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  1. who will be a slave though the govt? because the general populace might have freer life. now freedom isn't everything, security comes first.
  2. Listened to this sleep meditation/hypnosis for a few days and liked it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wofimcYoZyE it can't be embedded unfortunately It resonated when she said something along the lines of: You have a body, you are at home in your body... Because when we have anxiety, feel uncomfortable feelings or feel unhappy with ourselves or whatever we often want to get out of our body. But now for a few days i just try to look at my body as my home and make it as comfortable as possible.
  3. getting money also feels good now you have more freedoms and possibilities strolling around on a nice day, jumping into natural water - very lovely
  4. And more democratic etc. If let's say a Navalny etc. would become president. Russians themselves would get more freedoms on the positive side, more rights to protest and freedom of speech and so on. What else? Would regions splitter of because they saw their chance?
  5. mdma connecting with someone on a deeper level
  6. i agree. in the long-ish term this will probably happen.
  7. you have to try to focus more on the positive than the negative imo there are "heartless" people sure but there are also many others
  8. well if i see someone really bullying you then i'll tell them to stop.
  9. it is also that many mentally unstable people come to this forum. which is totally fine with me i'm not saying i'm totally stable or whatevs but they will often complain and say they're leaving and then come back after a week or so. sometimes i don't know if people do get bullied or if they just feel they do
  10. you guys still wear masks? here only barely in pt @preety go to classes, meetups, groups etc.
  11. i am a bit familiar with this topic i've seen countless of videos and reports of asians getting attacked in the u.s. in last two yrs or so
  12. yesterday someone told me she still doesn't have her sense of smell back and her other friend doesn't have it back since about 6 months and i still have this dumb cough about 2 months later, she has the same cough i think it's time for an ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, kale smoothie
  13. is it normal? i just don't get it, how is it normal that many people, also elders and women get attacked like that? i come from a more peaceful country so maybe for you it's normal