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  1. Yea k doesn’t help much with neck pain unfortunately. But maybe i’ll try 7 cryotherapy sessions if you insist on it
  2. Cold water unfortunately makes my neck pain much worse but maybe the cold chamber is better, we’ll see i try it like 6 times and then conclude
  3. I don’t cry i’m not a dweeb 😡😌 cryotherapy is cold chamber, jamie pull it up
  4. this is a nice documentary about kurds in iraq vs iranian government
  5. I’m trying cryotherapy
  6. Really? I mean for example Albert Einstein and Freddy Mercury fled and lived good inportant lives afterwards
  7. I wish my teachers knew about this sunflower analogy/metaphor i‘m more of a fern
  8. I’m confused by this conflict which team are we on?
  9. And do you tell them or hint you’re interested in them or more in a buddy way?
  10. Because drake is half jewish?
  11. Yea not much though
  12. I liked the ending where the guy said something like ”you can bully us government, but we can choose to be the last generation to get bullied, we are the last generation” quite dystopian but nice nonetheless
  13. You guys love talking about this war a lot huh