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  1. It's a semantic game to you because you don't recognize the nature of Isness. Reality is Illusion, it's one word for the same thing, so you might aswell say that Illusion is Reality. It works both ways. However when we talk about this in the context of Enlightenment, it is more like you are letting go of a certain aspect of illusion or realness, which previously existed. And that recontextualizes the other dimensions of what you call experience. Interestingly enough this kind of recontextualization is not any more real than the previous one, it is still part of delusion (different from illusion). Without delusion, you couldn't even call reality illusion or reality, because both of these things would be reveal as nothing but their own substances, which you confuse for every other substance. Nothingness isn't Illusiory, it isn't real, it isn't imaginary. Rather, illusionness, realness and imaginariness are aspects and forms that come from the Sourceless, that which is Mysterious. The Mysterious cannot be described, it is self-descriptive, so everything you will claim about what it's nature is, will be it's nature, but merely one of it's infinite natures.
  2. Survival is basically nothing but an attempt to achieve Harmony. Through enlightenment, you will recognize the Harmony of Existence, and that all things are subordinated to that Harmony. And so, by not resisting, as you have achieved through your enlightenment, you will naturally follow the Harmony of Existence. See, there is a flow to all of this Existence. There a Purpose to all of this, and this Purpose is Harmony. You look at reality as a singular point. But reality is like a river, with a particular direction to it. You are struggling on this river of reality and that struggle is survival. You desperately attempt to swim along this river. Enlightenment means to let go of your desperation and your struggle. When you do so, you will naturally flow with the current of the river, and it will carry you along itself. See, you have created a story about what Harmony is, what Enlightenment is, what Wisdom is. You say, wisdom is to never manipulate, wisdom is to never lie. Yet, you do not know Harmony, you do not know Wisdom, you do not know Purpose. And yet again, the very Substance of every singular fibre in your being are manifested by and themselves made of Harmony, Wisdom and Purpose. To ask why you would continue to survive after Enlightenment is like to ask why the Sun would continue being the Sun after enlightenment. The Sun already is enlightened, yet it has no problems being the sun. Infact, the sun is a perfect sun, it has no resistance, it is doing exactly what the Sun should do. Every single particle in the Sun is suboridnated to the Purpose of the Sun. So, instead of creating stories about what you should do and shouldn't do, what is good and is not good, seek to recognize the Harmony within reality, and thus you will recognize your Purpose. And your Purpose is so ingrained within you, that you will have no choice in the matter. You will fullfill the Purpose of your Existence, because that is what it means to Exist. Reality and Existence is not rational, it is not logical, it is not causal. It is Mysterious. It has no need to justify itself, it does not have to find a reason for it's own existence. It doesn't need to tell itself "This is the reason why I will survive". That's your little monkey mind, Reality itself does not require any of this to be itself. See, even once you die, you will continue to survive, as you have done for Eternity, and you shall do for Eternity. That is what it means to exist. When you shall get fully enlightened, you shall say "Let me forget about this enlightenment, and let me experience true suffering.".
  3. Contemplate the nature of Harmony, because it is connected to Purpose and therefore to Meaning. Contemplate how it is that all things in the universe strive to achieve harmony, even those things that cause disharmony, do only do so because of the fact that they seek Self-harmony. Even the mind that destroys itself and others, that which seeks to destroy itself is itself just seeking it's own harmony. Reality creates higher and higher dimensions of harmony, and all Purpose and Meaning is connected to that Harmony.
