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  1. The need for drama has a cause, it's not just causeless and random. It will appear that way to the degree to which you lack understanding in regards to the feminine/human nature in general.
  2. It's very hard to tell what's going on from what you wrote, there can be a multitude of causes for this kind of behavior. It could be that her frustration manifests because you act in some undesirable way. Usually people don't like to be honest about what exactly they want, often times in fact it is unconscious to them. So when they are dissatisfied by some of your behavior or traits, which cannot be outright criticized, they will basically keep it inside of them until their frustration is so large it simply bursts out in what you call a "mental breakdown". For example, it might not be that she is frustrated at you because you accidentally turned the phone away, what might actually be going on is that she feels ignored by you. Maybe you are not paying attention to her, or making her feel like you acknowledge her presence. She might not be sitting next to you just because she is interested in your screen, she might actually be there to spent time with you. When you turn your phone while she was watching, it means you weren't even aware that you were spending time together, you didn't even realize what she was doing. Maybe this happened a few times, and that was the moment when she snapped. With the forgetting, the issue might not be that you forgot about something, but rather that this was one more signal to her that you don't care about her, or pay enough attention to her so that she feel like you care about her and her life. And then, when you apologize, you make things worse, because she intuits that you don't even know what you are doing wrong. She might once more interpret that as you not caring for her, or she might simply get frustrated that you are this way, and she lacks the maturity to be aware of her own desires as well as the ability to communicate this to you in a way that she would find non-confrontational. This is just an example of what could be going on, it's just a random guess. The important thing here is to realize that the potential root issue is found in a general behaviour or attitude you display, rather than the instances you think caused the reaction. For example, many women want to feel desired by their partner, but they usually won't tell you to make them feel desired, because that misses the point. They don't want you to act like you desire them because they told you so, they actually want you to desire them. That's what makes them feel desirable. And of course, you must communicate your desire for her in a way so that it translates to her feeling desired. There could also be something completely else going on, a way you act that she simply does not like, which then leads to conflict in different areas. Maybe you are not emotionally available to her, there are so many possibilities here. Now, nobody call really tell you exactly what is going, and the solution here is not to do guess-work. What lacks in both of you is maturity and communication skills. Clearly something is going on, so what needs to happen is that you talk about this, and you two introspect about what is going on. You might ask her "There must be something I'm doing that is frustrating you.", and she might say "No... I'm sorry I didn't mean to get angry, everything is fine.", but that might simply be because she is unaware of what she desires, due to lack of self-knowledge, or she might not feel comfortable talking about such things due to her immaturity. To establish such habits might not work with an individual who is not mature enough. To such individuals, the optimal situation is that you read their mind and act the way they want you to, but obviously that is not a sustainable solution, so you have to find a way to mature. If you want to be able to "mind-read", what you need to do is connect to your feminine side. The reason why men who are connected to their femininity can be so successful with women is because, it allows them to better connect to their partner, to naturally be in sync with them, even if they don't act feminine at all. If you are connected to your femininity, chances are you would be aware of why she is acting this way in the first place. You could look at your own behaviour and look at it through the lense of the feminine.
  3. I am contemplating whether or not to try and set up my first psychedelic experience soon, and currently I am eyeing 1V-LSD as a potential candidate, because of it's ease of access and legal-status in germany. Before I do more research on it, I want to ask some people here if they have experience with this substance, and whether or not they can recommend it? As a heads up, I'm a complete noob as far as this topic goes. I basically want this trip to be an introduction into psychedelics, not for recreational purposes but rather for consciousness exploration and hopefully some self-improvement, but most importantly to finally take the first steps to explore this to me novel domain. I would preferably want to do this trip alone, too, which I know is not recommended. Oh and one thing to add, one of my primary motivations for why I want to start to explore psychedelics now is because I very much feel like I need an out of the box experience, where I can recontextualize my life as a whole. I feel very mentally stuck, and I intuit that a psychedelic experience might be able to shake me out of that and allow me to see beyond the know of tunnel vision I am suffering from at the moment.
