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  1. I would've thought that specifying it's been done before would invite you to assume that I mean in a way that hasn't been done before. These videos inadvertently affirm you can attain bliss from awakening, but I quite obviously meant a video specifically devoted to convincing even the laziest of spiritual seekers to stop everything and pursue God awakening, using the most detailed and compelling analogies that convey the unspeakable bliss that is supposedly possible.
  2. bruh how do people be having awakenings while sober, what kinda practices do you do? I do 40 - 80 minutes of meditation, I feel like this is pathetically insufficient.
  3. I suppose it's already been done, but I mean just going really hard for 2+ hours inspiring the audience to pursue God-realization with the most detailed explanations of how ecstatic the higher realms of consciousness can be. Really just sell the fuck out of it. I've found that I really watch Actualized hoping for some good news about the metaphysical, and whenever Leo discusses the most rewarding facets of this work it leaves me wanting more. Less "practical" videos, less politics and more metaphysical shit would be my preferred direction for Actualized.
  4. Sigma male is a term invented for the sole purpose of comforting insecure men who give credence to the concept of alpha/beta males, but who also understand presenting as "alpha" would be a reach, so they cling to this "sigma" label as a coping mechanism. Have some respect for yourselves and don't engage with this thread.
  5. @Inliytened1 This is where I suspend my polite etiquette with you. As you suggest I have never contemplated my epistemic foundation due to my own lack of cognitive willpower, essentially saying I am stupid, I assert to you that you are easily the least qualified moderator on here and I wouldn't trust you to wipe your own ass let alone guide people into alignment with truth and consciousness. I can sympathize with your perspective, but I take issue with the framing you've chosen. Saying Leo is arrogantly indulged in a "dick measuring contest" -- when in fact it could be, and like is the case, that he perceives a necessity in using controversial language which inadvertently (not intentionally) places him as a higher authority on a matter which he clearly has unique dedication towards -- seems to be a personal bias of yours that is not merited with any practical substantiation.
  6. Yeah, it'd be one thing if he were at least putting forth a sensible rebuttal. Leo is a human being, so it seems foolish to expect from him some kind of perfect conformity to whatever decorum is commonly deemed necessary. The insights of consciousness at a certain point become incommunicable, so obviously some rhetorical flair -- such as hastily asserting that the unrivaled depth of what was experienced has never been talked about elsewhere -- could simply be a casual means to an end of alluding to the immense profundity in lieu of attempting the impossible feat of substantively communicating the incommunicable. It's obvious to me that you merely take offense at the sight of somebody inadvertently placing themselves as higher authority on a matter which may in fact warrant such an authoritative bent from said person. My only position is that you should remain open minded to the possibility that his claims have merit. I'm open to the possibility that he is misguided. Can you muster the intellectual integrity to remain open to the possibility that he is correct?
  7. @Inliytened1 You're making absolutely zero sense. I'm saying that more practice in consciousness work should yield greater results. You're saying there's only one awakening, and it only takes a day of meditation.
  8. @Inliytened1 Do you not believe consciousness is infinite? What you're saying is that awakening has one level and one level alone that can be accessed after one day of meditation. So you deny the infinitude of consciousness and awakening. It's as if you're saying "I've had an awakening, therefore it's not possible to experience anything beyond that". I also find it funny you say one day of meditation is all it takes, as if even the shallow degree of awakening you experienced is available to anyone who meditates for a whole day. This obviously isn't true, or people who do meditation retreats would consistently report awakening after the first day.
  9. What exactly takes one day of meditation? What is "it"? Why would this nebulous "it' you're alluding to be equally accessible to all people, as if every living creature has the capacity to become God after 16 hours of consistent meditation? You seem more brazenly arrogant here than Leo has in anything I've ever seen him post.
