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  1. Maybe it can help to recognize that this is not just the Love of God, this is the Love of your Self. You have already accepted torture, this life is the very manifestation of that. You don't need to accept it, because the utlimate selfless act has already been committed. You have made yourself Suffer everything, you are suffering through it right now. This terrifying Love is just a reminder of your Selflessness. You are that, whether you will surrender to it or not. This is the irony of it. You have accepted the very inacceptance that you are currently experiencing. That inacceptance is the very torture you are so terrified of accepting. This is the acceptance of it, your fear, your suffering. You not wanting to accept Love is the torture you have accepted when you decided to Love all of Creation.
  2. I observe the same when talking about animal lives. People get offended when you pull something they view as inferior to their level. They cannot let go of viewing others as inferior, so equality to them means that they are being actually pulled down to the level of whatever they view as inferior. They say "Are you comparing humans to pigs?". This is controversial to them because they view the pig as a lesser being. They also get offended when you use words like murder, rape and holocaust in the animal context. To use them in the animal context, in their eyes, means to downplay whatever it means in he human context, rather than to upplay what it means in the animal context. Saying animals are equal to humans to them means to equalize the human to the level of the pig, when it actually means to equalize the pig to the level of the human. This is far more depraved and unconscious than the racist position.
  3. A friend of mine has described to me that he gets this feeling he describes as "Heartwarming love that takes your thoughts away and you try to fight unsuccessfully", and he was saying that someone else was doing it to him, someone he has met on discord (a chatting platform) and never seen in real life. My friend said he thinks this person is an empath. So he got this feeling from time to time, and at some point he deleted his account and stopped using discord. Now he is back on discord, but not in contact with that empath person. Today we had a conversation, and my friend told me to stop doing that thing with his heart, he previously also accused me that it might have been me, which I told him I was not. Literally a few seconds after he said that, that empath person messaged me and said he found my friend again. My friend had no knowledge of that and only after realized that this empath person was back again and seeking him out. My friend basically never talked or mentioned this "intruding love" phenomena until today and before when he was interact with that empath person. If we would assume that what happened was genuine and my friend did not lie to me, as what would you identify this phenomena? What is the "empath" doing, how is he doing it? Are there any ressources on this specifically? Or could it be a phenomena taking place in my friend, that he can somehow sense the intention of that person he calls an empath? The feeling of love my friend describes he claims to be uncomfortable yet pleasant and making symptoms of his disease worse. It has an intruding quality, he is resisting it but can't. He described it as being able to feel that other person.
  4. @andreasj Yes, Jesus was real.
  5. If I could just tell you this, the world would be a different place.
  6. There is no rush to become enlightened, or to increase your Love, because God already loves everything. There is no need to realize this, there is no such thing as being more or less Loving. To God it all already is perfect, even what you perceive is imperfect, that perception itself is part of Perfection. It makes no difference at all if you get enlightened or not, God doesn't desire you to do so at all. Because Love is inevitable, there is no escaping it. You can do whatever you want, you will end up in pure and indiscriminate Love. You don't need to do anything at all to fullfill this. You don't need to accept anything, because in your very inacceptance there is Ultimate Acceptance. The very Hell you exist in is the Heaven you have desired all along. If you become God, you will make the same choice again. You will manifest all Suffering, all Ignorance, all Desire, all Things again. Because you Love all of it. You will Love it for all of Eternity, you have been loving it for all of Eternity. There is nothing to achieve, there is nothing to go towards. There is no reward, no better or worse life. There only Samadhi is this very Moment you are in right now, including you being unable to see it. That is Samadhi. You don't need to attempt to discover Love, because it is inevitable. God is so patient he could watch himself for all of eternity, seeking himself and never finding himself. This is what God has accepted and Loves. Without this Gods Love would not be complete. To think that the human mind can hold the Love of God is to think that the human mind can hold all of Existence. By holding all of Existence, you have become all of Existence. This is why the Love of God necessitates the Illusion of Duality.
  7. Law of Attraction is quite interesting because it stands in opposition to the path of liberation. It is an ideology of control, not acceptance. It is basically a replacement for prayer. The ego has a hard time to accept it's vulernaribility to the world, so it projects onto the world as much control as it can. Just the belief in control can satisfy the egos desire for control. Yet the world is not in control of the ego, but indiscriminate Love, Love that has no preferences, no desire for control. There always comes a point at which Love will penetrate the ego. All Suffering is a direct result of Love, and only if one aligns with Love one can understand the nature of Suffering. But that is not necessary, because Love does not ask us to do anything, it has no preference for whether or not we come in alignment with it or not. Yet it's Nature permeates all Things, so it is inevitable for the World and the Things to eventually align with Love.
  8. Desire is suffering. You have done the opposite of the Middle Way, you have created more and more desire for control, for change. This will not lead to liberation. "I want this pain to stop! Make it stop, make it stop!" That is suffering. You will never rid yourself of pain, the only thing you can rid yourself is the desire to change what Is. Liberation is not ultimate protection from every harm, liberation is ultimate vulnerability. It is to look pain in the eyes and cease judgement. You have done the opposite of spiritual work. You seek control, rather than accceptance. The desire to control is your source of suffering and you have not done anything to let go of that desire, rather you have reinforced that desire by seeking to control yourself and the world. Liberation is not even something you need to do, because you have already shown the ultimate vulnerability. You have done the greatest sacrifice, which is what your current life is. You have shown such indescriminate Love that you were willing to experience all suffering. This is what you currently experiencing, ultimate vulnerability. You have forgotten your strength and selflessness so you could let Creation be precisely what it is, precisely what you are.