  4. Oh right Rebel Wisdom was influential in that regard for me too! I think it very much is a stage yellow project, which I think the information processing thing is. Yes, but these challanges we are facing are managable, it is actually surprising just how managable they are. To me it is very plausible that at some point, we will be sufficiently technologically advanced that it will take a single irresponsible or malicious actor on this planet to destroy the entire planet. Now, this might not be true because of the way technology usually evolves in ways to counter-act some of the devastating consequences it might have, but let's assume this will not be the case for some technologies. At some point we might be so technologically sophisticated that everyone will have a device to create anything they please on a molecular level, with the help of some sort of sophisticated AI that aids in the creation. This means anyone in their future-version of a garage will be able to build weapons of mass destructions and release them. Maybe even self-replicating weapons of mass destruction. Once that kind of critical technological development is achieved, it will require every single actor within that space to have almost no margin for error in regards to the functionality of their behavior. Psychopathy cannot exist in such a world, nor the deep selfishness that most humans display today. Everyone will required to be a responsible, wise individual, to a degree that most of us today cannot even imagine. If we would be confronted with the challenges of that possible future today, we would go extinct, no question about it. These problems that we will face are monumental, they will require something beyond a human to solve. And chances are, by that time something beyond a human will exist. Something that is not limited by the evolutionary legacy that keeps us so bound to our old ways. Self-replicating nanobots that consume all organic matter, star-destroying weapons of mass destruction, means of travel that bend space and gravity to our will, all of these problems are too monumental for us to face right now. But one day, when we are mature enough, we might be able to face them, or we will develope past a critical mass which will ensure that these problems will never even occur, or be realistic threats, because we have grown so much by that time. So to put in in perspective, the challenges we face today are really just child's play. We are expected to overcome them, because if we do not, we cannot stand a chance against what awaits us in the future.
  5. Who needs James Carses when we have Kojima-san? All kidding aside though, this insight came to me when I realized how valuable it is to know the right people, and know who to listen to. There is so much information on the net, it becomes overwhelming when you don't know how to distinguish between good and bad information. It is so much information, that for people who do not know how to navigate it, it can be far more harmful than good. But when you are able to sift out the bad and find ways to locate the good, your competitive advantage today is significant. I have never heard of the "Infinite Game" notion but it sounds interesting. It's not about if we can wise up in time. My entire point is that these challenges are what will force us to become wiser. Without them, we would never become wise. Like without the asteroid, the birds wouldn't rule the skies the way they do today, and humans would not walk the earth. AI, and all the challenges that come with it, they are a direct expression of the intelligence of the divine. It is not a mistake, it is the way evolution works. We are given these experiences so we can grow.
  6. Do it! If it's a catastrophic failure you can always reunite the wise one's with the rest of the herd.
  7. Right, though I think humanity is not yet wise enough to take these kinds of consideration into account, in the end the artists will have to advocate for themselves, but I see a lot of denial in the community about this topic in particular. One interesting dynamic I expect to occur actually, is that once these technologies will become accessible, we will see a steep decline in people who seek to learn the craft of drawing and painting. When every kid will have the ability to create fantastic art by simply typing in a prompt, what kid will bother to try and learn, for years and years, the skill to become a masterful artist? Just to get to the level of what an AI will be able to do would take years, and therefore it will seem like a waste of time to even begin the journey. The ease of accessibility in contrast with the amount of effort it takes to learn that skill will discourage most people. Because AI only learns from already preexisting styles and images, this actually could mean the end of evolution for art in general, but I suppose we will see how good AI will be at generating novel styles akin to what humans can achieve. But like I said, mankind has not yet achieved the level of sophistication to be this forward-thinking. You can expect a lot of suffering in the future. We have already ruined entire generations by having given them access to social media, and quite possibly irreparably damaging the way they view the world and themselves. I don't know if this will be that much of a problem. There already exist bots which can disseminate misinformation, and in regards to what kind of articles to trust, we already have this issue as we speak. Articles written by fools and ideologues are as dangerous as articles written by AI's, the solution here is a proper epistemic foundation, which we have long avoided to nurture within individuals. That's the reason why there are so many people confused about the reality of the world. I already said this on this forum several times. The success in the 21st century is not defined how much information you have or exists, but rather by how you navigate the novel information landscape. This something we will have to develop and learn as individuals and as collectives, and I think the lessons we will learn from this will be the foundation for a new level of sophistication for the entire human race. Without this challenge, humans would have never given the opportunity to evolve. I think AI's will solve this problem entirely, they will be able to detect AI generated content and differentiate it from authentic material. When it comes to talking on the phone, we might just switch over to talking with the camera on, which will be interesting! It might positively effect human dynamics. Andrew Yang ran for president for this very reason. The solution is UBI. It's really a no brainer, inevitable and even desirable. It will finally open the door to us becoming responsible and wise individuals. We will finally be able to transcend our self-obsessed, egoic nature. We will be capable of adopting our proper role and responsibility for the guardians and nurtures of this planet. We will open our eyes to the suffering of the world, and because there will be nothing more meaningful to do, we will help all sentient beings on this planet to prosper, we will create heaven on earth. It will be the beginning of our destiny, of our meaning not the end. It will finally give us the space to turn inward and recognize our true nature. Notice the difference in our perspectives. You see the asteroid as the end of the world, I see it as a gift from the Divine, the beginning of a new era. An era which will make this one seem like the dark ages. We will forget about all the problems you have mentioned, and we will recognize that those challenges were what was necessary to wake us up. Because that is how mankind grows, through challenge, not through procrastination. For the past 50 years, the western world was in a state of developmental stagnation, this is what will wake us up to the fact that sticking our head in the sand and pretending we are all that exists is no longer an option. I think you truly underestimate the amount of prosperity, wisdom and love that awaits us all. You will realize that your concerns were only small pebbles, laying on a road to the kingdom of heaven.
