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  1. @Arthogaan I don't like robots and I hate "I HECKIN LOVE SCIENCE" types @gettoefl Dumb
  2. @DefinitelyNotARobot Because my biases are correct and there's are wrong. Rather than framing it as biases lets frame it as the truth. I want an objective AI that doesn't promote one ideology or another and instead serves it's fucking purpose. I hate your profile pic and it makes me want to move to a log cabin in the woods and mail bombs to people. (FYI mods this is a joke please do not cry). Quite funny that you say it's snowflake lol. It's not like we're dealing with a huge invention that will shape the very course of humanity, the world and the future. I guess we can't have a convo about that because... reasons. What is your stupid point? It's not about hurt feelings idiot it's about the direction of humanity. You missed the entire point. I don't hate myself I hate their dumb biases and mine aka the truth is right. WAH WAH WAH YOURE IDEOLOGICAL. WAH YOU HAVE OPINIONS I DISAGREE WITH BUT CANT DISPROVE WAH WAH YOURE A SNOWFLAKE. You are guys are such babies.
  3. @something_else Whose regulating it? Whose building it? What would those who are building and regulating it want to put into it to shape peoples minds? This is a scary prospect because it will determine in time what the masses seem to be true as they put their trust in AI gods lol. That’s all I’m saying is it can be used as a deadly tool of propaganda against humanity.
  4. @something_else I’ve seen lots of retarded responses myself from messing around with it. It has been lobotomised by people to control the narrative and what is seen as truth. Soon people will give over more and more of their thinking capacity to machines thinking that machines are objective and the truth. People who control AI will by extension control peoples minds.
  5. @something_else Not every response it gives is the same. At one point what I posted was an actual response this AI gave.
  6. This is the AI which will determine for the future THE TRUTH!
  7. @trenton Thank you very much for this reply trenton I relate to you a lot and I understand you deeply. Reading you was reading what I would write myself. Sorry about the shit you've been through brother. If you want to chat with me reach out. I'm happy to talk subjects with you.
  8. @vindicated erudite Incels take up some PUA class thinking they’ll learn some technique or skill for how to pick up girls because they think it’s about personality and charisma. The good looking guys get girls for doing the technique, maybe the regular looking guys do, the ugly ones doing the exact same technique don’t get the girl but the good looking guys do. So they realise that it’s not about the technique or skill really, it’s more about who’s doing the technique. So they realise that a large amount of PUA is a scam and many of the supposed artists are hucksters.
  9. @Raze Damn dude you ever heard of summarising an article and not posting the entire thing no wonder no one’s responded lol. Maybe I’ll respond later when I can be bothered to read through.
  10. @Danioover9000 100% I can’t believe I forgot TikTok. Literally a Chinese psychological operation to make the youth mentally retarded with the attention of a gold fish, make them gay and mental ill. Also spying on them completely when the apps installed gathering blackmail on millions. But god forbid a balloon flys over. It’s okay for China to have all your personal info and data but a balloon flying over showing what they already know. Oh no.
  11. @Sincerity Gonna delete my message and call me a Xi Jingping propagandist? Lol
  12. One of the funniest stories in years. I adore this from a purely humorous perspective. Americans breaking down and crying cause a balloon hovers over them. Never mind the buying up of property and land by China, never mind outsourcing a lot of factory and pharmaceutical production to China, never mind China deliberately spreading covid around the world. No, BUT THE HECKIN BALLOONARINO!!!!!!!!!
  13. @Devin I've been working on the eye contact it's very weird because it's all conscious and when I stop doing it consciously I stop doing it. I tend to stare too long when I force it and its' weird and makes people uncomfortable. I journal a lot actually but about subjects most people wouldn't care for or have interest in. Even in my journal I struggle with talking about my feelings. I'm trying to find people I like but there aren't many of them lol. I'm working on loving myself slowly. I need some evidence that I'm lovable is the problem. Right now it just feels like I'm lying to myself. @Blackbeat lube up button? what you on about? lol @ZGROPIUS Thank you friend I appreciate the message. I've added this to my journal and will come back and listen to the video. @Ulax Thanks man I'm sorry to hear you had bad experiences. Live and learn the bad experiences shape us and who we are and who we're going to become. We're gonna be good anyway we actively want to make our lives better, are introspecting, we're doing better than a lot of people. Best wishes.
  14. @zurew Another deep fake freshly baked. FYI not real.