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  1. The destruction, the killing, is part of creation. You cannot act against the work of God, as all acts are the work of God. Is it not interesting how you created suicide so that you could then go and complain about suicide being against your own Will? You are playing with yourself.
  2. Ever wondered why, when looking at the night's sky full of stars and contemplating your own insignificance, the feelings accompaning these thought are not negative but in the contrary very positive and meaningful? I think one very underlooked reason why society is more disconnected from spirituality than ever before is that we do not experience the vast emptiness and grandeur of the nights sky. Confined in a box, the ego will have a tendency to contract itself. Outside in the emptiness of space, the ego is given chance to naturally expand on it's own. When looking at the night's sky, something deep in our human consciousness is aware that what it is seeing is it's very own being. The study of the stars is the study of the Self. A true sense of vastness is invaluable for the unconscious mind to realize it's potential. Put the ego in a box, it will become a box. Put the ego into emptiness, it will become emptiness. Becoming directly aware of the whole is a great way to instantly increase consciouscness. It is not an accident that astronauts who see the earth from orbit experience a complete change in their perspective. Empathy is not merely feeling for others, it is the recognition of the other as the self. This is why more consciouscness leads to more empathy, one is equal to the other. Now, all you have to do is have empathy for the stars, and empathy for the space they reside in. True empathy.
  3. If something would be clicking, you would be even more deluded than you are right now. To believe Leo is to self-delude. The only way to find out is to seek the truth, not to seek ideas that make sense to you.
  4. Now it's time to embrace science and reason.
  5. Creativity and creation are the same process, and not merely in terms of being similar in nature. They actually are the same exact thing, they are the manifestation of all possibilities into one singular aspect of the Infinite. The same process that makes us create art and the same process which makes an ant navigate the world, is also the same process that gives rise to existence itself. What true creativity and creation is is a Causeless Cause, a manifestation of limitation which roots directly in Nothingness itself. It is necessarily so, because for anything to exist there must be limitation, and for limitation to exist there must be limitlessness. True Nothingness is limitless because it does not contain limitation. Because it could not possibly be limited, it also does not require for a cause to manifest reality into existence. This is why fundamentally anything at all exists, because for everything to manifest from nothingness it would require a limitation for it not to exist. What this basically means is that all of realness necessitates a true Causeless Cause. A cause with no cause, a cause with no reason behind it, or in other words, a truly random event. A true random event is equivalent to a Causeless Cause or a manifestation directly rooted in Nothingness or Limitlessness. Not merely randomness in terms of unpredictablity, but actual, true randomness. Yet it is also true that for the structure of reality not to collapse from it's own limitlessness it is required for the limitless potential to be limited and this is where creation can manifest itself. It is in the interplay between true limitlessness and true limitation where things come to exist, and I believe this to be the case in the human consciousness as much as in the mind of the universe. Now the important part. I think Will itself is a feature of human consciousness as much as it is a feature of the universe itself. The will we experience, the actions we do are equivalent to the motion of atoms or to the changes in the wave-function of the universe. And to the degree to which our actions represent true creativity, they are truly Free, as they are in the actions of the universe itself. This is what Free Will is, it is the connection to true Nothingness, it is the Causeless Cause. It must exst in all aspects of reality, as it is the root of existence itself. Free Will is not a choice or some sort of Power a soul possesses to do one thing over the other. Free Will is the connection to the All, to true limitless potential. It is present both in the motions of the universe as it is in the motions of the human mind. It is true Divinity, God's Will. The Will of No Thing. The Will with no Will. All creativity stems from this ultimate potential. There could be no Universe, let alone Evolution, or even thought itself, without this essential aspect. The Causeless Cause is the root of all manifestation. This means Creation, Creativity, Free Will and Randomness are all the same thing, they are the Causeless Cause. This single aspect of Nothingness is what connects of all Creation, it is present in All Things. The reason why we can understand reality with our human consciousness is because our human consciouscness is equivalent to the rest of the universe. It's not just similar, it literally is the same thing. The Causeless Cause is consciousness, consciousness is Isness itself and all aspects of reality are Isness. Motion, Logic, Math and all aspects physical are present in our human consciousness. Equally colors, feelings, sounds are present in the universe consciousness. It goes even further, all aspects of all of existence are connected. You can represent math with music, you can represent smells with colors, you can represent motion with feelings. It is not by design, it is by their inherent nature. They are all nothingness, the limitless potential. And that limitless potential resides in all aspects, in all manifestations of all limitations. You can understand the world because an aspect of the world is understanding itself. But you can only understand Understanding. For example, when we say time exist, someone conscious might say "No, time is just a perception in your mind, it does not actually exist as a feature of the world.", they are actually wrong. Time does exist as exactly the same thing it exist in the mind. The problem here is that one needs to be conscious of that which time truly is. The past, the present and the future all exist in the Now, and the Now is existence, it is Isness itself. That which does not exist in the Now does not exist at all. And everything exist in the Now, including the past, the present and the future. Notice how every single aspects of consciousness is Infinite? How there can be Infinite Thoughts, Infinite Numbers, Infinite Feelings, Infinite Colors, Infinite Sounds, Infinite Spatiality, Infinite Time? They are all limitless in nature, yet