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  1. yea all of this "there's only me" "death doesn't exist" stuff could be quite dangerous for the "right" mind/person i'm reading a book on manson and the manson trial/family etc. and it seems they also had that way of thinking in some ways and obviously it wasn't nice
  2. once i've had a dream/vision first it was hell that i went trough, i came out slowly on the other side and then there was only me and bliss i realised that i've created everything for "fun" for the lack of a better term then i was horny and wanted to fuuu* and then i realised that i'm always only f'n myself, which was funny
  3. he does a funny tolle impression
  4. listened to many of jre episodes and liked them i don't care about the fighting episodes etc and i think he's doing gods work in terms of plant medicine etc. he's no gandhi or mlk? thanks captain obvious what kind of criticism is this even, why should he be like those guys?
  5. no the guy who runs the company with him i've just seen a few videos of people talking about him, not sure if all is true
  6. i've heard that his business partner does some shady business practices and he probably condones it if it's true otherwise i've heard that tyler does hikes in hawaii, so i think in the very least he's amber or bordeux
  7. immoral or amoral? and why?
  8. how can a first world country still have the death penalty?
  9. who knows maybe he just had a reeeeally bad day he seems unstable though
  10. are you trying to eat healthy do you meditate do you supplement vitamins also consume less toxic news/media are you doing things that you enjoy and maybe engage less in the covid and other political debates, i don't think it's good for you
  11. While in Europe some countries are doing pretty good. Others like Poland for example is still not wanting to get out of coal etc. France is pumping trash into the mediterranean. Cruise ships are destroying the mediterranean because of the greed of people. We produce stuff in third world countries and dump our trash there. etc. etc. I do agree that some kind of vision in Europe and more meaning and less consuming/materialism would be good
  12. somebody called me and told me it's time for the this is fine dog
  13. I don't know about that. It seems many people from kind of middle class sheltered homes end up "toxic green" (although everybody has their trauma and hardships)
  14. i'm not on the psycho path i'm on the slightly spiritual path