  4. It's actually interesting, but there is a more core problem here that you are missing, and it is that you are misunderstand what meaning actually is. Ask yourself truly, what is Meaning? What is it's nature, what is it's substance, when is it experienced? See, you are creating a narrative of meaninglessness. This Narrative is in opposition to the narrative of "Life is Meaningful". Both of these perspectives are delusional, they confuse one aspect of reality for another. Meaning is a dimension of existence, and it does exist. Life, or existence, is full of Meaning. But nothing about life is Meaningful. Nothing other than Meaning if Meaningful. This is fundamentally your misunderstanding and why you are suffering. See, the more clearly you look at reality, the clearer it will be for you to distinguish between different aspects and dimensions of existence. A clear mind can clearly differentiate between it's thoughts and other experiences. An unclear, muddy mind mixes up it's thoughts and experiences and cannot distinguish them, confusing them to be one object. Through clear mindedness, you have recognize that Meaning and any other Experience are seperate. Redness is seperate from Blueness, Blueness is seperate from high pitched noise, high pitched noise is seperate from warmth, warmth is seperate from anger. Previously, the way your mind worked is the following: It experienced redness, and it experienced happiness, and then the mind said "Redness is Happiness!". But Redness is not Happiness, Happiness merely accompanied Redness, and then the mind created an Object out of the two. It took two experiences and said "This is one experience!". See, when you see a beautiful landscape, the landscape is not beautiful. The landscape is the landscape, and the beauty is beauty. They are clearly seperate, but the mind has connected them. This is what the mind is, that is it's purpose. So now you have learned to look clearly at everything in Experience, in Existence. You look at redness, and suddenly you can't find any beauty anymore. You look everywhere, but nowhere you can find beauty. This is because beauty is not found in any other experience but Beauty itself. So you are basically looking at the wrong places. Nothing in Life, nothing in all of Existence, is Meaningful, Beautiful or Good. Nothing but precisely one thing is Meaningful. Only Meaning itself is Meaningful. Only Beauty is beautiful, and only Goodness is good. The only thing that could possibly be Beautiful is Consciousness, or Nothingness, or the Substanceless Substance. Because only the Substanceless Substance, or Nothingness, can take the Form of any possible form of existence. Nothingness can be Everything and Anything, this is why only Nothingness is Beauty. Beauty is Nothingness, and so is Meaning. So, the question here should not be "How do I find meaning in life?", but rather, the correct question to pose is "What creates Meaning within Life?". Life will never be meaningful, because Life is not meaningful. However, Life can be Meaning-Full, full of meaning. Life can be a container of Meaning, but life never will be Meaning itself. So now that this is established, let us question, when is meaning created within the mind? Well, as you probably know, the human mind can create an extraordinary amount of Meaning by simply listening to Music. Why is this? Ask yourself, what is so special about Music? What music basically is, is individual parts creating a Whole, a rythym which can only exist if you can see the Whole the parts create. The Whole doesn't truly exist, notice this. You never can hear all of the music, you only hear music one note at the time. Yet, your mind creates the impression of continuity, of rythm, of harmony. You are seeking a Narrative of Meaning, but you are not truly seeking Meaning itself. Meaning is like a substance that can be created, and if you want meaning in your life, discover what creates this substance. I can look at an image, and when I look at it, I can feel meaning. Not because the Meaning exists in the image, but because my mind creates Meaning as a result of becoming aware of the Whole, or how the individual parts interconnect to create a Whole. When you can recognize the Whole, you can recognize within it Purpose. And what Purpose is, that is mysterious. It is something akin to intelligence, to wisdom, but it is far more metaphysical. Like I said, it is mysterious, but it is clearly present. It is basically a Self-Recognition, or a recognition of your own Creativity. This kind of Purpose, or recognition of Purpose, of how the Part fits into a Whole, a Whole that has Intelligence, that is like a vein of Ore, an Ore that you call Meaning. So, you don't need to find Meaning, you need to recognize yourself as a Part within the Whole, which will make you understand Purpose, and Purpose is the reason why anything exists at all. Mastery will be sought when you recognize this vein of Ore, and you decide that this is where you will set up camp, and where you will create a mine, a mine which will allow you to get to more and more of this Ore. And in this way, you will have played your part in the orchestra of the Whole. It is not a Narrative, it is a Substance. A substance which fuels every cell in your body, every bit of gravity, every bit of mass in all of the Universe.
  5. No, everything I said was bullshit. Nothing can be learned here, but it also can be learned. It makes no sense, but reality doesn't care whether it makes sense. And it also does care that it makes sense. And also that's not true. But it is true.
