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  1. I use a Kobo Sage ereader. I only use that model because I also use it for journaling. I liked Kobo because it isn't as tied to Amazon like Kindel is. It's good for buying books directly from publishers like Delphi Classics. The annotation system is very easy to use and refer back to later.
  2. @MarkKol I really like Anthony Recenello's work because it teaches you awesome social skills although it can be a little basic. His mentee Connell Barrett's book will give you a more detailed approach. Anthony's book: https://archive.org/details/podcast_iconic-bachelor-the-audiobook_1375885633 Connell's book: https://datingtransformation.com/how-to-approach-women-dating-book/ The best inner game teacher I found is Robert Glover's book No more mister Nice guy. A list of some good books: http://bigstickbook.com/resources/
  3. @LSD-Rumi I hope she is older than that. Just kidding man. It's good to have social experiences with women you are interested in.
  4. @Eternal Unity Your welcome man. The best resource I found is Jothan White's stuff. His Youtube channel explains a lot of the theory about this stuff and some guided practices. His multi-orgasmic man course is hands down the best for this stuff. His channel: His website: https://www.johnathanwhitelifestyle.com/
  5. @Eternal Unity For the background I am a heterosexual male which informs my experience in this work. I don't know what works for a woman because I am not one or have personal experience of a same-sex dynamic. I have experience with Tantric sexual practices so I could have non-ejaculatory orgasms (valley orgasms) and learned from a Tantrika Guru. I personally prefer Daoist sexual practices because they are easier and more grounded. If those are the problems you have here are my suggestions for helping with them but if you have other questions I would love to help. Porn addiction: I was addicted to porn and what helped me quit that addiction was the Easypeassy method for porn hack book. It is based on the Allen Carre method for quitting smoking and drinking. The method is to explain to you why the "reasons" you use porn are all bullshit. Link to the book: https://easypeasymethod.org/ Channeling Sexual energy: The Tantric method is moving aroused sexual energy out of your genitals and up your spine. It's basic sure, but you can't store that kind of energy in your brain safely so you either lose it or get really bad headaches. You can store energy in your lower dan tian to use it effectively without headaches. The microcosmic orbit is a better way to move energy through more of your body. There are practices to open this pathway (The Wudang orbit meditation is the best I know). You can practice testicle breathing to move unaroused sexual energy through your microcosmic orbit to get used to using it over time. Then practice using aroused sexual energy so it becomes normal for you to do it when you masturbate. If you do that it will become habitual like creating lots of tension and friction on your dick until you ejaculate habit you currently have now. It will even be easy to do when having sex. Emotional Trauma: I personally use the 6 healing sounds practice and Inner smile meditation to deal with negative emotions and trauma you can find guided videos for those on youtube. I don't know of any Tantric practices for that problem. Horniness: I get where you're coming from (pun intended). I have a really high sex drive, I'm talking used to masturbating 8-12 times a day and once I got decent game have sex as often as possible with as many women as I could because it's that high. I found doing the six healing sounds and inner smile helped reduce it a little. The testicle breathing helped and so did having sex or masturbating to have valley orgasms. What I found the best though are the Kan and Li practices. I am not saying that Tantric sexual practices are bad or anything I just found the Daoist ones tend to be better. I did like the partner practices for Tantra like Yab Yum and eye gazing but you could learn those from a book like Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas (a book recommended a lot by LGBTQIA+ folks) or Tantric secrets for men by Kerry Riley. This person that you have thought about seeing could be really cool and help you explore some cool stuff. The things to look out for are: Price gouging: They will try to make you pay a lot of money for this stuff because it used to be secret knowledge. While this was the case until the 20th century in the west it isn't a secret anymore there are a lot of books and courses on this stuff. Spiritual or happy ending: Some prostitutes or happy-ending massage providers call themselves Tantric, especially in countries where those things are illegal but are just about those things. Try to make sure your teacher is focused on spiritual or sexual teaching. Their Personality: If something feels off about the person or other people warn you about them don't go see them there are many different teachers out there. While you are in a session with a teacher and they do bad shit or make you feel uncomfortable either wait for the session to finish and never see them again or get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. There have unfortunately been some shady rapists who abuse people sexually so be warned.
  6. @Kshantivadin One of my ex's used to use perfume because it made her small nice on other parts of her body why not there too right? If she smells nice it must also taste nice too right? I can't fault her for that because most women just like most men are just trying to be nice to one another but since she doesn't have experience going down on a woman. This is why we all need to communicate with our partner about what you both like and dislike when it comes to sex because if you can't do that you shouldn't be having sex with them.
