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  1. PurpleTree has some non-sensical, kind of obsessive thought loops sometimes for example about silly stuff like a statement i made or want to make about a text i wrote or want to write etc. and those thoughts can loop for minutes or even a lot longer. So two days ago i had one of those thought loops and then tried to be as aware as possible of that thought. I thought that particular thought in a very aware state and thought it very slowly deliberately, usually those thoughts just keep looping very fast in the mind. It worked and the thought kind of vanished. So in that instance it worked but maybe it was just luck, i'll keep experimenting.
  2. Have you read a or some "spiritual" books? Do you meditate sometimes? Suffering and an interest in the universe is what makes me semi-serious about this work and keeps me coming back. Laziness, fatigue, anxiety etc. is what keeps from getting all the way in.
  3. are you saying people should climb/fix those material/relationship/career etc. steps before they do consciousness work. or are you saying they can do it simultaneously, it's just important to not forget about those other "steps" while working on consciousness etc.?
  4. No it's not. Maybe you need to get into nature more.
  5. yesterday got up, ate breakfast, watched youtube and entered the forum, did some meditation, went for a walk, got a call about some "bird spectacle in nature" so i went there and watched those birds, they were glorious btw., went home ate dinner, took another walk, watched youtube and streamed some show. i also take my moms dog for long walks sometimes, sometimes visit friends, sometimes jog etc.
  6. maybe there was a bad vibe in there from other people and you were sensitive enough to feel it. although if that were the case you probably could also feel vibes going into other places sometimes and it wouldn't be your first time.
  7. I've tried a few for anxiety sleep and fatigue Ashwaghanda - pretty good, works on gaba receptors, calming Rhodiola Rosea - Made me irritable and angry also a bit anxious, not for me Lions Mane - Pretty good but i think it messes with my sleep ( a lot of supps mess with my sleep) Probably a couple of others Not sure if i've tried Reishi I still have some Cordyceps at home which i haven't tried yet
  8. sorry that your father "died" about re-incarnation its one of those things which does seem logical, and there seem to be hints placed all over which would support the truth of it or that it's at least partly true, many religions talking about it, people having experiences etc. but i think nobody can really be a 100% sure either way
  9. the other merry christmas topic was cooler also who would you say is a better role model, jesus or muhammad? (sorry you started this in the opening post )
  10. if you don't show intent you'll end up in the no go zone named friend zone, then she'll tell you about her lover while you hold her hand and nod while you say "yasss friend"
  11. His initials are J C, like Julius Caesar or Jim Carrey
  12. can he just pardon everybody and can't it be challenged after he's out? pretty weird system that the us has
  13. traumatised people raise traumatised people