally desire. With a strong sharp aquiline nose, l0ng face, emaciated body, and alternative dressing style. They say they’ve been torturing their whole life about how they looked, even using ‘bullied’ and ‘beaten down’ those words. I just really don’t know what to say. There are many other examples. My feeling and my perception bear the same rejection and violence if things are being judged. They are exactly what I love. But I don’t know how to be free from the trauma when I’m identifying with my own perceptions.

    I feel the trauma when a toxic intimate friend keeps attacking anything I love before I get into self-help. I’m afraid of being disliked & attacked. I'm not sure if it was them who traumatized me or if they just led my fear out to the light. I feel Everyone's criticism seems to have its point, I don't know what is true. I just immediately feel the loss and must change my mind to gain back the love. I adopt fears and I feel like a marionette in details. My only path is to dissolve it. I want to freely appreciate everything.

    I want to finally be able to love every human's appearance with my love totally open and draw out their unique characteristics. I want to feel free and fearless to create and appreciate. To love what I love in the end.