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  1. poverty and disability is brutal but at least they have a home and family
  2. yes, rejection will make you want to get better and you'll find a better person when you become better
  3. what your day is like, when do you meet girls (after work ?) and where you meet them (street, club ?)
  4. how did the interactions go ?
  5. everything is beautiful, but without the bullshit
  6. you are bi, you just dont know it
  7. hunter eyes are better but that's blackpill for ya
  8. sometimes i cant read girls emotion and i wanna know what are emotions that girls may feel then i can talk about that and she'll give positive response
  9. i think you should get her deeply attracted to you first then you can have a deep relationship that lasts , bro how old are u btw... i think you havent got her attracted and havent realized that our experiences are relative but if you dont do pick up, you dont pay girls to sleep with you, your chance of getting laid are almost zero there is a tiny chance a girl do pick up on you but who are we kidding
  10. more girls for me, more dudes for you
  11. how many more times you say it, doesnt solve the problem just let it go bro and attracts the untamed pussy cat, think you can handle it ?
  12. yimpa no. it's because you approach so much that the environment becomes polarized (in a negative way in this case) sort of like you break the 'rules', get bad reputation and you get kicked out the solution here is to be mindful of the subtle social cues, or just find another place to game