  7. In my experience, the taste is different and can vary even with the same woman. There seem to be many different factors but the ones I have noticed are: Her diet: if she eats healthy foods including fruits like pineapple for some reason she tastes better. If she is clean: Personally I don't care if she is dirty or clean but they taste different. If she cleans herself there with soap it tastes bad but if she rinses with water it doesn't taste like soap. How aroused/wet she is also seems to change her taste. When she isn't aroused and dry the taste is meh so give her time to warm up. Basically, the wetter she is the stronger the taste is but that also means that if you use a flavored lube you like to influence the taste as long as she isn't allergic to the lube. If she puts perfume down there it's not so good. If she is on her period it tastes different. Those are the main factors that come to mind with regard to taste. When you are exploring your partner during foreplay and you are close to her pussy smell so you get some idea of what she tastes like. In my experience that tends to be the easiest way to tell what she smells like.
  8. Nice work man. I don't think she would have kissed you if you saw the live-action Avatar the last airbender movie.
  9. @MarkKolYour system would still get flooded with prolactin when you ejaculate though, so you are still going to get tired. I wonder if it is bad for a man to not make semen. As they said in the story Daniel still wasn't making sperm even after the study finished is this a permanent thing?
  10. Recently one of my old high school classmates started sharing videos by some online white nationalist cult leader with many people they knew including me. I think they are trying to get people to join this cult and spread their ideology. The cult has similar characteristics that Leo described in his video. It has a hierarchical structure with a charismatic leader and several lieutenants who are trying to change society to match their ideology. They are trying to brainwash people by making them use certain words and negatively describe anyone who disagrees with them as "antiwhite". How can I help this person leave this cult? Their weird intro video shows how strange they are: If any one has any ideas, advice, thoughts, etc. They would by appreciated.
  11. @Kshantivadin It's hard to say when it is fully opened because the orbit is a pathway for energy. Like a hiking trail if it is used regularly it will become clear of blockages. It's something that becomes more tangible over time. Sorry if that answer isn't clear but I would just say the easier it is to move energy through the orbit the more open it is. This is a guided meditation to help you open it:
  12. @AJBrew Your welcome, if you have any other questions I'd gladly share what I know based on my experience. Trying to explain this stuff helps me understand it more. Also, I think if this stuff was more widely known it would benefit many people and help all of us interested in this stuff figure out what tends to work and ignore what doesn't.
  13. @AJBrewThanks for the compliment. To answer your question a power lock is basically sucking as much sexual energy out of your genitals into your dan tian as possible. You would do it when you are close to your point of no return or if you have been going for a while and want to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Remember that you need time to do it it's not like ejaculation where you can force it to happen very quickly with enough tension. If you have been moving energy throughout your body for a while (minimum 10-15 minutes from personal experience) and are relaxed you can use them to have an orgasm without ejaculation. There are many different power lock methods but I personally found the simpler ones more effective for me. The main method I use is: 1. start by focusing on sucking up as much sexual energy to your dan tian as you can while you take a few deep abdominal breaths (I personally do between 6-9). 2. After the deep breaths either inhale or hold your breath one more time and hole it while you gently tuck your head (no need to break your neck here) into your chest and mentally engage your pelvic floor like you are pulling it up and in. While you do physically do the head tucking you don't need to do kegels but more of a Mula Bandha ab lock type thing. https://www.arogyayogaschool.com/blog/bandhas-the-locking-techniques-of-yoga/ 3. Hold it for as long as you can and when you exhale you should feel amazing. It's a subtle feeling and won't feel like much the first few times you try it but it will feel more awesome the more you do it. I hope this clears things up. Your point about allowing your energy to move up, you sound like a natural at this kind of thing. I had to practice non-aroused sexual energy through my body with testicle breathing before it became a habit like breathing to move the energy that way.
