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  1. I am not bullying you, maybe you should do some nofap so you stop being so emotionally sensitive? The reason why I asked whether you read it or not is the following: This is super important, because the same argument is used by Cholesterol deniers, when they claim that people who have low cholesterol actually are unhealthy because there is a correlation between low cholesterol and death. Well, it happens to be the case that if you happen to be sick, your cholesterol is lowered. And it might very well be the case that if you have prostate cancer, your libido might be lowered. This is why correlation does not equal causation. Look, to me it's very clear that you do not really do your research and are just here to bash on something you do not understand or do not find appealing. None of the links you have presented give us even one good argument for why Nofap would be a placebo. You keep making health claims on this forum without backing it up whatsoever. You still have to provide evidence for 45% increase in serum testosterone to be non-significant, but of course you will not. There is not a lot of research done on the long term effects of abstaining from sexual activity (there is on porn, however), and it is very hard to find study participants who would be willing to take part in such a study. Either way, if you want to be rational you should adopt a position of agnosticism on this topic, but I can see you have invested far too much emotion in your position. In the end it does not even matter whether it is placebo or not, because it is absolutely life-changing. Not a single piece of advice I got from Leo benefited me even remotely as much as the practice of Nofap, and that is saying a lot.
  2. Have you actually read the article yourself? Can you provide proof for the claim that we do not get anything significant out of nofap? You are basically throwing around baseless claims, how do you know that the regulation of receptors makes increases in testosterone from abstaining from orgasm insignificant? By the way, from a perspective of someone who does do nofap everything you say seems laughable anyways because we ourselves directly experience all the benefits, though I think it's beneficial to expose reactionary positions like yours to people in this forum. You are acting like an atheist trying to disprove non-duality. Just read what you have quoted from quora, there is not a single sound argument in that entire paragraph. It's all basically "It cannot be true because I don't understand how it could be true!".
  3. 45% increase in serum testosterone is non-significant? Can you provide evidence for a causation between masturbation and reduced risk of prostate cancer? What makes you think the Nofap movement is a placebo effect, and why do you think testosterone is the only significant change that takes place when abstaining from pornography and masturbation?
  4. Actually the Rogan podcast was filled with misinformation and incompetence from both sides: 7 hours of free schooling and explanations, very interesting to actually get to understand where these people make mistakes or are simply incompetent.
  5. I can only say it again, people just do not see the depth of the problem. Everything I experience is such radically my subjective experience that even the notion of subjective experience falls apart. Even the notion and sense of reality itself is something "subjective". The reason you do not agree with everything is consciousness is because are deeply confused about what everything actually is. Everything is a notion, just as any other notion you can come up with, happening in the mind/consciousness. If you were to see this problem you would realize how much deep of an epistemic riddle this is. This is so deep that even epistemicness itself falls apart, literally everything does, including the questioning of this problem itself. That which you call world cannot be the world, and that which you call outside cannot be outside. Question what outsidedness and worldness even are. It is very interesting to observe how minds play around with the idea that all they experience is their own mind, but it always happens as if in a quarantined realm where they actually do not truly apply it to all they experience, but instead apply this idea only to the intellectual realm. You do not actually see that everything you experience and can possibly experience is your own mind, and once you realize that, truly, you will see how completely absurd your assumptions about "reality" were.
  6. I also do sense that Leo is hiding it for marketing reasons. It could have been something that would be damaging to his reputation if it went public, I do not really buy the "I don't want to tell you because it's a distraction" claim. But in the end who knows.
  7. I disagree. To me this person seems philosophically and scientifically illiterate. To be careful and not blindly believe Leo's positions is something we should already be aware of as Leo himself is advocating for that. What exactly in his critique seems reasonable and valuable to you?
  8. Do you guys think there is anything to this?
  9. How do you know anything you just said? How do you know the question you asked even makes sense or is valid to ask? You are begging the question here big time.
  10. How do you know that, and what is "existing"?
  11. Why do you think that such a thing as creation even exists?
  12. It seems like he is one of those people who blindly accept spirituality without having a solid scientific foundation. He deluded himself into spirituality without understanding it, and now that he caught up on some of the scientific literature he is bashing his previous believes. It's like a person who was raised christian and then went atheist because of how silly Christianity is. Maybe this is why you learn philosophy and science before you become spiritual. From what I can tell he does not yet recognize the mind-reality problem and it's significance.
  13. Yes, I think the problem is that we conflate concepts with reality. So when we say "Nothing is what is left when you remove everything, it's still something!" we are actually talking about the concept of nothing. The concept of nothing is actually something, it is the concept of "The absence of everything!". It's nothing but a delusion of language, and has as much to do with nothingness as the concept of red has to do with redness. I just want to poke into Leo's logic, because he values concepts so much when they do not seem to have much to do with what is beyond.
  14. The problem is I know that, but it doesn't help at all. I am not conscious that my ideas are delusional, and when I am I fall back to it as soon as I become more conscious of reality.