  6. This is something important to understand, or disunderstand. People attempt to ground themselves, but Reality is truly Groundless. It is so groundless, you cannot even call it groundless, because groundlessness would be a ground. When you say "This is how it is", you can be certain that you have not reached groundlessness. It's so groundless, all the stories about non-duality and duality, and spirituality and non-spirituality, they are all just perspectives. And not just the storis, but also the direct experience of said "insights". They all come from a groundless ground that has no reason to it. It is mysterious, and I do not mean that it is mysterious on an intellectual level. Reality is metaphysically mysterious, it is not just "unexplainable", it is unexplainibility. There is no True Self, there is no God, there is no Nothingness. But yet, there is True Self, and there is God, and there is Nothingness. Reality doesn't have to make sense, reality doesn't have to limit itself to one singular way of Being. Reality is so infinite, it can literally be the case that Materialism is Truth with a capital T, and Idealism is Truth with a captial T. There is no such thing in Reality that puts a hard limit on itself. It's limitlessness is it's mystery. What must be understood is that, that which you call the Unenlightened State, that is Truth with a capital T. And all of Ego-death, all of Godhood, is not any more Truth than that. People attempt to take the Mystery away from Reality, and by doing so they actually blind themselves. To "resolve" the Mystery of Reality is to delude yourself. Understanding is Delusion, it is it's own Form of Being. It is not all of Being. Mystery is what Truth is. It is untouchable, but it is touchable.
  7. Also, consider that when these people say there is no evidence that these UAPs are alien spacecraft, that basically the standard of evidence for that is most likely much higher than what any of you would consider evidence. So, even if you saw basically what any normal human being would immediately claim to be an alien spacecraft, these guys would ask you: "Okay, but do we have evidence that the spacecrafts came from another solar system? As long as we do not, we have no evidence that these are alien spacecraft." So, you would probably have to record a UAP to come from deep space, enter earths atmosphere and basically zip around infront of some military installation. And even then, technically their standards can even be higher, because who knows if a human spacecraft didn't leave the solar system and then came back? Maybe the chinese did it, so we can't say it's evidence for aliens! This is why these reports are so useless, we would have to see how they came to even conclude the things they conclude, and what all of their standards are specifcally. Might even be that they have no standards, after all there are no such thing as experts or authorities on this, so who is to even determine what kinds of standards are useful here?
  8. lol, why? Sounds like you have some deeper issues here that need resolving, you seem like a scared little child who wants to become a badass. That's the pathway to hell my friend.
  9. Leo is using confusing language that is not helpful to you. It is the Formless that "imagined" Leo. Notice, imagination is actually a human term, and ironically, it itself is "imagined". Thus, it is merely a metaphor, which you should be aware of. Notice too that it is Leo who is saying all of these things to you. Leo clearly is not Formlessness. Leo is Form. But more importantly, everything Leo will tell you is Form, it is not Truth. It cannot possibly be Truth. Therefore, if you believe Leo, you are deluding yourself. So stop listening to what Leo is saying, because it's all delusion. Use what he is saying to dissolve, not to construct.
  10. The true question here is, can non-existence exist? If you claim after death there is non-existence, well, that's no problem. Because non-existence doesn't exist, therefore what will happen can only be existence. To postulate that non-existence exists is absurd. How can the cessation of existence exist? What would it mean for non-existence to be eternal? Is it not the case that from the perspective of non-existence, eternity would pass in no time at all? If this is true, an eternity of non-existence would pass instantly. What would this mean? It would mean that upon your death, all existing things would instantly cease to exist from your perspective. This means, that upon your death, all of reality dies with you. All form comes to an end, and then there is only formlessness. And now ask yourself, what was before your birth? If death is non-existence, is prior birth not non-existence too? And if the non-existence of prior birth let to birth, why do you assume that the non-existence after death would lead to anything else but birth?
