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  1. @TheWatcher We have same goal, that goal we don't choose, it chooses us, and it puts into us an inherent valuing system of attractive vs unattractive and just because some people differ from that valuing system doesn't mean that the system is not there. No it's true. It doesn't have to be all for us to take from that the simply conclusion = Megan Fox is attractive.
  2. @Reciprocality Yeah true spending too much time thinking rather than doing. I'm pretty sure I've accepted it naivete. I have been honest and I'm disappointed with the results, of what actually has pull for me.
  3. @Reciprocality Okay then I want to be someone I'm not. I want to be a better man. But how can I be a better man if I'm not moving because I have no motivation? So you're saying just keep my motivations, move forward and then I'll become who I want to be? That's what I'm going to do. Thank you. It hasn't escaped me ever. But I hope eventually it'll change who I am into someone I respect more.
  4. @Something Funny I have an overweight friends whose a girl. I tell her to love herself regardless. But I don't lie to her and tell her that she's beautiful obese but I never say that she should ever feel down about who she is and I always tell her that she can lose the weight and she is a beautiful person underneath the weight. I nag her about her health and I don't want ads making her feel likes it's okay to be unhealthy. I also don't like how as a culture we're pretending it's okay to obese and that men find it beautiful when they don't. You won't find an advertisement like that for men btw. No where near to the same degree. The fat acceptance movement is mainly for women.
  5. @Leo Gura @TheWatcher What I'm saying is that the majority defines what is and isn't attractive and I'm talking about human beings. I'm sure even for goats they have goat pussy that the majority of goats like and that the majority of goats aren't really fond of. The goat pussy that is most liked by goats is most attractive. Likewise we humans and we can say that the majority of men find Megan Fox attractive therefore she is attractive. Your arguments are stupid. Some dude out there probably finds goat pussy attractive, that doesn't mean goat pussy is beautiful. Learn the meaning of words.
  6. @gettoefl I feel and think this way to now. You're not always strong enough to have the pure reasons motivate us. How do you develop that integrity? I think most people slog through life by external reasons. Like needing to make the rent and feed themselves. They work just hard enough to not be fired and when not working just sedate themselves. How are you supposed to get that integrity and internal motivation in the face of the shit 9-5 work week and rat race?
  7. @Knowledge Hoarder Yeah it's quite funny that so many men go to this guy for advice on women lol. Yeah she is and I would even kill her beautiful but she's just overweight. ?
  8. @Theperciever I don't why you posted him crying lol and his "reign" is far from over and the woman does have a very pretty face but she's obese and that isn't beautiful. Some people might like it but I think there is objective beauty in peoples bodies. @Leo Gura Not really. How is it? The state isn't forcing magazine covers to only show fit girls. It's just that is actually what people find attractive. It's just a lefty progressive push to put fat girls on magazine covers to push the "beauty is subjective" lie because they believe everything is sociological and nothing rooted in objective biological realities.
  9. What can actually tangible motivate me is not what I want to motivate me. It's petty like proving another person wrong, showing that I'm better. Things that I know I shouldn't care about. But when you pursue something for noble reasons it doesn't have the same pull. How can you be motivated by the right reasons? Does it even matter if you still achieve the same thing in the end? For example fitness If what motivates you to go to the gym is to get hot and get girls or whatever else rather than to challenge yourself or for health reasons. But in the end you do achieve that body. Does it matter what got you there? Should we really sacrifice results for the sake of having the right motivations.
  10. @Epikur Nothing the woman consented to sex with transbian. There's no such thing as retroactively rescinded consent no matter what the me too crowd says. Do you think if a transwoman "tricked" a man into having sex with her that that transwoman should be punished?
  11. @zurew My belief is attraction is an inherent biological drive so that people can procreate. The desires that get passed on are the desires that are the norm. Desires that don't lead to copulation are mutations that typically get selected out of the gene pool. Desires that keep appearing in some way are consistent mutations that must serve some evolutionary function. We understand how attraction works and it comes from evolutionary process. What we don't know is why we evolve and why we want to procreate and make more of ourselves. That's an alien force that governs all human and animal actions beyond us and perhaps beyond our comprehension. People can call it god or whatever but it exists and it's why we are what we are.
  12. @zurew It is discriminatory and you have the right to discriminate with the people you have sex with, this should not be controversial. Just say vagina stop using a euphemism. What you're saying is that people are attracted to bodies and not personalities or what people say they are. So is your attraction to "biological traits" a result of society?
  13. Sorry I take that back it wasn’t politically correct for me to say I should have said neo pussy. Wouldn’t want to be called transphobic for thinking that chopping healthy parts of your body off isn’t healthy or sane.