  14. @Kshantivadin The microcosmic orbit is basically a circle with a front channel and a back channel. You can move energy including sexual energy through this circle. So as you inhale you move the sexual energy from your genitals either up the front or back channel and as you exhale you move it down the other channel or the same one and store the energy in the dan tian. the Front channel is also very cooling which can be healful to prevent overheating and remaining relaxed. In my experience, it's a more effective way of using your sexual energy the moving up the spine approach. So the main methods with the spine approach I have tried are: Move energy up from the genitals on the inhale to your brain and keep it in your brain on the exhale. Move energy up to the heart center (in the middle of the chest between your nipples, not your physical heart) on the inhale and keep it there on the exhale. Move the energy up to either the heart or brain on the inhale. On the exhale move the energy down to your genitals and if you are having sex move the energy out through them into your partner. The first method was not very pleasant for me and just gave me a lot of headaches. The second one is kind of interesting I have felt nice doing it but you still get overheated. I don't think either of those two places are good for storing aroused sexual energy because they aren't meant to be like the dan tian. The last one is probably the best method of the three because you are moving the energy more but I think you should do it with un-aroused energy when you are creating the habit of moving sexual energy throughout your body instead of just storing it in your genitals until you ejaculate. The aroused energy is stronger and will just mostly leave your body if you don't store it properly. I don't use purely spinal movements because they are just so limited. You can do it right away in theory compared to opening the microcosmic orbit which can take some time practicing moving energy through it will also take you time but it will make more effective use of your energy and be easier for you in the long run.
  15. The best methods are ones in which you are relaxed and focus on moving the sexual energy. The problem with the whole keep getting more and more aroused until you need to use Kegels to stop ejaculation is that it makes having a valley orgasm much more difficult than it needs to be. Valley orgasms aren't like an ejaculatory orgasm which you can force to happen by creating a lot of tension and then releasing it with ejaculation. You can't just do what you would do when you're trying to ejaculate really quickly and then at the last second squeeze your pelvic floor to prevent you from ejaculating to feel a valley orgasm. Your body needs time to build up the arousal and relax into it as women do. The best-written description I have seen is the chapter about non-ejaculatory orgasms written by Micheal Winn in Secrets of the Sex Masters by Carl Frankel. the best online course I have found is the multiorgasmic man course by Johnathan white. The practices that I have found that you need to do are: Deep abdominal breathing to keep yourself relaxed. building the lower dan tian (dan tian breathing) over time to create a great place to store energy and increase how much energy you feel. opening the Microcosmic orbit so you have an effective pathway to move energy. testicle breathing with non-aroused sexual energy through the microcosmic orbit to establish the habit of moving sexual energy through your microcosmic orbit when you're aroused. Also, do it while foreplay is going on or otherwise before you start stimulating your penis so your sexual energy isn't as congested in your testicles and you are increasing the amount of energy in your dan tian before intercourse. don't do Kegels because they create tension and tension anywhere in your body makes you ejaculate quicker. Lightly do reverse Kegels to make your pelvic floor more relaxed. If you feel your pelvic floor tightening during sex while your taking deep breaths (as you should be) do a reverse kegel to ease the tension. another great exercise is holding deep yoga squats or if you are not as flexible happy baby pose for a couple of minutes. while doing so focus on breathing deeply into your pelvic floor which stretches it. With reverse Kegels don't push as hard as you can because that too creates tension but lightly push so there is a gentle physical engagement. When you feel like you are getting too aroused but before you feel like you're going to ejaculate do a power lock to move your sexual energy to your dan tian. Deep earth pulsing is great for increasing your sexual energy and grounding it and making your sexual energy cooler (easier to work with). If you are feeling very advanced pulling sexual energy up from Earth through your legs will help you feel more grounded with cool yin sexual energy. If you practice being relaxed enough you will last a lot longer and more easily move energy throughout your body because you won't be as blocked. I prefer using the microcosmic orbit compared to just moving up the spine for four reasons: You are less likely to get headaches because you will store energy in the dan tian where your body can handle it instead of your brain where you can't. You will keep more of the sexual energy you are working so hard to cultivate instead of having a lot of it leaving your body so you or your partner can't use it. The front channel of your microcosmic orbit has a yin-cooling effect so you don't feel as overheated and will feel more relaxed. It helps keep you more grounded in your body so you don't experience the scary hallucinations when with your partner when you are having very intense sex for several hours like the ungrounded Tantric sex dose where once you go for longer than a couple of hours. Seeing your partner as a demon can be very scary especially if they are on top of you at the time. You still have the feeling of orgasm with the universe but no scary visions. Basically, you want to be very relaxed and be moving your sexual energy throughout your body even before you start physical sexual stimulation so your body is very slow to get you ready to ejaculate. If ejaculation is the destination of tension-biased sex which I like to think of as path A, you are trying to travel down path B to a valley orgasm which is based on the factors of relaxation and moving your sexual energy out of your testicles. If you focus on doing those two things while you will end up in a completely different place. It seems like a lot but if you focus on the easier stuff look at deep breathing and testicle breathing you can move up to harder things over time. This takes time to achieve but it becomes natural with time too.