  11. He is not going deep enough. He has already assumed so many things by postulating that there is perception, that there is Ultimate Truth or that there is such a thing as a "Consciousness". He will be unable to substantiate any of this, infact most likely he lacks the metaphysical intelligence to even comprehend the depth of his own ignorance, the depth of his own unconscious assumptions. How does he know what his perceptions of the brain truly indicate? How does he know what the brain is made of? If he is postulating that the brain is made out of material, what is material but something within his own consciousness? Funny how within your consciousness you have this idea of a brain and a material world, and then you postulate that this very idea, clearly made of consciousness, is that which gives rise to your own consciousness. Anything that you could ever postulate will be consciousness. Any idea, any feeling, any ideology, any scientific fact you will ever come across will always be consciousness. If it was not consciousness, you wouldn't be able to refer to it. Anything you could possibly refer to will always and necessarily be consciousness. But even this is surface level, this problem of assumptions goes much deeper. It goes so deep that it is hard to even communicate this with language. Usually it is not a lack of understanding that is the problem, but a lack of insight into ignorance. You assume way too much and you are not even aware of any of these assumptions you are making. To even pose the questions you are posing requires assumptions upon assumptions upon assumptions, and none of them are substantiated by anything. What do you even mean by reality? Why do you claim that perception is somehow different from reality? Truly ask yourself this, and ask yourself what even is the substance of the very question you are asking. If perception is unreal, how could you possibly even know that you are asking any question in the first place? If perception is not reality, how can you know that you perceive anything at all? How do you know that anything is here at all? What does verification even mean? If anything you posit to be truthful, that truth will be part of your consciousness. So if you claim anything to be true, whether it is that we cannot know reality, or that the brain creates consciousness, you have just posited that part of your consciousness is Truth. Notice how all of your questions work from assumptions outward. So you have unquestioned assumptions, and with the help of these you outwardly question anything but the very assumptions that allow you to form the question you are posing. Notice whether this is true or not, and then clearly identify the assumptions you are holding and truly ask yourself how you can substantiate them. Instead of questioning reality, what it is or isn't, question yourself. If you will just claim that the yogis did that, you are not better than your father. You are just constructing beliefs upon beliefs. And then you came here on this forum, posing your belief as a question. You haven't done anything but construct elaborate web of ideas, all of them founded on nothing at all. You aren't actually questioning anything, you are creating new questions, but you are not looking at that which is posing the questions. Most people are quite literally incapable of doing this. I am not sure what it is, but my suspicion is that there is a spectrum of metaphysical intelligence. Some people will never be able to see the true depth of the problems they face when questioning reality. They swim in the shallow waters, never able to dare to dive into the depth of the oceans. You should not try to create new knowledge, but question your knowledge. Don't speculate about knowledge that you do not have, but inspect the knowledge that you already hold. This work is not about creating knowledge, this work is about truly being able to see that what you took for self-evident, what you took for so granted that you didn't even know about it at all, is not self-evident and obvious at all. You are walking around trying to find the path to truth, but what you need to do is look on that which you stand on. Look at it very closely. Notice that you haven't looked on the ground you stand upon ever before, and now that you closely inspect it, notice that it is no ground at all. That what you felt like was a path, is no path at all. The tricky part is to notice that which you do not notice, which is so obvious, so common, so mundane that you never before in your life truly questioned it. This cannot be done by mere intellectualization, it requires far more depth than intellectualization. Most human beings on this planet are not trained to even begin to question reality. They don't even have the tools to begin to do so. They are so blind, no instructions will help them. Be hopeful that you are gifted with enough clarity that you can question reality, because most people are not. They walk on a path of their own making, a path that they think is real, but if only they looked down on the ground the stand upon, would clearly notice that it is no path, no ground at all. And then, the fall begins. The fall into the unknown, into the abyss. To see that there is no ground beneath your feet requires you to open your eyes, not to keep stumbling in the darkness of your own ignorance.
  12. You should seriously contemplate why you are attracted to these kinds of narratives, it usually has nothing to do with spirituality, but everything to do with your psychology.
  13. That's giving off severe red flags. "End of Days", "We are the chosen ones", etc. If you don't see these red flags you should consider yourself susceptible to cult-mentality, which is something you need to work on.
  14. I think this kind of personality cult usually is more of a stage orange manifestation, so you shouldn't necessarily expect future movements to work in the same way, they might be far more decentralized than in the past. But if there was a next Martin Luther King, he would most certainly focus on animal rights rather than human rights.
  15. It's fun and games now before food and water security starts to be at serious risk.