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  1. That which is Mystery is Groundless, it was the case before you ever realized what Awareness is, before anything changed in your Consciousness. That which was the case then, that was Absolute. You have recognized a change, a change cannot be Mystery, unless it is deemed so by itself. You must see the Absolute in the Partial, in the Division, in the manifoldness. Do not reject any part.
  2. There is nothing that is aware, unless Mystery deemed it so. Mystery can deem anything, your egoic restrictions mean nothing to Mystery, unless it is deemed so. You are trying to capture Divine Intelligence, when it is Free. It is Free, and you are attempting to shackled it to a Ground that does not exist, unless it is deemed so.
  3. This is the case to uphold Creation in it's form that we can currently see. Look around you, things strive for Unity. Goodness, Pleasure, Beauty, all of that is a type of Energy the Divine uses to structure reality to it's Will. To the contrast of that, Suffering, Ugliness is the energy which God uses to avoid certain things from it's Creation. See, you cannot help but seek Unity, animals cannot help but seek Unity, plants cannot help but seek Unity, molecules and atoms cannot help but seek Unity. The gravity that pulls things towards Unity is Pleasure, Beauty and Goodness. Try not to make sense out of this, as it is self-justifying. There is no reason for this other than that it was deemed so. You are right, there is no apparent reason. The reason is because Mystery deemed it so, as a pure form of true Free Will. Listen to some religious chants, songs, art. You will notice the Divine communicated and manifested it's Unity, it's Beauty, it's Symmetry within all of them. We as small pieces of Creation, we have been created to praise the world, we are the servants of Unity. That is what you are. Why is that the case? Look into the very essence of that question, and you will find the Source, the Groundless Ground. It has no reason to it, and whatever reason it had, was itself something that emerged from the Groundless Ground. Your Ego is not Anti-Unity. What you have discovered was actually that which fuels the Ego, that which is the goal of the Ego, that which the Ego contributes to. You are back with your ego now, and that is Good. Without it, there would be no Creation. What if there was no Creation, who would be praising the Goodness and Perfection of the Divine?
  4. Praise the Sun my brothers and sisters. Next time the sun rises from the horizon, feel it's warmth and recognize it's beauty. Look around you and see all the things the sun has given you. By praising the sun, you will be praising the Divine, the giver of Life. Gratitude is to recognize that you are being loved. Not just loved by anyone, but loved by Being itself. That alone will heal your Soul. Gratitude is spiritual, it is to connect to the gift and miracle of reality, and to clearly recognize it's divinity. Stop overthinking what you are, what you are not, and simply be grateful. Let go of the struggle, let go of the seeking. You don't have to be seeking anything, you don't have to struggle for anything. The gift is already here, the miracle has already taken place. The light is already illuminating every fibre of your being. Gratitude will open your eyes to what reality is. It is your spirit reaching out to your essence. You do not need to let go of your ego, you can simply open your heart right now. If your seeking is motivated by the rejection of your self, then it is motivated by fear. You fear what Divinity has given you, you fear yourself. How will you ever recognize Divinity if you run from your Self? This is your Self, all of it. It is your gift, it is your miracle. Let us praise it, let us be grateful. When you read this, do not look at it as an instruction, do not look at it as philosophy or advice, look at it like you would at a flower. Look at it like you would at a flower when you are in love. Recognize in all of these words the wisdom and purity of Divinity, and simply be grateful. Don't add, don't substract, simply be grateful.
  5. @Leo Gura Actually Leo, this is something I have been struggling with for a long time. I really get the best results when I don't do any conscious practice, but rather I investigate a particular thing without even realizing what it is, and I just have such passion and curiousity, such focus, that I can go right into it. I just can't create this artificially, I can really feel the difference between this genuine curiousity and any meditative practice that I do. How to resolve this?
  6. Yes, I think a lot of the words we use are just a reflection of the human mind trying to wrestle with that which cannot be wrestled with. It very much leads to this: It is time-stamped. It's so funny because I stumbed upon this not at all trying to do some meditative practice, or some intention to find something. I was simply purely curious, and was looking sharply. That's all I did, not even very consciously. And it becomes very clear. Very, very clear. Funny. I was always like "It has no form, what do you mean it has no form, how can you be aware of it if it has no form?". It's just the mysterious, that's what it is. Of course, it's not even a realization.