  8. A convincing argument for what? I never said nobody will ever do these things, I'm just going against this weird narrative that nobody is thinking about the ethical concerns and possible negative consequences. This is clearly not true. And sure if you think you can change the incentive landscape go ahead and contribute to that, though I don't think that will require special pointing out, because it will happen anyways and the problems will become apparent. Remember, we had people warn us about the negative effects of social media for like a decade, and what exactly did that do? Nothing so far.
  9. Maybe we need a secret subsection of the forum where only the wise get invited to, where the adults can discuss things like adults? Would be kind of cool, even if it might cause some undesirable dynamics.
  10. Dall-E 2 is a good example, they restricted people from generating human faces for some time, and still restrict people from generating pornographic content. Here you have an article on adobes take: And I don't think Google will behave much differently. I also read stances by the Dall-E 2 creators that they are very concerned about misinformation that might get created with their AI, so that's another thing that they seem to be conscious of. I think it was a reactionary response towards a position you perceived I have, and maybe because you do reject the more important point I am trying to make about the future of mankind, aswell as how to integrate oneself and aid in the progress of mankind rather than just complaining about everything. My main point was an attempt to provide value to the OP by explaining to him how evolution is related to this, recontextualizing AI as an opportunity to improve mankind will be essential if we are to face the challenges ahead of us. I don't see a lot of talk about that in general, and I think it's far more important than the concerns, which will reveal themselves to us one way or another, and which mankind will naturally adadpt to and solve. I compared the AI with the asteroid that caused a mass extinction, so I don't know how you came away from that thinking I was trying to minimize the challenges we will face. I am trying to tell you to be a bird.
  11. This is so silly lol, I was the one pushing against the overly negative view of the OP, and you are now pushing against mine because you yourself have not recognized the same intention within my posts as you have in yours, just in reverse. You are also not really saying anything but "Let's be careful everyone, this is dangerous!". I never said you can't point out the problems, but you aren't providing any solutions, and the little solutions you are provide are more virtue signalling than anything. Either way, nobody will slow down. That's just naive. AI's will be developed at a rapid speed, like a rat race. This cannot be prevented. And I also disagree about you that the current developers of many AIs somehow are completely ignorant to ethical concerns. They are not, I actually applaud them for the amount of consideration they give to ethical implications. It might not always be motivated by the right reasons, but atleast we are seeing these decisions being made.
  12. But everyone already does this, we have been coming up with dooms-day scenario's for the past 30 years. The point is, dwelling on the negatives won't get you anywhere, you should be already thinking about how to solve these issues with AI. And if those problems are so important to you, then become involved in it, work on some project that will use AI to create a better information landscape on the internet. There you have a life purpose, instead of moaning and fear-mongering. Notice how absurdly easy it is to identify these threats and problems, yet you have not proposed a single solution. Concern without problem solving is a waste of time. How many peopel do you think exist in society, let alone in this forum, who think AI will be completely unproblematic and we will not have any challenges to face? We all grew up watching terminator my dude. Of course we have concerns, but like I said, you need to be focusing on the potential and the opportunity if you ever want to get something done. And if you can't see how much of an opportunity this is, then like I said, your pessimism and fear has eroded your ability to see the world clearly.
  13. @zurew If you cannot turn your fear into courage, hope and inspiration, you will be left behind, because there is no room for you in the future of this planet. Your pessimism will be extinguished, rendered an antiquity of evolution. But it is in your hands whether or not you will be the one to do so, whether or not you will accept reality as it is, and see within it the potental for Peace, Love and Prosperity. We were never closer to it than ever before. We have everything we need to create paradise on earth. What lacks is the wisdom and courage to see it, and to actualize it. That is the number one problem we face, not AI. And the beautiful thing is, all it takes is for you to open your eyes. This is why I have faith.