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  1. A moderator exposing his bare ass for all to see. ?? Nothing I said denotes that I believed anything different lol my dude, are you okay? Yeah, no shit they're just doing it for monetary security. What kind of deranged mental gymnastics have you concocted to convince yourself that I said anything different? Are you having a medical emergency? Lmao, a fucking child.
  2. That feeling when you fully know that you have no substantive merit to engage with the actual discussion matter, so you defer to some baseless conservative aphorism in lieu of mustering an actual response to the devastating defeat that your arguments just suffered. EDIT: So first you falsely admonish the left for supposedly forcing Hasbro's hand otherwise they suffer monetary loss, then when it's literally shown that your side is causing that exact phenomenon, you laugh it off as "go woke, go broke lul". This is just unforgivably stupid, embarrassingly inconsistent and outright devoid of any modicum of intellectual integrity. I knew you were never a serious person with any semblance of a respectable thought-process, but this is just pathetic.
  3. @Roy Admittedly knows nothing of the case but already has mind made up that the woke mob forced Hasbro's hand ?. Quite the opposite... Hasbro yielded to conservative backlash and reversed the decision very quickly. It's interesting how self-assured you are in matters which you admittedly know nothing about. Now that we know it was actually the angry mob of inbred conservatives who forced their hand, will you concede that you've misinterpreted the political climate in favor of anti-LGBT sentiment while scapegoating leftists as the cancelation catalysts? There are plenty examples of this shit, I'm sure you're familiar with the Bud Light boycotts or more recently the Target boycotts, and now even the Chick Fil-A boycotts https://www.delish.com/food-news/a44156455/chick-fil-a-boycott/ Chick Fil-A is literally under attack by conservatives just for hiring a VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion... Target is under attack for having shirts with rainbows on them, and Bud Light just for having a trans woman do a couple ads. Which side is the ludicrous angry mob again? No matter how thoroughly I expose your perspective as ass-backwards you'll still stick to your convictions with your head in the sand. It's very sad to watch.
  4. Trump literally disbanded the national pandemic response team before covid, persistently dismissed covid's seriousness as a 'liberal hoax', and once the pandemic had ravaged countless lives he took action to diminish covid testing, willing to sacrifice human life to preserve his public perception regarding covid numbers... What kind of gullible mental patient looks past this heinous shit?
  5. This is pure delusion. You've fallen and can't get up. Nobody is talking to kids about gay sex.. ANYWHERE. Conservative propaganda has you foolishly convinced that this fervor is being fueled by the left. When Hasbro rebranded their "Mr. Potato Head" item to "Potato Head" conservatives absolutely lost their shit. How can something so innocuous, so incontestably harmless possibly provoke an entire political group's fervorous call-to-arms as predictably as it did? Notice how my mere response stating it's not a good look to call gay acceptance a "mind virus" has you frothing at the mouth spewing paragraphs of asinine drivel. The truth is, conservatives are the ones adding fuel to the fire, much like yourself here, the pattern persists: bigot says something obnoxious, then a leftist points it out only to be scapegoated as the catalyst of the fervor. Embarrassingly ass-backwards interpretation. ??
  6. Some overweight guy is fed up with inbred homophobes, haha he's fat "is this you bruh?" so juvenile.
  7. @Zedman Heterosexual preferences are already taught to children, which is innately sexual, you've just been trained to see it as normal. According to the conservative narrative, a cartoon of a man and woman kissing is fine and innocent, but if it were two guys then it's lambasted as sexual indoctrination even though the focus is exclusively on the romantic affinity and nothing sexual. Literally nobody is talking to kids about gay sex, this is a complete lie made up by hate-filled inbreeders.
  8. 10/10 excellent bait. I like how saying "It's okay to not be heterosexual" is a mind virus in your worldview. My guy @Roy would have been against the 1964 civil rights act if he lived in this period, 100% no doubt about it.
  9. The idea that American conservatives wouldn't kill queers if the broader aspects of society allowed for it is very naive.
  10. You have more patience than I do. A noble quality, good for you.
  11. "Take an L" is just inadvertent language being used to admit fault in a bad assumption here. Cringing at your own misinterpretation, I cannot fathom a greater cringe. Coming from the "all studies are fake" guy this doesn't hold much weight. I've presented every reason why I hold the positions I do, and you haven't responded to those, you just concocted some vague response towards the overall idea that someone would defend trans people. The fact you can't see your own bullshit is surprising and sadly discrediting. They're too afraid to ban me. This guy wishes he was a mod so bad lol.
  12. @Godhead I was bound to take an L eventually. Sincere apologies; I am very used to being maligned in regards to this topic, and your language, I think you would admit, is a bit difficult to distinguish from an attack as it was worded.
  13. My perspective is substantiated with extensive scientific data, a process perhaps beyond your comprehension. Imagine being the last pawn of a human centipede, but in your case it's an intellectual downpour of regurgitated bigotry until it eventually reaches its final vessel, @Godhead who himself cannot even muster a semblance of the original excrement's quality, so he just settles for baseless insults as he has no substance to put forth as an actual counter-argument.
  14. It's existed for over 100 years, multiple generations, and surprise, surprise -- had its most notable opposition under Nazi Germany's oppressive ruling. How long are we supposed to excuse repugnant ignorance, and at what cost? There is a significant elevation in systematic discrimination towards trans people today, and it is NOT a stretch to call it genocidal ideation considering the INSANE anti-trans bills that are being proposed. There is obviously a level of incongruity that is evoked by less 'passable' transgender people, but understand you're admitting that your disgust response plays a role in your political regard towards the demographic as a whole, which is by definition transphobia. You can perhaps make a case that calling people transphobic will not fare well in persuading them, but don't use this as an excuse to dismiss trans advocacy as a whole simply because more accepting people are unsympathetic towards your prejudice. Are you serious? Yeah obviously, it's a serious affliction that can lead to suicide. I don't understand why you would say this.. Of course it warrants concern, that's why I advocate for gender affirming care... This is just -- I'm so disappointed in your logic lately, just wow. -___- has it ever occurred to you that fuck you.. I say that in jest, no ban hammer needed; understand I find it extremely dishonest that you're framing it this way, and it's particularly frustrating coming from the founder of Actualized who everyone here has at least some reverence and respect towards, which lends undue credence to your words when it is not earned in this case. Nobody is encouraging people to undergo the extremely stigmatizing process of sex reassignment surgery on a whim. All I have done is cite studies demonstrating the objective truth that gender affirming care leads to positive mental health outcomes for people suffering from gender dysphoria. I seriously hate that you would frame it this way, it's like, forreal, you seriously have some unchecked biases.