  7. For the non-dualists, this is the important thing to see: Whatever you will say about what I say being untrue, or not possible, or delusional, anything you could possibly say, all of it will be because Mystery deemed it so. And that is what I am trying to point to. See, you could be right, I could be right, nobody could be right. We could be all blind or all seeing. And yet, it would only be so because Mystery deemed it so. "Unless you understand this, your words have no substance." Because Mystery deemed it so, unless it doesn't. There is nothing more to it, and if there is, it is because Mystery deemed it so. Getting a grasp of this will dissolve your desire for understanding, or recontextualize what it is. Because all of it will be clear to be mysterious, including any understanding of it. Including all of this. Existence is not merely duality, or non-duality, it is Mystery. Unless Mystery deems it otherwise.
  8. Mystery is what created God's Imagination. True Mystery. There is no Self in Mystery, unless it deems it so. Mystery is what deemed it so you can fully recognize God, and then come here with understanding to tell us about it. All of that is simply something Mystery deemed so.
  9. I cannot relate to the word imagination. It is tou particular, too biased. Mystery is a better word for this. There is no reality outside of Mystery. Delusions are inherently mysterious, and anything that is mystified, is mystified that it is not mysterious.
  10. You are stuck in non-dualism. What I am saying is mystery, it cannot be captured, which is why it will not make sense to you. It is not supposed to make sense. Mystery is beyond non-duality. You can recognize Mystery without non-duality. Look at the particulate of a grain of sand. If you truly recognize it's nature, you will recognize Mystery, and you will have no words, no possible understanding. You will know immediately the nature of Mystery. You will come to see that it lacks any Nature, any Quality, any reason, any cause. It is that which gives rise to non-duality, and to duality. That will make you recognize true Divinity, in all things. If that is what Mystery deemed so.
  11. Reality, at it's core, at it's essence, in it's Being, is not sensical. It is not rational, it is not causal, it is not rigid. Over the past few months and weeks, I have become more and more comfortable with letting go of Sense-making, with looking for contradiction. This process naturally unfolds because I can clearly see that reality is beyond non-contradiction, and beyond sense-making. This means that I recognize that Reality has no Ground, it has no Ground. Reality truly is apossible (not impossible, but yet not possible), it is uncontainable. This realization is self-destructive, as soon as it manifests as realization, as sense-making, it becomes the possible, the impossible. And yet, that is still part of the apossibility. When someone realizes this, everything becomes the possible, because the possible is unrestricted by the impossible. To be clear, this could mean that for all of the timespan of the universe miracles are not possible, but yet, they are possible when Christ walks on the earth. This is an apossibility. Once this becomes an apossibility, everything could be an apossibility, because everything is an apossibility. This also means that while Christ walked the earth and spoke the absolute Truth of the Bible, the Greek Gods existed too, at the same time, being Absolute. There is a true recognition that the only reason this is not so, or is so, is because of apossibility. It is because of Divinity, because of Absolute Free Will. Apossibility allows for Understanding. Reality is much more clear than we assume. Reality is Absolutely Clear. That which we call Unconsciousness is Pure Clarity. And yet it is not, it is clearly not. It cannot be contained in anything I have just said. All of it is an attempt to restrict, to capture, to ground. And so, inherently, to reject that which seems impossible, so to reject the nature of Reality. This is why we can fall into Delusion, because there ceases to be any structure to the non-delusional. It all becomes pure miracle, pure mystery.