  10. Is it really that difficult to lend credence to the possibility that someone who has done 25+ days of consecutive 5-MeO-DMT trips, and who has went on many 15 + day meditation retreats has reached levels of consciousness that have never been publicly discussed? Actualized teachings started with a pretty advanced understanding of the traditional orthodox spiritual teachings and then Leo substantively expanded on them many times over in such detail that has never been discussed elsewhere. It's obviously possible he can be misguided in some or many regards, but the real failure would be to remain closed-minded to the possibility that this unique experience and dedication towards this work could bring about a deeper perspective than what can currently be found anywhere else. Leo's always said it's up to the individual to verify what he has claimed, and that simply believing him is not viable, so ultimately there is no merit in taking issue with the controversial claims he has made.
  11. I enjoy this place, it's appeal is extremely unique. That said, I have no interest in deceiving anybody. I've had a previous account that was banned, and I'll disclose the account privately. I imagine this would be effective in determining the efficacy of your new backend code. Posting this may obviously result in a permanent ban of course, but I'm confident the temperament I've adopted should suffice as acceptable to be a member here. As I see it, my previous conduct warranted overt penalties, whereas my present demeanor does not, so if you disagree that would also put me in disagreement regarding the moderation here, so a strictly enforced departure would not affront my sensibilities. On my old account I would very commonly go out of my way to aggressively berate people with asinine right-wing opinions, which I still have a tendency towards but more sparingly and it's more tactfully done, not even because I'm aware of the consequences of my conduct, but really because it's just more sensible to be less aggressive, and I almost cringe at my old inability to gauge just how unnecessary a lot of it was. I imagine I only got away with it as long as I did on the previous account because my use of language afforded me some plausible deniability regarding how my harsh personal attacks were perceived. The thing about banning people from here though (unless they are extremely obviously toxic) doesn't especially sit right with me, only because this place serves a unique utility in being able to discuss the metaphysics of consciousness in a way no other community can provide. So what drew me back in when I created this account -- you'll see my first post was a question regarding some of the philosophical implications of the views expressed on Actualized -- was the necessity to have my burning curiosity resolved. Things discussed here can evoke an existential crisis, and it would be unfortunate to have no means of pacifying the anxiety that comes with that.
  12. I've personally spoken to Martin over skype regarding these spontaneous movements as I've experienced them myself. These are not voluntary movements, they feel as though your body has been possessed by a flow of energy that necessarily expresses itself through symmetrical motion. I've heard these symmetrical movements, or involuntary yoga positions, referred to as "kriyas", and I've experienced this a few times now, most notably after a cannabis high where in an attempt to relieve extreme anxiety I very deliberately decided to allow my body to do whatever it wanted without judgement. I found myself taken over by a flow of energy which immediately dissipated my anxiety so I allowed it to control me. I could have taken back control but that would have very clearly been at the cost of the immense relief I was experiencing. This happens on psychedelics to people a lot. The one and only person I've seen report 5-MeO-MALT trips on YouTube has this happen consistently.
  13. You'd have to be pretty conspiracy-bent to lend credence to this. Kurzgesagt always discloses which of his videos are sponsored and who they were funded by. The videos are influenced by these sponsors but not entirely contrived by them. Kurzgesagt has the final say on what is included in the videos. It's nothing scandalous unless you just oppose people receiving money for things.
  14. The irony. 👌👌👌👌 Douche for brains, just because young people don't die from it doesn't mean they aren't vessels for further infections, they can easily spread it to older people and the more people who have it REGARDLESS of whether they die from it, the more likely the virus will mutate into a deadlier strain. This has already happened several times. Judging from your post history I'd imagine you probably think the Jews are behind that though. 🙄 If your Andrew Tate or Martin Luther King positions were isolated opinions I would not have chastised your position as brazenly as I chose to, but considering these positions in tandem with each other it's safe to assume the worst conclusions regarding your overarching political temperament. If you truly want to atone for this recent spew of asinine drivel I would gleefully invite you to douse your hooded Klan apparel with leaded petrol and light up a box of matches. Bonus points if done without stripping the robes first.
  15. @bloomer: Andrew Tate - GOD Martin Luther King - SATAN Vaccines - POISON Looks like we've got a true genius on our hands, watch out guys.