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  1. @Shin The first seems like an actual worthwhile experience that is needed. Second is just assisted masturbation using someone else’s body. Reminds me of the Hunter Thompson quote.
  2. @Rilles I suppose I do and we all do to some degree. But that’s not my first priority. @Lyubov Thank you I appreciate it
  3. @Rilles I don't give a shit what society thinks. Hence why I'm so open about the position I'm in. What I do care about though is finding a relationship and having sex.
  4. @Rilles Okay, sure, and your point is?
  5. @Lyubov There is. Doesn't matter, still are. Not hated obviously just stigmatized. Where's all this opportunity then? Easy for you to say. It's a massive fucking problem for me. Which is the v-card.
  6. @HypnoticMagician What?!? No the two correlate pretty highly lol. If you're a man you want sex and intimacy. If you can't get that and never get that, that means you're a loser. As @Emotionalmosquito pointed out. You've been cut from the very PRIMARY driving force of all life. You're not considered fit by women for having your genes pass on. You're not considered good enough to be accepted. That's the biggest losing there is. Thanks for the info lol
  7. @Psych2Awak3n Lol was that my post? I'll be honest with you. I resent myself for all the missed opportunities in my life. I feel like a loser and most of the experiences in my life and interacting with the opposite sex reinforce that fact. Now I linked a huge block of text at the bottom. Though I don't agree with everything and that women "need sex and need men" I agree with the general point. That men pursue women and women are the ones that are pursued. If as a guy you fail to get any woman past a certain age it's only natural to feel shame. Clearly there's something wrong with me and I've lost this game. Well by definition I am a virgin lol. Denying reality isn't going to help me. Though I appreciate the idea behind this thread it reminds me of the fat positivity movement. Where they say you should take pride and being happy at any size even if you're unhealthy and unattractive. I don't want to feel good, proud or happy as I am because where I am is terrible. I fear I've missed out on an important part of being human and as I age I'm only going to become more damaged and more repulsive to women. tl;dr being a virgin isn't fine
  8. @Jennjenn It's funny when young men say they're a man today most women blow them off lol. Rescinded their man card and only refer to them as boys. Seems to me anyways that young women like to remain in a perpetual state of adolescence anyway. Imagine how it would come across if a guy made this thread lol. Comes across like a child throwing a temper tantrum lol and stomping their feet on the ground. >IM A MAN!!!!!
  9. @Jennjenn Thing is I don't want to be turned into the candy boy where I keep buying a girl candy, she keeps saying thanks meanwhile she'd never date me and keeps telling me no. At best I'm just hoping for a crumb, a teeny tiny bit of reciprocation from her, just the chance to even date her lol. Most likely will be kept like a good doggy with pats on the head for bringing her candy or at worst (which is more likely than at best) will be seen as a creep for pursuing her and buying her more candy even when shes said no. Point is pursuing a woman whose already said no to me seems dangerous, waste of time and debasing. But it's easy as a woman to tell the good doggies to keep doing it cause you keep getting your candy and are at liberty to go ewwww whenever you get sick of it.
  10. @Jennjenn It's creepy the moment a woman says it is regardless of what you're actually doing. I will read the art of seduction though because I like Robert Greene.
  11. @Jennjenn This is a recipe for being seen as a creep and if you step on the wrong woman’s toes a criminal lol. It’s easy for women when they’re sat on their ass having men shower them with attention and affection. But once a woman says no to me I take her at her word lol.
  12. @Jennjenn Why would it work for someone you’re not interested in but not work for someone you are interested in? @Leo Gura What did you mean? Is it okay to chase women you’re not interested in?
  13. @Jacob Morres I've never watched any Teal Swan but she keeps getting mentioned so I'll check her out. But it's obviously not a physiological need but a psychological need that causes great pain if you don't get it met.
  14. @Jennjenn Lol get absolutely shut down. No explanation needed. Joking. I think Leo's point is that when you chase women they're repelled by your desperation. The more you like a woman the less likely she is to like you. It's really the case of the hungry don't get fed. A woman has to come to you like a cat. You can't be chasing her.
  15. @ROOBIO Sounds like you just an insecure, have bad body self image and that affects your self esteem. Men care more about their dick size then women. 5.5 isn't the end of the world. You can still satisfy a woman sexually with that member. Have some self respect. You're holding yourself back not your dick. Watch this video