  12. You have a choice, every moment of your life, go take a step closer to the Lower, or the Higher Self. Forget all of Nihilism, because Nihilism is not True, it is only true. God created pathways for you to reach complete Goodness, he cannot help but create these paths, all of reality is structured to create these paths. Do this exercise if you want to recognize Divinity speaking to you. Go to the church, and listen and sing with the Christians. That which you hear is Divinity speaking to you. Go to the Buddhist and sit down with then an chant their songs, that will be Divinity speaking to you. Divinity's beauty eminating through the fabric of reality and unable to not express itself. This is what you are, you are a vehicle to express and generate Beauty, Love and Goodness. When you can see this clearly, you can start to learn to see it everywhere. See in all of the expression of reality, the expression of pure Goodness. That Goodness cannot help but ooze and emanate from each and every fabric, substance and object of reality. Do not take the chanting of the Buddhist, or the Christians or Muslim Songs for granted. Do not take for granted what they nourish in Consciousness. They nourish something fundamentally different than a Rap song does. Why? Because the seeking of God is within every religion. Grace and Goodness is emanating from every religion. Your idea of non-dualism is only one idea. Reality is more than that idea, or that experience, or that insight, or that Truth. The Wisdom goes beyond any one point of view, and yet it does not. The potential of Humanity is Heaven of Earth. Do not take this for granted. Do not take for granted that we can create songs that create greater harmony, that unify us into a singular experience. That is a miracle, that is the true miracle. That this is case, it is simply divine. There are so many tools to nourish and grow Goodness. Do not seek pleasure, seek sacredness. Once you discover sacredness, you will be able to see the sacred in the pleasurable. But you will struggle to do so before doing that. Why? Because the Divine made it so, that's why. There is no other reason than that, and any reason you could find would simply be something the Divine made so, so to have a reason for what it made. But it does not need a reason, it only creates reason what it deems it so. God works in mysterious ways, literally. All you can do is Submit, have Faith and Trust in the Divine. When you fully Submit, the Kingdom of Heaven will emanate from you. And yet, here you are, stumbling in the dark, confused, as you should be. The Divine will not judge you for not Submitting, as you eventually will submit. All of us will, whether we consciously seek or not, the process of life itself is seeking. You will dissolve into the Divine, whether you ever take psychedelics or not. You will be given Absolute Mercy, no matter what may come. And this knowledge will align you more with Grace, with the Divine. As it did for billions of people throughout history. Look all the ways the Divine can express itself. Look at all the religions that exist. They are that expression in near pure form. The Divine, on a higher and higher level, structures and establishes itself into the fabric of Evolution and Nature. That is the Intelligence and Wisdom of God. Creation cannot help itself but create harmony. When you find yourself falling out of harmony, go to your local church and sing the songs with them, be present and listen to the Divine. You will find it there if you only open your ears and your eyes, and if you sing with you Soul. Praise Reality, Praise the Divine. Praise your Self. Let us Praise the tools God has given us. Let us Praise the Pathways the Divine has made for us. Let us Praise all the Expressions of Goodness. Let us embrace this Duality, because it is what will lead us to that which knows no Difference.
  13. By the way Leo you should clarify somewhere that makes it clear to members that their DMs are not private and can be read by moderators/you. I think it is a breach of privacy not to make this apparent.
  14. There were some strange fallacies in the video, like how they frame that a singular individual would make no difference. That makes no sense in the context of a cultural revolution where most people would change their consumptive habits. They aswell explained how if we do not stop consuming so many animals we will not be able to fix climate change, yet at the same time they say we should focus mostly on politicians. What are politicians supposed to do here? They at this moment perfectly represent the people, who simply do not care about climate change for the most part. It seems like they simply lack understanding of how societies evolve and transform. There is a reason why we do not vote for politicians who radically care about climate change, because most people simply don't care. They are not developed enough to care about the world. What we need is a cultural evolution towards stage green, and that will necessarily include adoption of responsibility and a change in consumptive habits. The actual truth would sound more like we need to both adopt radical consumptive habits aswell as radical political change. But I doubt either of those things will happen in time. This video really gives off the vibe of "Holy shit we have no fucking clue what to do about this but let us try think outside of the box". The fundamental problem is that climate change will cause an increase in survival pressures, which will make it unlikely that we will progress and more likely that we will regress into less developed stages. So, I would not bet on any of this getting solved with an increase in consciousness, but rather the opposite. It will be fueled by fear and suffering.
  15. No, because the person is imagined, it is one "object" in imagination. Whoever you think you are, and whatever desires you have, all of them are imagined in the first place by the Divine. So, once you attain ultimate insight into imagination, you simply recognize that the universe already is precisely the way you wanted it to be imagined, including the limitations of personhood. It's like you are already imagining everything, including your lower form desire to somehow attain super human combat abilities. But you already imagined so that this is not possible, because that's the way you wanted it to be. Consciousness already is imagining everything exactly as it wants to.