  9. All I am saying is that don't pretend like sports are in any shape or form fair. There is no fairness in sports, only the illusion to the extend to which it makes it enjoyable to us. I don't really know what you mean by reasonable. The question is fundamentally whether these divisions are real, and also what consequences they have for society at large, and whether or not there are better divisions we can construct. We live in a time in which people think gender actually exists, that is it an objective thing rather than an arbitrary classification based on what turned out to useful for us in the past.
  10. What you say has nothing to do with gender, but certain biological factors that somewhat correlate to certain chromosomes in the body, or more apparently certain genitalia. Sports is actually a great examples. Sports inhernetly are not fair, all they really show is biological different between people. Many penis-people stand no chance against other penis-people, depending on how much testosterone their bodies for example produce. Is it fair that someone who produces far less hormones plays against someone who produces far more? There is an inherently inequality between people that is present, the fact that you have divided it by a metric like genitalia or chromosomes actually shows that you have not really chosen the actual factors that make something fair. What would be much more fair is to evaluate the physical properties of each individual. By having created these binary categories, everyone who falls out of these categories will have to just suffer the unfairness, because they will be consider part of one group when, when it would be more appropriate for them to be part of another.
  11. I've had this hypothesis that with Spiritual Awakening or the loss of identity (and therefore the loss of a need for survival) some of the close-mindedness mechanisms fall off that are supposed to protect one believing in bullshit basically. On an emotional, and maybe even intuitive level, a non-ego individual might come to become more confident about certain things because they have no need to be uncertain or doubtful. After all, the only reason we have doubt is survival. I have observed similar things with you where it seems like you have become more gullible or have applied less critical thinking to certain things. How I thought of it was that you simply felt no need to question it, or that you maybe lacked that certain skepticism that makes one question some things. From my perspective I am still not certain whether or not one could be ultimately deluding oneself. The reason I see this is because some claims made could easily be manifested in the physical world, like Sadhguru saying he can make apples fall from a tree into his hand by will, or heal his own bones. I view the claim that these things are too subtle to be observed as pretty much bullshit. It seems that the changes in mind that reveal existential Truth might somehow compromise certain aspects to evaluate the relative world in an accurate way. I don't know what higher consciousness means if these level of delusions can persist. However at this point it doesn't seem likely that these delusions are merely something that are carried into "high consciousness", but rather a result of some of that state of mind, or a change in mind that can happen when this kind of state is achieved.
  12. I don't agree with everything being said there, I feel like he is missing some parts of the picture, but definitely has some good key insights.
  13. The Shadow is being projected upon the world, that is an interesting framing of what is happening The way the article is written and this topic is understood seems very much orange to me. There is a far deeper structural change going on that is causing this. What has changed is basically the way people interface with reality and the way they are dealing with the rapid change in the world. We are dealing with maybe the biggest societal epistemological problem ever, the systems we have used to create a shared intersubjective reality are falling away. What the article did is basically present a few superficial symptoms, but is not even hinting at the actual cause of what is going on.
  14. Notice the language he is using. "I will let my child choose whatever life they want to live!" What exactly are they choosing? Why is it so important whether a child buys a barbie doll or a toy car? To him it is important precisely because he is still attached to our relative and cultural ideas of gender. Gender means to put different types of behaviours and expressions into different, made up categories. By doing this we make each of our decisions something grander than they actually are, we create ideas that seek to simplify the world into categories we can interact with. This was necessary in the past, but it's functionality is falling away. It serves almost no purpose anymore. All it does is limit the subjectivity of individuals who instead of simply self expressing, they look outward and determine what kind of parts of themselves fit into what kind of categories. You will see a lot of suffering coming from this, until people realize that what they seek is authentic self expression, not choosing a preconcieved idea of a collection of expressions which they will need to make themselves fit. There is no choice to be made here, because there is nothing you can go towards. There is no such thing as the feminine nor the masculine. There is no such thing as a man nor a woman. There is no such thing as gender outside of the minds. Gender has served it's purpose and it will be deconstructed. This will lead to great suffering and that suffering will build the foundation for how to deal with authentic self-expression. It is one step closer to the unified identity, or no-identity. This is one small step towards the evolution of Love. When you start saying "I am this, I am that" you are limiting yourself. That limitation will be a restriction of your own self. Each limitation was once necessary, and each limitation will one day be abolished. This is why we fundamentally cannot comprehend the future. It is not simply a result of advancement, it is equally a result of the falling away of our legacy. The behaviour of people a thousand years from now will seem deeply disturbing and foreign to us, because we have been shaped by our limitations, limitations which are nothing but a scaffolding for the never ending process of evolution. What we are going to see over the next few decades is people freeing themselves from all kinds of limitations and identities. This will give them the opportunity to generate their own identities, to recognize that the creation of identities is in their own hands. This will lead to great suffering, because people have not the wisdom to actually construct healthy and helpful identities. This wisdom will be achieved through trial and error, through pain and suffering. And then we will realize that there is no need for identity anymore, that once we have realize the true purpose of identity, we will understand that we can let go of it. We will fuel our actions through Love, not identity. We will clearly see that identity is a scaffolding, not Us. That we are not man nor woman, that we are all Equal. That man and woman are just two terms made up by the devil to struggle against the test of time. Much like human and animal, these are just distinctions to justify devilry.