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  1. 250 steps per hour. You would still do workouts and the rest.
  2. It sounds more like panic disorder to me.
  3. This has happened to me; fortunately, I wasn't married to the person. But if you do a lot of personal development, you run this risk. I like this a lot. FOMO is a waste of time.
  4. That was great. It gives me an interesting perspective because my parents have been married a very long time and still going strong. I come from a family whose marriages tend to last. That said, I have never married because I have found it difficult to find other people with that same mentality -- a partnership that lasts. The best thing about never being married is that I have never been divorced, either.
  5. My solution: 1) Get a Fitbit and use it to track exercise, sleep, and calories 2) Turn on "Reminders to move" so you get 250 steps minimum per hour for up to 14 hours a day
  6. There's always Leo's Life Purpose Course.
  7. This April 2021 article says Novak Djokovic claims meditation "is one of the main points" of his daily life.
  8. Yes, if you want to achieve your life purpose, you want to be as healthy as possible. Don't skip yearly physicals and semiannual dentist cleanings.
  9. I think @DocWatts gave the best response. A thousand years ago, the most important stuff written probably averaged around Stage Blue. Most people were at Stage Red and Purple. The average Stage of a nation seems to be Stage Blue or Orange in most modern countries, with very few at Stage Green. To be at Stage Yellow, you have to be willing to defy the norm and make a living doing it. It also helps to be born into a culture that is at least Stage Orange. In addition to having the privilege of being born in a First World country, it also helps to be older. It takes time to work your way into stages that are not in the default. Traumatic incidents help, too, in my opinion, because that forces one to step outside cultural paradigms in an attempt to heal. TL; DR: Yes, intelligence helps to reach Stage Yellow, but other factors are involved.
  10. This is more of the best of Stage Blue. Stage Yellow requires systematic thinking. Being wise and good does not mean you are a systematic thinker.
  11. Yes: You imagine them, they imagine you, you both imagine yourselves, and Reality is simply Imagination Itself. You can keep deconstructing everything to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, but it's infinitely deep.
  12. You didn't drink the same Kool-Aid they drank, and they're taking it as a personal rejection -- so they're reacting with the same intensity as a spurned lover. I typically avoid these people when it happens. The rejection is not about religion. I get a similar reaction when I tell divorced people I've never been married. They start acting with the same intensity as if I was the person who divorced them. It would be ludicrous if their reactions were not so scary.
  13. About Richard Rohr Richard Rohr is arguably the closest thing to "Yellow" Catholicism can possibly get. About the Living School I have not attended the Living School, but I have considered it.
  14. Leo has a bachelor's degree in philosophy, but not all of us are able or willing to go back to school to get a philosophy degree. There is a philosophy section of Leo's book list, but what about a list (or advice about creating a personal list) for those who want to start from the beginning and perhaps go more advanced than the typical college degree program in philosophy? I looked at the philosophy program at my alma mater's undergraduate catalog, and it was a little too general and trying to be a little too "woke" to hit the complex issues. I did look at MIT's Linguistics and Philosophy department, and I may follow those courses. Still, I would appreciate Leo's input since he has a philosophy degree and figured out how to use his degree in the real world as a "philosophical entrepreneur."