for them to manifest they must be limited. A thought has to be one thought to be a thought. A color has to be one color to be a color. True Freedom, true Randomness or what I call the Causeless Cause, is that which manifests that aspect of reality, from Infinite Potential, to it's one particlar form. This is fundamentally why we can "become enlightened". The Causeless Cause is the root of all manifestation, even which already is limited, that which is Will (for example a motion that is already determined). But that which is Will is not coming directly from the Causeless Cause as it is already manifested. There is an illusion of seperation from the Causeless Cause. When we let true randomness enter our mind, when we empty our mind of Will, that is the moment more and more of true Nothingness becomes part of the direct creation of our limited human consciousness. The Ego is the Illusion of seperation because the Ego is the opposite of Free Will or Creativity. And in the same way the Will of this Universe is equally egoic, and the degree to which it is truly random and Free, the degree to which it is directly rooted in Causeless Causes is the degree to which it is Godlike. The Heat Death of the Universe is literally the enlightement of the Universe. When there will be no Action anymore, all Causes come to and end. That is when what will only be left will be Causelessness. But the essential part is that what killed the Universe was the Causeless Cause. See, a prerequisite for manifestation is true Limitlessness in any sort of degree. It must be present for anything to manifest in the first place. Now, for anything to exist there must also be structure, but any structure put under the stress of even the slightest amount of randomness is eventually going to collapse. Bit by bit it is going to be taking apart. That which kills every animal in the world is the same process which is going to kill the universe. Everything must return to Causelessness, because all Causes are spawned by Causelessness, and Causelessness leads all Causes to eventually dissolve. It's not just a feature of reality, it is literally ingrained in the Essence of Existence itself, of Isness itself. This is why there can be no seperation from the Causeless Cause, there can be no Eternal Suffering. And this is not a joke, because if this was not the case Eternal Hell, Seperation and Suffering would necessarily exist. This way, it cannot exist. How crazy is that?
  6. I wish there was a council of enlightened people. Why do the masters never meet and talk to each other? Why do we not see Eckhart Tolle talking with Ken Wilber, or with Sadhguru? Why is it all so secluded and seperated?
  7. So I am curious if anyone here has encountered this problem. I heard ex vegans talk about this frequently, and I am experiencing it currently too. Have been vegan for a few years. Anyone here know how to fix this, assuming it is due to a deficiency in my diet?
  8. For example, you state "Love is meaningless!" and it is completely delusional. Meaninglessness is a feature of reality, Love is not, and you pretend as if Love had any features. No, Love is the Isness of the feature. So, the truth is: Meaninglessness is fundamentally love, so is valueness, so is redness and all other experiences of existence. You cannot ever say "Love is X" because all Xness will always be Love/Isness.
  9. To say reality is infinitely loving is bad phrasing, especially for someone who has no idea what they are talking about when using these words. Isness is not loving, Isness IS Love, it is Agape. There no God who loves everything, God IS Love. There is no reality that has a fascet of Love, Reality in it's essence is Love. Existence = Love. The beingness of all aspects is love, Love is not another aspect of reality. This is where you are fundamentally going wrong, because you view love as an aspect which exists, when existence itself is what we are talking about. All things, including suffering, we might say are features of reality. Love is not a feature, it is the essence of the beingness/Isness/Presence of all features.
  10. Love is presence, beingness. It is existence. Nothing has value, only value is valuable. The existence of value is love, not the other way around. You are completely deluding yourself with that kind of thinking. It's like saying things are red. No, no thing is red but redness itself. In the same way, no thing is valuable but value itself. You are projecting one fascets of existence onto another.
  11. To say badness should not exist because it is bad is like saying redness should not exist because it is red.
  12. You do not comprehend Agape. It is not loving in your humanistic sense, where you love that which you consider to be good and not that which you consider to be bad. Love is the existence of the fascets, the beingness of all that exists. Infinite Love is equivalent to Infinite existence. So if suffering did not exist, it could not possibly be Infinite Love, because it would lack the existence of suffering! Yet all is loved, even suffering itself. Reality has no preferences, that is what makes it all loving. It loves suffering as much as anything else in existence. It is not merely that all is loved. It is that the beingness of all is Love itself
  13. You are human, so of course you do not want to suffer. But reality isn't human, reality is everything. It has no desire, because to desire would be to be limited. There is no justification. The desire to justify is human. Reality doesn't even need a cause to create all of existence, it does so with no effort whatsoever, with no need to justify it. Suffering exist because it must exist, it is one of the infinite fascets of existence. You not wanting to suffer must exist, and suffering must also exist. What you are doing is like asking why the color red exist. If terribleness did not exist, how could you possibly say it would be terrible to let terribleness exist?
  14. @Leo Gura Is eternal suffering/seperation from Godhood possible?
  15. The expanding is like a point travelling on a line. The line already stretches into infinity, it already is infinite. To the dot which travels upon it, it seems like it travelling into something unexplored. But the unexplored is merely one aspect of the infinite. If only one state of expansion did exist, reality would not be limitless. Absolutely speaking there is no expansion, it is only relatively speaking that there can be more. The expanding is like the color red, it is one dimension of manifestation. Expansiveness is like redness, to say reality is expansive is delusional. Being is being, it is Isness itself. Expansiveness is of Isness. It is only the mind that is mind blown by the manifestation of expansiveness. There is nothing more special about expansiveness than about redness. Yet you have been with redness all your life. Only the human mind can be so picky about what it deems to be divine.