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  1. @Leo Gura true I sure wish I was more like the other one. When I write poems or do things for others or in tune or encourage others I feel more like the real me though
  2. Coldplay is my favorite band I believe
  3. @Leo Gura if one has a strong tendency towards the rational side this sometimes is because of their career requirements. I know in my career this is major requirement to do the job like that but I understand that's not the end all of intelligence and emotional intelligence
  4. @DrewNows then the conversation usually falls to the wayside like a whisper in the wind
  5. @jbram2002 , ps I know I very little on this topic just trying to share what I see when talking to other women and my friends who are women.
  6. @jbram2002 while totally accurate what you are saying your wife's beauty is in far far more than just looks I don't think it wise for men to recommend to a woman that it's not a valid desire to try to "look good". Your own value as well is far more than outwards There can be a point at which one can't logically place it all in a spot. There has to be room for people saying they want to look good. It's not always wise to worry so much of the logic of the English language as compared to how the person feels when saying it Logically they already did but when I put myself in others shoes I totally understand a woman's desire here especially and I see it as very natural and healthy
  7. @jbram2002 @jbram2002 @jbram2002ill touch on something I know little about but hey let's let me try it's the internet ha ha You have a very beautiful wife for sure. I think your wife touched on this in a video too on why she likes to look good sometimes. I think they are very valid reasons to do so I don't know much as a man and I'm just observing but many women love to look beautiful and love to try to look good. Very much love it. I think this is a good trait not something to second guess themselves on. It's a good thing. I always feel bad when a woman feels bad that they didn't look good enough or that they were just not trying hard enough. The right amount of beautiful things in the world will not hurt its probably when it becomes singularly focused when it's harmful I think to be in the world right now hard not to be self conscious and think there is just always someone far more beautiful far more something. But taking good care of oneself is a good trait as well as enjoying beauty
  8. @DrewNows hey buddy I don't have alot to add other than say I feel your pain you went through when younger I hope you can find healing and growth and forgiveness through it ---of yourself and those you love
  9. @mandyjw i have a dear friend who is a counselor and she feels and empathizes so deeply that she needs alot of time for self care alone. She has what she calls highly sensitive personality but she is definitely an earth angel so to speak but always feels deeply what others feel bit feels her calling is to heal the earth But always must take time for self-care because everything others are feeling are sometimes so overwhelming. Why did I tell you that I don't know but she is one of the most needed and wonderful personalities I know but she has a need for a large amount of self care and always does better with it What did you mean by addiction and addicted to the story?
  10. @jbram2002 Thank you, oh lord, for the white blind light. Let me tell you about heartache in the loss of god... wandering, wandering a hopeless night. Moonshine night, mountain village insane in the woods in the deep trees. ...in the deep trees... ...in the deep trees... Jim Morrison "the white blind light"
  11. @mandyjw yes I agree but I hear you. I do think that you can love someone deeply though despite their faults and have a deeper connection like a soul mate than other loves that are just "in love" like this quote maybe the term soul mate isn't helpful totally but I mean that as someone who matches your love languages quite a bit One where you love them very very much and connect well. I guess I can talk about that later too But yes I was just feeling that quote when you wrote it so I just messed around a bit since I think in quotes alot or remember an old quote that someone tells me
  12. @mandyjw but what if enlightenment is only a path to romantic/sexual relationships instead. (Just messing and pretending what Keats would say) "I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.". Keats
  13. @Alfonsoo i love Asimov obviously. Always loved the character Hari Seldon
  14. @mandyjw authentic is so nice to see. I suppose we all long for it. So when I see it in you I am pretty amazed. I hear so much trivial it's so nice to see authentic and from the heart
  15. @jbram2002 good points and I agree with your assessment. What's interesting is it's very easy for me to diagnosis my problems with trust but quite another thing to actually move to it better to get past it in a daily way. So I try a little each day to be more vulnerable