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  1. °Have been watching/listening to those a lot since yesterday and post it here to remember° ° still doing the Sedona "thing" °
  2. Now when i'm out and about and i see all the people stare into their phones, i hear this melody in my head which is some of the stuff that made you start?
  3. nope you bodybuild for me and i think it's hot, oooh yessss more reps for that gluteus maximussss baby jk shhhhhhhhhh sure, i used to think money could solve all my problems as a teen, used to visualise money and all that but now of course i know it doesn't make me happy sure money helps and is fun but i'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable i'd rather be rich and happy than poor and happy though and i'd rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable who cares though? nobody
  4. nope but my issue with hobbies etc. is often that i don't like to do stuff that i'm not good at which is dumb of course because most or everything you're not good at in the beginning and it often sucks until you get better i think it's some type of perfectionism
  5. thanks my name is nobody
  6. ben shapiro is at stage turd-quoise
  7. imo god/the universe is more interested in letting things play out and just see what happens
  8. the fact that you can't answer this also makes me stop caring about the issue
  9. well you certainly don't have to partake in it i think it's a fairly interesting discussion because i've never seen it on this forum
  10. nice the only good thing he's done as far as i know
  11. So do you want that Leo edits the video?
  12. hey guys should i join a motorcycle gang